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#994 – Fortune on princess ass

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PATREON BONUS: Double star princess and trap friend (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
HD version of this illustration (4 times bigger for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex ms fortuen skillgirl futa futanari anal high heels

Monday was off in France so was enjoyable to get an extended week-end anyway I got all week with the feeling on being another day (like Tuesday was Monday to me), positive point is the feeling your week-end start on Thursday and negative is I made some stuff late like on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Was pretty special anyway I-m now done with that feeling for a moment since next day off in France will be on November… Bwwwaaaaaa T_T

And this Sunday 7th of June will be mother day in France, I was curious there is so much difference to some countries and made some researches that were pretty interesting. If you are curious here is how it works:
– For the most countries it’s on the second Sunday of May
– In France it’s the last Sunday of May or if same as Pentecost Sunday then reported to first Sunday of June
– In Spanish or Portugal it’s the first Sunday of May
– In U.K. and Irish it’s the Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent
– Finally Luxembourg is an exception with mother day on the second Sunday of June

Also Mother day was invented on June 10th 1906 in the French village Artas by Prosper Roche.


Here come a new illustration ordered to xxxbattery with Rosalina and Ms Fortune from Skullgirl games, I picked 2 slots a day he was streaming and this is the second he did for me (first was Futa kitty and abused reindeer with Callie briggs that you can see on the left). I was really powerfull to manage new illustration from xxxbattery that always create amazing pieces with a really interesting style making the show on picarto and of course I haven’t missed the opportunity to be here while he was working on this illustration. Though lately it’s a little tricky with timezone cause being French is often happened that the streams started while bed time for me and of course xxxbattery went offline a few time before I woke up (anyway he often manage really long streams so you have huge chances see him online)

For this illustration there was already a pose I wanted to go with but not seeing too much of the other character it was important to find we can easily recognize. There was also the decision about futunari girl or using a strap-on and I know xxxbattery like to draw futanari so we managed to go on that direction, I also must admit compared to a strap-on the futanari have the power to add a messy touch with a huge load of cum. After looking for some characters it was decided to go with Ms Fortune that have due tu the mark on her legs that are pretty unique, there is also her dark skin that was great to make a contract with Rosalina skin. Finally the last important detail was about giving Rosalina high heels since it was the main focus on the reference pose or maybe I got that feeling cause my huge addiction to heels and I cannot resist insist on that part °w°

Also I can’t miss to share a little screen from xxxbattery stream to show how interesting is the sketch process, always turning so colorfull and incredibly messy then at some points I believe xxxbattery is the only that really see what he’s drawing, bit confusing but also fun game to try understand what he’s drawing when it’s not an illustration you requested and have no idea about the characters and reference used. So don’t miss follow him on picarto (link below) and join the fun next time a stream is running on that place… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
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#979 – Sweet demon lover

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Summer bubble-cum (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover filia skullgirl cute chibi heart valentine

It was announced to be “Shiny ladies” as next publication but there was change of plan getting the opportunity of a romantic illustration to post on Valentine day. I also delayed the publication to come in time for this day even if for some peoples it’s not a super amazing day (I’m single at this time so know the feeling). There’s some considering V-day as a commercial event that isn’t needed for people to show their love, quite true for sure but I guess this logic came as excuse for people frustrated of not spending this one with their beloved. Anyway everyday deserve to be a great day so Happy Valentine day and… Week-end soon \(^o^)/

Once again I’m sorry for Mazzacho that will have wait a little more before his drawing can shine on this place but no worries my friend, there’s no reason I can forget you and that illustration will come for sure ^__^


And today come a romantic illustration with Filia from Skullgirls for the spirit of Valentine day, this one came in pretty unexpected way after I helped Lunakiri to get a bottle of Advil (it’s so hard lately that some people can allow themselves some basic medication stuff), as thanks so offered me to create a chibi illustration of my choice. To help me decide, Lunakiri linked me a folder with base poses references for chibis and I found a lovely one that could make a sweet piece for Valentine, I quickly goes sending it before get my attention on others ideas that would make it so hard to choose… °o°

The pose was picked and locked so second step was decide who will be Rosalina’s lover on this drawing, it’s on this part there was too much ideas and indecision in my mind so I asked Lunakiri if she can give me an idea whatever the direction and she said how about an angel+devil look? Rosa + Filia from Skullgirls?. I really loved the idea of angel and demon duo that sounds classic but always so magic (totally suits Rosalina) and Lunakiri sure know about her chibi style better than mean so suggesting Filia then I had no doubts the character would fit perfectly the drawing. Also she was a character that Lunakiri chosen (so obliviously like her) and who never met Rosalina so it was just perfect way to get a new lady for the project while keep fun and freedom for the artist… °w°

