#788 – Stretching hard for Christmas

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Sometimes you see things that will not have any practical use but that you want to buy and when it happen the best is not keep thinking too much at buying it. After a moment yo will doubt on the use to spend (then waste) money in something that you don’t need to live and finally you will feel bad in any direction you goes. One one side you’ll look at it with regret wondering if it wasn’t too stupid and if you don’t get it then you’ll be sad feeling you really wanted it.
Could be great ask people opinion hoping to hear you made the right decision but sometimes it will make you regret even more what you did. So once again, allow you something crazy time to time and don’t stay thinking at it too much. U_u


Anyway let’s talk today about something more pleasant and damn naughty with this second illustration for Christmas 2017 made by SkaJrZombie that also created the two chapter of the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. IT was a long time since the comic and I’m so happy finally be able get a new illustration from SkaJrZombie, on other side I know it was a rare occasion see him draw Rosalina again for the project so find the idea was a huge challenge.
After two gorgeous hentai comics and some naughty piece by SkaJrZombie (see them here), so it was hard don’t wish see his skill and perfection for hentai show again, he’s also really talented with tentacele that could be one of the best world to describe him but budget wasn’t enough. Anyway there is an illustration made by SkaJrZombie that I love for its naughty side and that I consider of one of the best and hottest I ever got that I wanted follow, it’s the one you can see on the right with Rosalina spreading hrer pussy in a so hot angle.
I wanted to keep that focus and action in Christmas theme, SkaJrZombie sure did an excellent job and the result is sure excellent but it’s hard get something even more powerfull than something already close to the perfection (when you’re a pervert of course). Here I also wanted to pick a pose allowing to show high heels and changed the spreading with some intense masturbation to get something different and original but my mind keep asking for more spreading and some artists already saw me trying get that kind of content.
In fact looking at this illustration in serious way, the only question to SkaJrZombie would be why he added bats on the background instead of Lumas and he answered. I was thinking that it could be linked to Halloween and was right since SkaJrZombie told me ‘I added the bats because you commissioned that pic on October, so you know, Halloween related too in a way‘. Here is what happen when you ask Christmas illustration on October… XD

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