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#839 – Sarada's young ninja pussy

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PATREON BONUS: Perfectly Nun-ghty (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover naruto sarada uchiha uchiwa hentai porn yuri lesbian spreading
This June 12th 2018 was Nintendo conference at E3 and not a thing I can miss. There was interesting things but my side I consider Nintendo direct was a huge joke turning as a big Smash bros. tutorial. They sure presented other games but way more quickly so nothing compared to Microsoft, Sony or Bethesda.. U_u
Sure news about my favourite princess, Rosalina will appear in the next Smash bros. and Mario Party on Switch but not real surprise since they kinda are games that come on every nintendo consoles.


Welcome here for a new publication with sexy fishnet princess and cute teen ninja commissioned to Mothclip, definitely an artist I’ll never be tired get more art but on other side, the budget now several months to recover. So much girls in the wishlist and ideas in mind that I always wonder how I really managed to decide about a specific girl, anyway this time I requested Mothclip to work on a duo with Rosalina and Sarada Uchiha from Naruto series. For that that know a little Naruto universe, sarada is a Medical-ninja and the only child of Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha, for more better you search her wiki page that is pretty huge… °o°
That series have many gorgeous characters I like (Temari stay my fav) and also love the outfits with fishnet touch that allow really sexy versions of the character, anyway no fishnet or large breasts on Sarada but a cute look Ninja with red glasses, she have a young and pretty design I really like and got the change have Mothclip pair her with Rosalina. Actually it’s the second time I commission an illustration with Sarada, first one was by LadyBarbero (on the left). There is anyway a difference between both Version, previous one had both girl in biker suit like they were in Mario kart and on Mothclip the scene happen in Naruto universe since Sarada have her original outfit and Rosalina a fishnet one to follow the universe (in a more sexy way)… ^^
I chosen the pose and Rosalina outfit for Mothclip to use, the only edit from the first sketch was a little proportion change on Sarada to looks smaller than Rosalina, this was a light edit to prevent a full redraw anyway. Just should have be careful since I missed ask Mothclip make Rosalina’s suit with blue touch then he followed the exact color from the reference, anyway not so wrong since Rosalina’s nail colour is purple (yeah, really) so this color is still canon from the character. I also love Sarada outfit that looks tight on her bust offering some nice curves, a bit sad nipples don’t appear a bit like in the sketch but I guess see-through would have been too much.
If you like this illustration and style stay tuned cause there is another illustration by Mothclip coming in the future with Bible Black universe and was a really huge surprise for me about this artist skills to manage something but I keep the mystery for now. Just you can be sure he don’t draw only for my project and there is plenty more art from Mothclip to discover on his gallery and if your dream illustration is missing just message him about commissions, you wont be disappointed guys… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission
For commissions: mothclip@gmail.com
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#804 – Hot biker from Konoha

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Patreon bonus: Battery girl cunni (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn sarada schiha naruto biker racing cunni cunnilingus

Another busy week-end, even more with a huge update on World of Warship but I have to be serious and now the wishlist page (here) is up to date with all last publications listed. I still wonder if should keep it as wishlist or just turn as index to list all ladies who met Rosalina (or maybe both versions), what do you think guys?
Actually helping a friend that want to make a (funny) fortnite irl video, the project is interesting but she seems to be a bit too much optimistic about the impact it will have. Also she count of me to make the video and this should take time cause some effects to add I still need to learn about. She don’t really support me for my Rosalina x Girl project so don’t have that much motivation for video creation but don’t know how tell her… U_u


