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#1000 – Holidays at the mansion hotel

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Now we did it… Now we can’t stop, Oh yeah!!!

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so much enthusiasm reaching this impressive millstone for the project that I managed alone for more than 10 years now, you can also see how was looked the project at it’s beginning when it all consisted as a list on my Hentaifoundry profile description. Starting 2005 my waifu was Rosetta Christopher from Chrno Crusade (that remain my fav anime ever) and two years later Rosalina was able beat her on the first day I played Mario Galaxy on the Wii, a strong addiction and love for Rosalina that 10 years later no one was able to defeat. By the way The project started by an illustration I commissioned to the French artist Merethide to pair my two favorite ladies: Rosalina and Rosetta christopher and it’s after this illustration I was in the mood to start pairing with Rosalina and my fav girls characters without expecting it would be the start of a so ambitious project °o°

You can see how was looking the blogger page in 2013 and pretty much that all active projects at this time are now dead and moved to the archive page so you can imagine many things changed in 10 years. First I moved from HentaiFoundry into blogger creating the “Rosalina & girl page” being initially a SFW place then due to some NSFW content I requested I had to create a second page called “Rosalina x girl” for the lewd stuff that quickly moved to be the main from all the art and visitors. Main problem with blogger was my website being blocked several times cause copyright issues and one time I was close to never get my stuff back being flagged as spam site and blogger refused to send me a back-up to “use it to create another spam website” so it was time to act before come a real issue.

It’s being close to definitely lost my project on blogger that I decided to move to another place and made my own website hosted by OVH using wordpress base. That way I was able to get a better control on all my datas I it’ better get a warning then do appropriate changes than lost all access to the datas and potentially get everything deleted without any chance of a backup. There was several changes on the rosalinaxgirl website with time, it first was only to host the NSFW website, then I moved the SFW making rosalinaxgirl.com as swf an rosalinaxgirl.com/nsfw for adult content but since the nsfw place was 5 times bigger than the SFW it wasn’t great having the SFW as main so in 2019 there was no more SFW version and only the rosalinaxgirl.com place that you can visit now and that celebrate it’s 1.000th publication… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


I wanted to come with something epic for the 1.000th illustration and original plan was a new Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic drew by Mazzacho but this unfortunately never happened cause the artist being super busy and obliviously me coming too late with a proper storyboard, I managed to push the 1.000th post the most I can but what we have today if only a sketch of the main page so I have no choice to give-up on that project. So I’m sorry to tell no Rosalina and Tinkerbell coming but I still wanted to give the honour to Mazzacho to shine at this time so came with a commission inspired from Luigi mansion 3 using the Goo Luigi concept for a Goo Rosalina with some special pleasuring equipment and messy abilities as you can see and I hope you don’t mind spying them :p

For this commission I asked Mazzacho to draw a green Goo Rosalina to keep it close to Goo Luigi and create a visible connexion with Luigi Mansion game (also with the fact Rosalina playing the game too), now thinking at it again I still think the green was a good choice on that direction but it could also be interesting to have a blue Goo Rosalina and use coloured goo girls for orgy, like a pink Goo Peach and range Goo Daisy as example. It can work with every character like a Blue goo Samus and characters from other series like yellow goo Victoria Seras but it would look like more a slime clone than the Luigi Mansion goo, anyway I still love the of an orgy between girls and their goo clones so can be definitely a thing to go with in the future… Would you also be hyped about that Goo clone sharing concept?

On the first sketch that you can see on the left, Mazzacho initially drew the Goo Rosalina playing on switch instead of the original princess, this was fixed in the next version anyway my mind wasn’t sure at this time which version was the most interesting cause both would look pretty interesting. I decided keep going with my original idea and Rosalina playing switch and to make it the most intense and naughty we goes with anal fuck while semen overflowing from Rosalina’s pussy happily playing her game letting her goo clone raping and filling all her holes slowly making the bed turn into a cum and goo bath. For me loving indecent and messy pieces this on is sure so powerfull and exciting, I also love that Mazzacho managed give high heels to both ladies (people that know me also know about my huge addiction for heels).

Be sure Mazzacho did a really incredible and long work with shading to reach this point, there was so much variations and evolution from all previews he sent me (that you can all see on the step by step patreon reward). After a moment Mazzacho told me I found style wich I’ll be used for this pic so I knew we were close to reaching the final version and a few days later it was ready to shine. You can sure admire the amazing work with shading and also on the background inspired from the game mansion hotel and I also love the doggy addition suggesting the fun is not over and allow us to imagine so much scenes from that pervert trio °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur
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#986 – Bubble cum challenge

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princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn futa funanari bowsette bubble tea challenge cum messy wam princess Rosalina nintendo hentai censored patreon

I was wondering about make something for April’s fool the the confinement didn’t gave me too much inspiration (it sounds like holidays when coming but it’s mind devastating honestly). Of course we got a huge one in France saying our president will announce the end of confinement since the number of daily new case keeps going down but truth is we still haven’t reached the top of the courb for now… O_o

I hope you guys are fine your side, please tell me how going the confinement for you and I’m also curious about what is the best April’s fool you heard this year? Let’s spread some fun ^^


After Elora the Faun from Spyro, here is a new illustration from Laleaf that I commissioned to draw Rosalina and Bowsette pairing one more time, you can see one version of this series on the left and the full post here. Since it appeared, I had the idea of a hand free bubble tea challenge adding cum touch and Laleaf managed fluid so nicely on his Bowsette illustration so I wanted him to work on that idea. On the first illustration Bowsette was creampied, now time to reverse and have her offer Rosalina a huge load… °w°

