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#967 – Fur princess and fisted Yordle

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PATREON BONUS: Rosalina in defiant pose (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover hentai porn fur lingerie fisting league of legends tristana fist fisting sex yuri lesbian

I heard back about Maraichux who made the Fate threesome at the beach and latex duo with Niimi kaoru (on the left). I was silent since November was “ difficult period: too much work, a lot of problem with my health (had a lot of flu) and a lot of thing to take care of“, seems this month was super hardcore for many people I know (and me included anyway I’m glad to know he’s still alive and better now.

A new illustration will come from this amazing artist and this time Maraichux want to go with something extreme “maybe some animal, maybe some stomach deformation, some extreme cock sounding“. As you can see there’s still so many “maybe” and after turn my crazy ideas back to reality two times I want this time give more freedom to Maraichux. All I’m sure now (let’s say 99.9% chance) is Rosalina will meet Claudia, from “The dragon prince” series that I have on my Netflix list (so another reason to watch it), anybody here know this show?


There was a sketch I found with Tristana from League of Legends and I loved so much her sexy outfit so kept in a corner until the day I would get a chance use it as reference for an duo with Rosalina. And it’s looking for artists on deviantart I found Ledge1606 who already make a gorgeous and so lewd Tristana piece, he have a great style, commission price and was fine with this duo so it was the time to remove the dust from the sketch and make it shine… If you wonder, this outfit for Tristana isn’t based on an official skin compared the the previous illustration with classic Tristana (here) or Bewitching Tristana (here). I guess the next time I should get her in her dragon trainer skin involving a little bestiality touch with the dragon itself… °w°

About the situation for this duo, I sent to Ledge1606 an idea with Rosalina fisting Tristana tight Yordle pussy while biting her ear. I have to admit the only artistic freedom remaining was with Rosalina suit since I cannot find any nice and sexy fur outfits for the princess, I ended asking several time Ledge1606 if he liked the idea to be sure he also have fun and told me “Do not worry, I’m really enjoying drawing this commission“. During the creation process the only edit I requested was move Tristana gun after received the fist sketch (on the right), I wanted it be being Tristana like holding her back on it to have the pose looking more accurate and realistic. The second sketch I received from Ledge1606 was totally perfect so I just did let him go on his was to finish the illustration and had the chance get many updates and WIP to enjoy the process ^__^

No lie, I love so much this illustration, so long I wanted Tristana in that suit with Rosalina and it’s so lewd as I love so XXX sure did an amazing job. You can see on the left the previous Tristana illustration he made and be sure there is more from Ledge1606 coming in the future with promising, ambitious and still so naughty situations. Also I should pick him for a patreon raffle reward illustration a day or just keep all his talent for my weird and lewd ideas. XD

Artist: Ledge1606 / 23$ commission
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#923 – Jinxed duo

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PATREON BONUS: Peach and Rosalina scissoring (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover league of legends jinx cute
Times fly and May already here so it’s time to announce Jessica as winner of this month raffle on patreon getting an illustration from Sixmi34. He was intended to work on March reward but got his DeviantArt account suspended a month so no way contact him, now we are connected on discord so he can’t escape… °w°
Also warm days are back as convention and cosplay stuff, this Sunday will be first of the year and first ever for my little sister going as Rosalina tennis being protected by a well armed 2B (myself) and 9S (little brother). I’ll sure be so happy but dressed as 2B wont be easy run behind her with 20cm heels boots and blind eyes so I’m enthusiastic but little stressed too cause I’m not really homogeneous with these crazy mangas and animes addicts… ^^’


And here come another sweet sweet duo with Rosalina and Jinx from league of legends made by Mad-Red-RidingHood that identify herself at this character a lot (and I can tell you it’s pretty accurate). Rosalina with a so adorable look and Jinx little more serious but so friendly, when you know how crazy is the original character it’s not often I see a Jinx that look enough sweet to (hopefully) let you alive after you give her a hug. I hope you guys also like the lovely feeling from this drawing… ^__^
I sure really love this illustration that cute looks so adorable but bit sad Mad-Red-RidingHood made Rosalina’s hair lock on the wrong side, she also already worked on the character so know her but I know that princess hairstyle is kinda tricky and make you go wrong with some poses to not get her face completely hidden. Anyway what surprise me the most is about the illustration style, at some point it looks like a collage that was flipped but I wasn’t able find any illustration that could be used as reference so it must be a true drawing. Makes me love and admire and love even more that illustration and feel sorry to Mad-Red-RidingHood since I doubted of her illustration… I’m sorry… U_u
Sad part, there was no updates on her page for a long time and when I asked if everything fine then Mad-Red-RidingHood told me she left DeviantArt cause of the fake people in there. I personally hear many person having problems or dramas on that place and many people are into quit that place (and being applauded). I’m only in that place to search for more artists but seems not only the moderators start to be a problem there. Now I’m curious is there isany other d.a. users having troubles lately? °o°

