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#330 – Real people – Ashiya Mizuki

For the moment I play Animal crossing on 3DS trying the be the better in my friends and creating a girl who ressembles to Rosalina (I’ll show her soon if you are curious) but now there is one detail I really love in this game, not really a datail but mroe a character because it’s Isabelle (called Marie in the french version).

This girl is cute but also really adorable and so lovely, so nice we can’t do more with her but I really want to show her with Rosalina so she will be the new wishlisted girl of the day. I sent messages to artist who already drew her and hope this pairing will appear soon in the blog. soft or Hentai in not important but Rosalina and Isabelle must be really amazing… °w°


Like I said in the sacond video than you can see here or just have to click on the butto “video” on the right. I have a lot of fetishs especially for lingerie and high heels but also a cow-girl fetish, I really love this outfit and Rosalina with chaps look simply amazing… So beautifull and powerfull so I asked her again and it was vempire who had to draw her with the actress Ashiya Mizuki… °w°

Generally I do my best to let the artist more free I can but this time it was a little particular. Vempire didn’t have choice for Rosalina because I send him a picture as reference than Really love and ask him to draw Rosalina exactly in the same position, with the same outfit and face. You can see the photo on the left. The first time I saw, it I thought I must have Rosalina like her… Exactly like her and it happend, thanks so much Vempire… (^o^)/

For the second girl: Ashiya Mizuki it was different because I was so much focused on Rosalina looking at this cowgirl than it was so hard find something great to suggest to Vempire so I asked a a friend to chosoe a second girl for me. I was really surprise when she suggested (yeah,she’s a girl) than she want Ashiya Mizuki with this cowgirl Rosalina but it was her choice and I finally asked her to Vempire. I hope you like the result guys.

For Ashiya Mizuki outfit, I looking to some cowgirl picture to find a perfect suit for her. I found one really amazing and I send it to Vempire who created the drawing. I’m a little sad because the only freedom Vempire had with this drawing was Ashiya Mizuki pose and I hope it wasn’t so annoying for him who did an amazing job with this drawing.

I have a lot of cowgirl Rosalina in the blog but Vempire really drew the first yuri pic with two true cowgirls together. Not a cowgirl and a cow-girl like the one with Rosalina and Hanako (see it here) or Rosalina and Seras (see it here)… I love all these drawing but this one with Ashiya is excellent. they look gorgeous, so powerfeull and sexy… *w*

There is so much things I want to say with this post but don’t want to be annoying. On monday it will be the start of th project “your dream by… Vempire” so you can be sure you will hear again about Vempire soon… Stay turned guys… ^^

Artist: Vempire / cost: 45$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/user/vempire/profile

One year ago: Bayonetta – Bayonetta – N°2
Added to wishlist: Isabelle from Animal crossing (see it here)

#251 – One piece – Nami

150th girl who meet Rosalina… (^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian one piece nami bikini

It’s not because after new year I need to sleep a little than I must forget to post here… And 4 days before my bithday, I must start prepare the post… I hate my birthday date, with christmas and new year it’s too much during one month and after that’s so calm… Too calm… Peaople having her bithday in July or August are so lucky, it’s the best moment to celebrate it… ^^

So today it’s a new drawing by the talented vempire who is now pretty famous on HentaiFoundry and I think really busy with all commissions he have to do. I’m really happy with our deal and sincerely he drew some epic and powerfull Rosalina… I’m so happy show his art here… You’re fabulous vempire

For people who remember the previous commission with Rosalina and Merethide (see it here), vempire made a sketch he really love and was so sad I finally decided to use an other for the commission and though the other sketch “will never see the light” so I decided to make a little surprise to vempire and for this new commission I asked him to use the sketch but draw Nami from one piece instead of Merethide.