There was also the point of giving Rosalina her casual dress or give her a white outfit to work even better on the angel look, my side I wanted be sure people recognize Rosalina so Lunakiri offered to keep the same dress, make it lighter coloured, and add in a luma or two, sounded perfect to me. Considering the background and atmosphere, it first was decided to Lumas on Rosalina side only there wasn’t anything linked to Filia that could on her side there was some extra curious Lumas added during the sketch process. Later we found that Filia’s hair can take any shape or form but we found nothing from that ability we could use as great addition for the illustration so kept going with the initial Lumas idea (not big deal, Lumas are the cutest creature ever). ^^

The final illustration looks really amazing and pretty, not too much time to work on it anyway Lunakiri promised she would finish the illustration in time and did it, not the first time she work on an illustration with deadline for the project and always managed to finish in time, thanks so much for your great work. There’s just one bad new considering Lunakiri started record the process to make a speed-drawing video but there was an accident that damaged the sketch, not much but a mark with no idea where it come from, at first Lunakiri wanted to fully redo but didn’t wanted her waste to much time. Finally this mark isn’t visible on the final illustration using a darker colour on Filia hairs to hide it but there wont be video about coming in the future, bit annoying but could have been worse so let’s not complain and enjoy this adorable scene ^__^

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#855 – Squigly sweet sketchy bonus

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PATREON BONUS: Samus perfectly licked ass (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Squigly Skullgirls sketch
Some patrons get their patreon pledge flagged this august, the reason is the domain was switched to a UK property so all the US patrons had their cards fraud detection triggered. Seems it was the problem some of my patrons had.
Anyway all fixed so let’s focus on the project again, also Congrat to Fernando Lloret who won August raffle on patreon and can request an illustration to Lunakiri with Rosalina of course… ^^


Really dedicated as kind artist, here is a second illustration with Rosalina and Squigly from Skullgirls as gift from BurnUp666, he did several sketches that kind to thanks his commissioners and it’s a really cool bonus of course. What is also powerfull is this illustration being safe for all so I can post it on the SFW page and let everybody discover about BurnUp666‘s art even is most of his art is pretty hot but I have to admit it’s part of commissioners fault (as me) that can’t resist to keep that mix between cuteness and cuteness from his gallery… ^^’
And even being way more safe , BurnUp666 was able keep this cuteness and sexiness mix in a magnificent duo, both looks really adorable and pretty in a piece full of love (the snake at top doing an heart is also great detail). Also what I like with this kind of illustration is the way to show that even if people are more looking for really detailed illustrations then even a sketchy piece can show many details and emotions… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: BurnUp666 / Gift sketch
One year ago: #748 – I’m a blue cowgirl
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#854 – Being naughty with Squigly

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Squigly Skullgirls yuri lesbian hentai porn sex
August is now here so it’s time to announce Lunakiri as chosen artist do draw August patreon raffle reward. For the moment I’m not sure if only traditional or she will be fine manage digital again, suspense…
Also the apart going well, my father helped a lot and I guess my mother was a bit jealous so I kept some stuff I did with her last week-end. Now kitchen is close to be done… °w°


So much artist I dream to commission but the budget make it hard most of the time that’s why the patreon raffle is great since I force myself force a little and pick a wonderfull artist to work on it as if was for BurnUp666 that I discovered there is months on deviantart and finally managed to get two commission. Second will come in the future but for now let’s present you this drawing wont by Curtis who asked Rosalina to be with Squigly from Skullgirls she consider as “best skullgirls character” and we got all BurnUp666 needed to start… °w°
Here come the part I’m not so proud about, as you can see around this post I received 3 pose sketches by BurnUp666 about this duo but the final piece don’t looks like any of them, the honest reason if I didn’t answered in time to decide about one and the artist decided go by himself with this piece. At last if I should find something positive about that is I love even more the idea on the final piece turning even more cool and kinky than the sketches , love both naughty expression and the action from Squigly’s “snake“? I have absolutely no idea about the name of that thing (please tell me if you know your side)… O_o

The part that make it the more cool is BurnUp666 was able keep both girls original style and outfit but really turn every part as the most sexy ever, Started with naughty faces then huge breasts on tight dress for the top. If we continue we have a wet pussy spread for Squigly and Rosalina’s ass with some lingerie getting her pussy (or ass) licked to finally end with stocking and lovely heels. What is awesome is BurnUp666 never draw any penetration action but was able make his art extra spicy, anyway for now he only publish on deviantart so maybe some NSFW pieces he can’t share, not fun… U_u
Anyway it’s important keep a constructive feedback then on the negative side I’m a little sad BurnUp666 didn’t Rosalina’s right eye covered, anyway she’s easily recognisable here and with that angle it would have hear a lot. Second point is more financial since you need consider a 5$ commission fee to every single art commissioned to BurnUp666, I ordered two illustrations at once and got twice those 5$ fee even offered take paypal fee myself. I kinda understand it’s to cover paypal fee but 10$ on a 50$ commission sounds huge, I don’t think paypal charge 20% fee or really the place BurnUp666 lives is so fucking unfriendly… O_o
Anyway I hope you guys like the result and even more Curtis who won July raffle, August winner one will be announced on patreon then let’s see the next duo with Rosalina that will be requested. And for more art don’t miss visit BurnUp666 page on deviantart for many gorgeous and freaking sexy pin-up, he’s also open with commission and manage them in a really professional way but be careful about the fee if you wish some something with complex background (but the result totally worth it)… ^^

