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#994 – Fortune on princess ass

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex ms fortuen skillgirl futa futanari anal high heels

Monday was off in France so was enjoyable to get an extended week-end anyway I got all week with the feeling on being another day (like Tuesday was Monday to me), positive point is the feeling your week-end start on Thursday and negative is I made some stuff late like on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Was pretty special anyway I-m now done with that feeling for a moment since next day off in France will be on November… Bwwwaaaaaa T_T

And this Sunday 7th of June will be mother day in France, I was curious there is so much difference to some countries and made some researches that were pretty interesting. If you are curious here is how it works:
– For the most countries it’s on the second Sunday of May
– In France it’s the last Sunday of May or if same as Pentecost Sunday then reported to first Sunday of June
– In Spanish or Portugal it’s the first Sunday of May
– In U.K. and Irish it’s the Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent
– Finally Luxembourg is an exception with mother day on the second Sunday of June

Also Mother day was invented on June 10th 1906 in the French village Artas by Prosper Roche.


Here come a new illustration ordered to xxxbattery with Rosalina and Ms Fortune from Skullgirl games, I picked 2 slots a day he was streaming and this is the second he did for me (first was Futa kitty and abused reindeer with Callie briggs that you can see on the left). I was really powerfull to manage new illustration from xxxbattery that always create amazing pieces with a really interesting style making the show on picarto and of course I haven’t missed the opportunity to be here while he was working on this illustration. Though lately it’s a little tricky with timezone cause being French is often happened that the streams started while bed time for me and of course xxxbattery went offline a few time before I woke up (anyway he often manage really long streams so you have huge chances see him online)

For this illustration there was already a pose I wanted to go with but not seeing too much of the other character it was important to find we can easily recognize. There was also the decision about futunari girl or using a strap-on and I know xxxbattery like to draw futanari so we managed to go on that direction, I also must admit compared to a strap-on the futanari have the power to add a messy touch with a huge load of cum. After looking for some characters it was decided to go with Ms Fortune that have due tu the mark on her legs that are pretty unique, there is also her dark skin that was great to make a contract with Rosalina skin. Finally the last important detail was about giving Rosalina high heels since it was the main focus on the reference pose or maybe I got that feeling cause my huge addiction to heels and I cannot resist insist on that part °w°

Also I can’t miss to share a little screen from xxxbattery stream to show how interesting is the sketch process, always turning so colorfull and incredibly messy then at some points I believe xxxbattery is the only that really see what he’s drawing, bit confusing but also fun game to try understand what he’s drawing when it’s not an illustration you requested and have no idea about the characters and reference used. So don’t miss follow him on picarto (link below) and join the fun next time a stream is running on that place… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
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#983 – Nessa exploring a new world

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Step by Step process for 1$+ tier + HD version for 2$+ tiers (4 times bigger)
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa bikini princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa

If you are curious, xxxbattery recently created his how website and online store: xxxbattery.com/, right now most of the stuff in the store is love dolls and sex toys but he gonna add some inexpensive downloads like image-sets, comics, animation and eventually his video game.

All fresh and still under creation so there is now product added regularly like a Android 18 doll coming next and even some free stuff planned in the future like art, comics and even his game demo, if I remember right it’s about sex dolls that want to conquer the world. Don’t hesitate to take a look and don’t miss register the newsletter to keep in touch about upcoming updates, I promise xxxbattery wont spam you at all (or sell your datas to facebook and google) :p


Here come another illustration commission to the talented at the sometime of the duo with Callie briggs from Swat kats (that you can see on the left), there was a nice stream, naughty illustration on the way and commission open at a powerfull price so I cannot resist and asked for two slots. First slot I used (on the left) was Christmas related anyway I also wanted a piece by xxxbattery for something I love, Lumakini Rosalina. I really love the design of this bikini with Luma inspired bra, it suits that magnificent princess so perfectly giving her a so sexy as original look and still follow my rule of Lumas not being involved into porn scenes to keep the innocence and spirit of those adorable baby stars. xxxbattery was also fine with the design so no turn back… °w°

