#024 – Solo – Dragon Rosalina

I receive a lot of new drawings during the week, before that I was late so now I’m… really late… Must do my best to continue publish regulary and maybe a day, I’ll see a comment… I hope… ^^

Hope you liked the previous drawing by Alyson because it also this lovely girl who draw this “Dragon Rosalina”… For each drawing she prepare herself misten a lot of musics, for the previous drawing it was more loli song and for this one, I think her wishlist was more dark and hardcore… And why a “Dragon Rosalina”… Simply because it’s the title of the file than Alyson sent me… ^^

This Rosalina look beautifull but like her face, you must be careful, not sure she’s here to help you… She’s like a zombie, calm but dangerous… Maybe it’s a beautifull zombie this time… This illustration is beautifull… Third time Alyson draw Rosalina and it’s always so awesome… Thanks so much Alyson… (^o^)/

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#023 – OC – Aube and Kiseki

Just see a video of Nekomi nerowear and now you can be sure I want it, and for people who don”t know what I mean, more info here: http://www.neurosky.com/necomimi/… Maybe the product cost 95$ so it’s pretty expensive at start but officials sites only work for Japan and United States… Don”t want one at 170$ on Ebay so if you know something helpfull, don’t hesitate post a comment, thanks guys… ^^

Crying time is now over, because I’m glad the show you a new drawing… I know it was a long since since my previous submission but there is some drawings complete so I must do my best publish these… An you can be sure they are awesome… Oh yeah… XD

Don”t know if you remember Alyson, she already participate to the blog drawing a cute Rosalina with her cursed princess (see it here if you are curious) maybe she send me 2 new drawings involving Rosalina with some so cute OC… Maybe Alyson‘s characters are cute but not the same thing for her story… It’s pretty… scary… XD

So for this new submission Rosalina meet two loli gothics, Kiseki on the left and Aube on the right… I think the look just sooo cute and adorable Alyson have a lovely style, but now you will see what she have in mind about her two characters… ^^

Aube is a blindit orphan wealthy heiress who at the beginning Alyson‘s series survive  to a plane crash landing after men of its family tried to kill her. She landed on an unknown island where villagers take in Aube, but finally sell her for the safety of the village… Maybe she’s crused too…

Kiseki is from the same serie, her parents where sacrified for the island’s divinities and they just say to Keseki it was an accident, to be fast… So you understand why I said lovely but scary at the same time… Poor girls… T_T

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#022 – Solo – Little postcard

An other really cute Rosalina for the blog… Oh yeah… I agree it’s a pretty fast and simple drawing maybe I just see this one in a postcard Merethide sent me from Prague… She sent a message asking who wanted to receive a card so you can be sure I answers and I went every day in her facebook account to play sims so I exepted a great card and I received one awesome…. How nice… ^^

So in the cover you can see the Old town square with Tyn Church (photo on the right) and more interesing behind a nice message with this beautifull Rosalina… I was lucky the postman don’t decided keep it… XD

Other funny detail, as adress Merethide writed “Jérémie BLANC” and “Huge fan of Rosalina“… She dared… Maybe it’s true but I’m curious what the postman think about that. But I reveived the card and it’sthe more important… thanks so much Merethide… (^o^)/

Last thing, at start I hesitate to show you the entire card maybe the rest is for me.. Of course…. ;p

Artist: Merethide / Cost: 0$ (postcard)

#021 – Solo – Pirate Rosalina

One of my work colleague noticed than it’s a little special that at the end of every publication I write “ Price ” to say how much I payed the drawing (or not when it’s a request, love this). As him, when I say “ price ” it’s like how much I sell the drawing, maybe the idea is great but don”t think I’ll do it for the moment (these drawing are mine… ;p) maybe I decided to change it so I’ll write “ cost “… Maybe I’m curious like his remark if he was the only who noticed that mistake or no one here fund the time post a little comment and say it… ;p

This time it’s the last dedication from the Lyon’s Comics Festival, drew by Amandine, an other member of the Nekomix asociation like DRAC who drew Rosalina in the previous post. At start I really hesitate to buy a Nekomix book and dedicate it but when I see a drawing Amandine just finisht I thought “Rosalina will be awesome with her style, I will be an awesome publication for my blog“.

