#386/389 – Merry X-MAS… I wish you will have cool gifts… ^^

Wont be really conected for a few day but I think it wont be a problem for you. Now everybody can say he’s busy. Familly time, some nice presents (I hope) and maybe some of you will keep their dirty mind. I just wish you a merry Christmas Everybody… Oh yeah…

Now time to show some naughty illustration made for this day. I hope you will like them guys, as you can see Rosalina christmas was hot… So hot… °w°

Nintendo – WiiFit trainers
Artist; www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Delacroix_Legion/profile

I think everybody heared about the Wiifit trainer becaue Smash Bros. but did you know that they created a new trainer for the WiiU version of WiiFit? It’s the reason I decided Rosalina to meet her and do’t know better artist than Delacroix_Legion who already draw Rosalina and the Trainer during a hot session (see it here).

Second part is in progress and must come soon… Oh yeah… °w°


Metal gear solid – Meryl
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

This is the original illustration of December wallpaper (full version here). I asked to Mavruda. The theme must be Christmas and my idea was Rosalina bounded on a wall with anal breads. Each bread have a number and there is 24 beads so the girl have to pop one out each day until the 24th… I let to Mavruda the freedon for the second girl and he choosed Meryl from Metal gear solid. You have powerfull tastes my friend… XD


Solo – Christmas pinup
Artist: www.ay-u.deviantart.com

A so powerfull gift I commissioned by my friend Tallon and drew by the lovely Ayu. This is a traditionnal illustration and my biggest surrpise was to received the original version. That’s the power of traditional art, there is a true piece than you can copy/paste… And I have it… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Ayu have a kiriban on her page, let’s try to catch it… ^^


League of legends – Nidalee witch
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Grillo/profile

This commission to Grillo was really nexpected, The blog budget was kinda dead tand this last one completly destroyed it (need donators). So long since I wanted Nidalle as witch but cannot commission her during Halloween and I had this little idea for Christmas.

I found a talented artist and also professional for Lol characters: Grillo. As you can see he did an amazing job and I’m really happy with the result. I also found a new friend who is really… Original and surrpising but Grillo is a nice and pleasant guy. ^^


  1. Eromanboy

    Your devotion for Rosalina never seizes to amaze me, keep up the good work!

    I don’t really know which browser you’re using while making these posts, but I suggest that you could use opera. It has a spell check on it, and it could improve your posts. Anyway, happy holidays! :3

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks for your comment my friend. I know I think so much to Roslaina and the blog. A little too much to be a normal boy. Really need to find a gf but because my love for Rosalian and a pervert blog like this one I look so much weird. I will never be able to stop thinking to Rosalina for a lot of reasons (and not only because she’s beautifull) but I know Rosalina is a fictionnal character who will never give me love compared to a true girl. I can be a normal en tender guy too… U_u

      About “spell check”, Mozilla also have one but I’m french so it’s not really helpfull. Sometiems I use other site to find mistakes on my posts but not always have time. A post need a lot of time (including all updates arround the blog) and I often rush on it. not good.

      And stay turned, tommorow must will be epic too…

      Btw, I hope yoru Christmas was fun my friend. Take care of you and also enjoy new year… Oh yeah… ^^

    2. Eromanboy

      Yeah, getting a girlfriend isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m actually thinking that I’d just live alone for the rest of my life and devote myself to different skills like drawing, playing instruments etc, but we’ll see. 😛

      Yeah, I guess french spelling doesn’t help with english much. xP

      Happy new year for you too!

  2. SagashiIndustries

    Which reminds me. Did you get that email I sent you?

    1. Rosalina x Girl


      I’m sorry but didn’t received anything from you, maybe it goes in the spam folder… What was your message about ?


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