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#808 – Not the way to play tennis

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Patreon bonus: Indecent with Shy Guy (NSFW abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo Daisy tennis yuri lesbien hentai porn sex cunni cunnilingus tennis mario

From the previous publication (on the left), there was a sketch with Rosalina fucked by Shy Guy that come as patreon reward, the final version come with Daisy that fit better a yuri project but this version with creampie was damn hot so not fair don’t make it see the light. Little compromise that way showing it as reward… °w°
Also was a crazy week at work, they started to construct a residential building near the office and for two week the earthwork process will be damn noisy with strong vibrations. We were close to move to another place and finally decided use the warehouse more far from the noise. Now the place I work turned into a big mess… O_o


Time for a new illustration with January patreon raffle originally planned to be made by Ocanya that gone silent and finally commissioned to LadyBarbero, the first artist wasn’t really confident about his commission ability but wanted to give a try, now he’s profile wasn’t updated since a month and notes never get answer so no idea what happen. Also little coincidence since Ivan requested Daisy to join Rosalina again. ^^
At first, Ivan asked ‘Rosalina in a futbol uniform like peach and daisy have‘ but Ocanya that had to make the illustration at start wanted to try NSFW so I asked if can go to something more explicit. The second and final idea was ‘face sit one [..] with daisy, rosalina on top‘ and it’s this one that finally goes to LadyBarbero. Last part was about outfit and it was decided to move from futbol to tennis uniform and no doubt the short dress on Rosalina outfit was perfect for that scene… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Seeing the sketch from LadyBarbero, Ivan said it looks good but ‘Rosa breasts should be revealed for more eroticism‘, as a pervert it sure sounded hot but as Rosalina cosplayer I already made her tennis suit and that kind of close is really not made to show breasts. The only way to make breasts visible would be Rosalina dress totally ruined/torn but that sounded more rape than eroticism, I just hope Ivan is happy with the final version.
Other detail, I was surprised LadyBarbero haven’t open crotch Rosalina’s pantyhose, even more with a cunni action then noticed she followed the reference I sent so can’t blame her at all. I haven’t asked to open it and finally I must admit a cunnilingus through pantyhose is surprisingly hot. That way it’s original Just need to imagine Rosalina’s pantyhose going wet and make her pussy appear is sure exciting, also could say LadyBarbero save me some time that way since no need to make a censored version for patreon… XD
Little advice: when you ask for a commission be sure prepare a clear idea and limit the number of references, for this one I wanted to mix two references for pose and point of view but I wasn’t enough clear for LadyBarbero. Both of ended with something different in mind so really be careful and be sure make it the more easier to understand. Anyway LadyBarbero still did a great job and Rosalina appear even more hot as expected, just you don’t see Daisy body but whatever. Rosalina’s body, face and the cunni action are on a perfect angle to show the best of that wonderfull princess… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: LadyBarbero / 20$ commission
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090
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#807 – Indecent suit for pervert princess

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Patreon bonus: HD VERSION OF THIS ILLUSTRATION for 2$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo Blazblue Rachel sexy hentai porn yuri cunni cunnilingus Mario lolita

Watching Mazzacho livestream last month on phone, I noticed Picarto app is the same kind as youtube using soo much datas on phone so I had to quickly stop. You can see on the last how my data use evolved in less than two weeks. After that I had to stop everything being too close to the limit.
What I don’t understand is why they don’t manage picarto or youtube app to use less datas? It’s not impossible since one hour on netflix don’t use more than 10mn in those two (also heard that twitch isn’t great with data too).