Basically there was two important points for me: a great looking Lumakini and lot of fluids cause I love messy, at some point I also wanted have high heels shoes on the floor under Rosalina with cum running from the breasts to the shoes turning them messy but Laleaf told me it wouldn’t look good. Also must admit I was a bit too crazy and excited about this illustration and asked Laleaf for an alternative version with Rosalina in her casual dress to also show it messy, of course this came with extra charges but I was really hyped and ok with it even not knowing how much fluid the artist would manage to shot at the end °o°

Following the artist on picarto, it was really interesting see Laleaf streaming while working on this illustration and all challenges behind this illustration, as example even if there isn’t a much of Bowsette body showing he managed to redo her entirely until he got a perspective he was happy with. Rosalina head also got a redo to change the direction she was looking at, finally there so many things that add a lot of work and efforts that you can’t imagine seeing the final illustration so never forget than artist is way more hardcore than if think. Remember me this comparison table that I consider so perfect (on the right).

I was curious so asked Laleaf what was the most complicated part on this illustration and he told me “Logically it’s sperm […] Sperm is different colors, volume, reflects, light rebound, kinda was stupid question cause as messy lover I know the true challenge between fluids but it was still interesting to get the artist feeling and words. I can imagine manage alternative outfits and really messy scene was quite a challenge too for this commission anyway Laleaf managed it the the result is absolutely stunning. I’m really admiring and thankfull to him for his hard work also doing his best to follow my vision for this scene (and be sure that is quite hard too), actually Laleaf want to become a professional illustrator but his art remain undiscovered so please support him but following him on twitter (linked bellow) on the easiest way or even coming for a commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Laleaf / 80$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Laleaf2
One year ago: #916 – Bath masturbation with Claire
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#984 – Special wave for surfer princesses

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princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri peach surfer futa futanari yuri sex

Back from a silent time not caused but Corona-chan virus itself but the confinement that gave me a pretty bad depression, I was like having lot of time for work and video game but motivation was just destroyed by this tiny closed place that have me stay single day after days. I can’t really tell everything better now (even more since the confinement pretty much just started in France) anyway artists never stopped their amazing work and I kept receive new drawings so it’s time to get back on track and release all that Rosalina magic ^^

I can’t promise (but I promise to try), in order to fix the lack of post there will be a new illustration coming every 2 days instead of twice a week. Now I wrote that sentence it will give me a good reason got at it seriously if I want show I’m a serious person as my dedication to Rosalina, the project itself and of course in honour to all artists putting their heart and soul on the art the create… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

On a more informative way and back to Corona, here is a really great website to see it’s real time status:
Computer: www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
Mobile: www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/85320e2ea5424dfaaa75ae62e5c06e61


Don’t be surprised with this new illustration, when you know me and see Rosalina in a beach theme without her Lumakini sounds suspicious anyway everything normal, this illustration was nothing commission to the talented Italian artist Psicoero (Also it’s it’s 26th drawing for the project OMG). So for this one, the original idea was get Rosalina dressed in her surfer suit from the last Mario and Sonic at Olympic Games released on the switch. For this edition Rosalina is only available in specific competitions as the surf one and got a new official outfit from Nintendo (as you can see on the left).

To be honest, the most complicated part was about choosing the second girl since there isn’t too much surfer ladies existing, my first idea was Pamela Anderson from Baywatch: Hawaii (called Alerte à Malibu in French) but it wasn’t really working too well even if it’s a pairing I must keep in mind if Lumakini come back a day. After some characters suggestions that didn’t matched really well the decision was finally to pick princess Peach in her surfer outfit from the same game to join Rosalina. I know Psicoero really like her so it was a good compromise for a duo that would work well and with characters pleasant for the artist. As for the scene it was sure really naughty giving Rosalina some special equipment to fill Peach with a huge wave of cum ^^’

I know the result looks a little off but this is my fault having a global idea was was finally a little broken (I have to admit it) anyway I have to thanks Psicoero for still doing his best working on it offering a really powerfull stream to watch. Btw don’t miss follow him on Picarto to get a chance see him live; Psicoero is really concentrated while drawing so pretty silent in the chat (it’s a bit too quiet sometimes my friend) anyway watch his drawing process and techniques is sure really interesting and while the global quarantine you really can’t really say you are busy (the only true excuse should be the time-zone difference anyway)… ^__^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€/50$ commission
One year ago: #866 – Punk’s Not Dead
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#980 – Gymnastic loser treatment

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Sharing tentacles (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (4 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario peach daisy tight gymnastic vaulting horse futa futanari sex cum

It took me some time but the collection page is finally ready and up-to-date, finally fixed the last html mistakes to get it show and work perfectly so I added it on the pages listed on top menu. I you are curious the collection page list all girls who met Rosalina sorted by series then name in alphabetical order, it’s pretty similar concept as the gallery page that show all illustrations in a more visual look and also in order of publication, I’m planning update this page next btw.

Also got an appointement yesterday that I think goes well but as you know the most important isn’t how you think it goes but if they manage contact you back after that with a positive answer. Or at last negative one, that would be way more kind than stay silent and make you wait for nothing… For now, suspense °w°


After a pretty amazing and messy duo with Strawberry Shortcake for Rosalina’s birthday (that you can see on the left), here come another illustration from PlanZ34 even more naughty and crazy (fault is mine). I ordered a commission slot to PlanZ34 last November 2019 as patreon raffle reward but Jessica (the winner that ha decide the idea) was remaining silent and I finally took the slot for myself coming with a pretty crazy threesome idea.