And it’s time to present you this new illustration commissioned to LadyBarbero who is also the artist chosen to work on February raffle on patreon, still no more infos to tell about the raffle, we already know the character but the final decision needed a dices roll (really XD). Anyway for now here is another of my weird and impossible idea featuring Rosalina and Sarada Uchiha from Naruto in biker version like you can find her in Mario Kart, also LadyBarbero is fine with NSFW commissions so was hard for me to resist… ^^’
At first, LadyBarbero had choice between Sarada or Shoebill from Kemono Friends and she answered ‘I propose for the first Sarada which is quite a character. Since Sarada had my preference I was sure happy with that decision, and for the pose I asked LadyBarbero a cunni scene allowing Rosalina a bit more busty and with high heels boots to make her even more sexy in her biker suit… I hope you like the result guys… °w°
Sarada is a pretty young character then with a little fetish for glasses and the fact I love red it helped a lot but Temari is still my favourite lady from Naruto series. I must admit I discovered Sarada from fanarts on rule34 (pervert forever) and I don’t help with this illustration I commissioned to LadyBarbero. At first the original idea was a bit different with Sarada in Racer queen suit, not the same kind as racer suit but I missed give LadyBarbero a reference for that kind of outfit and the outfit she designed for Sarada was pretty good so I decided keep it that way.
A commission don’t always turn the way you expect but it’s always nice let the artist keep some freedom to allow the illustration fit his style and be pleasant to draw, here Sarada biker suit was a great surprise but I still feel I want see her as Racer queen, maybe in a trio with Temari to make it even more powerfull. Also if you like this piece, LadyBarbero regularly do commissions on deviantart with cheap prices so be sure slots don’t take that long to fill but it worth to get an eyes on her… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 20$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090
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#680 – Ino kisses

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw naruto Ino crossover princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw naruto Ino crossover

Spam comments are back, luckilly they goes at a slow rate for now so I can manage it without troubles. Curious fact, they only come in the bonus page that is kinda dead since I putted it on the archives list. Also they all start with a short sentence to pick your interest like “Can I call you?” then are filled with unsafe links after that.
Also I know who’ll be the artist that will work on December patreon raffle reward available for 5$ patreon members and you’ll discover next week about his art. Still not late to join the RosalinaxGirl project patreon to get a chance on the raffle and discover ton of bonus content… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


5 years after Temari it’s time for Ino to have a romantic night with Rosalina on this so ravishing and sensual piece piece created by Sasori-sanin, Must admit I focused to much on Temari since she’s one of my 10 favs ladies but this time it’s Sasori-sanin that chosen to pair Rosalina and Ino Yamanaka from Naruto series, another new ladies and great surprise with this illustration… °w°
Each artist his own style, fetishes and tastes so give some freedom is always powerfull, on one side the artist have more fun on the illustration and on other side you have some suspense for an even more cool surprise, after all if you request or commission an artist as Sasori-sanin it must be since you love his art so can’t be disappointed on the result. I love here the mix into cuteness and sexiness, both looking at each other starting from sweet cuddles and each one can imagine how will goes the night. Can be sweet or a little more intense if Sasori-sanin had hidden some little toy behind the bed.
To make it even more intimate Sasori-sanin made a lipstick versions to let us imagine they both exploring each other body gently kissing on way, also some points that can make us imagine some specific scenes like that little series on Rosalina leg where you can imagine the way Ino mouth goes with each kiss closer to that sweet princess pussy. Anyway in my opinion, would be better if Sasori-sanin gave each one a different lipstick color but that’s not a big mistake.
Besides kisses, Sasori-sanin putted a also lot of nice details as the bed design and folds, some lingerie on both ladies (love the pantie on Rosalina leg) and the crown is also nice addition don’t really suit the design of Rosalina one. Anyway thanks so much Sasori-sanin for this awesome illustrations and guys don’t miss have a look at his galleries on Deviantart (here), Pixiv (here) where ‘you can watch some pics […] like the progress of some of my tradicional works‘ or give him some support buying his design on Spreadshirt (here).

Artist: Sasori-sanin / Cost: 0$ (request)
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=11680131
Deviantart: www.sasori-sanin.deviantart.com
Spreadshirt: www.spreadshirt.com/user/sasori-sanin

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#595 – Mistres Temari and Galactic milk

Rosalina Nintendo temari cowgirl latex bondage domination Rosalina Nintendo temari cowgirl latex bondage domination

I’s happy and surprised to see Victoria Seras is still kinda popular character, recently noticed some new fanarts (wont complain that some are damn naughty) and she’s also the winner of the February patreon raffle. I already chosen the artist and waiting for his answer before start the illustration. As for the illustration with Poison it will be published on the blog but first for patreon members so feel free to support the project to get extra content and join the next raffle.
Damn, I’l still not use to bold in my posts, don’t appear in the previous one but I’m kinda confident with the result and must continue on that way. No positive feedback but nothing negative too at last. There is also a french proverb saying ‘no news, good new‘ so no reason to stop. ^^