After a cute ecchi illustration, it’s time to increase the naughtiness level with a second illustration by Mazzacho based on the illustration in the left. The idea was Rosalina in a really tight suit showing all the curves from her breasts, so bad that swimsuit is considered as “impossible clothing” but art allow us to cheat so why resist? °w°
Another difference from the previous Mazzacho‘s illustration we move from a sweet solo to a naughty duo with Daisy joining the fun after seeing Rosalina so sexy wearing this indecent suit, I don’t think too many people could resist after see this princess looks so damn erotic. So many details on the suit that is tight, transparent and open crotch, everything that Mazzacho managed so perfectly and I hope you also like the result guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
When Mazzacho started working on the sketch, it had 3 variations: solo and du with Daisy and Shy Guy fuck, having a yuri project the idea with Daisy was sure the best but 3rd one also looks damn hot. I’ll soon show the sketch with Shyguys fucking Rosalina as patreon reward to make this piece see the light somewhere but keep something exclusive. This illustration also needed hours of work on Rosalina’s suit colour process as you can see in the gif, was surprising see how different it could look depending the moment you were looking at it and I can’t imagine how many layers of shading Mazzacho managed to reach this texture… °o°
I always love to see and share wip cause from the sketch to final version an illustration can get many changes and it’s interesting to see something can looks different even during the colouring process. As exemple from the sketch on left there was changes on Rosalina’s expression and outfit, at first Mazzacho gave her feetless legwear (took me lot of time find the perfect name) and in the middle of colouring process he decided to finally extend it and get feet covered. Second point that surprised me the most is Rosalina’s expression, the expression was like full of happiness and she become more shy and surprised when Mazzacho coloured it and added blushing effect that turn her more shy and innocent but still so sexy… ^__^
While Mazzacho was streaming and the illustration still with Rosalina wearing footless legwear, her suit made me think at Yoga like they were doing some streetching exercises, just so bad yoga isn’t really that way cause for sure I would never miss a single seance, even more if there is Rosalina… Anyway back to the final version, when you consider the way Rosalina’s is dressed she can’t be surprised the way it goes with Daisy, kinda remind me the script of a porn movie that is totally stupid but whatever, the movie can still be really pleasant to watch as this powerfull illustration Mazzacho made… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

This one was the second February illustration from the monthly commission deal I have with Mazzacho, the first one is on the left. If you are curious about artist work and want to be impressed, don’t miss watch Mazzacho streaming to discover about his skills and how perfectly he manage software art products, sometimes it looks more like magic than just technique and make me wonder what other super powers he still hide to us… °o°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
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#743 – Indiscrete horny winner

It’s a long time no one posted a comment on the blog so I was curious if there is some troubles with it, at a moment all was blocked cause a spam protection pluggin so it could happen again. I finally decided to try and you know what guys? The comment section is perfectly working… :p
More than an illustration, next post will announce a free event everybody can participate. It’s was a long time I haven’t do something to make visitors participate since ‘Your dream by…‘ so I hope this upcoming one will be a success and many people will come to vote during the month… ^^


New piece I received from Ivan that is so supportive as naughty and sent me this illustration made by HauntedDoge, another talented artist than I’m so happy to present you. This piece featuring Rosalina and Daisy during Olympic game award ceremony with a special touch on Rosalina. Before commission this piece to HauntedDoge, Ivan asked me if there would be a problem with futa but since the only rule is ‘no men‘ this fetish was perfectly fine… Anyway Rosalina look really hot that way… °w°
From the first sketch (on the right), you can see Rosalina pose and expression changed for something less excessive and the second point is moving from bust to full body so there was really lot of work for HauntedDoge. There is also a detail that may be wrong, I guess you’ll never see high heels during a gymnastic competition but we are not here to follow rules and standards, even more when you start asking a futa Rosalina revealing a huge bulge in public. We can also talk about their shoes but as high heels addict I will never complain about that decision and HauntedDoge managed them so nicely, it’s powerfull…. \(^o^)/
HauntedDoge made both suits really tight and hot revealing many exciting details like Rosalina’s breasts perfect curves, Daisy pussy and for sure this indencent and shocking bulge according to Daisy expression. A gymnastic suit have to be tight but it must be even more that way for Rosalina since you can even see the vein appear through the suit, not really comfy and Rosalina may be impatient remove it but what can appear once both ladies will be back in dressing room? So much possibilities to continue HauntedDoge‘s illustration, Rosalina removing alone the pressure or abuse of Daisy sweet body in dressing room or even shower, what scene would you imagine?

