#121 – Naruto – Mei Terumi

More than 66.000 views for the moment, I’m so happy see that total pageviews but for comments, same thing… Nothing… And for the vote, some love and like but dislike and hate too… Maybe guys you are really lasy here… Don’t hesitate to comment… Say your opinion… WHERE ARE YOU?

So the post of the day is a commission show Rosalina and Mei Terumi, not the more famous Naruto character but she’s pretty cute and I’m happy ata_yami choose her for the drawing… The result is really beautifull, not hot but so cute and sexy…

Ata_yami have a really nice level, generally I don”t accept more than 15$ commissions but she have a beautifull style so I really want to show her style in my gallerie… Rosalina and Mei faces are incredibly cute… I’m a little pervert but this time it’s the best part in the drawing… Enjoy it guys… And last time (for today), don”t hesitate to comment… ;p


  1. nehmyncolad

    Yay, my account is working here!
    There’s in their eyes:
    “…pizza? Hm… already here?”

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Tahnks for your comments here… You’re prety funny… ^^

  2. Yukikah

    Well, you’re right… the faces ARE quite lovely indeed. But it’s so hard for me; With the thick soft looking butt and thighs below those faces, my eyes (and the rest of my face) are drawn into them… Too bad I can’t nuzzle things through the screen~ Pooh.


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