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request
One year ago: #828 – No mushrooms were harmed
Next to come: Romance with Alisa (NSFW)
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#900 – Pretty princess and friendly Jinx

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Patreon bonus: HD version of this illustration (for ALL patrons)
And I already see the pressure coming for the next step… °o°

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover league of legends jinx cute

And after Merethide for the 800th, I chosen Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s illustration to be the 900th one, another adorable artist that deserve more love and support, anyway be careful cause that little potato is sure lovely but even more crazy. This duo isn’t random, Mad-Red-RidingHood was called Jinx was before Riot create the character with same name (and gave her a freaking cool music) and seems this character style and personality suit her really nicely. Now I wonder where the name “Jinx” come from and if it really mean about a crazy personality… °o°
Actually Mad-Red-RidingHood work on a laptop with photoshop using a mouse and draw on Galaxy 3 using her middle finger, I would like to say once she will be use to a tablet and pen she could make powerfull stuff but she don’t like the feeling of drawing with a pen and after all as long she feel comfortable and happy with the technique she use it’s the more important. I also was surprised when Mad-Red-RidingHood said “I use my middle finger” but after all there is many artist with unusual style or techniques or style that so incredible stuff so who know, maybe a day that finger will be a star (and its owner too obliviously)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About Rosalina it’s no use to tell me the reason she appeared on this illustration but I what Mad-Red-RidingHood already know and like that princess in a message saying “waah no I like that lady […] I used to draw her when I was 7 8years old“, also don’t be surprised is she AAAAHHHHH and WAAAAHHHHH when you are talking to her. Also feel free to visit Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s page to see more about her art, there is really surprising and interesting concept to discover (and of course crazy is everywhere on her profile). Last thing is I added her on the featured artists page to be sure people will never miss her now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request
One year ago: #800 – Victoria Secret new angel
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#834 – Ahri teacher with naughty student

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn crossover league of legends ahri schoolgirl
Was out this week-end since this Sunday (May 27th) was mother day in France so family obligations. There is a thing that surprise me is it exist in many countries but never at the same time so curious what rules it exactly. Still I have to admit I got a little accident moving to the place damaging my car and mother’s portal.
Mother wasn’t bad against me, she’s really cool and adorable but that’s still fucking annoying and I wasn’t in the mod to write a great post in time so come one day late. Sorry everybody (and sorry again mom) U_u


New illustration from B-side7715, a really talented and damn kind artist that I must admit I always try move at his limits to have him draw the sexiest Rosalina he can without break is rule saying his art my follow deviantart policy. Here I commissioned B-side7715 a sexy piece with teacher Ahri and schoolgirl Rosalina mixing two refs I love.
Basically D.A. policy say no penetration or contact with genital and no fluid, of course we still can make really naughty art following it but when you B-side7715‘s gallery this one goes really goes more naughty than his usual art and I’m really thankfull he accepted go with this illustration. I goes luckily that B-side7715wanted to draw Ahri but never tried before“, I guess it helped that he accept go with my request… ^^
Not so much version of Rosalina I love so much, I already got Rosalina dressed that way ( first on the left) but wanted it again. On his first sketch, B-side7715 drew Rosalina pose following the one in the ref then asked him to change for a front view to see her on a new angle. Being a pervert I asked for Rosalina spearing legs, her short dress offering a so perfect view but to keep it correct for B-side7715 the vibrator from ref was removed and a cute pantie added, but Rosalina still looks incredibly gorgeous and sexy … Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Let’s tell about the sexy teacher, Ahri pose was already perfect since the first sketch I received from B-side7715 but there was a dilemma if Ahri should be sit near to Rosalina or on a different place. I kinda like the version when they are together but on the final version we have more then teacher and student fetish with Rosalina on her table and Ahri in teacher desk. Now who know who will leave her place first and join the other to let the fun start, looks like the beginning or a porn Japanese movie then with some imagination, so much can happen… °w°
There is details I love on this illustration, the outfit and high heels are sure gorgeous but I also love Rosalina expression with tongue out, just curious about this circle around her eye, both expression also mix cuteness and sexiness with Ahri having a cute and quiet face when Rosalina one goes more teasing and explicit. Also fun detail since Rosalina turn way more busty than Ahri compared to how the original characters are, kind like B-side7715 switched breasts side but I love so much Rosalina that way so I consider it more as genius idea than a mistake. XD
I hope you guys like this illustration, don’t miss take a loot at B-side7715‘s and give him some great comment and feedback, also he’s “trying to study and improve my technique more than posting stuff“, slower publications but with better quality on anatomy, colour, perspective… Then your are feedback are important to know people enjoy the way he goes and give him the motivation be even more epic on his next illustration… ^__^

