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#788 – Stretching hard for Christmas

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Sometimes you see things that will not have any practical use but that you want to buy and when it happen the best is not keep thinking too much at buying it. After a moment yo will doubt on the use to spend (then waste) money in something that you don’t need to live and finally you will feel bad in any direction you goes. One one side you’ll look at it with regret wondering if it wasn’t too stupid and if you don’t get it then you’ll be sad feeling you really wanted it.
Could be great ask people opinion hoping to hear you made the right decision but sometimes it will make you regret even more what you did. So once again, allow you something crazy time to time and don’t stay thinking at it too much. U_u


Anyway let’s talk today about something more pleasant and damn naughty with this second illustration for Christmas 2017 made by SkaJrZombie that also created the two chapter of the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. IT was a long time since the comic and I’m so happy finally be able get a new illustration from SkaJrZombie, on other side I know it was a rare occasion see him draw Rosalina again for the project so find the idea was a huge challenge.
After two gorgeous hentai comics and some naughty piece by SkaJrZombie (see them here), so it was hard don’t wish see his skill and perfection for hentai show again, he’s also really talented with tentacele that could be one of the best world to describe him but budget wasn’t enough. Anyway there is an illustration made by SkaJrZombie that I love for its naughty side and that I consider of one of the best and hottest I ever got that I wanted follow, it’s the one you can see on the right with Rosalina spreading hrer pussy in a so hot angle.
I wanted to keep that focus and action in Christmas theme, SkaJrZombie sure did an excellent job and the result is sure excellent but it’s hard get something even more powerfull than something already close to the perfection (when you’re a pervert of course). Here I also wanted to pick a pose allowing to show high heels and changed the spreading with some intense masturbation to get something different and original but my mind keep asking for more spreading and some artists already saw me trying get that kind of content.
In fact looking at this illustration in serious way, the only question to SkaJrZombie would be why he added bats on the background instead of Lumas and he answered. I was thinking that it could be linked to Halloween and was right since SkaJrZombie told me ‘I added the bats because you commissioned that pic on October, so you know, Halloween related too in a way‘. Here is what happen when you ask Christmas illustration on October… XD

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#560 – Rosalina's Delivery Service Chapter 1


Rosalina Nintendo comic doujin porn lesbian yuri haky vocaloid story

She was close to be on 3DS and missed it because some laziness from Nintendo (really) but now Rosalina will join Mario tennis series for the WiiU version. IT was announced with the new Mario tennis trailer en October 20th and as you can see on the right Rosalina have now a new suit and I wonder to make that kind of cosplay for next year.
Also be ready for Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday… So excited… *o*


After month of hard work and supporting me (I have to admit that), Ska Jr Zombie join me to present you the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic available now on the shop page (here). After Ragyo from Kill la Kill, we have a less dominatig but so adorable lady to get a package from Rosalina; Haku from the Vocaloid series. Just be sure she looks adorable and innocent but can be really naughty too… Eh eh… ^^
Last delivery of the day with a package to the lovely Haku offering Rosalina to take a bath. Start with some toys on bathroom, spying and masturbation before both goes together for a long and intese night. Kinky tongues, fingers and toys; see two beauties become naughty with some fun and cartoon touches…
Second incredible comic by Ska Jr Zombie. Start sweet, continue kinky and sensual before intense and damn naughty ending. Haku was chosen in homage to my freind Tallon for his awesome and constant support on the blog, I wanted to make something powerfull in return and seem he really enjoyed the result as I was amzed by Ska Jr Zombie skills. Oh yeah.

Now don’t hesitate to get your copy here and enjoy… \(^o^)/

#521 – I wish you were here

Don’t know the reason but the blog had a lot of views on May 3rd, like twice as usual but I hope it will become kinda famous a day and will reach that step everyday. I had a long time without new illustrations from artists appearing around the net to promote the blog but now it will restart, Oh yeah.
Also finished the first edit of the Wishlist page, don’t change a lot for you, just a little more easy to read but the HTML code is really more clear and ready for the second part but will need more time to prepare it. Stay turned.


Another new illustration from the wonderfull Ska Jr Zombie and before you ask, this is the full version. For sure it can looks like a teaser or preview but it’s really the full version and no more than that cute embarassed face, perfect soft breasts and sensual hands… You must admit it’s still damn powerfull and I receveid it as gift from Ska Jr Zombie, thanks so much… \(^o^)/
At first, it was a sketch I received from Ska Jr Zombie when he opened free sketch requests, for sure asked for Rosalina one. I already published it on the blog so you can see it here or click on the illustration on the right and it seem Ska Jr Zombie decided to color it to make a little surprise. Really love his style so one more Rosalina from him sounds damn powerfull.
I really love the mix into cuteness and sexiness, it a marvelous combo we can enjoy here. Rosalina face looks so cute and embarassed adding an innocent touch but like Ska Jr Zombie‘s illustration and the situation I’m sure there is also a little kinky touch and naughty mind. Also like the Lumas reaction I think it don’t happen really often but those little bastard have a wonderfull view. Also if a day I have a girlfriend who send me that kind of card… I wont let her alone so long… XD
I hope you like this illustration guys, I really love Ska Jr Zombie style and that’s why I wanted him to work on the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. He will start working of the next chapter soon but already think about it as you can see on this post he recenly posted on Tumblr (see it here)… I hope I’ll have more preview and sketches soon.