Sincerely it’s because Amandine I bought these 2 Nekomix books; she’s a really powerfull saleswoman with her smile and beautifull dedications so I asked her a drawing with Rosalina and an other girl (of course) but she was really busy and don’t had time for the other girl. So it’s a beautifull pirate Rosalina (yeah, I forget say but the Nekomix 8 is a special pirates edition) but a solo Rosalina… That’s so bad… Bwaaaa… T_T

In french we say “the best for the end” that’s why this drawing is the last from the festival, it’s a really beautifull watercolor but when I think to Amandine art I’m always sad don’t have the second character, the project is to show Rosalina with a lot of other characters and I have a lot of solo here… Must change that, hope Amandine will have more time at the next meeting, but not sure it happend, so bad… T_T

MAybe if you are french, understand it or are curious about Amandine, don’t hesitate to take a look to her blog: http://lesamandinettes.free.fr not a lot of publications but some really cute drawing, maybe there is a little bug in her site, links on the left don’t work, so can’t see other pages, if somebody know how fix that

Artist: Amandine / Cost: two books at 20$

#021 – OC – Cute Vampire ?

I see a lot of artists do art-trades; it a really nice and more fair than a request but with my level I can’t draw anything great that’s why I only ask for requests or when the price is interesting a little commission. You can be sure if I had some talents I would draw a lot of Rosalina pics for my blogs Maybe it’s not the case but I know my blogs start to be really powerfull (especialy for the adult one) so It’s (again) a huge thanks to all artists who contribute and continue increase my collection… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

For this 3rd request from the Lyon’s comics festivl, I must know I bought two “Nekomix” books and ask a drawing on each one involving Rosalina and an other female character (the artist had the choice for the second girl). So it’s the drawing I receive with the Nekomix N°7 (tou can see the cover on the right). It was draw by DRAC but I don’t reconize the girl she choose to show with Rosalina, so in the title I say it’s an OC but I’m sure it’s wong, maybe if I find more informations I’ll update the post… ^^

The drawing is nice, these two girls are really cute, love this little smile for Rosalina and the other girl who look a little embarrassed, that’s adorable but sincerely I’m a little sad that the drawing is really simple, not a lot of details, especialy for the other girl… I agree it’s the principe of a dedication, the artist don’t have a lot of time maybe after this one, DRAC drew an awesome pirate portrait huge are more detailed (yeah, I forget say but the Nekomix 8 is a special pirates edition).

I think DRAC wasn’t really inpirated draw Rosalina, maybe like Rosalina hairstyle I’m sure she really look at the model but a little mistake because the right eye must be cover hidden by hair, DRAC drew the lock but a little to small… So bad… T_T

If you are curious about Nekomix, it’s an association who support and promote a lot of artist, maybe if you are curious you can take a look Nekomix’s site (click here), same thing for DRAC who have her own blog but be careful, Nekomix or DRAC, it’s in french… ;p

Artist: DRAC / Cost: two books at 20$

#020 – OC – Fighting Rosalina

I never expected than a job can be so boring and tiring at the same this, all the day sit writing procedures for the dismantling of the nuclear power plant but I’m so tired after this, so bad… Maybe after this one there is 5 other drawing I need to publish no time to be lazy… XD

For this second drawing from the Lyon comics festival by LDF (Yeah, it’s his artist name… Original), this is a really special Rosalina I have to show you, first because it’s the first time I see her so agressive and violent like this, not the same thing than her kindness and friendship in Mario Galaxy (maybe she start to be more dangerous with a blue carapass in mario kart)… And this drawing was made in less than 5 minutes, it was really impressive see LDF make it… And the result is awesome… Oh yeah.. (^o^)/

And for those who don’t understand french, Rosalina say “Sale gueuse”, so if I want everybody understand just say you can translate by “Fucking bitch“… Hey… I told you she’s agressive… XD

