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#607 – Naughty oiled nurses fun with Taki

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian street fighters taki oil messy princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian street fighters taki nurse oil messy

I was contacted by an artist from HentaiFoundry with a really special request. Using that photo of my Rosalina cosplay he wanted to draw her eating Japanese style, with sperm in the food and added Who should I make the other girl?. “her” mean “me” and “other girl” mean futa lady so was kinda weird request at first but exciting too. I suggested Rin that he turned as futa very well and final piece is sketchy but cool. For the moment I’m not sure it will be on the blog but if you are curious I posted it as patreon reward.
Also made some edits on the Wishlist page deleting some ladies or series that aren’t famous enough to get people know about them while looking at the list. At last they are still on my mind and no reason don’t see them met Rosalina a day… Stat turned… ^^


Sometimes you discovered an artist that is damn talented and so cool that you consider him as your friend so be sure it’s kinda weird to have him call you boss when you commission him but now the commission is done and I have a so powerfull illustration for you. A huge thanks to Mizkatonic for his kindness, patience and hard work on this illustration, be sure it’s really hard to make the perfect drawing, it a mix of a huge number of ideas and references that we must be able work together and it’s also so many points and details to consider but nothing that stopped Mizkatonic… Oh yeah… °w°
As I said, many ideas and fetishes mixed here. Here is Rosalina and Taki from Street Fighters having some naughty time dressed as nurse. You have nurse suit, fishnet, sybian, huge dildo, messy oiled body and all of them turn the final illustration sooo hot. Don’t remember how I went to start suggesting Mizkatonic Rosalina as nurse to start with but after that was so fun looking for pose, suits, expressions, high heels boots, Taki’s dildo or also the bed and chair design. So many WIP from Mizkatonic to show you but not enough space so here is a sketch of a previous pose idea and the ref of Rosalina’s boots cause you know… High heels are the best… XD

I hope you like this illustration guys, Mizkatonic made an awesome job. So many details and cool points as the oiled and see-through effect on Rosalina so or also in anatomically way, both are so perfect. Just think it miss a little more shading effects cause some parts have too much light and we can miss some details. Now for more you can visit Mizkatonic at HentaiFoundry, Deviantart or Facebook and why not drop him a note if you’re interested into commission, he’s open to many fetishes and ideas…

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#593 – Poison toys collection

A huge thanks to the lovely Sacci always here to give some comfort and support, she’s now patreon members and it give even more motivation to make some epic and cool updates on this side but I won’t stop do my best showing how Rosalina is so incredible princess and also discovering even more incredible artists to amaze you.

Sacci have a lovely voice and love to use it to turn you on with some awesome records and lot of cool project, can’t miss to visit it. She also showed me some shoes she ordered that you can see on the right and you know what? I bought a pair too. Postal fee where so exciting but that design made for Rosalina is so incredible… °o°


Today here is Mavruda that already contributed so much on the blog several time with illustrations (see it here) or on projects like “Your dream by…” or the “Wallpaper calender” that unlucky goes to the archive page (here). Today a new so sexy and kinky duo as reward for the January patreon raffle. The winner asked for ‘Rosalina and poison from Street Fighter enjoying their toys‘ so here is it. I’m really amazed by the result, even more exciting as expected, Mavruda sure did an awesome job and I hope you love it too guys.
At first the raffle winner wanted to have Poison as normal girl instead of futa, not so many people into that fetish in fact but the original and true poison is Futanari so I asked Mavruda if he accepted to create an alternative version and he accepted, that’s man is always so kind. Now I wonder which one is your favourite versions. Both so expressive, some huge toys to make it even more exciting, adding that lingerie and high heels that I love the result is sooo cool. With some imagination you make they have a really long sensual or intense night depending what toy you have in mind for the party. Thanks so much Mavruda for your hard work.
If you want more (on I’m sure you want) there is several places you can follow and support Mavruda to create even more content. At fist there is HentaiFoundry for free stuff, and then you can join his site Mavruda or support him over patreon where you can get some requests and many cool illustrations as reward. There is regular publication, sometimes really crazy and fun that you must enjoy to read for sure. Also you can get some requests ion the patreon so if you have some kinky ideas that his style can turn epic don’t miss your chance to submit him your ideas and turn them into reality… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 35$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mavis
Website: www.mydirtydrawings.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

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#403 – Wallpaper calendar – February

February 2014
Happy Chinese New Year

Soft version

Adult version

Mavruda is really busy and have so much to do but I must admit if the publication is late, it’s my fault. sorry about that everydoby. Now enjoy the new wallpapers, I hope you like them anf of course feel free to use your favorite.