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
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#751 – Joining star guardians

princess rosalina Nintendo star guardian Janna crossover league legends princess rosalina Nintendo hentai sexy porn star guardian Janna crossover league legends nude naked

Keep in mind this is the last publication before close the Misty dress-up poll event and announce winner, you still have some day to go vote for your favorite suit and my side I try don’t look at it to keep the suspense until results. Also for those that already participated remember that you are allowed vote once EACH week so you can give another chance to your favourite(s) suit(s)… Oh yeah… ^^
And it’s a 4 days week-end in France that I’ll enjoy to work hard on the blog and prepare a huge edit coming for September, I have mixed feeling about this cause I do it through some coercion but hope it will work… O_o


At last as visitors you have a funnier job just having to enjoy the content as this new duo with Rosalina and Sailor guardian Janna from League of legends made by the lovely JamilSC11 that make stars glow in our eyes with her shiny style. As you see Rosalina outfit was also inspired by Janna one and there is a little bonus coming with a naked version JamilSC11 managed so nicely. AS pervert naked sounds sure more exciting but the outfits are really beautifull and detailed so this one is sure even more powerfull… °w°

First with the clothed version, I really admire JamilSC11 work on Rosalina dress inspired by Star Guardians outfits but not just like a copy paste. If you take the time look at both Rosalina and Janna outfits they aren’t the same from the neck to boots that looks like garter-belt for Rosalina (how sexy). A special detail I love is the ribbon on Rosalina’s upper arm like the sleeves on her original dress, I wonder if it’s what JamilSC11 intended to do but it’s a nice discrete tribute to Rosalina for her big fans.
Of course if you know about the other illustrations I received from JamilSC11 (see all her Rosalina art here), there is most of the time a little bonus with more sexy version. Compared to the D.va piece, this one no patreon exclusive cause I wanted all to be able enjoy this skills from a so kind as talented artist. The clothed version is my favourite her like how awesome it looks but as little pervert, I can’t deny see Rosalina sweet breasts and perfect body curves revealed is magic. I hope you like it as me guys… oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Don’t miss keep an eye on JamilSC11‘s page for more art and exclusive commission offersas she usually do. Lately it was a free chibi illustration for two illustrations ordered and you will discover about the one I got really soon. On personal side, I want <b<congrat JamilSC11 for completing her thesis, she goes back to draw at a so insane rate after that and published so many awesome and adorable illustrations that I suggest you don’t miss… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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#730 – A mermaid is also a lady

I started a commission series that was partially founded by patreon supporters but recently I lost two supporters and it’s not trivial to me. I decided be a little more forcefull and next week will edit patreon adding more rewards for 5$ tier as exclusive versions and source files as .psd. It will start on June so stay turned guys.
And about patreon, there is also Bandijones that started his own patreon page (here) to fund his first con ever at the end of the year. If you are curious you can see if SFW art and NSFW art to get an idea of what you can get.


Here is a new sweet but sexy illustration ordered by Kittehskye (or Lolikitteh) to DestinyBetweenWorlds (or Freiearth)… Damn, why people have so many different names? Can’t tell so much since it was a gift but I love it so much and if you are curious guys, this time Rosalina meet the mermaid Nami from League of legends game. I really love how looks Nami with DestinyBetweenWorlds style, kinda the one I would like to get Zora from Zelda series with Rosalina. If patreon goes up again I can see manage this duo as commission…
Mermaid is sure a specie that allow many different type of body but here it’s really cool how DestinyBetweenWorlds gave Nami some human attributes as really soft and sensitive breasts that Rosalina enjoy ton fondle. It was more complex for the pussy if I remember, DestinyBetweenWorlds wasn’t sure if have to show this part on mermaid body, finally this part was added as you can see and it don’t looks wrong at all. Now with a little imagination you can imagine Rosalina explore all that cute body and let Nami discover her own in return, sensual or kinky as you prefer… °w°
I also want to make you notice Rosalina’s’ right leg holding Nami, both have nice expression and Nami’s body is sure captivating but don’t miss look around to really enjoy every details from DestinyBetweenWorlds work. Again, thanks so much Kittehskye for this so ravishing gift and to see DestinyBetweenWorlds‘s gallery or talk why her during a stream, just follow the links below… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Freiearth / Kittehskye’s gift
Stream: www.picarto.tv/Freiearth
DeviantArt: www.destinybetweenworlds.deviantart.com

