#594 – Sweet present in latex

February is here and in addition to the regular content it’s a new raffle for 5$ tier patreon members. I fact was easy to find the winner cause only one at this place that was able pick a girl to be with Rosalina and his decision was for Seras Victoria from Hellsing series. That girl is on my top 10 fav ladies so wonderfull choice for sure. Just hope next month it will be decide for a girl that never meet Rosalina but at this point patreons have the power… XD
Also will be time to feature a new artist of the right widget and on the artist of the month page during the week, stay turned to the next one. Still so much that deserve to be here but I made my decision for February and now have to prepare it quickly.


The day started with a notification from hentaifoundry (from the hundred I receive each day do all artist I follow) about a new publication from the awesome HentaiTeodor, I love so much his style and naughty/incest illustrations that are so exciting but due to his new job he don’t have many time to draw so publications goes really slower. Was powerfull to he his new piece and aven more see him on skype to talk a little. Just didn’t expected HentaiTeodor to have a little bonus for me, he send me that so sweet as sexy Rosalina as birthday gift, How wonderfull… \(^o^)/
After incredible illustrations that you can see here I feel so honored to have a new piece from HentaiTeodor especially since it’s hard for him to find some time to draw so was a so kind and friendly present. Rosalina looks ravishing with his style, still so beautifull and incredible lady. HentaiTeodor made her looks more mature than I usually see but turn she’s still marvellous as sensual and sophisticated lady. I hope you like it too guys.
HentaiTeodor have an interesting style that we really see on Rosalina design and also with colours that I love, kinda a mix into anime style with flashy colours but not too much to keep a realistic and sensual touch on Rosalina, that style always amaze me and can’t deny HentaiTeodor imagine really naughty situations, don’t miss to visit his gallery.

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