Like the situation I think Nami is one of the best charater to use, after all it was a long time I wanted to see her in a bikini giving some fun to Rosalina so it’s the perfect way to have an awesome drawing and I hope it was a fum moment for vempire to draw it…

Last thing, I want to make a little event for the last commission to vempire, I’ll let you suggest some ideas and I’ll submit my favorite to vempire… Prepare yourself guys… ^^

Artist: Vempire / Cost: 50$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

New wishlisted girls: Foxx from Elite Beat Agents

#244 – OC – Merethide

HentaiFoundry just crashed so I thought it’s the best moment to prepare the new post (can’t continue the spam campaign), but without Hf… I lost all information about the artist so for links and information. I’m lucky the problem was fixed rapidly so let’s go… ^^

It was a long time since the last submission from vempire so I must fix this point myself and this new is with Rosalina and Merethide… For people who don’t know Merethide, she’s a lovely friend and great artist who often drew Rosalina for her biggest fan (that’s me °w°) so this time I wanted to made her a little surprise with a drawing involving Rosalina of course and her OC Merethide… Yeah, she have the name name as the artist… XD

If I remember, Merethide love domination so I asked to vempire a mistress Merethide and Rosalina having some fun on a bench in a public park… I asked for rain too but I think it wasn’t interesting for vempire so the sun is here and Rosalina don’t look happy about that… With a great day like this there is often a lot of people in a public park… And maybe a lot of perverts…

I love the result, especially for Merethide, the look awesome and so expressive, the way she look at Rosalina is amazing, she must have a lot of dirty ideas in mind and like Rosalina face, there is a chance she understand that too… I’m just sad about a detail, vempire often make different face expression for the final version so Rosalina’s expression in the last sketch was my favorite and finally the colored version look totally different… Don’t hesitate take a look at the sketch and say me what expression you prefer for Rosalina…

vempire made an other sketch for this commission, and I love have more sketches, have the choice and see great ideas… I think the other was vempire‘s favorite and he was really sad can’t use it so I said to vempire the next drawing will be with this sketch, but it wont be Rosalina… Are you curious guys?

Just noticed an other detail, I asked to vempire something more like bondage with Rosalina on the bench… Finally she’s front of the bench and the rope disapear… I agree you are really busy and have other things to do but it’s like this commission was annoying for you vempire… So bad… T_T

Artist: Vempire / Cost: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

#230 – borderlands 2 – Queenbee dressed as Moxxi

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian borderlands Moxxi vempire
I never add a real person in my wishlist, I hesitated a lot about this point but sincerely there is some awesome girls who must meet Rosalina a day like Quorra, Hermione or Desiree cousteau I discovered in Gabler gallery… But I’m a little septicious about Hermione because a lot of artist write Harmione instead of Harmonie; the english Rosalina’s name… Be careful guys… ><

A great example in the last  vempire’s submission (see it here) who said ” Comiision for Harmione_Rosalina “. See, it’s not a joke… Lucky you are a so powerfull artist vempire I start to be really annoyed with this error, I saw it too much…. Bwaaaa… T_T

Today it’s a really special drawing by vempire who drew a lot of Rosalina (and it’s not over) but this time it’s not me who commissioned the drawing but a lovely girl names Queenbee who asked her dressed like Moxxi (it’s not Moxxi) from borderlands 2 with Rosalina… That’s not powerfull guys?

At start Queenbee asked some commission to vempire and sincerely she have awesome ideas so I sent her a comment where I said I really want to ask her with Rosalina to vempire and was curious if she accept and have a nice idea for the situation… No answer… Ok… But sometimes after vempire published this drawing… Just awesome… (^o^)/

Important detail: Queenbee said in a comment ‘Well if any one has a good idea for what should be on stage I will fund the commission.‘… I’m so bad find great ideas so help me guys and don’t hesitate say what you have in mind as a comment or directly answer to Queenbee here… Do your best, Oh yeah… XD

Artist: vempire / Cost: ??? (gift by Queenbee)
Vempire profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/vempire/profil
Queenbee profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Queenbee/profile

New wishlisted girl: Quorra from Tron legacy

#215 – Original – Holstein Hanako

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Holstein Hanako tsukasa Bullet vempire
I just find a dressmaker in my village asked her the price for a Rosalina dress… Yeah, it must be a llit lestupid because I’m a man but I really want this dress so instead of this little shit than you can find on Ebay, I’ll ask for a great dress especially for me (and a little bigger like this if I find a girl who accept wear it for me, it will be easier for photos)…. The little problem is the price: 160$… Sincerely with Christmas coming and the fact I don’t have job it’s not really the moment but I really want this dress… Oh yeah… XD

So for this new pic it’s really sexy Rosalina but not with her original dress, I have a figure I really love of Holstein Hanako; a character from tsukasa Bullet artbook and asked to Vempire to drew her with Rosalina… You can see some photos on my figure ont he right and like Hanako outfit, the best way is to draw Rosalina as a sexy cow-girl… And it’s now done… Vempire did an amazing work…. (^o^)/