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
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#682 – Who's the true guardian of the galaxy?

Congrat to Chris that won December patreon raffle and is able to request a duo of this choice by B-side7715 that drew the illustration with Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu that you can see here. Chris is free to decide about the second girl and situation to ask as long he follow the artist standards but also have a little rule for December: Christmas theme. Oh yeah… °w°
Anyway I must admit there is nothing more planned for special, for now I’m kinda worry wondering if I’ll be able to prepare everything in time and keep the blog updated for Christmas. I’ll be kinda busy with family and enjoying brother’s gifts the more I can, cause I reached a step I deserve usefull presents instead of video games. T_T


So you already discovered about the artist working on December patreon raffle (illustration of the right to discover about the post) and today it’s time to present you Youngjaerome made November patreon reward for Curtis. I was really amazed by this artists that create so incredible pin-up and give breasts perfect curves but I must admit this time we got a big challenge since I was requested a pairing with Rosalina and Poppy in her star guardian outfit. I wasn’t sure if Youngjaerome could accept that kind of pairing but had to try.
I finally sent Youngjaerome my idea based on a sketch with Tristana that was really hot but also gave me an idea. Rosalina fucking roughly Poppy showing her who’s the true master of the galaxy. Both are badass fighters on Smash Bros. and League of Legends but I wasn’t able let my favorite princess lost, maybe Poppy will get her revenge in the future. Rosalina outfit is based on another sketch I found in my bondage ideas folder that would suit so perfectly for the scene and Youngjaerome style since you must never cover breasts cause he make them so… perfect… °w°
Youngjaerome had some concern about Poppy and told me ‘I do have to let you know i don’t do Loli‘, I don’t consider Poppy as loli since her tiny body is due to her Yordle race and. Tried to find some info about that point but seem no one talk about it, just there is a skin named LolliPoppy but it’s based on lollipop. Youngjaerome accepted work on the illustration but he’s not used to tiny body so as you can see he drew Poppy a bit more taller as the original but she looks really nice that way. Anyway guys, what your opinion about Poppy being a loli?
So all was ready to start and receiving the first sketch this one was already really good but I asked edit to Youngjaerome on two points. The first was to place Poppy up with some elevation on the floor to put her as better place for Rosalina and especially the way goes the strap-on. second point was to correct Poppy hairstyle giving her twin-tails but for that point it’s me that missed to give good refs to Youngjaerome (that I fixed quickly) and the next edit was simply perfect. From the flat color version I was a little septic about Rosalina legs that seemed a bit of but on the final version the latex effect was so powerfull.

Also Rosalina is a tall lady and it’s mostly on the legs we can insist on that particularity of her body so legs are another excellent part. I hope you love this illustration and a huge thanks for Youngjaerome that does his best on a body that he’s not use to draw. There is another Rosalina from him waiting but for more don’t miss take a look at his HentaiFoundry gallery, enjoying him streaming on picarto or give some support with commission or joining his patreon… ^__^

Artist: Youngjaerome / Cost: 20$
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Youngjaerome

One year ago: #565 – Warm shower with Satsuki
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#668-670 – It’s Halloween party

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian Hokoka Kosaka Love Idol FestivalBe careful of sweet demons