Swimsuit spirit and I got Pokemon Sword on switch not long ago so at this time I was in the mood to get Nessa from Pokemon Sword/shield to join Rosalina for something indecent of course (anyway when you watch xxxbattery streams you can see most of his art is so naughty and indecent (reason it’s even more powerfull). the idea for this illustration was the two girls being abused by the Gooper Blooper tentacles (from Mario sunshine game). Nessa discovering some new monsters from Rosalina’s world, kinda the equivalent as Tentacruel pokemon so who know if that feeling is really unknown for Nessa… ^^

I must admit the tentacle inspiration was also from the Piranha plant set xxxbattery made some years ago, the tentacles surrounding Rosalina and so incredibly sexy look in bodysuit fishnet makes it as one of my favourite drawing ever. I already asked some Piranha plant again with Rosalina but I think next time I have a new chance to commission xxxbattery he must be ready for some lingerie spirit… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #912 – Perverted tennis match animation
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#969 – Futa kitty and abused reindeer

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Callie briggs futa futanari Christmas santa reindeer costume Swat kats crossover

And it’s that time of the year you get a resume of all your family troubles looking outside hoping for some snow to get an excuse go outside fearing discussions more than the cold, luckily it’s bit exaggerated but there was family dramas this year (little brother destroying a second car helped a lot) so when come the most important family time of the year it’s pretty complex. Also no snow but I don’t like cold so prefer it that way (sorry Christmas spirit) ^^’

Last week before 2020 so I with you a wonderfull week and lot of fun during celebrations, I know it must not be sunny and rainbow life for everybody but we better stay positive for now. My side it’s time to press the schedule button and hope everything will work nicely when release time (it must really work cause I have absolutely no way come manage the site and fix stuff until the 26th but I believe in me… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


And let’s feel the Christmas magic with xxxbattery‘s magic stream offer that saved me this year, I got a notification from picarto telling a stream started and I joined being curious to see what illustration he was working on and then the magic… Special Christmas offer with 50% off commissions. I wasn’t able to resist to the temptation of half price so bought two commissions slot to xxxbattery being sure to use one for Christmas since it was fine with delay (btw I must admit xxxbattery do great work and also really quickly) °o°

The girl I suggested to xxxbattery to pair Rosalina with Callie briggs from Swat kats that got my attention mostly cause those gorgeous heels in the fanart you can see on the left. At start I was thinking about two ideas, first was the two girls bonded like presents under a tree and second with Callie as Santa fucking a reindeer Rosalina. xxxbattery told me “I like the Santa reindeer idea” then got totally freedom (and challenge) with the posing so it was full suspense to me until I get the first wip. I really love the pose and I’m glad to see xxxbattery was able to go with his busty power for this illustration, just a bit sad the first wip I received was already colored so don’t have the sketch and line to show you U_u

I was totally addicted to xxxbattery‘s decision with posing, it’s super naughty, dynamic and I love how Callie hold Rosalina’s deer’s horns. Being addict to high heels said I was a little sad this angle don’t reveal Callie’s heels as amazing as in the reference, xxxbattery was really kind and edited the legs to have it looks closer even if I was most talking at the heels high instead of front design itself. Also if you noticed, xxxbattery drew Callie as Futanari for an even more naughty and intense scene with some cum for a messy bonus… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss visit xxxbattery‘s pages and follow him on picarto to not miss his next stream. xxxbattery also have some great powers on animations and game development so there’s always so much to discover °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 30$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#963 – Aerial fun with Jack-O

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Lingerie and Naked (exclusive) version in HD for 5$+ patrons
princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Jack-O Guilty Gear crossover

Black Friday was a full week of “fake” discounts in France, for to the legendary one in USA but I wonder if it’s that amazing or get corrupted everywhere now. I’m sure you all saw some videos of people showing “discounted price” then the initial one that was pretty much the same and sometimes even smaller, they really consider us as stupid walking wallets, don’t you think the same guys? (or maybe you were lucky finding a powerfull discount).