Artist: Ska Jr Zombie  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SkaJr/profile
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#515 – Cowgirl meets tentacles


Easter is her, I hope you enjoyed this sweet day. Also heard than some people don’t celebrate easter and anything on their side as in Mexico, feel so bad for those people but for so much people it’s just a normal day with some chocolate you must buy for you family and that’s freaking expensive at this time… U_u
Also no sexy bunny Rosalina for you this year, sorry guys but for the moment all the budget is concentrate for the next chapter of “Rosalina’s Delivery Service” comic and you can be sure it will be hard to commission for several weeks… That sound so bad but was so long I planned to start the comic and must start a day.


And before start the comic and show you some preview, here my last commission to the talented Ska Jr Zombie, he regulary do commissions discount and that’s a powerfull way to have him draw your character, just that extra characters cost same price as first one so a duo double the price and must admit I can’t afford this kind of piece that’s why just a solo Rosalina this time but really wanted to commission Ska Jr Zombie for a new illustration and as expected he did a wonderfull job. I hope you like this sexy Rosalina cowgirl guys… ^^
The only problem with that illustration it’s that we lost the original idea. At start I commissioned Ska Jr Zombie for a simple Rosalina pin-up, same pose but wearing some high heels and holding them with her hands (really love this kind of pose), after that we decided about a cowgirl suit for Rosalina (with chaps, my favorite costume) and as you can see, it finally ended with some tentacles playing with her body. In fact Ska Jr Zombie love tentacles (must say addicted) that why I decided to put some with Rosalina and love them moving under Rosalina suit, the result is powerfull. Also you can be sure I keep my idea with hands holding heels… Oh yeah… XD
I love how turned that illustrations, a wonderfull Rosalina so perfect and a lovely touch with her blushing face with a damn sexy cowgirl suit and kinky tentacles gently playing with her body, no doubt Ska Jr Zombie drew so much tentacles and master this fetish now. Also the mix into cuteness and sexiness is always so powerfull, that body is freaking hot and her expression add an innocent touch, she’s wonderfull. Also love that kind of bra, looks like bondage.
Now if you want to see more from Ska Jr Zombie, feel free to take a look at his galleries. He publish on several places and accept commissions, also regularly do promotions or special deals as I said so you must keep a eye on him and why not a day let Ska Jr Zombie make your naughty dreams and fetishes come true.

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What the… I missed a birthday illustration…

500th Illustration (^o^)/
And Rosalina’s Birthday is not over

I was looking at the list to see what illustration have had to publish for this post cause it’s today the 500th Rosalina drawing who appear on the blog, How powerfull. Looking at the list I noticed that I forgot an illustration I commissioned for her birthday, that’s crazy… *Face hitting desk*… O_o

Time to enjoy this beautifull drawing by Ska Jr Zombie I commissioned to take part of Rosalina’s birthday, he made so incredible illustrations that I wanted him to take part of this event and as if it was a busy day I still don’t believe I missed to publish his drawing for Rosalina’s birthday. Really sorry about that Ska Jr Zombie… T_T

I’m sure you recognize this lovely (and so sexy) catgirl from Soul Eater series, Ska Jr Zombie chosen Blair to be here and and some fun for Rosalina’s birthday, it’s was an excellent idea cause I love so much this character (and he know that) but also since it’s close to Halloween it can work for both events. Blair with a lovely expression, so cute and confident like in the comic and Rosalina more shy and embarrassed, she’s soo adorable. It’s a wonderfull illustration… (^o^)/

Now the more difficult will be to announce to Ska Jr Zombie that I was late with this illustration, his a really amazing artist and nice guy, feel so bad this shit happened. Also if you want to see more from him you can enjoy the comic Rosalina’s Delivery Service (here) he made (and really amazed me with the result)and take a look at his Deviantart (here) and NSFW tumblr (here). Enjoy… ^^

Artist: Ska Jr Zombie  /  Cost: 30$
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com

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Being able to move across the Galaxy, Rosalina (from the Mario Universe)created a special delivery service and for this second chapter, the last package of the day will be delivered to Kiyuin Ragyo (from Kill la Kill), so beautifull, so dangerous and so naughty…

Enjoy this comic made by the talented and amazing Ska Jr Zombie. Beautifull lady, yuri action, lingerie, love juice, fun and bonus…