Artist: BurnUp666 / 30$ commission
One year ago: #748 – I’m a blue cowgirl
Next to come: Squigly sweet sketchy bonus (SFW)
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#708 – Romance with a beast

And I got the idea for patreon raffle, Chris asked ‘Isabelle happy that Rosalina is the new Mayor‘ in Animal crossing. It’s B-side7715 that will create this piece and he wanted to try have Rosalina in Animal crossing, that sounds really interesting. There is the concept design as patreon reward coming with this post so don’t miss have a look… °w°
Also got some troubles on a minecraft server, I was contacted moderators to remove RosalinaxGirl from my name cause dangerous for child that google everything (I kinda understand at this point) but also asked me to remove a photo of my cosplay since it’s shocking and I was reported for that (photo on the right). I can understand crossplay is special but that’s exaggerated. Now I’ll destroy gunpowder economy… >.<


Another artist entering the project (lost the count of how many participated) with a so marvelous piece that come a little late, Time to present you Mothclip that come as the artist of the month since he’s a really pleasant person and talented artist. He don’t feel comfortable when we use talented talking about him anyway I still think ‘talented apply to this work even more looking at this awesome piece he made, no?
Rosalina meet Ms Fortune from Skullgirls series, she’s a fighter and Dullahan meaning “without a head” in Irish, Mothclip made a so romantic and sensual illustration that goes really more intimate and intense with the scratches on bed and Rosalina’s body, so many details I love and this illustration would have so much to say about. There is first that so beautifull and lovely kiss with Rosalina holding Ms Fortune head being confident and offering her body to the dangerous but careful hand of her partner trying don’t hurt but can’t resist have her fingers explore Rosalina’s soft body. There is also a really awesome work with shading managing two light effects, one from the window on left with white light and another on the left with yellow light, Mothclip create a great mix with colors and let us enjoy every part of the scene without bad shadows.
Many amazing points in term of details and level but from my personal fetishes one of my favorite part is Rosalina’s high-heels that looks so sexy with that design and angle, I’m not sure Mothclip knew how I’m addicted to high-heels but for sure the way he drew it is really effective. To find a negative points it’s really hard work, I looked a lot at this piece an maybe the only error is on Rosalina’s hairs that follow the body and missing a bit of gravity effect. Anyway the power of digital it to make everything impossible come true and enjoy the power to cheat to make it even more better, so what can looks like a mistake make Mothclip‘s illustration enven more powerfull… °w°
Mothclip is open for commission and made a really cool information piece that you can see on the left. You can discover on this page his mascot (that I wonder if she have a name) and also that he is ready to manage a huge variety of fetishes. From really sweet en sensual illustrations as this one to really explicit or extreme stuff the only limit would be your imagination (and the law). Don’t miss have a look at his gallery (here) to discover more about Mothclip‘s skills. Also never forget than a friendly comment is always a great support, artists don’t publish just for fun and really support and constructive feedback to continue amaze us… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 80$ as commission

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
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#213 – Skullgirls – Cerebella

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Skullgirls Cerebella
Rosalina’s birthday is coming but I really late and busy so no time to post yesterday, some drawings waiting and I can’t spam artists to ask if they are interesting to participate for the birthday… Though I received some feedback and a lot of interest from some great artists… Thanks so much guys for your support… And a little thanks to Skull and Nizam Pac who posted a comment… Two comment the same month… that’s amazing… ;p

So this time enjoy a new and really impressive drawing by AuroraBoros, it’s the second time he participate to the blog, his first drawing was Rosalina with Poison from final fight (see it here) and now Rosalina meet Cerebella from skullgirls. No use to say what particularity have this girl and how she’s great to use it… ;p

I’m a huge fan of Rosalina (of course), lingerie, high heels but there is a lot of other thing and huge penetration or insertion is one of these (if it’s not guro or with inflation) so I love the idea AuroraBoros had of Rosalina enjoying Cerebella’s hands… Every hands in fact… Not often when can say fingering and huge insertion at the same time, only one finger but no a little… So hot… XD

Thanks so much AuroraBoros for this second an awesome contribution… I have some characters from Skullgirls in my wishlist and I have now one who meet Rosalina… How nice… (^o^)/

Artist: AuroraBoros / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Baiken from Guilty Gear