Talking about the Black Friday, I was also looking for artists into some promotions but found nothing (maybe I missed some epic deals, who know). Anyway not what stop me and new illustrations are coming for sure ^^


Today come a new illustration as reward from a monthly raffle on patreon, this time the chosen artist was xxxbattery and DarkEcoFreak got the hard mission to decide what to draw. It’s always interesting to see idea that don’t comes from my crazy mind and also character I may not consider but that still are really powerfull. Anyway important part is to get an idea that work with the artist style to get something looking good and also be pleasant for xxxbattery to draw, that’s why I always tell to first look at the artist portfolio.

DarkEcoFreak’s message said “don’t have any context so ill leave the situation in your hands my girl choice is Jack-O from Guilty Gear“, so the character was set but still have to figure about what Rosalina and Jack-O can do together. I first told about xxxbattery about Jack-O that told me “I like the character […] she is petite and curvy” so was really good start, also since the artist liked the character and I didn’t wanted to break it with a to crazy/stupid idea I told xxxbattery he was free about the situation to give him some freedom and get some surprise in return ^^

Finally the idea was an “airol scissor pose – both girls scissoring like legs wrapped around each other while flying through the air“, it sounded both dynamic and hot so I was totally hyped to go with it. Also another artist that seems knowing me too well when xxxbattery asked if that piece a lingerie request, technically it didn’t had to be oriented lingerie at start but the idea was great so he offered to “give rosa a long trench coat like jacko and have her in lingerie underneath“… Pretty powerfull isn’t it? °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #888 – Heroes of the frustration
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#904 – Perfect seat for special fun

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of both versions for ALL patrons (16 times bigger)
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles

Here come the 3rd and last illustration from this Rosalina and piranha plant tentacles series and I hope you enjoyed it. Also what do you think about make week dedicated to a theme or artist again in the future?
I also received an illustration linked to another of my project but that could be posted here so it sounds twice powerfull, anyway there is some secrets behind this piece so posting it here I must think about stuff I can say and what I better keep secret. I know my project content and especially variety already did troubles to some visitors and I don’t want get that again, though they also were pretty much closed mind morons… ^^’


Finally even if I have so many fetishes that change during periods there is some that regularly come and ended as coincidence that the two time I commissioned xxxbattery it was for piranha plant tentacles. If you are curious about it you can click on left illustration or here to be redirected to the dedicated post. Anyway if would not be fun asked the exact same thing twice, for the previous illustration I wanted Rosalina in fishnet outfit and here if was following a special pose and expression, one more time xxxbattery was fine with my idea and offered a powerfull stream… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Even if xxxbattery call this kind of commissions as “flat colour” he really put so much time on efforts on it with great work on shading and also working to make it perfect. As example he reworked on small details like Rosalina’s tongue to make it a little bigger but also really more complex stuff like the shadow on all tentacles and be sure it need time to only select manually all areas on this piece. Second point if you go for a commission is xxxbattery is really attentive and reactive doing his best to follow your reference/idea and even make the edits you could ask while he stream like change the gems colour on Rosalina’s crown, anyway you must also don’t wait too much to ask for edits or it would be too complex or hard to manage for the artist.
Also this can be somewhat dangerous cause we can’t know how eager will be the tentacles once they will take control of her body but this unpredictable side make it even more exciting for this sure sexy and really naughty princess offering her body to the pipe with no choice to be played, abused and raped as long and hard as long the tentacles want it. Now they are coming around and the excitation increase, there is still a chance for Rosalina to leave at this point but she know she want it, I also love the way xxxbattery gave a muscular looks to Rosalina that can sure resist for hours of intense and deep fuck and keep having pleasure whatever how much deep the push in her princess holes, how don’t be excited after that guys? XD
The final illustration sure looked perfect and I got a surprised get an alternative version with see-through tentacles when xxxbattery sent me the final illustration. Of course it make an nice alternative and offer even more content for the post but on technical side it show more about the artist work and technique. To make it simple the see-through tentacles show xxxbattery managed to draw the entire Rosalina body and added the tentacles after so if you remove the tentacles you can see Rosalina body and not some white holes. this technique need more work cause you need draw both skin and tentacles but allow powerfull edits like alternative or see-though, it’s just marvelous… °o°
I was thinking it could be powerfull considering commission xxxbattery for a sequel to this piece with Rosalina having more intense fun with the tentacles but it kinda already exist with this piece made last year anyway no reason don’t consider commission that gorgeous artist in the future still. Would love a day be able get a yuri duo to follow the spirit of the project or even an animated piece like some damn hot xxxbattery already made like Rosalina reading a toy (classic but still hot) anyway for now it’s still another universe for my budget but if your side you are tempted get that kind of commission yourself then go for it guys… Oh yeah… °w°