Feel free left a comment about a subsequent scene or story you could imagine
If looks enough inspiring it could be a great reference for upcoming illustration

If you wish to see more of HauntedDoge feel free visit place listed below, a lot of great piece to see and some so powerfull as hot like Samus, Velma and even Jessie illustrations. Commissions are sure open if you feel interested and as you can see HauntedDoge really do her best for her clients. Just a little sad the blog watermark is missing on her posts, can’t promote the project that way… U_u

Artist: HauntedDoge / Cost: ??? (gift)
Deviantart: www.haunteddoge.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/HauntedDoge
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/HauntedDoge/profile

One year ago: #622 – Luma extase
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#655 – Naughty trio for naughty costumes

Thanks to all that supported me for this month and congrat to Curtis that won September patreon raffle. This time you can request Lunakiri a duo with Rosalina for sure but you are free for second girl, pose, clothes and any fetishes you want to add as long it match the artist style and rules. Anyway Lunakiri lost internet for a month so it will be a little delayed, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but give plenty of time to find a great idea. ^^
Edited the html code of the site at some points, the more noticeable change is finally titles that now appear in black color instead of that blue close to backgroudn color, easier to read on that way. Wanted to put them in yellow the titles and header are linked and change color give some crazy results O_o


To be able have regular updated on the blog I must always keep some illustrations in backside for when I don’t receive a lot so they are always a delayed from the moment I received them from the artist. Anyway it don’t always work that way and that’s understandable as for Psicoero that directly published it on his side after finished this princess trio. Since it was published on rule34 and HentaiFoundry so better it goes on the blog and Tumblr at same time to be sure everybody enjoy it and use that awesome piece Psicoero made to promote the project.
You can see on the right that Psicoero already drew that kinky trio for the project (See the full post here) and told me he would love work on that trio again and it was a good opportunity for me too. There is some kinky outfits inspired from Mario series that I love so much and wanted to keep as ref for an illustration, so it was a great way to get some of my fav in the same piece. I sent them as ref to Psicoero, Peach with Bowser suit created by CaptainJerkpants, Rosalina as Tanooki inspired by Legoman art and catgirl suit for Daisy from Mario 3D World game inspired by an illustration I received last year.
Since those suits were important for me, the pose also was a little challenge cause have to be something nice that make all girls interact together but still offer us a nice view on each body to enjoy those sexy outfits. I sent some refs to Psicoero but he finally go on his own with the pose and the one he figured was perfect, just think he must have a little fetish for girls licking from behind, already happened twice for Peach and also can’t be perfect without some sexy high heels as I love, thanks so much Psicoero… \(^o^)/
*at first Psicoero missed the suits refs I sent him and sketched the trio wearing lingerie. I really wanted get those suits I had in mind from the start and he had the kindness change it for me but be sure as lingerie lover is hard take that decision and know this sexy lingerie will never see the light. Anyway I’m always amazed by Psicoero style and how he can make some impressive realistic look sometimes so be sure consider commission him kinky fanarts or celebrities illustrations. You’ll be able see him streaming your commission on Picarto and that sure really powerfull to see how goes your illustration… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 70€ (55€ for patreon)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero/
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#603 – Daisy need some punishment

March is here and it was time for a new raffle for patrons members. On february the winner asked for a duo with Rosalina and Victoria Seras from Hellsing, the illustration will be on the next post so stay turned. For March the idea is ‘Rosalina mud fight Mai shiranua nude’ and it will be draw by StormHippo. The mud and messy parts sounds like a challenge for the artist but let see how it will be… °w°
Also I was looking at Bravely Second wiki info about the game and some jobs outfits are really cool, wonder to create a little series with Rosalina dressed like this but since there is 30 different job it must be really huge to get 30 pin-up chibi at the same time… Also must see it I pick safe or more kinky, what your opinion guys?3


Today let me tell you a little story with Rosalina and Daisy that was created but the so cool and kind Uxdragon, After a huge day managing her kingdom Daisy decided to release pressure using her favourite dildo (never told it will be soft story). While Daisy was playing herself, Rosalina discover about her and was kinda frustrated Daisy started this little game without so Rosalina decided to punish Daisy and add a spicy touch to this kinky time.
At first Uxdragon offered me to draw Rosalina and sent me a sketch that you can see on the lest, it turned really cool and love Rosalina wand with that dynamic touch so I asked him if the accept to make a duo and as you can see he accepted (how powerfull). so Daisy joined and then started this story. Be sure it was lot of work and changes for Uxdragon to make the final piece is so incredible.
Two wonderfull princesses, those high heels I love, sexy suits with fishnet, lingerie, cute touch with Lumas, dynamic part with Rosalina want, kinky action, some toys, sexy mistress and then the star of a so damn naughty nights that all can imagine what will happen next. Uxdragon added so much elements and as if he don’t have a damn epic and detailed style there is everything to amaze us. °w°
Must admit I’m a little surprised Uxdragon chosen Daisy, not that I don’t like her, both make an amazing (and damn sexy duo) but I expected him to choose his OC Lysithea that is really cool and appear so much on his art. As you can see on the bottom there is so much places where you can find about Uxdragon‘s art so don’t miss to take a look and give him some support or comment, he really deserve it.