At first I asked PlanZ34 if he had any idea or fetish in mind that he would like to go with at this time and he said nothing in particular … maybe extra tight clothes, I was first looking if can find any girls with some tight suits in my wishlist (that are also called “impossible clothing” for suits that perfectly fit the breast shape) until the idea of a gymnastic Rosalina came to my mind. After being lost in many characters and posing references PlanZ34 suggested Rosalina be with the other princess like Peach or daisy while I came with the idea of vaulting horse then the concept was born. But there was still lot of work until the final illustration you can enjoy at the top of this post so if you are ready it’s time for this drawing story, with its good but also negatives parts (everything can’t be perfect or life would be boring) :p

While looking at some (nsfw) illustration to get some idea and inspiration, seeing numbers on the side of a vaulting horse it gave me the idea of turn it as cum tank with someone being fucked on the top of it and all the semen slowly filling the horse, PlanZ34 got some inspiration with Rosalina fucked by futanari Peach and Daisy but without the horse tank but I really like my idea at this time and was too excited about it so pushed a little on that point and here is it. Now if we should add a backstory to this illustration it could be something like after competitions, the princess getting the lower position end being fucked until the vaulting horse is completely filled with cum as punishment, it sure sounds like a lot of cum but I don’t worry about the mushroom kingdom power-pup giving enough power and stamina for this party °w°

PlanZ34 was fine with this direction for the commission so payment completed and few days later it was time for sketches with 4 poses and a hard decision time (though compared to all time to get the concept done, it was nothing ^^’). All sketch were interesting in term of angle and posing then I asked if possible mixing the angle of the sketch #2 with the poses of the #3 so it was “3 angle camera 2 pose that make it sounds like we are working on a high budget porn movie production (coincidence was PlanZ34 studied cinema, true fact as he said)… Anyway even if it makes hard decisions it’s always powerfull to get several sketches idea that way, you can figure some poses or angles you haven’t figured at first and that finally would make the illustration even more cool than expected… ^^

Then came a little mistake on next sketch since PlanZ34 inverted reference to use for pose and angle but it was quickly fixed, anyway if you are curious you can see on the right how would have be the scene following this sketch. At first all girls were naked on the sketch as you can see so was time give PlanZ34 reference for the 3 princesses gymnastics suits using those from Mario and Sonic at Olympic games series. At first there was the idea of giving gold/silver and cooper medals to the princess to show about the loser punishment but this finally wasn’t possible to have it fit with the actual breasts size, angles and also medallions. There was also the numbers on the front size of vaulting horse that was abandoned, as you can see how much an illustration can evolve during the creation process, there’s new parts and details that can come but also some that disappear and this still represent some work even if you don’t see it so never forget the insane work and time an illustration need (FACT!!!)

I hope you guys like the illustration, PlanZ34 really did an amazing job with posing, clothing, expression, fluids and… Well… Supporting me at some points. He’s an artist I had pleasure to talk and work with so be sure there is more illustration coming by him for the project in the future. Also seriously, 20$ for an epic trio like this is totally cheap so you better not hesitate too long if you wanna commission PlanZ34 before he get noticed by more people overloaded in commissions requests and obliviously raising his prices a bit. Anyway if you are not interested it’s fine, make more commission slots available for me… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PlanZ34 / 20$ commission
One year ago: #906 – Horny Rosalina and bonded Peach
Next to come: Let’s Go To The Party! (Ecchi)
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#974 – Princesses and Imp selfcest

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Full Metal Unfinished (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn imp daisy futa futanari sex

I’m kinda sad I didn’t got any reaction or feedback from patreon about what they would like to take part. Even if patreon typically sounds like the kind of place for people to financially support a creator and help him keep going on his projects, for me it’s also another opportunity to be linked with people and make them participate to the project not just by giving money but get influence on the content itself… °o°

Time going so fast, we did so much from January and I’m still not done dealing with the troubles about my job lost. I expected the Miku concert help me get better and it worked pretty good but just when back ready and fresh I got that kind of letter that put you down. 2020 don’t seems to be really enjoyable year for me, or at last I hope it will be just about January, wish me good luck everybody cause at this time I really need it ^^’


And for today come a new illustration commissioned to Ledge1606 that was enough kind to accept to work on another of my stupid idea that popped in my mind, also it was a premiere for the artist that “never tried a foursome but I will strive to make it look the best I can and that you really like it“. I really admire Ledge1606 who was ready to work on something out his comfort zone and even do his best to make sure the result will be enjoyable. As for the illustration the idea was a foursome with Rosalina, a futanari Daisy and both girl Imp versions, of course Imp-Rosalina and Imp-Daisy aren’t canon/official but look so cool and I really wanted get a piece with them.