I said like the title the other girl with Rosalina is an OC, but in fact I don’t have idea about that, it’s symply I don”t recognize this girl, I hope LDF will confirm that… ^^

If you are curious about LDF and want to see more about his art, this time I have a nice blog for you, http://grimmworld.fr/, all in French but a lot of awesome posts so it you can read French, you must take a look and if you can’t… Sorry… But in fact I’m really happy because this time french have the power to stop you… Mwahahaha…

Artist: LDF / Price: 5euros (7$)

#019 – Warcraft – Draenei

My life is a constant cosplay of the bunny in “alice in Wonderland”, maybe he don’t a job in nuclear, and I can say you it’s really boring… And about boring, I was really sad this week, a lot of people saying I annoying and boring because my love for Rosalina, at a moment I think to stop the blog but it was a bad idea… I’m a love with Rosalina and nobody can change that… ;p

So today it’s the first drawing I asked during the Lyon’s comics festival by Sandra (I only know her facebook for the moment and don”t want to show it but if I have a nice link I’ll update it)… It was a long time I wanted Rosalina with a draenei, since I started the blog in fact but at start I expected have this drawing by a pretty famous artist in some sites, DrGraevling but his commission prices a a little… Touss… Touss… Expensive for me… T_T

So during the festival, I see in a table a drawing with a really cute draenei (sorry, I forget catch it) but it’s the same character with Rosalina in this pic, she’s really cute, hope you like it guys… And sincerely, look an artist when he draw it’s really interesting, it look so nice and easy (two line and you have a shoes or a mouth) and was done in 10mn but without a lot of pratice, you can’t do anything… Instead of ask drawings like me… XD

Sandra is a really enjoyable person, I was happy meet her and hope have more of her to show you, maybe during the next festival or before… Yeah, it must be great… But I forget ask her the name of her Draenei, I was so happy with this drawing that I forget a lot of things… So bad… Maybe see you soon for the next Lyon’s comics festival drawing (3 left)… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Et petite remarque en français pour Sandra: “Amitié“, c’est pas “ées” à la fin? ;p

Artist: Sandra / Price: 5euros (7$)
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#018 – OC – Unnamed cursed princess

It’s a really busy week, a lot of work and a comic festival in Lyon sunday… Maybe the festival wasn’t really interesting but I have now 4 new drawings to show you… Fight, pirate, draeinei and more… Be patient guys… XD

I’m really happy show you this drawing by Alison… A friend I don’t see since 1 year (a little less in fact) maybe a day her facebook account was activated and same thing for the chat… She’s alive…New computer but it’s a mac (no-gaming computer, hate this) so she thoung messenger can’t work, but I found (easily) this application for Mac and now she come back… I talked a lot with her and when she say me she love draw, you can expect I talk about the blog… And she accept draw Rosalina… How nice… (^o^)/

I was a little scary by the result because she say me ‘I’m not a great artist… My style is not really good‘… But like the result I’m sure you agree she have a beautifull style… Rosalina is so beautifull like this and Alyson’s OC is cute too… I love the red who suggest they are a little embarrassed that adorable… Thanks so much Alyson…

Alyson say she often make a pic as gift for birthdays so I must wait untill January to show you something new… Maybe I hope convince her draw Rosalina before… Oh yeah… Rock and Roll (love this sentence in Hellsing…)… Next time I’ll show you the first drawing from the comics festival…

Artist: Alyson / Price: Request
No site available for the moment… Sorry…

#017 – League of Legends – Vayne

I think my blogs need to be a little more famous and visitors a little more active if I want to create a contest or other… Maybe I was happy with this idea but for a great contest, I must have a lot of artist who participate and I for the moment, not sure it happend… Maybe later… Or if you have ideas or suggestion to make something great, don’t hesitate to comment… If only people comment here… T_T

So today it’s a commission by vempire with I make a little deal: we agree for a drawing each month and I send him the money for his new tablet… Maybe his style is not always soft like this (and maybe this one start to be pretty sexy) so I can’t publish all commissions here, as example if you want to see the previous with May shiranui from Street fighters, it’s only on the other blog… Sorry…