First illustration I received was a gift by Lolikitteh that was a bit crazy with this commission to Mazzacho but love so much this artist and was a wonderfull surprise. Here is an angel Rosalina meeting Hokoka Kosaka in her demon suit from Love Idol Festival musical game. If you like musical/rhythmic game this one is really cool but also too heavy for cheap devices.
That illustration is so ravishing and needed so many hours of work, it was so nice Mazzacho was streaming most of the time but since I follow it not easy for Lolikitteh to keep it as surprise for so long, kinda as me when I ordered the shota trap orgy for her (that you can see here). I guess the more impressive is the amount of details and effect on Hokoka dress, you can figure Mazzacho used a texture on it as many other artists but it’s the first time I see some efect addition for a better render on folds. The HD version (4x bigger) and step by step are available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you want it. And once again, thanks sooo much Lolitteh for that powerfull surprise \(^o^)/

nintendo-mario-peach_31cPrincess witch and galactic ghost

Second illustration and also October patreon raffle reward for Chris who asked ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘ and it OJ that I to chosen work on that idea. Already commissioned her an Indivisible trio (see it here) that gave me some troubles but I wanted give her another chance. Once again it didn’t ended that well cause the lost original file on previous commission and for this once wasn’t able to send me the full photoshop file, OJ goes too fast but is excellent to figure and create close pieces of what you dream about. ^^
I made some edits that I’m kinda proud editing background and Rosalina see-through effect to increase her ghost look, it was pretty easy since OJ have an excellent layer organization. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to send me the full version of photoshop file and and the illustration I created come with a really smaller size than the one she made her side. If you are curious there is the HD version with white background as patreon reward (here).

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tristana Bewitching lux witch league of legendsYordle ‘special ingredient

Third illustration was by Ryev Alki that got my eternal admiration with his style and kindness (and deserve your too), I love how he can make so adorable ladies in all situations so turn it even more naughty each time but always a cute touch that create a powerfull feeling. For those that play League of legends, Riot create so great skins as characters and after Nidalee witch last year (see it here) it’s time to prepare some potion with Tristana Bewitching and Lux Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Yordle love juice is a powerfull ingredient that Rosalina sure enjoy a lot to collect with the help of her little friend. As bonus you can see the character sheet Ryev Alki sent me to be sure about both suits. Didn’t expected it but was a nice surprise and the suit were perfect, just asked Ryev Alki to edit Rosalina hat and put her medallion and show Tristana boot but since the floor not appear, the boot either. No high heels but great suits, so sexy view and some juice to make it soooo perfect and also love that busty touch.

#633 – Fireworks and Firecracker

Rosalina Nintendo hellsing ecchi lesbian yuri LoL league of legends jinx firecracker Rosalina Nintendo hellsing hentai porn lesbian yuri LoL league of legends jinx firecracker

Expected enjoy the freedom from last week-end to relax a bit with friends and then work hard on the blog lookign at new artists and doing more photos but it finally ended as I was really sick, not able to eat/drink anything without vomit (medicaments included), then can’t move cause tired and no sleep too due to the pain. Then on Sunday I had to come and manage the new post, that’s why it came a bit late but I’m glad I still was able write something nice.
patreon members also get their reward and there is some epic pieces in the queued. Thinking at Psicoero that made two excellent duo and Lunakiri that is working on something that must show how she increased her level during those last months if she continue on that way… Will be epic… \(^o^)/


For people that alreay played League of Legends and then know about Jink and her personality, you can be sure it’s not because JamilSC11 made her looks so cute and adorable that Rosalina don’t have to be careful but I think for this time no way to worry about that lovely princess. The character is adorable and love that skin with Japan style dress so I asked this pairing to JamilSC11 and it turned so ravishing. Both cute, adorable, a bit sexy and maybe looking at the alternative version once firework show will be over and no light around then this dating will goes on a more sensual way… °w°
I really love how turned both dress, JamilSC11 really did a great job with them starting from the sketch that was able give us an idea of both clothes/naked versions, must admit the suit with that kind of see through effect would be sooo sexy but it’s already really pleasant that way. Must admit I chosen Jinx cause JamilSC11 already drew that version and it turned really nicely. Then knowing she have some experience with both character and how she’s able amaze us no way she can’t make that pairing looks epic and ravishing.
Maybe a little too much adorable cause you can’t imagine looking at them that JamilSC11 paired a psychopath and an innocent princess together. Create unique and kinda impossible duo is a reason I love so much that project, as for the illustration with Shauntal I published before (see it here), it’s the first and maybe the only time you can see an illustration with those ladies together.
Rosalina dress have is so beautifull; Chinese dress inspiration, sexy touch and colors of the original one that mix so nicely together, maybe a little mistake with Rosalina’s crown cause not the same design as the one she wear and jewels have to be red and blue (red one in front if you wonder). I agree it’s kinda minor detail and to be honest the only error I can find here so for those that aren’t so addicted as me to Rosalina it must looks perfect. Maybe a fan of Jinx that will come and find a little error on her, then if JamilSC11 putted on her so much efforts as for Rosalina I just wish you good luck… XD
I hope you enjoyed this illustration guys and since I dedicated this week to JamilSC11 the next illustration will also be by her. Prepare you to discover a new series and project we started, safe this time but must be so cool if we are able finish it. Anyway don’t miss to visit JamilSC11’s profile cause there is always powerfull commission offer with cool bonus and looking at the gallery many other adorable or more kinky illustrations as you prefer.