Ledge1606 made a double blowjob scene on his first sketch following the reference anyway I wanted something a little different for each duo to get more variation of the poses and final idea was Daisy facefucking Imp-Rosalina while Imp-Daisy filling Rosalina’s pussy with a bit load of cum. I’m really happy with the result and Ledge1606 really did a great job, there was also details he added like Rosalina teasing Imp-Daisy ass that is pretty cool and naughty. Crazy or not, I hope you guys also like this illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Now I’m at the end of this post I notice the title was quite wrong, to really get some selfcest it would have need each girl be with their respective Imp version and not each other one but I already did set that everywhere so too late to change (anyway you can blame me if you want as reward for reading the post to this point). Also as for the Lumakini there is huge chance to see the Imp-Rosalina back in another illustration later, her petite look and design make this version sooo adorable and kinda really good for some ecchi or lewd situations so stay tuned, I still have no idea for Imp-Rosalina situation but I have no doubt my crazy mind will sure be able manage something in the future… ^__^

Artist: Ledge1606 / 32$ commission
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
Next to come: The chamber of tentacles (NSFW)
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#949 – Unfinished level

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PATREON BONUS: Violet, Mirage and Rosalina (Abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai super mario peach lesbian yuri
According the security report, last week was pretty active according Failed Logins Attempts report, for now they did not succeeded and this traffic will help increase my Alexa ranking (really). Anyway I must stay aware and serious keeping maintain a good security and make regular saves of the website database and storage… ^^
Also makes me think I should quickly update Rosalina’s Curriculum page to add about Mario kart mobile game and obliviously find a better name for that page, fell free if you have any suggestion.


Today a two year old illustration made by Albasnipple that never get a chance be finished, it was for long time on the abandoned folder expecting to come as a patreon bonus someday but there was still some really good work being this piece and I wanted this see the light. I discovered Albasnipple on hentaifoundry and asked him if he would be interested take apart of the project even if there wasn’t any fanart related in his gallery, there was a so cool and naughty style so totally had to try °w°
At start Albasnipple said “i might do a rosalina pic. no promises […] she’s tricky though – that hair, the likeness, and then a second girl to boot“, artist interest into the project is always powerfull and was curious what would come in mind if an illustration see the light. Bad new came after I commented on an illustration i might do a rosalina pic. no promises, but that’s a neat project you’ve got going on and i like the idea of doing more fan art. she’s tricky though — that hair, the likeness, and then a second girl to boot released, he told me “i never got that peach & ros request done. i got started on it, got frustrated by… something–i forget what–so i put it aside for a while. then i read that nintendo was cracking down on lewds featuring their characters, so i ended up abandoning it“. Albasnipple was super kind and game me a link to the illustration saying I can do everything I want with it, I know many artists are more hiding or deleting their drawing when they aren’t happy with so I was so happy be able get a copy… °w°
Of course looking at the illustration you can see it’s unfinished anyway it’s really powerfull to see about the drawing process and evolution of an illustration, there is many steps (and hours of hard work) between the sketch and a full shaded illustration and this piece show several parts of the process. You can see some sketches lines, the line process on Peach and blocks and even the shading start on Rosalina’s hair and shoulders, I don’t know how much time Albasnipple spent to reach that point but there is sure many hour needed and I think as much to get it completed… Unfortunately it will never be… Waaahhhh… T_T
I you are curious to see more, Albasnipple is still alive and keep posting amazing art like his Batgirl piece that I hope be able use as reference a day, that toy though her tight pant give a so amazing and naughty look, I also got artist consent to use it so now just need get a great artist and idea (and the budget ready too obliviously). From perfectly shaped girls (according to the society) to kinky futanari and chubby or fat girls there is pretty much to discover in Albasnipple‘s galleries, feel free to take a look at the links listed bellow to not miss it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Albasnipple / Request
Twitter: www.twitter.com/basnipart
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/basnip
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/albasnipple/profile
One year ago: #870 – Star Choking
Next to come: Hungry for ice-cream (NSFW)
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#906 – Horny Rosalina and bonded Peach

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PATREON BONUS: Bunny and princess scissoring (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Spending a nice week-end with family isn’t good for the project cause once you are back to home on Sunday evening being quiet and relaxed it’s so hard find the motivation to work (also missed my pc and games) ^^’
On the positive side, I have 3 illustration by the same artist to post, first coming today so with Monday, Wednesday and Sunday post I post the 3 pieces in a row and get a week dedicated to this artist… °w°


So let’s start he first illustration from a 3 sketch commissions to TheCrazyDuck will a price deal in exchange of artist freedom, the idea was to get a cheaper price on my commission but in return it was freedom to the artist about the illustration. The idea was interesting and since TheCrazyDuck had to draw two solo and a yuri duo but second girl and poses were all his choice so pretty much no idea what would come at the end, bit exciting and worrying at same time to be honest… XD
Let’s show the duo first and as you can see TheCrazyDuck‘s idea was to pair Rosalina with Peach in an extra kinky scene with some horny face, bondage and great toys. Considering I received directly the final version without any more information or wip before there is unfortunately nothing I can tell about the creation process but I sure do love the result. Rosalina expression and tongue are so amazing and exciting then TheCrazyDuck added a lot of details in the sketch as example with fluids, lot of pussy juice from Peach’s pussy and also Rosalina one, saliva too for both girls and even milk + tears for Peach.
If we also add stuff like the toys, lingerie, heels and some red shading for blurring, pussy or perspective it’s more than just a sketchy scene so TheCrazyDuck really did an insane job with this illustration and considering the Rosalina piece he already made I knew I would figure that princess in an amazing way. If you want to see more you can visit his page for more illustration, only negative point is TheCrazyDuck‘s style evolve but also the way he post art now hiding all uncensored under a patreon paywall so if you want to see kinky stuff you have to pay on patreon or a commission… U_u