Here is a character that I really love and meet Rosalina for the 4th time, looking at new artists I discovered Geknebelt and his two Damsels of Naruto Bundle that you can find here. For sure Temari is on both looks so damn hot, that’s why I asked about commission to get a kinky crossover with Rosalina. After talking with him to my project and we found and idea that can get dominatrix touch mixed with my cowgirl fetish (with chaps). After wearing the cowgirl suit several time, Rosalina got a different suit, must admit I prefer her as cowgirl but can’t deny Geknebelt drew her so sexy and kinda exciting in that way.
As bonus on the right, the first sketch I received from Geknebelt kinda rough for sure but it was first to confirm Rosalina pose and point of view and everything that had to be on the illustration. So much details and fetishes listes and be sure it’s not always easy for an artist to mix everything. There is just the ‘Galactic milk missing on the bucket but not the more important detail at all. ^^
Turned as cow it’s now too late for resignations and be sure Rosalina must keep the job until that bucket is full of galactic milk. Also more than milking the whip is also here to make the game even more spicy, I’m sure both must enjoy it and next time will be Rosalina revenge… Now as high heels lover can’t miss to talk about Rosalina’s shoes that Geknebelt suggested, those are hoof heels like the ref on the left. So bad we don’t recognize so much that wonderfull fetish accessory cause the cow prints make them like a latex hose but you can’t imagine how those shoes are hell to draw and Geknebelt sure did his best and the result is so cool… °w°
Two versions for a little variation on Temari’s boots cause Geknebelt made them red at first and I was more into brown to be closer to the cowgirl suit. Finally I let you enjoy both and wonder which one is your favorite. At last high heels boots and a mix into Temari fishnet from her original suit and cowgirl outfit make an incredible combo and not boot color that change a lot the fact she’s so powerfull and damn lucky with that sweet submissive pet she got. Geknebelt sure made an awesome job and if you want more don’t miss his deviantart gallery or blogspot (here) for even more kinky forbidden content but so bad there is no updates since 2012. U_u

Artist: Geknebelt / Cost: 35$
Deviantart: www.geknebelt.deviantart.com
Blogger: www.geknebeltbondage.blogspot.ca

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Naruto – Sara

It was an interesting Nintendo direct with a powerfull touch of Rosalina. AS expected she must be really complex to control but have great moves and spells… So bad WiiU and 3DS versions are not available at the same time. Will be available this summer on 3DS but HD Roslaina will be for winter… I’m sure they will prepare some bundle pack with Roslaina for Christmas… Need… °w°

Con are really rare in France but the one in my city will happen this week. I worked a little on my cosplay and make a new medallion but have some troubles with the crown, not happy with the result and still don’t know how fix it to the wig… Maybe, want some photos after that guys?


Who will amaze us today? time for Taras089 to join he list of all artists who gave me the honnor to contribute. He decided to pair Rosalina with Sara from the Naruto series, Temari, Tsunade and Hinata are my fav but there is so much other gorgeous ladies from this universe and a new one decided to have some fun with Rosalina, How powerfull, thansk so much Taras089… (^o^)/

The Royal Meeting“… Taras089‘s title is perfect for this so hot and intimate moment they decided to spend together (thought it happen outdoor so can’t be so intimate but I’m sure they find a great and quiet place). I love Rosalina’s face I think she didn’t expected this kind of pleasure from her new friend and with Sara’s face so close to Rosalina one, it also add a sensual and tender touch. I’m sure she will take her of this little princess.

Can’t deny that Taras089 made Rosalina sooo hot… A perfect view on the gorgeous body while she hold her legs open while being gently fingering by Sara. Maybe not clear with her expression but no doubt with her pose… She love it and she want it… What a kinky and naughty Prrincess… So sexy and beautifull both are gorgeous… °w°

That’s great that Taras089 didn’t make them completly naked and kept a part of Rosalian dress, as if not so much survived it’s nice to have some reference to the otiginal character. Also guys, if you want to see more of Taras089 don’t hesitate to visit and enjoy his Deviantart (here) or Blogspot gallery (here). So much impressives ladies and illustration, must be so stupid to miss that and don’t forget that a comment is if it’s small is always a powerfull support to artists… Oh yeah…

Artist: Taras089  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Deviantart: www.taras089.deviantart.com
Blogger: www.tarasupixxx.blogspot.com/

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#406 – Anal fisting party – Animated

Still working on a new page for the blog, I kknow what I want to put on it, no problem about that but I still have some trouble to find the best design. I’m sure it will be something really basic at the end but I’m never happy how it look.