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 15$

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#621 – Feeding Soraka

We now know the winner of ‘Your dream by…‘ event, it’s Sacci and her pairing with Battery Girl that was chosen after a hard week of decision from the artist, I agree on my side would be hard cause only a few participants but some powerfull ideas. Now stay tuned for the final illustration. Thanks for all who participate and congrat Sacci…
There is also a monthly raffle for patreon members and it’s Lunakiri who won for May. Se have a really more soft mind and ideas than me so must have something kinda sweet and lovely but she’s full of surprise so maybe we’ll hear about her kinky side. If you are curious, the artist that will draw her idea for this month is HippoNova.


For those that are into video games, as if we don’t play it a lot it’s hard don’t Know about League of Legends. The game is really famous and created so many wonderfull characters always putting lot of efforts on each one stories and announcements offering beautifull art and videos. Many already met Rosalina and LadyBarbero helped met introduce a new champion with Rosalina: time for that sweet innocent princess to relax with Soraka. Oh yeah… ^^
LadyBarbero‘s drew many ravishing pin-up and some really more explicit views and action so wasn’t able to resist ask for something kinky with this duo. For those who know Soraka, she’s a really nice character with so many famous fanarts (SFW and NSFW). As Rosalina, this character have something pure and adorable and looking at LadyBarbero art I was sure she would be able keep that innocent part on both characters as if hot scene for a powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, also like the result you can see it’s a success. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/.
There was another reason that made me choose Soraka besides the fact I really wanted this lady with Rosalina. Looking at LadyBarbero‘s gallery to see more about her style and what she already made to suggest something hat can mix nicely with her style and be pleasant to draw, I saw she already drew Soraka (LadyBarbero) in a busty way and it was so wonderfull piece so really wanted Rosalina spend some sensual time with her. I hope you like it guys.

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 8$

One year ago: Samus is back
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#612 – Ashe's personal toy

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian league of legends ashe futa futanari anal
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian league of legends ashe futa futanari anal

April just started so for sure you still have some time to participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ and WIN A FREE ILLUSTRATION but don’t delay it to much thinking you have time cause when you will come to participate it will too late. I’m you you already had this happened an that’s always so frustrating.
Anyway I was used to manage the site at work when I got some free time cause it’s really calm here but my compagnie really don’t like the fact I can be pay to do something that isn’t linked to work and told me that next time I use internet for personal use I got fired. Thing are too dangerous and wont help me manage the site and artists for now… U_u


As if I don’t have drawing skills, I was accepted on a really cool artist group on Skype (thanks so much) then I discovered VokunDraws that recently started to draw and accepted practice with Rosalina adding Ashe from his Favorite series: League of Legends. If you take a look at the wishlist, it’s the second the series that I have the most characters due to ‘Where is my Pokemon?‘ project that put pokemon at first but that game have so many damn cool and sexy character so it’s always powerfull have a new one… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Futa are quite popular at this time and can add some kinky action and cream on yuri piece that is kinda exciting, also this time it’s not a friendly meeting for Rosalina that was captured by Ashe and is now in her dungeon as personal sex-toy (want it too). Really love the idea and how it turned, Love how VokunDraws drew Rosalina face, so hot and expressive, also perfect breasts and ass with some toys to make it even more fun and intense. Some details linked to both girl like the Bow and Rosalina crown, also as bonus you have a cum version but Ashe want more loads and fun before be done, for today…
If you take a look at the first sketch I received from VokunDraws, at first he drew a dildo on Rosalina ass but due to the angle is wasn’t really good and realistic so it’s finally some anal beads and since we had a great with on Ashe butt she also get a little buttplug (that she sure keep during battles). Naughty girls, bondage, a few lingerie… VokunDraws sure made a so powerfull combo. I hope you lite it too guys… ^^
Talented artists are powerfull but it’s always great to give a chance and support to beginner as for VokunDraws. As if it’s not with many details or impressive shading there is interesting style and ideas that can turn epic with some practice (like his tentacles and creampie illustrations). HentaiFoundry (here) didn’t accepted all VokunDraws‘s illustration but you can see all of them on Tumblr (here).