Artist: TheCrazyDuck / 10$ commission deal
One year ago: #805 – Summer should be forever
Next to come: The goth and the toys (NSFW)
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#868 – Trapped Bowsette

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Patreon bonus: HD version of all illustrations for 2$+ patrons (16x bigger)
nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette messy cum semen nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette messy cum semen
nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette messy cum semen nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn bowser bowsette messy cum semen

I know I was missing last Sunday publication (and I hope it’s not what made me lost a patreon) but I discovered about Bowsette that quickly became a real phenomenon and I wanted be part of it with my Rosalina x Girl project. Problem is I’m not an artist myself and it’s complicated be reactive while finding an artist that is interested, haven’t already drew her (harder than you think) and that also can fit my budget and don’t have a big queued. Challenge really complex that I considered as impossible after two day searching all time then finally had the chance discover the Leleaf on picarto that was ready to go with the idea after I explained him about Rosalina, Bowsette and what I expected… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
First for those who don’ know about Bowsette, her origin is from this fan comic after that announced a power-up to turn Toadette as Peachette and it goes totally out of control. Anyway the main idea is Rosalina that decide to take her revenge on Bowserfor all he did to her innocent Lumas and precious power start in Mario Galaxy abusing of that more sensitive and fragile body. At first Leleaf tried different situations as sketch going for something like rough fuck going to something like fisting but it’s finally something really different that he decided to go with.
On his final illustration, even if there isn’t the rough sex part Leleaf keep the idea of the revenge on so many points like using red colours or more subtle with the shadow on mushroom like a keyhole to suggest Bowsette is trapped and have no escape. I really love Bowsette pose sure being really sexy with the pose and lingerie touch, Leleaf also asked me about breasts side but I told him Nintendo make them really small and he could have some freedom with that point if prefer go more busty (and he did, how nice), after all there is no rule with Bowsette so each artist can had his own touch… ^^
It was also Really interesting watch the stream to really see how much effort needed this illustration that took 12 hours to be completed, what you see here was lot of work but you must also could all sketches time and there was also multiple try during the test like for the background that first had mario power star, then red star, then red comets and finally a red Luma (that had several variations before this version). Bowsette also got a lot of work on her body and finally there was extra work when Leleaf decided add some fluid saying it would be boring without, also what you see on the messy piece isn’t a creamy but some “secretion from the mushroom.
Also can’t resist share this wip on the stream, when Leleaf turned the layer visible and have that big Rosalina pop it was pretty surprising, also at this time I didn’t know about his final idea so thought there was a mistake with proportions… Then at the end of the stream had the surprise see Leleaf work on a clothes version so there is finally even more alternative to show, it really turned epic and it’s a HUGE thanks for you man… ^^
Fun fact, Leleaf is French like me and I discovered it the moment I saw him copy/paste my sentence to translate it to French, communication was sure really easier and faster after that but remember if you talk to him to not going for to complex words and sentences. Anyway don’t miss take a look at the page lsted bellow to see more about his art and give a follow to see about his next stream. For now Leleaf‘s tumblr page looks a bit empty but it’s pretty recent one and like the Rosalina and Bowsette illustration he just did I know he have a freaking huge potential so don’t miss share love and support.

One year ago: #762 – Chocolate Akali
Next to come: Star Choking (NSFW)
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#856 – Peach disturbing the training

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PATREON BONUS: Quiet and sexy goddesses (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach ecchi sexy hentai yuri porn cunni cunnilingus paloma
As said Martin Molin from Wintergatan (that band is magic); “I’m not big fan of exclusivity behind a paywall” since I spend a lot of time and efforts on my project and wish everybody (18+ of course) can see all the powerfull stuff with Rosalina. I consider the patreon page more as a place to support the project but will still manage give nice rewards with teasers and some old sketches. ^^
Also previous post came a bit late, I spend all the week-end build the kitchen with the help of my father (thanks to him) and even if there is nothing really complicated that thing is full of traps and really need so much time. Then on Sunday evening I had no more energy left for the post… O_o


Definitely the girl that saw the most Rosalina and that’s sure with logical reason since both are from same universe and style, here come the 35th duo with Rosalina and Peach made for the project, you can see all Rosalina x Peach posts here anyway this last illustration come from the French artist BandiJones. He drew Peach because he love this princess and for the scene let’s just say High heels and cunnilingus are some of BandiJones‘s bigger fetishes, for me owning a yuri project and loving high heels it sounded perfect to me… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love this illustration and that story you could create from it could sounds like Peach decided help Rosalina during her training at the gym but wasn’t able resist when Rosalina short dress started to pull up and reveal her pussy through tight stocking, That tennis outfit wasn’t sure the best on the machine Rosalina sit and since BandiJones didn’t gave her panties the view must be more than teasing. Seeing Rosalina from that angle being eated by Peach is damn exciting and when you look at her cute face starting imagine some cute moaning Rosalina turn damn hot, I totally understand Peach wasn’t able to resist… °w°

BandiJones sure managed a powerfull illustration with great work on both ladies but also the background with the machine or more discrete details like Peach towel behind Rosalina (who noticed it?). What I love is also all you can add with some imagination like continue the scene and make so much happen but also put some motion on this scene and imagine Peach’s tongue slowly moving and Rosalina moan loudly. I’m just hopping BandiJones can manage fluids in the future, maybe some saliva and love juice would have be a nice addition, no?
Even being French, BandiJones sure can talk English without problem so don’t miss take a look at his pages listed bellow and share some love (or kinky thought) in comments. You can also consider commission BandiJones that have really cheap prices at this time. My side I already commissioned a kinky duo with Samus, still with high heels and cunnilingus that patreon members were already teased about… ^__^