For people who know my blogs, it’s not the first time I have Rosalina as cowgirl, the first time was with Seras Victoria drew by idrawnintendoporn (see it here)… I really love cow and cowgirl outfits that’s explain the Hanako figure and why I asked twice the same idea… Vempire‘s style is really amazing so I thought I must ask Rosalina with this outfit and love the result… Though I love chaps in cowgirl outfit but don’t have that for the moment… no choice… I must ask Rosalina as cowgirl again… Eh eh… XD

Hope you like it guys… The next drawing by Vempire is now in progress showing Rosalina with Méréthide (not sure you know her) but our deal will stop in January… So not a lot of month waiting… That’s so bad… T_T

Artist: Vempire / cost: 45$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

#188 – Ben 10 – Gwen tennyson

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian ben 10 gwen tennyson vempire lucky girl

It was two weeks since I create the post about my idea to make a contest and didn’t receive any comment or feedback. Now you understand why I am really septic do it but I keep the idea… Maybe guys… There is someone who take the time read my posts or you are just her for “fap fap fap”…. T_T

I do my best to find a lot of artist and make this blog great and like the counter I have a pretty nice score for views but comments… Nothing… Maybe it’s not the time to cry because it’s now the new commission by Vempire. I said it was Rosalina with Gwen from Ben 10 and it’s now done… Hope you like it guys… ^^

At start I wasn’t a huge fan of Gwen, she’s pretty cute but that’s all… Maybe it was before… Before I found her with the “lucky girl” outfif, and this one make her so beautifull and sexy… Mask and latex suit are so powerfull….

Vempire style is just awesome, just look at Rosalina and Gwen hair and you can see there is a huge level and lot of details. character and background are really beautifull, this time again, Vempire did an incredible job… I think it’s the best deal I make for the blog, hope it will happen again… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

At a moment I was a little scary because the deal Vempire want tower the quality of my commissions, comparate to other drawing in his gallery I had the impression he drew more close up but the more important like my blog name is Rosalina and the other girl, and this part is just awesome… Sorry Vempire, it was so bad I though this… In fact you are one of the best artist who contribute to the blog maybe the best was the time you sent me two sketch for the drawing with Mai… An incredible drawing, two great sketch and an awesome Rosalina as bonus.. April was an awesome month… XD

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire.php

#179 – League of Legends – Ahri

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian lol league of legends ahro vempire lingerie

I just noticed my blog is in AAAninja’s blog links… It’s an awesome artist who contribute in my blog with Rosalina and a piranha plant (see it here)… His HentaiFoundry account and blogspot are pretty famous so it must be some views for my blog… And I love the little icon he created with my avatar… °w°

My next objective is to create a contest for my blog but I must find a little support before if I want to have nice prizees and a lot of artistes who participate, something like the contest un HentaiFoundry… Maybe… A day… ^^

So time to show you the next drawing, and it’s June commission to Vempire… I know it’s a little late because we are now on July maybe I hope you like it guys… Vempire style is awesome and I’m so happy with the deal we established but it work for 2012 so in January 2013, it will be finished, that’s so bad for my birthday’s month… T_T

But not time to be sad, for this commission the subject was lingerie and high heels; girl with lingerie are sooo sexy that’s why I really wanted something by vempire with this subject… For the second character, vempire was free to choose the girl he love and it was Ahri… So after Tristana, Akali, Sona and Vayne, I have now an other league of legends’s girl who meet Rosalina… And the result is just awesome… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

The final drawing is really perfect, Ahri with transparent lingerie is so beautifull and this red lingerie keep the style of the original character… Maybe if you know Ahri with her 9 tails, I think it’s not hard to recognize her… But Vempire do an awesome job… Congrat… ^^

A little bonus information for nice people who take the time to read all this comment (or cheat starting at the end); I asked to Vempire for the next commission Rosalina with Gwen from Ben 10… I know he has a really detailed style so a cartoon character can be special but I really wanted to try and if Vempire think it don’t work, maybe I’ll choose and other girl but if it work, I think the result will be awesome… But for the moment we have to wait… No funny…

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: www.vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

New wishlisted girls: Stephanie from Lazytown

#170 – League of Legends – Vayne

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian lol league of legends vayne vempire