Solo – Touching Herself


The power of planned publication: When this publication appeared on the blog, I’m on the train going at the Japan expo con, time to see a little more of Paris and some gorgeous cosplay… I hope to see Rosalina cosplayers and also play on smash bros. with my favorite princess. Will be back on sunday evening but not sure I’ll be able to publish something for monday… Sorry guys…

Also my friend gave me a challenge. Once the train arrive I have to walk out wearing my Rosalina cosplay and keep it the entire day we will visit Paris… Don’t know if I must say it will be fun or have to be scary… Must admit I’m a little nervous but once a year I can be crazy… As if I’m always crazy… °w°


Time to show you the second illustration made by SkaJrZombie. After a really hot duo with Top, now there is a solo illustration with Rosalina “relaxing” a little on her bed and also give a great view to her little Lumas how look the body of their mother. How lucky, we also have a perfect view… XD

I love how SkaJrZombie drew Rosalina, she look more young but still gorgeous as the original. Also have a huge fetish for lingerie and transparent clothes so you can be sure I’m stunned looking at this piece. For sure she’s damn hot but I’ll quote SkaJrZombie to talk about the hottest part of the illustration: “This is the first time I draw the insides of a vagina :v“. For sure, Rosalina really give us powerfull view of her wet vagina… As if you are gay that’s impossible don’t have a boner looking at this…

If you compare this illustration to the one with Toph (just below), it’s not the same quality. This one is a “full-color” and the other a “simple color” illustration so if you wonder why I didn’t asked both with this quality, it’s because it’s only one character on full color. Now it’s different and SkaJrZombie updated his commission rules but I really wanted him to draw a duo and see how look Rosalina with his best skills so I picked both style for two commissions. And can’t deny that this one if my favorite, SkaJrZombie really made one of the hottest Rosalina I ever see… O_o

That’s so hard to resist to talk about the project I’m working on with SkaJrZombie but my friend Tallon also take part to it and I hope it will be just the start. The main problem is that the commission I asked to SkaJrZombie destroyed my budget for 2 months so you can be sure soemthign huge will come but it will also be… Special… Depending the result the project may contiue and grow up or simply stop… But more infos on the 4th video coming… I’ll make a pool about this one btw so stay turned.

Now if you want to see more from SkaJrZombie you have so many places where you can find his art. Mains are his deviantart and soft blog but other pieces also have really interesting kinky illustrations. And sicne you are here, I’m sure you are more interested by naughty drawings… Don’t hesitate to take a look and why not ask a commission to SkaJrZombie to let him make your pervy dreams come true…

Artist: SkaJrZombie  /  Cost: 30$
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SkaJr/profile

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Avatar – Toph

Will go at Paris “Japan Expo” con this week-end. Now it will be a really busy week because some personnal obligations and lot of preparation, I’ll do my best to post a new illustration before go to Paris but untill Friday (4th) to sunda (6th) I wont be able to manage the blog and aswer to mails or comments. I hope Rosalina don’t want to do so much bad things when I wont be her… Though, that sound kinda fun… XD

For sure I4ll wear my Rosalina cosplay during the event,want me to publish some photos here when I’m back? If you are not scary by cute crossplay… Eh eh…


Now it’s time to introduce a new artist and you can be sure you will hear a lot about him now. I planned a huge new project and he really really amazed me with his illustrations I commissioned you (the one is excellent, the next will be epic)… Welcome to SkaJrZombie. I wont say more about the project untill the 4rd video of the blog that I hope to publish before the end of July but if you are curious, you an find really powerfull clues… Ready?

I found SkaJrZombie walking around Deviantart looking for new artists and when I saw he gallery I thought that I must ask him if he accept to take part of the RosalinaxGirl project. Unfortunately (my budget talking), SkaJrZombie only do commission but I decided to try cause I love so much his style (his Jinx is so lovely and he also have great kinky pieces). I asked him a duo in simple color and a solo piece in full color (cause only one character for second choice). Today it’s time to enjoy a duo with Toph from Avatar, but I’m sure everybody recognized her… XD

Toph Beifong was an earthbending master, one of the most powerful of her time and I expected SkaJrZombie to make her use her abilities on Rosalina like a rock dildo or hold her on the ground but finally a rock strap-on sound so much powerfull. I think Rosalian wasn’t confident looking at this toy at start, for sure it may hurt when you are not well trained but after meet the WiiFit trainer, for sure Rosalina is able to handle this kind of dildo and she really love it.. Not a huge fan of text in the illustration in general but it really add a dynamic touch to the drawing and make it alive. SkaJrZombie really did an excellent job…

Damn, if I continue on that way the post will be so huge but I love so much how SkaJrZombie drew Rosalina, so beautifull, so expressive, so sexy… She’s gorgeous…. I’m also really excited, can’t wait to show you his second illustration and also the project I prepare in secret to amaze you as SkaJrZombie amazed me…Will be so powerfull… (^o^)/

Now if you want to see more of SkaJrZombie, you can find it at some places, just look at links below:

Artist: SkaJrZombie  /  Cost: 40$
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SkaJr/profile

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