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#832 – Little taste of ShyGirl

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Patreon bonus: HD version (4.000 x 2.700px for 2$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn spread pussy female shyguy shygal shygirl
I did a typo mistake on the welcome post and now lost count on how many girls with Rosalina, I would need to count all again one by one over more than 800 illustration and it would take soooo long. I guess I’ll do that this week-end when I’ll have time and motivation.
Also made the wishlist page up to date but noticed a little mistake inside that make me feel really bad about an artist that recently participated… I’ll tell more about soon but for now still don’t know how tell him… U_u


And here is a new piece by the awesome Psicoero who drew May patreon raffle illustration, the winner for this month was Tallon that answered to my congrat message with “Shygirl” so here is it. Also, this request was really surprising, not for the idea that is really interesting but the message itself that had no more than this single world. It’s a little sad when you don’t feel some happiness or emotion, I’m really thankfull to my patrons for their awesome support and do my best make them happy and pleased with the content they get so please get me some feedback and emotion guys, even if negative it can help make the project even better… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I insisted a bit to hear more from Tallon then he sent a reference for Psicoero (that you can see on the left) adding “All is up to you guys“, I sure can’t deny there is lot of freedom allowed but keep a bit frustrated from those short and direct messages. Whatever, I go all I needed and following Tallon’s request the pose was up to Psicoero that I had the chance discover during on of his stream. Since freedom was up to the artist I didn’t asked for changes and like how hot and sexy looks the final version, I guess nothing was needed… ^^
Only detail I requested is ShyGirl to wear some kind of chunky high heels, anyway according Psicoero style (and he also know me too well), I’m sure he should have managed sexy heels even if I missed ask for it. there is another point I have in mind looking at the process is it could be great have some juice and saliva touch, didn’t talked about that details but was happy discover some saliva in the final version, that little fluid make it even more erotic. Anyway make me notice from two years, Psicoero move from extra juicy pussy to clean one, can’t deny it looks more realistic that way bu as messy lover I kinda enjoyed when he managed juice °w°
I hope you guys like the illustration, I glad Psicoero followed ShyGirl’s original clothe style but goes with lingerie on Rosalina and another part I love is the pussy spreading, so naughty action and perfect view. Also nothing on this illustration I can tell looks wrong but interesting details like the reflection on table for artistic side and little food to imagine some kind of sexy play. Just two difference from the reference (on the left), basically a try Shy-guy hands are hidden missing the garter belt (there is thigh-high instead), still garter-belt is not canon (who know) and with sweet female fingers allow better action when will be turn for Rosalina to get her pussy pleasured ^^
It’s always hard keep the artist with freedom when you have so much ideas in mind and thigns you want to see but here we fully have Psicoero spirit and skills. Also there can have great surprises to come and I lvoe this duo. An awesome piece but sure not the only from this incredible artist, you can visit Psicoero‘s gallery following link bellow, commission him to draw your favourites ladies or fetishes and see all Rosalina pieces he did (here)… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€ (~45$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
One year ago: #667 – Feeling a peachy tongue
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#826 – Sweet Princess' memory

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Patreon bonus: Come please your princess (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach ecchi sexy paloma
I was curious how wordpress manage post id incrementation, as example the post #823 had id:5532 and #824 have id:5542 so why so much difference between those two posts?. I’m still not sure but it seems WordPress count posts but also comments and since I receive many spam comments lately it have this impact. If only it was interesting comments but no, all from a weird site that you’ll never hear about and don’t worth to spam about.
My computer had network troubles with windows 8 and all windows 10 installation crashed like every time whatever the way I installed it. Finally I moved back to windows 7 that seems work correctly for now but had to reinstall everything… That’s sooo long and it’s why today post come a bit late, sorry… U_u


There is a French and English proverb saying “All good things must come to an end” and I never like when it happen as for this new illustration by Paloma who also come to be the last from this artist to the project. Fact is I can’t follow her actual prices for future commission but we must stay positive since I was able get some powerfull illustration from Paloma (see all here) and this one end with a ravishing and sensual duo with Rosalina and Peach from Nintendo, I hope you like the way it looks and the sensual feeling… °w°
As you can see with other illustration she made, with Paloma‘s style, her art looks like blurred and took me time to be use to that. Anyway we could also say this style is original and can give an interesting story to the illustration. More than a scene happening it’s like a memory that Rosalina remember being blurred and ephemeral with time but she’ll never forget how sweet was this moment with Peach. As for most memories it slowly disappear with the time, anyway this ephemeral aspect increase the sensuality from this moment. Also not just what you see is important, what we feel during this moment is really something that can make it stronger… ^^
So here the blurred aspect for so nicely for a memory and I love have illustrations with an interesting story and strong feeling, anyway as if it’s is part of Paloma‘s style I know she have the ability goes with more details as for hairs or even breasts but I don’t see a part here that need to be more detailed for a focus so Paloma managed it just perfectly… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PalomaGouthier / Cost: 120$
Website: www.artsofpaloma.com
Tumblr: www.artsofpaloma.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/artsofpaloma
Deviantart: www.PalomaGouthier.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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#808 – Not the way to play tennis