Artist: VokunDraws / Cost: 25$ (20$ characters + 5$ background)
Tumblr: www.vokundraws.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/VokunDraws/profile

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#590 – Kitty Katarina is back

Received some new illustrations that I can’t wait to show you but not fair to cheat with the queued list and make some artists wait so much to have their illustrations published. Kinky duo or sweet solo must come, also a story with Stella from Winx club series if everything fine but can’t say much for the moment so stay turned.
For those looking for a great deal, Mavruda is promoting his patreon offering 5 soft shaded illustration on each tier starting at 10$. Not so many people for now so you can easilly win an illustration that must cost 25$ as regular commission so more than half price. If you are curious don’t miss to visit Mavruda’s Patreon.


Doing mu best to upload the RosalinaxGirl Patreon I also discover some awesome artists on that place offering cool rewards. Some exclusive illustrations and alternative versions but the best are when you can get an illustration as reward, that’s the reason I also made a raffle for my patreon. Today a new kinky duo when a submissive kitty Katarina from league of legends by Elixer. Katarina is sure a really powerfull and dangerous figher (I hate her ulti) but when it need to release the pressure she’s offering her body and dominating to kinky mistress. Rosalina sure know how abuse to that beautifull kitty and get some fun too, really love that illustration Elixer made.
It’s the second time I get Rosalina and Katarina together (with Mistigri skin) and must admit this one is my fav skin (and can’t deny the sexiest) she got. You can see the other illustration I received on the right and click on it to see the related post. For this new piece Elixer sure did an incredible job, Rosalina so beautifull as sexy with a sensual touch like she slowly underssing using Katarina as seat, Katarina herself into a so hot submissive pet with expressive face to make it even more intense and so many details like the plug or love juice on the floor for a so incredible hot combo. With a little imagination so much can happen with this duo and that’s also a powerfull point that make the illustration “alive“… °w°
I hope you like the result guys and be sure to visit Elixer on Deviantart or consider support over his patreon that have many damn hot pin-up and exclusive versions, also with the 20$ pledge you can get a two character pic request like this one and like his level it’s sure a great deal. His captive wonder woman is so hot and the messy abused version turn her so damn exciting. As for Katarina seem Elixer love to turn strong woman and fighters into so sexy and naughty situations, be sure you must love it.

Artist: Elixer / Cost: 20$ (Monthly patreon reward)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/elixer
Deviantart: www.elixer-ex.deviantart.com

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#405 – League of Legends – Tristana N°4

It was a really cool week-end, after a damn busy week it’s great to have some time to sleep but without internet it’s also really annoying. It was impossible to work for the blog but as I promised here is a post for monday. Next posts will be really more poserfull, a little comic and animated foursome are planned for the two next publication… Ready guys?

And about “animation”, I have a little problem because it’s a .swf file but I don’t know how I can hot it and have a permanent direct link for the post. If you have any helpfull idea or suggestion please let me a comment. I really need your help… U_u


New illustration but a girl and artist who already appeared on the blog. Another amazing piece I commissioned to Evil-Rick featuring Rosalina with my favorite girl from the League of Legends game: Tristana. Yeah, for a lot of you she’s not the sexiest character compared to Sona breasts or so powerfull character to play with but I really love Tristana and wanted her to meet Rosalina for more fun together… Oh yeah… O_O

I send to Evil-Rick a Tristana illustration I love, I agree the quality is not so powerfull but with this point of view it’s for me one of the hottest fanart illustration as if we don’t see so much about Tristana. I wasn’t sure it can work because if you take a look to Evil-Rick‘s gallery (here), he most draw his own characters (who are gorgeous) but he did excellent illustrations and epic comics so I thought I must try. finally it was a great idea, I love so much the result… °w°

Some people said that there is some trouble with body proportions. Tristana is a small girl (yordle) and Rosalina with her two meters is much more taller so you can be sure there is a huge different size into these two girl. They said that  Evil-Rick drew these two girl with the same size for the torso, I agree Tristana don’t look so small as we can expect but like the point of view it don’t mean anything. And if we look at legs we can see there is a huge difference into Tristana and Rosalina at this point. So no trouble for me, Evil-Rick did an excellent job but I wonder if there is other people who have this feeling about Tristana. what your opinion? Weird or great?

