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#330 – Real people – Ashiya Mizuki

For the moment I play Animal crossing on 3DS trying the be the better in my friends and creating a girl who ressembles to Rosalina (I’ll show her soon if you are curious) but now there is one detail I really love in this game, not really a datail but mroe a character because it’s Isabelle (called Marie in the french version).

This girl is cute but also really adorable and so lovely, so nice we can’t do more with her but I really want to show her with Rosalina so she will be the new wishlisted girl of the day. I sent messages to artist who already drew her and hope this pairing will appear soon in the blog. soft or Hentai in not important but Rosalina and Isabelle must be really amazing… °w°


Like I said in the sacond video than you can see here or just have to click on the butto “video” on the right. I have a lot of fetishs especially for lingerie and high heels but also a cow-girl fetish, I really love this outfit and Rosalina with chaps look simply amazing… So beautifull and powerfull so I asked her again and it was vempire who had to draw her with the actress Ashiya Mizuki… °w°

Generally I do my best to let the artist more free I can but this time it was a little particular. Vempire didn’t have choice for Rosalina because I send him a picture as reference than Really love and ask him to draw Rosalina exactly in the same position, with the same outfit and face. You can see the photo on the left. The first time I saw, it I thought I must have Rosalina like her… Exactly like her and it happend, thanks so much Vempire… (^o^)/

For the second girl: Ashiya Mizuki it was different because I was so much focused on Rosalina looking at this cowgirl than it was so hard find something great to suggest to Vempire so I asked a a friend to chosoe a second girl for me. I was really surprise when she suggested (yeah,she’s a girl) than she want Ashiya Mizuki with this cowgirl Rosalina but it was her choice and I finally asked her to Vempire. I hope you like the result guys.

For Ashiya Mizuki outfit, I looking to some cowgirl picture to find a perfect suit for her. I found one really amazing and I send it to Vempire who created the drawing. I’m a little sad because the only freedom Vempire had with this drawing was Ashiya Mizuki pose and I hope it wasn’t so annoying for him who did an amazing job with this drawing.

I have a lot of cowgirl Rosalina in the blog but Vempire really drew the first yuri pic with two true cowgirls together. Not a cowgirl and a cow-girl like the one with Rosalina and Hanako (see it here) or Rosalina and Seras (see it here)… I love all these drawing but this one with Ashiya is excellent. they look gorgeous, so powerfeull and sexy… *w*

There is so much things I want to say with this post but don’t want to be annoying. On monday it will be the start of th project “your dream by… Vempire” so you can be sure you will hear again about Vempire soon… Stay turned guys… ^^

Artist: Vempire / cost: 45$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/user/vempire/profile

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