One year ago: #803 – Relaxing at the gym
Next to come: Pure dreams and princess (SFW)
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#713 – Playfull piranha plant

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles

And finally the first illustration that is censored here due to exclusive versions on patreon, I’ll also publish them on Gelbooru and rule34 and hope they wont be rejected/deleted cause it could be a great way promote the patreon page (here). Anyway this kind of publication stay as exception and I’m far to turn the site into a paywall since the objective is to show the world how Rosalina is marvelous without limit, don’t worry guys… ^^
Managing this site for a long time I’m now use to wordpress and using FTP database, kinda the reason my tailor asked me to help him to manage his site that recently shut down to a plugin malfunction. Took me some time to fix it but discovered about OVH error logs that are really usefull for this kind of problems. Also guys, don’t forget make regular back-up is important and can save sooo much time… O_o


While watching xxxbattery‘s livestream, he just finished a pin-up commission asked if someone interested take a slot for pin-up illustration, the budget was still short at this time but I really wanted get something again after that sooo sexy duo in lingerie and dressing gown with Sailor Mercury or kinky time with Sailor venus (see it here). At this time I was in tentacles mood with two illustrations planned, one was canceled but xxxbattery did something so epic mixing tentacle and my lingerie addiction with a sooo sexy fishnet suit on Rosalina… °w°
As if Rosalina looks so freaking hot (and even more with lingerie, the more impressive as me is the Piranha plant head, xxxbattery made it looks so dangerous with big teeth that can easily kill you, and on other versions the head turn really sweet, carefull and a little playfull sucking Rosalina’s breast. I also love how xxxbattery drew the breast so soft and smooth but still Rosalina is really confident to offer her body to that kind of monster, anyway seem both are really naughty and enjoy this moment so no way the piranha plant give Rosalina some injuries if it want abuse even more of that perfect princess body.. °w°
How can’t be hard looking at it? Rosalina so sexy in high heels and with fishnet bodysuit, and it turning even more kinky with the tentacles playing with all her body, going inside her pussy and ass with other fondling her breasts before they getting suck, for sure xxxbattery did an awesome job here. With a more analytic eye, there is only one error I can find, when the tentacles is holding Rosalina’s clitoris on fishnet versions, xxxbattery missed add the fishnet touch on this part but I know no one will notice that detail so why not consider it as perfect? ^^’
After a long time I got a new piece from xxxbattery and I want thanks him so much for his kindness, hard work and support allowing me to use his series as patreon exclusive reward, I know people will be mad as always when see that kind of art but if that give me more members then the project will be able grow up and I’ll be able commission xxxbattery again… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Since xxxbattery is streaming quite often, you can get the opportunity talk with him, see about his drawing/animating process and how many work need a piece to be completed. In my opinion, the more powerfull is when he draw sketches that looks completely overloaded and it goes really hard (but fun) recognize what he drew, then once xxxbattery start the line you really see the final piece appear and that part is always amazing so don’t miss follow on picarto (here) or see his gallery on the links below.