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Patreon bonus: Indecent with Shy Guy (NSFW abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo Daisy tennis yuri lesbien hentai porn sex cunni cunnilingus tennis mario

From the previous publication (on the left), there was a sketch with Rosalina fucked by Shy Guy that come as patreon reward, the final version come with Daisy that fit better a yuri project but this version with creampie was damn hot so not fair don’t make it see the light. Little compromise that way showing it as reward… °w°
Also was a crazy week at work, they started to construct a residential building near the office and for two week the earthwork process will be damn noisy with strong vibrations. We were close to move to another place and finally decided use the warehouse more far from the noise. Now the place I work turned into a big mess… O_o


Time for a new illustration with January patreon raffle originally planned to be made by Ocanya that gone silent and finally commissioned to LadyBarbero, the first artist wasn’t really confident about his commission ability but wanted to give a try, now he’s profile wasn’t updated since a month and notes never get answer so no idea what happen. Also little coincidence since Ivan requested Daisy to join Rosalina again. ^^
At first, Ivan asked ‘Rosalina in a futbol uniform like peach and daisy have‘ but Ocanya that had to make the illustration at start wanted to try NSFW so I asked if can go to something more explicit. The second and final idea was ‘face sit one [..] with daisy, rosalina on top‘ and it’s this one that finally goes to LadyBarbero. Last part was about outfit and it was decided to move from futbol to tennis uniform and no doubt the short dress on Rosalina outfit was perfect for that scene… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Seeing the sketch from LadyBarbero, Ivan said it looks good but ‘Rosa breasts should be revealed for more eroticism‘, as a pervert it sure sounded hot but as Rosalina cosplayer I already made her tennis suit and that kind of close is really not made to show breasts. The only way to make breasts visible would be Rosalina dress totally ruined/torn but that sounded more rape than eroticism, I just hope Ivan is happy with the final version.
Other detail, I was surprised LadyBarbero haven’t open crotch Rosalina’s pantyhose, even more with a cunni action then noticed she followed the reference I sent so can’t blame her at all. I haven’t asked to open it and finally I must admit a cunnilingus through pantyhose is surprisingly hot. That way it’s original Just need to imagine Rosalina’s pantyhose going wet and make her pussy appear is sure exciting, also could say LadyBarbero save me some time that way since no need to make a censored version for patreon… XD
Little advice: when you ask for a commission be sure prepare a clear idea and limit the number of references, for this one I wanted to mix two references for pose and point of view but I wasn’t enough clear for LadyBarbero. Both of ended with something different in mind so really be careful and be sure make it the more easier to understand. Anyway LadyBarbero still did a great job and Rosalina appear even more hot as expected, just you don’t see Daisy body but whatever. Rosalina’s body, face and the cunni action are on a perfect angle to show the best of that wonderfull princess… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: LadyBarbero / 20$ commission
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090
One year ago: #705 – Bravely Rosalina #02 – The black mage
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#807 – Indecent suit for pervert princess

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Patreon bonus: HD VERSION OF THIS ILLUSTRATION for 2$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo Blazblue Rachel sexy hentai porn yuri cunni cunnilingus Mario lolita

Watching Mazzacho livestream last month on phone, I noticed Picarto app is the same kind as youtube using soo much datas on phone so I had to quickly stop. You can see on the last how my data use evolved in less than two weeks. After that I had to stop everything being too close to the limit.
What I don’t understand is why they don’t manage picarto or youtube app to use less datas? It’s not impossible since one hour on netflix don’t use more than 10mn in those two (also heard that twitch isn’t great with data too).


After a cute ecchi illustration, it’s time to increase the naughtiness level with a second illustration by Mazzacho based on the illustration in the left. The idea was Rosalina in a really tight suit showing all the curves from her breasts, so bad that swimsuit is considered as “impossible clothing” but art allow us to cheat so why resist? °w°
Another difference from the previous Mazzacho‘s illustration we move from a sweet solo to a naughty duo with Daisy joining the fun after seeing Rosalina so sexy wearing this indecent suit, I don’t think too many people could resist after see this princess looks so damn erotic. So many details on the suit that is tight, transparent and open crotch, everything that Mazzacho managed so perfectly and I hope you also like the result guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
When Mazzacho started working on the sketch, it had 3 variations: solo and du with Daisy and Shy Guy fuck, having a yuri project the idea with Daisy was sure the best but 3rd one also looks damn hot. I’ll soon show the sketch with Shyguys fucking Rosalina as patreon reward to make this piece see the light somewhere but keep something exclusive. This illustration also needed hours of work on Rosalina’s suit colour process as you can see in the gif, was surprising see how different it could look depending the moment you were looking at it and I can’t imagine how many layers of shading Mazzacho managed to reach this texture… °o°
I always love to see and share wip cause from the sketch to final version an illustration can get many changes and it’s interesting to see something can looks different even during the colouring process. As exemple from the sketch on left there was changes on Rosalina’s expression and outfit, at first Mazzacho gave her feetless legwear (took me lot of time find the perfect name) and in the middle of colouring process he decided to finally extend it and get feet covered. Second point that surprised me the most is Rosalina’s expression, the expression was like full of happiness and she become more shy and surprised when Mazzacho coloured it and added blushing effect that turn her more shy and innocent but still so sexy… ^__^
While Mazzacho was streaming and the illustration still with Rosalina wearing footless legwear, her suit made me think at Yoga like they were doing some streetching exercises, just so bad yoga isn’t really that way cause for sure I would never miss a single seance, even more if there is Rosalina… Anyway back to the final version, when you consider the way Rosalina’s is dressed she can’t be surprised the way it goes with Daisy, kinda remind me the script of a porn movie that is totally stupid but whatever, the movie can still be really pleasant to watch as this powerfull illustration Mazzacho made… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