I propose to vempire a little list of characters and he choose Vayne from league of legends with the saint valentine outfif… Sincerely, Vayne wasn’t in my wishlist at start, the original character is not really beautifull and sexy but when I see this saint valentine skin, I think she must be with Rosalina so I suggest her twice and it’s finaly vempire who make an awesome pic of her… And he had the kindness to make two versions, one for the soft blog and a other a little more suggestive but you must know the other blog to see it…

Vempire have a great style and I’m really happy with this pic but there is a really important detail I missed about Rosalina, her hair style is wrong cause vempire forgot add hair in front of her right eye, and I forgot say it to vempire… So bad… I always notice artists when they do an error at rhis point and miss it for vempire…. Bwaaaaa.

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/

#016 – Solo – Sad but so cute

Hey guys… After spam in HentaiFoundry and Deviantart, I try in during cosplay meetings and there is some nice surprises… I meet a really nice and cute girl and her best friend (at start, I though it was her little brother, maybe it’s a girl… Fail…)… So this friend is Lou Goshikku and she love draw… So I ask her a drawing with Rosalina and she accepted… Thanks so much you your kindness Lou… (^o^)/

Before hear “It’s not a huge quality” or “this drawing is really simple”, you must know Lou is a 13 years old artist, so don’t expect something really awesome but for this age, she have a nice style… Maybe this Rosalina is so cute, but Lou can’t explain me why she look sad… Maybe I’ll ask her a drawing again… XD

13 years old artist but I was really surprising talking with her, maybe she’s not completly ignorant about ecchi and maybe something more hot… I have some friends like this, this generation is really pervert…But I’m not sure it’s a really nice thing.

If you like this pic, don’t hesitate to post a comment, for the moment Lou don’t have account like DeviantArt or other and I don’t want to put her facebook profil, so don’t hesitate to post a little comment and I promise you Lou will see it… ^^

Artist: Lou / Price: Request

#015 – OC – Aurata

Yesterday it was my driving licence exam and I succeeded…. Oh nice… Maybe it’s not really interesting about the blog but now I’m not so stressed and can continue the blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Today Rosalina have a little moment of relaxation at the beach with Aurata… An original character by eente who had the kindness accept my request and do a really beautifull pic… Rosalina face and expression is awesome, Each artist draw her with her own style so even if it’s Rosalina, in an other hnd she always look different, it’s like a new Rosalina… So every time I see a new pic it’s a great surprise… ^^

Drew Rosalina with Aurata was a great idea, like that it really someting “by eente” in my blog and this OC is really cute and maybe, a little sexy too… Maybe if you are curious about Aurata, you musk know she’s not a cat or a dog but an Otter woman… So if you are curious there is other drawings with her in eente’s deviantart gallery (here).

Other small detail I like, the crab, it’s so funny… It’s not important but I wanted to say it… So thanks again eente, It was a long time I don’t publish an other OC here and Aurata is really beautifull (not as much as Rosalina) but I’m really happy with this pic… That so nice… XD

Artist: eente / Price: Request
DeviantArt: http://eente.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-eente

#004bis – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno coloring

Driving licence exam approching… Exciting… Excting… So I prepare this post yesterday, for the moment I can still write… That’s nice… ^^

Today it’s a prety special publication, not a new drawing but an image coloring by Dongolian who accepted do it as request… Maybe credits are to Empty for the original lineart (see the publication here)… I already post the lineart pic so you can see that each artist do a really nice job… The original drawing was really nice and colored it’s now awesome… Thanks so much Dongolian… (^o^)/

Don’t have more to say… Maybe I have other lineart and like the result, It must be interesting to try again… Don”t want to ask again a coloring to Dongolian (He say it was really long to color)… Interesting detail, there is some artists like Dongolian who love color pic but don’t draw, I know 2-3 other artist who do that and it’s a really nice thing, they have a great level so when artists do greats linearts but don’t want to color, these artists are really nice….