I heared that it’s typically for French peoples but I know so much people in that case around the world… Eh eh.. ^^


I promised you an epic week and let start with this epic illustration, I have just to say it’s an “Animated Anal Foursome” and just with these three world we are sure there is something epic behind this… And your right, It’s epic… Thanks so much BrokenSkull… °w°

Last year, I won a raffle on BrokenSkull’s blog and I was able to ask anything I want. You can be sure it was a so powerfull surprise but also really hard to find the best idea while keep fun and Freedom to the artist. For BrokenSkull it was “Anal year” so I decided to keep it in mind.

I finally asked him a foursome anal party. First character must be Rosalina (of course), she’s fisting Temari from Naruto, one of my favorite girl. On the right it’s Desiree Cousteau, a famous porn actress I really love since I saw an illustration of her (photo on the right) but the 4th lady who is fisting her is a huge mystery… O_o

I left to BrokenSkull the freedom to add the girl he want but the only thing we know about her according to his comment is that she’s “a friend of mine”… Don’t know if she’s so beautifull as pervert in real life and also love Fisting. Only BrokenSkull know the truth and you can be sure it wont be easy to make him say more about her. But not use to focus on that and forget the principal.. He did an amazing illustration… (^o^)/

At start I only received the illustration you can see here but January 7th was my birthday and after that BrokenSkull sent me a little update. He made a full ANIMATED VERSION (here) of the illustration. Sadly I can’t upload it here, don’t have any place to host the original file and have a permanent link, also tried to convert it as gift but result was ugly. Now if you want to see the animated version take a look to BrokenSkull’s gallery. It was an amazing present, thanks so much my friend… ^__^

Now I’m sure you want more and of course you can have more. Just take a look to his HentaiFoundry profile (here) or his Blogspot (here) for more illustration. You can expect lot of anal an really surprising illustration… Oh yeah…

Artist: BrokenSkull  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Blogger: www.skull18plus.blogspot.hu
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/BrokenSkull/profile

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#353 – Your dream by Mavruda – First chosen idea

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri crossover naruto kushina anal
8 days left and only 6 participants to the event Your dream by… I must admit I’m scary. I wanted to make people participate with the idea an let and idea and have an artist to draw it for free but nothing… What I must do? what I must change? May I stop the project?

I have to say a huge thanks and also sorry to my friend Mavruda. I asking him to participate to the contest expecting to promote a little his art and amazing site (mydirtydrawing.com). at the end it’s finally Mavruda who do his best to support my project and promote the event but nothing happen. thanks so much for all your efforts my friend.


Today it wont be the drawing I planned when I started the post but after this introduction I thought there is a drawing you must see. The event Your dream by… is not over yet but Mavruda cheated a little and already drew an idea sugegsted during the event. I planned to draw more depending on how many ideas but not sure it will be use. As you can see Mavruda do his best to promote the event on his site and hentaifoundry account (see it here)

  #01 – Tallon / Character: Kushina

How about rosalina with kushina from naruto and kushina has a demon fox cloak on and uses her 3 tails to control rosalina’s movements and fucker her.
Her way clothing is up to you.

And as you can see the result is amazing, it’s really the idae of the event, everydoby can share his ideas and fetish, the only thing who can happen after that is too see your dream come true.You can have an example with Tallon’s who asked Rosalina and Kushina together. At the end it’s an amazing illustration by Mavruda and also the cutest Rosalina he ever draw (Can add sexiest too)… XD

So stop dreaming and fapping but show us your ideas, your fetishes, your dreams and let Mavruda show you the power of his art and dirty mind… After all we all have dirty dreams but miss this oportunity and this amazing artists, it must be stupid (and you can be sure I’m an expert about stupid things).

#279 – Naruto – Temari + Hinata

I promised than I’ll publish a video I made for the blog this week but like I said on Twitter I have some troubles for editing, Windows Movie maker crashed and now I have to restart all so it will be funny… Really funny… So guys if you know free software better than Movie Maker don’t hesitate say it as comment, I tried Sony Vegas but the free trial is now over… So stupid… T_T

Like my actual tastes I think it’s Naruto time, after Rosalina x Anko (see it here) it’s a new crossover with Temari and Hinata by Reit. hinata is my favorite girl from this serie and it’s the second time the meet Rosalina. The first was also commission to Reit (see it here) and it’s was the first commission for the Rosalina x girl project.