I think I need the blog become a little more famous and visitors a little more active to make a contest or other… Maybe I was happy with this idea but for a great contest, I must have a lot of artist who participate and I for the moment, not sure it happend… Maybe later… Or if you have ideas or suggestion to make something great, don’t hesitate to comment. If only people comment here. T_T

So today it’s the commission of the month by vempire, if you don’t remember the deal we agree for a drawing each month and I send him the money for his new tablet… So last month it was Rosalina with Mai Shiranui (See it here) and

Fort the May commission I propose to Vempire a little list of characters and he choose Vayne from league of legends with the saint valentine outfit… Sincerely, Vayne wasn’t in my wishlist at start, the original character is not really beautifull and sexy but when I see this saint valentine skin, I think she must be with Rosalina so I suggest her twice and it’s finallt vempire who make an awesome pic of her… And he had the kindness to make two versions, one for the soft blog and a other a little more suggestive but you must know the other blog to see it…

Vempire have a great style and I’m really happy with this pic but there is a really important detail I missed about Rosalina, her hair style is wrong cause vempire forgot add hair in front of her right eye, and I forgot say it to vempire… So bad… I always notice artists when they do an error at rhis point and miss it for vempire…. Bwaaaaa… T_T

Like I say before, it was the May commission but we are in june, and if you are curious, the subject of the June commission is lingerie… But don’t say anything more… Be patient… ;p

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire.php

New wishlisted girls: Dr. Naomi + 3girls from No more heroes

#167 – Solo – Wet Rosalina

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn ecchi sexy vempire

I have an artist who answer to my request he expected since a long time I ask him Rosalina for my blog… Maybe it was surprising and funny… Maybe we don’t to wait to draw Rosalina, just do it and send me a message when it’s done… Or maybe I’ll find it myself… XD

If you don’t remember the deal with vempire, he will do a commission every month until the end of the year. So the first sumission was Rosalina with Mai Shiranui from The king of Fighters (click her for see it) but before the next drawing with Vayne from League of legends Vempire published this soo sexy Rosalina saying ” Fast draw, a gift for Harmione_Rosalina`s blog “… That’s so nice, thanks vempire… ^^

A little detail, my name in HentaiFoundry is Harmonie_Rosalina (Harmonie is the french name of Rosalina) but vempire say Harmione_Rosalina… And it’s not the first time I see that, like this it look to the name of a girl from Harry Potter… Raaaa… Be careful guys… For me… For Rosalina… ^^

Thanks again to vempire‘s kindness… We make an awesome deal and now this gift… That’s so nice… This Rosalina is awesome, she look to a sexy pin-up, maybe this time she don”t have her real hair style (we shouldn’t see her right eye) but her face is really expressive… Love this pic… (^o^)/

Artist: Vempire / Price: Gift
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

#161 – The king of Fighters – Mai Shiranui

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri lesbian king of fighters mai shiranui
Nineteen followers since a long time… Where is the 20th? Since I created this blog I had some support, thanks guys but I’m sad see all these views and no one comment… Maybe in the reaction I have a lot of “dislike”, I curious to know who come here only for this… But it’s not because this I’ll stop the blog so let’s go for the nex publication… ;p

New really famous character from The king of Fighters (tkof); Mai Shiranui. I never play this game or just try once but I know this character by a lot of fanarts and I’m sure I’m not the only… Maybe a little question, what is your favorite character into Mai from king of fighters and Chun Li from Street Fighter? I’m curious to know your opinion.

So this new drawing was made by vempire as a special commission… I say it’s a 40$ commission in the price but in fact, I make a deal with vempire. He was looking for money to but a new tablet so send me a mail asking if I want to buy a commission, at start I accepted for two drawing and submit a little deal. I send him the money he need for his tablet and he must do a drawing each month since the end of the year… It’s was a great idea, like this vempire have his new tablet and I have 9 commissions with Rosalina and like vempire style, they must be awesome… (^o^)/

This drawing is the April commission and the one for May is already done, so if you want to see it, just go take a look to vempire gallery. He have a awesome style and level so you must love his art… Maybe at start vempire submit two sketch, the second was with Rosalina and may because vempire know I love uniforms and wanted to draw something who could be easier to show Mai`s front attributes (her boobs in fact)… ^^

Artist: Vempire / Price: 40$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire