#593 – Poison toys collection

A huge thanks to the lovely Sacci always here to give some comfort and support, she’s now patreon members and it give even more motivation to make some epic and cool updates on this side but I won’t stop do my best showing how Rosalina is so incredible princess and also discovering even more incredible artists to amaze you.

Sacci have a lovely voice and love to use it to turn you on with some awesome records and lot of cool project, can’t miss to visit it. She also showed me some shoes she ordered that you can see on the right and you know what? I bought a pair too. Postal fee where so exciting but that design made for Rosalina is so incredible… °o°


Today here is Mavruda that already contributed so much on the blog several time with illustrations (see it here) or on projects like “Your dream by…” or the “Wallpaper calender” that unlucky goes to the archive page (here). Today a new so sexy and kinky duo as reward for the January patreon raffle. The winner asked for ‘Rosalina and poison from Street Fighter enjoying their toys‘ so here is it. I’m really amazed by the result, even more exciting as expected, Mavruda sure did an awesome job and I hope you love it too guys.
At first the raffle winner wanted to have Poison as normal girl instead of futa, not so many people into that fetish in fact but the original and true poison is Futanari so I asked Mavruda if he accepted to create an alternative version and he accepted, that’s man is always so kind. Now I wonder which one is your favourite versions. Both so expressive, some huge toys to make it even more exciting, adding that lingerie and high heels that I love the result is sooo cool. With some imagination you make they have a really long sensual or intense night depending what toy you have in mind for the party. Thanks so much Mavruda for your hard work.
If you want more (on I’m sure you want) there is several places you can follow and support Mavruda to create even more content. At fist there is HentaiFoundry for free stuff, and then you can join his site Mavruda or support him over patreon where you can get some requests and many cool illustrations as reward. There is regular publication, sometimes really crazy and fun that you must enjoy to read for sure. Also you can get some requests ion the patreon so if you have some kinky ideas that his style can turn epic don’t miss your chance to submit him your ideas and turn them into reality… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 35$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mavis
Website: www.mydirtydrawings.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

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