I love Temari so really wanted to show her again with Rosalina and really wanted to commission Reit again but only a Rosalina x Temari is not really original since this pairing already exist. That’s why I added Hinata who never meet Rosalina and the result is epic, you did an amazing job Reit… (^o^)/

I love lingerie and high heels, I’m sure some of your recognized the reference for anko clothes and I Naruto girls often have some fishnets in their original clothes, sincerely they look so sexy in that way… Sorry guys, they are not nude but I hope you admit they look amazing and damn sexy with these outfits. And maybe if you really want a Rosalina x Temari naked you can commission it… °w°

Reit is a really amazing artist and sincerely you must take a look at this Hentaifoundry and his blog. If you are looking for a commission with Naruto character; Reit is the perfect artist but he don’t only draw characters from this serie… You must see his amazing blog… ^^

#277 – Naruto – Anko Mitarashi

Today I’ll meet Merethide, the artist who created the pyjama party story (see it here) and she was also a good friend. I really excited because I know her since more than two years and I’ll finally see her, see the true Merethide… It’s just a little scary because it will be the first time I meet her and maybe the last… Not good… T_T

today it’s the second commission I asked to Necrohoud, He already contributed in january for my birthday with a Me x Rosalina but this artist really have an awesome style so really wanted Necrohoud to draw a yuri pic for the blog so I also commissioned Rosalina with Anko from Naruto series and there is the result, hope you like it guys… ^^

In fact I submitted two poses to Necrohoud and he sent me two sketchs where Roslaina and Anko alternate each pose, It’s wasn’t easy to choose because Rosalina look awesome in each one but for Anko as me her head look better in the sketch #2… and after all Rosalina don’t need to have open legs to be awesome… In fact she don’t need to be sexy, I love this character because she’s the more beautifull and cutest character in the world… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Necrohound is a really powerfull artists, really for each changes, a great style and interesting prices… Really interesting so guys don’t hesitate if you are looking for a commissioner, Necrohound is one of the best I know for the moment… But be careful, he recently raised his commission prices so don’t hesitate so long… ;p

In fact it was a long time I know Necrohoud art and really hesitate because he already draw Rosalina as commission but a Rosalina x Gallant Series… You must know Gallant is an other huge fan of Rosalina who spend all his time asking some drawings with him and Rosalina. He’s like me in love with the character but it’s like he think Rosalina was created for him… Now you know who come her for bad votes… T_T

Necrouhound received some commission to Gallant but that’s all so I agree it was a stupid reason and I didn’t resist indefinitly… Rosalina by Necrouhoud… That’s done but I hope commission him again in the futur for more epic drawings… ^^

Artist: Necrohound / Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.ryo-utagawa.deviantart.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/necrohound/profile

Added to wishlist: Aries and Evergreen from Fairy Tail (see it here)

#121 – Naruto – Mei Terumi

More than 66.000 views for the moment, I’m so happy see that total pageviews but for comments, same thing… Nothing… And for the vote, some love and like but dislike and hate too… Maybe guys you are really lasy here… Don’t hesitate to comment… Say your opinion… WHERE ARE YOU?

So the post of the day is a commission show Rosalina and Mei Terumi, not the more famous Naruto character but she’s pretty cute and I’m happy ata_yami choose her for the drawing… The result is really beautifull, not hot but so cute and sexy…

Ata_yami have a really nice level, generally I don”t accept more than 15$ commissions but she have a beautifull style so I really want to show her style in my gallerie… Rosalina and Mei faces are incredibly cute… I’m a little pervert but this time it’s the best part in the drawing… Enjoy it guys… And last time (for today), don”t hesitate to comment… ;p

#004 – Naruto – Temari

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian naruto temari lingerie

An other artist found on Deviantart: Reit… I find him with a sexy drawn on tinkerbell (what a pervert… ^^) and after see his price… I ask Rosalina with Temari from Naruto… I often let the artist choose a situation because I’m not really good to imagine nice situation but this time, It was Temari licking Rosalina, with a position like this and some lingerie (like this too… ^^)

I post here the sketch, the only think who change with the final version is Rosalina Lingerie at the bust…

Artist: Reit / Price:7.00$