I wonder who will be able to post the hentai one on his screen… What a powerfull challenge… XD

#200bis – Street Fighter – Ibuki 2 (pissing)

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Street Fighter Ibuki pissing watersport
I don’t understand why the sign ‘=>’ turn into ‘=&gt’ in previews or each time I open the post for a little edit… I’m really late so a new publication today, just after the really cute Rosalina by geniusfetus and it a little special because this one is the 200th post in the blog… I never expected reach a blog witch that size a day and I can’t stop in that way, thanks so much guys for your support and comment… Oh, in fact I never receive comments… T_T

If you remember the really sexy drawing by mavruda who drew Rosalina with Ibuki from Street Fighter, the post is just after the solo Rosalina or if you are lazy, just click here to see it… So I see some days after “Ibuki vs Rosalina” I saw  published “Ibuki vs Rosalina2” in his gallery… Because the “Rosalina2“, I don’t find it faster (don’t forget the touch space guys)… ^^

So it’s a new drawing with two versions: normal pissing. So if you don’t like this, don’t click… A agree watersports art is a little special style, some people love this, other hate it… Sincerely depending the artist it can be awesome, as example with Spidu or mavruda. You can’t think what you want but I’m really happy with this drawing. I like watersports and have now a new style in my blog… Thanks so much mavruda… (^o^)/

Without liquids, this drawing is awesome, Rosalina and Ibuki look so sexy and expressive, Rosalina look great but Ibuki a little curious… Don’t really understand what mavruda have in mind about this face expression but it’s pretty funny… A lot of dicks I must say I’m a little jealous… But I prefer see random dicks that Mario, Bowser and some other guys have some fun with Rosalina… I must ask a drawing with me and Rosalina a day… Or more than one if it look great… ^^

Two things and it’s finish, don’t forget post a little comment (hope this time your read this) and take a look to mavruda account or site, he have a really awesome portfolio but Rosalina isn’t un the “commission – request” page for the moment… So bad… T_T

Artist: mavruda /Cost: 0$ (Request)
Portfolio: http://mavruda.wwoec.com/wp/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-mavruda.php

New wishlisted girl: Quorra from Tron legacy

#200 – Street Fighter – Ibuki

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Street Fighter Ibuki
I agree my love for Rosalina look really stupid for a lot of people, I know it but each time a friend say me I’m scary, it always make me sad… And this time it was Merethide who said that… Bwaaaa… Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow, it must be better to start the week-end… Scary… Scary… Scary…

In fact all is not lost, a little smile come after see who is the next drawing, a really beautifull one by the lovely Mavruda who accepted my request without say me something, just had a nice surprise when I see this new drawing in hentaifoundry and something interesting; Mavruda made a second drawing involving Rosalina and Ibuki, but you have to wait a little before see it here… ^^

The first time I see Mavruda are, it was a drawing involving Ibuki and Raven (see it beside)… After this I though “I must have Rosalina with this girl” so when I see mavruda accepted request, you be be sure I asked him if my project pick his interest… And he participate… thanks so much Mavruda… You’re so nice… (^o^)/

Nothing more to say than I love this drawing, just so beautifull and really sexy (All I love with Rosalina). Interesting detail: Rosalina wand… Not a lot of artist think to add this and it’s the only item Peach don’t have, I fact Peach don’ have lumas and this awesome observatory but it’s really rare to see it… I have a lot of lumas but some mushrooms and stars from originals Mario games… Yeah, stars and luma are not the same thing… ;p

Artist: mavruda / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#187 – Street Fighter – Poison

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian street fighter poison futa futanari

I’m sure all people comming here are not artists maybe don’t you have a friend who can contribute to this blog or the soft one: rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com? Not interested to have your name here?…^^
You must know I accept every drawing with Rosalina, solo, duo or with more characters, the only rule is no men… I’m always jealous when I see Rosalina with a male character and like my blogs name, don’t really work… XD

So I said I don”t love see Rosalina with a guy but it’s a little complicated with futa girls… Not a huge fan of this style in gereral but depending of the artist and character, sometimes it look really nice, like this draing involving Rosalina and Poison from Final Fight, and of course, Poison is a futa girl, so no choice to draw her like this… Maybe some artist cheat but not the case for AuroraBoros who love futa girls, so you can be sure when he draw Poison, it’s really Poison… ^^

It’s the final version with a minor correction for Poison, maybe it’s not totally fix so you can find the mistake but not sure a lot will find it… Hope you like it guys and thanks so much to AuroraBoros kindness… (^o^)/

Artist: AuroraBoros / Price: Request

New wishlisted girls: Lucille and Maude from A Monster in Paris

#063 – Street fighters – Chun Li

“Now I have to publish it on my blog… Oh yeah… I’m a litle late so I promise you doing this on the week”
Result: It’s on the week, but one week later… not good… T_T

So happy to show you Rosalina and Chun Li for the 2nd round… I really love this pic, Baytox (the artist, of course ;p) have an incredible style for beautifull and so cute face but nice level for huge breast too… Enjoy it…

I think this pic is more ecchi than Hentai but if you have some imagination, you can say what happend in the first round… Or during the second… XD

So thanks so much to Baytox for his kindness and this so nice pic… This was a request and I see he really work a lot with it… So don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, it must be really nice for him… ^^

Artist: Baytox / Price: Request