This one was the second February illustration from the monthly commission deal I have with Mazzacho, the first one is on the left. If you are curious about artist work and want to be impressed, don’t miss watch Mazzacho streaming to discover about his skills and how perfectly he manage software art products, sometimes it looks more like magic than just technique and make me wonder what other super powers he still hide to us… °o°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #704 – Sensual night with Levy McGarden
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#803 – Relaxing at the gym

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Patreon bonus: Summer should be forever (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn Peach gymnastic cunni cunnilingus

And no more suspense, it’s Curtis Heywood that wont February patreon raffle and will be able decide who Rosalina will meet in an illustration by LadyBarbero. Rules is the same as usual, must be a yuri scene (SFW or NSFW) and follow the artist do/don’t do terms. Now let see what idea Curtis Heywood will submit… ^__^
Also previous post add a little error with one year ago: at bottom for stupid reason, Seems I wasn’t use to be in 2018 so instead of search the post made in 2017 it was 2016 one. Nothing bad or critical, just stupid… ^^’


Time for a naughty commission to BandiJones who love to draw sweet pin-up and cunnilingus scenes, also for people that know me, no doubt what side I was the most interested to go with. Talking with BandiJones, he also told me about his fetishes for yuri and high heels so we sure had a lot in common, anyway this time no high heels for this duo with Rosalina and Peach having some fun during their gymnastic training.
When you know Nintendo games, this kind of scene is unexpected scene but sure pleasant to watch, e had to wait for Rosalie to join Mario at the Olympic games (Rio 2016) before nintendo officially gave her a tight gymnastics suit and BandiJones didn’t miss the opportunity use those wonderfull and sexy outfits. Female body is sure gorgeous and I love how gymnastic suit cover the body looking beautifull but without hide female body sweet and perfect curves. Rosalina didn’t know she could looks that erotic but it’s too late to resist. °w°
As you can see below, there is many places to find BandiJones and enjoy his art, NSFW Tumblr and Pixiv have all his art anyway don’t miss go on Deviantart or HentaiFoundry side to give some love and support with a little comment. BandiJones really do work hard and with passion but it’s nice comment or contructive feedback that give the motivation and strengh to keep working hard… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #700 – Rosalina and Samus watersport fun
Next to come: Hot biker from Konoha (NSFW)
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#777 – Disturbing the mayor speech

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I noticed so many coincidences with this post, first that huge edit come with post #777. °o°
As you can notice, there is a huge edit coming with this post, the soft blog hosted on blogger now come at rosalinaxgirl.com url and main site is moved to /nsfw, second coincidence is this edit happen cause Lunakiri that also do today illustration. I had consider this edit since she warned an artist on Deviantart that it’s not good link the project according to D.A. policy, the artist removed the blog link that is the only way I have promote the project.
I can’t tell Lunakiri was wrong and it’s the reason I made this edit but it’s always frustrating do something not because you want to. Now with the new multisite version that will be more complex to manage and need more time, so much pages to manage and update on both side but with different content or text so will need even more time that I can’t use looking for artists. I also did my best but with more than 800 posts and pages to fix there is many broken links that are still here, please tell me in comment if you find something.
I’ll tell you about all changes progressively in upcoming post to don’t overload this post and present today illustration. also the 3rd coincidence is Lunakiri is the new featured artist, she’s an awesome artist and deserves to be here since I created this page.


This illustration was a little delayed cause Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday post, not at the same time the game was released but time to enjoy a duo with Rosalina and Mayor Pauline from Mario Odissey made by Lunakiri. I hope you like this new sexy but impossible combo since it seems that Rosalina unfortunately don’t appear in Mario Odissey. It was enough make me consider get the Switch later but not manage get this duo, when I saw Pauline in the trailer it remembered me a reference post that would suit perfetly and for the busty side you can’t imagine how Lunakiri was perfect for the job… ^__^
At first I wanted Pauline breast to be visible but Lunakiri told me this was to hard to manage her coat, I have no wip to show you about that but I know she tried several times and always do her best follow my ideas whatever how stupid or crazy they are so when she told me it’s impossible to manage then it must be true. From the first sketch I finally received, it already looked good with the coat closed (I told you she’s good with busty things) but what amazed me the most was Pauline expression being so adorable and sensual. As Lunakiri said, ‘those lips are so fucking kissable‘ and I guess a princess already noticed it. °w°
There is also a thing I want to mention is the interesting colouring process Lunakiri used, instead directly use colours as you can usually see, she first painted all with grey shading that wil make the shading effect on the colours added at the end, not sure I’m the best explaining it but you can see Rosalina and Pauline head done in that grey shading on the WIP I received from Lunakiri, be sure she spent hours on this before be able add the colours.
I don’t know if Lunakiri will use that shading technique again but it was really interesting to see about and watch during livestreams. October and November are pretty hard for personal reasons but she’ll be back soon ready to amaze us so you can already follow her on place listed below and why not consider support her on patreon or ask for commission, she can do cute or sexy art and also simple animation that I hope make you discover about with a fondling piece… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 25$ commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
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