One year ago: Solo – Head sketch
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#628 – BatteryGirl hungry for butt

Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit trap futa

Out of town and no internet this week-end so the blog post was made earlier and planed for this week-end, also had to cheat on the main post planning a new one and make the previous expire at same time so I’ll remove it manually. For the RosalinaxGirl patreon it’s a little complicated, since you can’t have planed publication I don’t have choice post them when I’ll be back on Monday morning. Also another week-end without be able looking for new artists so I’ll have to rush next week.
For now I due to financial situation, I live on my father living room (yeah, don’t have my own bedroom) and since he spend so much time watch tv (near to my computer) it’s impossible for me have some intimacy or open NSFW content so you can imagine how hard it is to manage the site. Only safe when he goes to sleep (late) but since some family will come on June he will go to sleep on the living room too so technically I’ll never be able get time manage the site for two weeks. Must really find a solution or will give me huge troubles… O_o


For now here is a new piece linked to ‘Your dream by…‘ event. After tell SacciSalt her idea won, the artist had to move on another piece due to technical issues but didn’t want to come back and say the drawign she was waiting for will never happen, must be so bad. Then I promised her do my best made it happen and after some discussion with DigitallyDeviant and some black panties deal (long story) we finally managed to get this kinky duo happen. Also if you are curious, BatteryGirl is xxxbattery‘s OC and mascot. First time she meet Rosalina and about xxxbattery he already participated to the project with that powerfull duo featuring Marie and Callie from Splatoon and even more great piece that you can find here.
Since DigitallyDeviant really love butts, we picked the second reference from Sacci’s idea. Due to our actual deal, I pose as (sexy) model wearing my Rosalina cosplay and illustrations are used as reference to draw illustration adding another lady for a naughty duo that come in the blog. I first made a little photo series for DigitallyDeviant with both Rosalina and BatteryGirl pose and then he started work on the illustration. Due to the even the original idea was for a cunni but using crossplayer as model for trap photos it was easier make it ass oriented. That’s why there is two versions. That’s fun cause the trap version is from the true original photo but since the true Rosalina is a lady, then the female version is more right for her. At last DigitallyDeviant made a powerfull job and was fun challenge pose for this illustration. Now just pick the version you prefer and I hope you enjoy it guys, also hope to get your feedback Sacci and Vaider… ^^
BatteryGirl sure have a really cool design and love those neon motifs on her skin, like a mix into futuristic tattoo and tron Universe but I guess xxxbattery had in mind this futuristic and digital look creating her so it looks so cool. Then she now invited Rosalina on her universe but not just to give her a little visit, had to be a fun day and can’t be fun without some sex. Preparing Rosalina ass with spit, she also got some “little” toys so you can be sure it will be intense and I’m sure she’s also getting excited that after that her turn will come to get abused by that sexy princess needing her revenge. They sure will have lot of fun together and each one can imagine how it will turn, that part is the more exciting in my opinion… °w°

With all WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant, I have now a great step by step series that I decided to publish as patreon reward cause would be too huge for the site and don’t want overload the post. Then for sure it wont have the original photos I made as reference with Rosalina crossplay. At last if you want to get an idea I posted one on my DeviantArt account that I really love. I looks so sensual on this one but as if no nudity it’s kinda more ecchi/mature than safe for everybody. It’s also the second illustration from DigitallyDeviant, previous one was the rough duo with samus (here) but many more will come so stay tuned. Oh yeah.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

One year ago: #519 – Rosalina posing for Toonhouse
Next to come: Galactic Beauty (SFW)

#547 – Sailor Venus and galaxy princess

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri Sailor Venus hentai

I’ll lost internet for the week-end due to camping with friend and won’t be able manage the blog during this time. The problem is not the fact to lost internet itself cause I’m sure it will be a really cool week-end and friends are much more powerfull than internet (as if no one can defeat Rosalina). It’s just that’s the last time I had to disconenct for a week-end, google deleted my two Rosalina x Girl blogs (man and soft) so I’m kinda scary that something can happen… O_o
I also won a YCH auction from theFloppyBunny, she have a really good style and can make really nice pin-up for 15$ (and freaking hot if you ask). She just need to be more famous and really deserve it, I wont the YCH for 6$ (you can see the pose here) so feel free to watch her and come for the next auction to fight with me… Oh yeah…