Hope you like it guys, now I’ll notice Empty about this pic… Two requests, two artists and an awesome result… Thanks so much for your kindness Dongolian and Empty… XD

Lineart: Empty /  Price: Request
 Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Empty.php
Coloring: Dongolian  /  Price: Request
Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Dongolian.php

#014 – Solo – Chibi Rosalina

Merethide is a really nice friend she drew some pics for me, ask commissions as gift for me and this time, she can have a free Chibi as reward and ask Rosalina to ooneithoo… That’s so nice… Thanks so much Merethide you are an adorable artist and friend and thanks to ooneithoo for this sooo cute Chibi…. (^o^)/

Merethide receive this chibi from ooneithoo for her contribution to the site “France officiel “… That’s a little curious to write this post in english because Merethide, ooneithoo and me are french… But nothing here is in french…. Maybe… A Harmonie, la plus belle femme au monde ta beauté et ce blogs ne pourrons mourir tant que j’existerais… Now if you don’t understand french, that’s your problem… XD

So it’s a huge thanks to Merethide and congratulations to ooneithoo. It’s my first Chibi Rosalina and this one is just so beautifull and cute… Maybe it’s the definition for a Chibi but I’m really happy show this one, Rosalina is so adorable with her Lumas, now everybody can see she’s an incredible character…

ooneithoo have a really nice style and gallery so don”t hesitate to take a look and comment if you like, artist love nice comments (me too but not a lot in my blogs… T_T). Maybe ooneithoo‘s is great but for the moment, this pic is the best as me, not use to say why… XD

Just me… And Rosalina… (^o^)/

I was so excited show you this pic that I prepare the post yesterday, now just have to click on “publish” and it’s done… So powerfull… ^^

This photography is like a dream, I see some guys asking drawing like “me and Rosalina” but I’m not a fictive character so I can’t really meet Rosalina in a drawing but in truth, it’s an other thing… and it happend… When I see the cosplayer during the mang’azur I was so exciting and pretty stupid run while shouting “There is Rosalina… There is Rosalina…” and when I was front of her… Wow, I finally meet her… (^o^)/

Maybe I know Rosalina is a game character, so I just see a cosplayer wearing clothes of the more beautifull and cuttest girl in the world (as me)… But it’s not the same thing than just see a pic, during a moment I never think about fictive or not, just it’s Rosalina and meet her turn me totally crazy for all the day…

I was really happy meet Rosalina and at start I think to take photographies with her and other cosplayer like Peach or other for the blog but she say she prefer be quiet for a moment but after, I try to find her and when I see the Peach and ask where is Rosalina, just see a girl without the blue dress, it was over… And I was really sad at this moment (not cry but it was just)… So I’m happy meet Rosalina, have a photo with her, but it’s so hard to see it’s over, and the cosplayer say me she wont use the cosplay again… Bwaaaaa… T_T

I want to say a lot more about this awesome day but like my english level, I think this post don’t need much mistakes and like all people who read all I write, more is not use… Just want to say Rosalina was a

Artist: Me / Price: Hum…
It was curious write that… XD

#013 – Solo – Happy Easter

I don’t have to level to draw but I love take photography so today if will be a special publication with me and a Rosalina cosplayer… I finally meet one… (^o^)/

Today it’s an Easter Rosalina, I know it’s a little late since easter but this is my fault, too much pics waiting before maybe it’s not Easter is over that you can’t enjoy this beautifull Rosalina by Merethide. If you don’t remember her, she gift me two drawings with Rosalina and Rosetta Christopher but she’s an artist too who drew the first pics in my blog with Shirona… Merethide is a great friend and nice artist who’s too busy to draw a lot so I’m so happy have a new Rosalina by Merethide here… That so nice… XD

Important think about Merethide, she need more support to draw so if you post post a little comment here or in her Deviantart page encourage her, sincerely it must be really nice so don”t hesitate and thanks in advance guys… ^^

Merethide wasn’t really happy how turn the line so at start she didn’t want color it but she stopped a lot of drawings so I insisted that she finish and color this one and there is the result… Thanks so much Merethide… Maybe other information, she have a project for a story with Rosalina and an other girl, Maybe I’ll do my best to encourage her but I prefer don”t say or show more for the moment, be patient guys… ;p

Artist: Merethide / Price: Request