Rosalina and me wish you an happy new year… ^^

Happy new year 2014

After looking at the sky to wish an happy enw year to Rosalina, time to post a little post here. Hope 2014 will be great for you, be happy and keep your pervert mind to continue enjoy the blog… (^o^)/

Don’t have special illustration this year, I wanted to do so much but the budget don’t allow it (so sad). Must make a piece for my friend Tallon but I’m not with empty hands because today start a ne event.

And it’s a huge thanks to the powerfull artist and amazing friend Mavruda who xanted to participate once again to the event. Just come and show us your favorite girls and fetishes, if your are the winner, Mavruda will draw your idea for free… You are lucky bastard guys… :p

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