Once again, Evil-Rick‘s art is amazing and you must take a look to his gallery, So beautifull and so horny ladies but other really more surprising that a fat dragon girl or futa demon… Also some littles comics so if you like Yuri or beach gangbang I’m sure you will love his style… If Satashi and Sunana make you too much excited don’t forget that you can also commission Evil-Rick to draw for you.

Artist: JHTriunes  /  Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.evil-rick.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Evil-Rick/profile

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#389bis – League of Legends – Nidalee Witch

It was an illustration made for Christmas and you can find the original post here. It was an illustration made as commission by Grillo who is an expert for naughty girls from League of legends and after this so powerfull illustration here is a bonus from his livestreams. A speedpainting video to let you enjoy Grillo at work… Oh yeah… XD

A witch for christmas, you agree it can sound weird but I really love this outfit for Nidalee (with the maid one) and when I discovered Grillo I thought I must ask him to do this pairing. Halloween was over and Christmas close so I have an idea. Or in fact a little sentence:

Who said Halloween is over? Take that little bitch… Nya

I suggested this idea to Grillo, and also that he can give a little candy cane to Nidalee for the Christmas (and pervert touch) but for the rest I let how the freedom with pose and Rosalina outfit. I was so excited during the livestream, that’s so powerfull to see the idea become true and trying to imagine how can look the final version while Grillo is drawing it.

Sketch, line, colors and shading… Each step have so much surprises and that really interesting to see how and artist work. Each one his style and way to work. Sometimes it was fun to see Grillo restart a line again and again, it can look curious he focus so much on a detail but everything is important to make the final illustration perfect and incredible…

I hope you will like the video guys. I have some troubles because a part of Grillo‘s livestream is missing so I had to cut this part. I’m also really happy with the start. In fact I didn’t created the opening with an idea but I started with a song to make something linked to the music. Maybe because I love rhythmic games a little too much… XD

On christmas post I linked a HentaiFoundry account but Grillo stopped it. His blog and H.F. profile are now inactive but I created an new account on tumblr (see it here) and it start to look really interesting. You will see that Grillo have the power to make powerfull illustrations and also epic comic… With league of Legends theme of course… Oh yeah…

Artist: Grillo / Cost: 35$

One year ago: Nintendo – Mario – Peach + Daisy N°3

#386/389 – Merry X-MAS… I wish you will have cool gifts… ^^

Wont be really conected for a few day but I think it wont be a problem for you. Now everybody can say he’s busy. Familly time, some nice presents (I hope) and maybe some of you will keep their dirty mind. I just wish you a merry Christmas Everybody… Oh yeah…

Now time to show some naughty illustration made for this day. I hope you will like them guys, as you can see Rosalina christmas was hot… So hot… °w°

Nintendo – WiiFit trainers
Artist; www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Delacroix_Legion/profile

I think everybody heared about the Wiifit trainer becaue Smash Bros. but did you know that they created a new trainer for the WiiU version of WiiFit? It’s the reason I decided Rosalina to meet her and do’t know better artist than Delacroix_Legion who already draw Rosalina and the Trainer during a hot session (see it here).

Second part is in progress and must come soon… Oh yeah… °w°


Metal gear solid – Meryl
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

This is the original illustration of December wallpaper (full version here). I asked to Mavruda. The theme must be Christmas and my idea was Rosalina bounded on a wall with anal breads. Each bread have a number and there is 24 beads so the girl have to pop one out each day until the 24th… I let to Mavruda the freedon for the second girl and he choosed Meryl from Metal gear solid. You have powerfull tastes my friend… XD


Solo – Christmas pinup
Artist: www.ay-u.deviantart.com

A so powerfull gift I commissioned by my friend Tallon and drew by the lovely Ayu. This is a traditionnal illustration and my biggest surrpise was to received the original version. That’s the power of traditional art, there is a true piece than you can copy/paste… And I have it… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Ayu have a kiriban on her page, let’s try to catch it… ^^


League of legends – Nidalee witch
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Grillo/profile

This commission to Grillo was really nexpected, The blog budget was kinda dead tand this last one completly destroyed it (need donators). So long since I wanted Nidalle as witch but cannot commission her during Halloween and I had this little idea for Christmas.

I found a talented artist and also professional for Lol characters: Grillo. As you can see he did an amazing job and I’m really happy with the result. I also found a new friend who is really… Original and surrpising but Grillo is a nice and pleasant guy. ^^