Now I think a lot of you know about Sailor moon and maybe had a childhood crush for one of those sweet lady, it’s also the case forxxxbattery who choosen for my pin-up commission to pick a lady from this series for some naughty play with Rosalina. After some lingerie and bondage with Ami Mizuno that you can see on the right, it’s Sailor Venus (alias Minako Aino) who come for some true and sensual lesbian time with Rosalina. Once again xxxbattery did an amazing job, I hope you like it guys…
Both make an amazing duo and xxxbattery‘s style sure is powerfull so if you add that he made multiple versions it’s so wonderfull. I know so much people love naked ladies in general, after all that’s more sensual and we can enjoy more of that wonderfull bodies but clothes really add a magical touch to a lasy and I really love lingerie so that panty versions are excellent, didn’t expected this fromxxxbattery, for sure it was a great surprise. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
I always ask high heels for Rosalina cause really love it (that’s so hot) but first time I have her with slippers, for sure that’s original and with this little Luma I can’t deny xxxbattery made a great design, it’s also more intimate like happening at Rosalina’s house, she really have kinky friends visiting her. Adding a juicy touch it’s freaking hot, I wonder wich version is your favorite guys (or like me you can love all of them)… °w°
It was a pin-up commissions to xxxbattery, 60$ for this kind of illustrations is kinda fair especially like all time he spend on each illustration, just take a look at his livestreams (follow him here) and you’ll be amazed by the quality for each details… Also when I the description I say “up to 2 characters” was really hard to resist. For sure you must see more from xxxbattery but for now I have to save my budget… T_T

Also stay turned for the next illustration cause will be linked by this one but not by same artists
Artist: Vaiderman  /  Cost: 40$
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Tumblr: www.xxxbattery.tumblr.com
Insagram: www.instagram.com/battery_xo
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile

One year ago: Solo – Head sketch
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#531 – Removing dressing gown and let start the show

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri sailor moon Amy Mizuno lingerie gown xxxbattery
The next page I’m working on will be available soon, it goes faster as expected but we are so close to July so I must hurry. It will also have 3-4 publicity banners, more as try to see if it can give some help, can’t say they will be discrete but like all content on the page they wont take so much place and as I say pop-up ads wont appear here. It’s the best to make money but I consider that thing as shit when I’m on other sites.
Also thinking to move the video page to archive page, I’m not able to make really good and usefull content due to my english level at first and don’t plan to make a new for for the moment. Maybe it will reappear a day.


I love so much lingerie and high heels, you know about that and since I saw this wonderfull illustration with Lonette on xxxbattery‘s gallery I really wanted to have a sweet and sensual Rosalina with dressing gown slowly open it to reveal her gorgeous body. Finally I had the opportunity to mix all those fetishes, adding the amazing style of xxxbattery the result is so powerfull. I hope you love it too guys… Oh yeah… ^^
I recently commissioned xxxbattery to draw Rosalina with Callie and Marie from Splatoon (see it here). For sure he did a great job but it wasn’t so powerfull. As if he did his best but he can’t truly show his talented and power with those squid sisters that why I came to xxxbattery with this second commission. Also there is some regular stream sales so really hard to resist in that case (now like my budget in bad condition I can resist at last)… XD
Since it’s a yuri blog, I wanted another lady to be with Rosalina and we decided with xxxbattery to pick Amy from Sailor Moon, a great choice for a wonderfull duo. It seem Amy looks damn more crazy and excited than Rosalina like her face and that she’s already wet. Now we have a sensual and sexy Rosalina with gown, lingerie and high heels (that combo is marvelous) and a naughty Amy who make a powerfull mix… Also as if Rosalina looks so hot, she’s not like a naughty slut but a sophisticated woman. xxxbattery really did a wonderfull illustration.

One year ago: Fire emblem – Tharja
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#527 – Splatoon squid sisters want a… Squirt

Talked with Ska about some idea I had for the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and after some edits he have now the final version of the script. I’m happy how the story turned but I still can imagine and describe the hottest scene, no trouble to imagine what happen before and after sex though… Must write childre books if I wasn’t so pervert… XD
Also learned that I must be careful with YCH auction, I won one bondage pin-up that I really wanted cause the pose is gorgeous but like artist pricelist, for the same price I was able to get a duo… So stupid… T_T


On May 29th, the game Splatoon is officilay available on WiiU, like the huge promotion Nintendo made and all naughty fanarts on the web I’m sure you already heard and maybe know about this game. I also really wanted to have something with Rosalina and it’s xxxbattery who accepted this challenge and made a wonderfull illustration. He really have an amazing realistic style so was sure he wont be confident with Splatoon characters design (also must pair them with Rosalina) butxxxbattery answered “Splatoon sounds awesome” and you can imagine what happened next. I hope you like the result guys.
Those two ladies playing with Rosalina body are squid sisters singers (and fighters), named Callie for purple one and Maris for green one (also know as Aori and Hotaru in Japan). They appeared during the Nintendo direct about Splatoon for a short time but until I get the game, can’t tell what they will do in but at last you can be sure they get so much fanarts due to her crazy and original design. At first wanted a true fighter and messy piece from xxxbattery but a little kinky trio with Rosalina, Callie and Marie sounds so powerfull… Also for messy touch, xxxbattery drew already some fluid and there will be much more once they will make Rosalina cum… °w°
Callie and Marie design is fun, both are nice suits but my favorite detain are those crazy hats, a reversed slice of bread for Marie and a bowl (like the one to get food to dog) for Callie, btw xxxbattery made an error on this one and drew it like a normal hat instead of a bowl. I wasn’t able to be here during the livestream for a moment and missed the line of this part so was to late to ask for a change but it’s not xxxbattery fault and for the rest she’s perfect.
xxxbattery said he think to make a speedpainting of this illustration so stay turned if there is more to come and if you want more from this incredible artists you can find him on so much places like HentaiFoundry, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, he also do livestreams on Picarto and will open soon his own websitexxxbattery.com. So much places to manage, like all the time I spend only with the blog it’s really impressive. Don’t hesitate to visit some places, no doubt you will enjoy his art and maybe why not request him a day… ^^

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#370 – Solo – Rosalina cowgirl and Speedpainting

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nintendo mario princess rosalina
I seriously plan to make a new video for the blog, wont be something really amazing and beautifull like the 2nd I did but some several changes. Instead of talking in English it will be in French so not use do do my best for something really bad like my English level but I’ll add subtitles to be sure you will understand it.

This video wil explain more about the last project “where is my pokemon?” and also the event “Your dream by…” I want to be sure everybody understand how this event work and come to participate to the next edition who will be… Announced on the video… :p


Yeah, today I have something really powerfull to show you. I commissionned a Rosalina pin-up to Vaiderman (also know as xxxbattery on Hentaifoundry) and as you can see I don’t have just a simple illustration to show you. I’m sure you know that soem artist make livestreams where you can see and look at them while they are drawing but also talk with him and all watchers. You can be sure it’s a really pleasant and interesting moment where you can know more about the artist. Speacking with Vaiderman and looking at him drawing Rosalina was so powerfull…

It was a 3 hours livestream, not enough to finish the Rosalina as you can see on the video but it was amazing… If you are curious guys don’t hesitate to follow Vaiderman’s Hentaifoundry and Livestream accounts to have a little notification when he start an new one and come to enjoy the show. Maybe you will see me… XD

Here is the final version, hope you like it guys. The way he draw Rosalina is really powerfull, so much détails and light effects, I also love how Vaiderman used the hat to cover Rosalina eye instead of using the hair lock. Funny detail as you can see on the video, after start the coloring he Drew blue lines for the perspective, at start I thought it will be water and I love wet clothes so was really exciting. A little sad when thèses lines were deleted but water or not, the result is epic… (^o^)/

If you want to commission Vaiderman, You can send him a mail to xxxbattery@gmail.com, as example a pin-up like this one cost 50$, a little more expensive that commission I ask in general but like the result and Vaiderman‘s art it’s an interesting deal. You can also find him on other places and sites, just take a look to links bellow, Oh yeah… XD