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: Gift
Tumblr (SFW):www.uxdragonart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW):www.uxxxdragonart.tumblr.com
DeviantArt (SFW): www.uxdragon.deviantart.com
FurAffinity (NSFW):www.furaffinity.net/user/uxdragon
Hentaifoundry (NSFW):www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Uxdragon/profile

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Nintendo – Daisy N°8 (Bikini and high heels)


I have a huge problem with the Speedpainting page. I used the site Wistia to upload two videos that Youtube too explicit for youtube but I was reported and banned. I’m now looking to a site where I can upload my videos and have a code to integrate them to the blog. Any suggestion guys?

Also, Smash bros. is coming soon but about Amiibo, the Rosalina one wasn’t announced. For sure it must come next year with the Zero Suit Samus one (love her new design) and I’m sure she will be so freaking beautifull. Can’t wait to see more and maybe more products with Rosalina… °w°


Planned to update Rosalina’s C.V. (smash bros. isn’t in the list for now) but due to problems on Speedpainting page everything is in hold but not a reason stop publish and today there is a new epic illustration made but the powerfull otakuwill, he have an excellent style and nice fetishes (sexy pin-up and high heels). I asked him to take part to the blog and he accepted creating a marvelous and damn sexy duo with Daisy. Thanks so much otakuwill… (^o^)/

I found otakuwill from his hottest illustration with Sailor scout on rule34. I love so much high heels and adding a lovely girl with damn sexy pose you can be sure I wanted to see more and that’s why I otakuwill on Deviantart. You can be sure I was amazed with his gallery, so much wonderfull pin-up and for sure all with high heels. Was impossible don’t “spam” hi about the blog and after that I end with a nice friend and powerfull duo in bikini. I hope you like it…

To be honest I don’t remember why otakuwill chosen Daisy to be with Rosalina but for sure he made an excellent job, an the main point was about high heels and he didn’t forgot about it. That pose and action make them really sexy and sensual but keep it soft like true pin-up.

Love how Daisy hold Rosalina bikini and seem she will slowly remove it and must be more intimate after that (love otakuwill‘s idea). In other hand like Rosalina and Daisy expression they are looking at us and maybe just want to tease us but the show must be epic. I wonder what otakuwill have in mind with this illustration but each one can make his own story, that’s the true power of a great illustration. Just let your imagination make it alive and enjoy the show… ~__^

Artist: otakuwill  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Deviantart: www.otakuwill.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetgrapestudio

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#371 – Nintendo – Daisy N°7 (Neko and Racoon)

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nintendo mario princess rosalina tomb raider lara croft hentai porn crossover yuri lesbian
For people who don’t know, by joining Mavruda’s site (mydirtydrawings.com) you can ask for a free illustration for each month membership. So you pay 15$ and can ask a 45$ commission and enjoy the site during a month, I think it sound more than interesting.

I will be a member for a while and I hesitate to start a new project or series with Mavruda but don’t have something great in mind. Maybe I’ll use it to increase a little the “Where is my pokemon?” collection or ask him random characters for the global collection… Any ideas or suggestions guys?


Now I’m sure a lot of you know the WiiU and heard about the next Mario 3D land who will be available next month. The only new and fun detail with this game it that Mario and his friends can now be turned as lovely cat running on walls and catchs ennemies. Really bad point, you can play Mario (what else), Peach, Luigi and Toad but nothing about other Mario characters like Daisy and of course Rosalina… U_u

I was lookign for some fanarts of the neko peach (who look really lovely) and I found some really adorable or maybe when I switch to rule34 a little more… Hem… Explicit but after that I really wanted to have Rosalina wearing a lovely blue neko outfit, that’s why this commission to oOPink-NinjaOo… ^^

oOPink-NinjaOo is a really powerfull and great artist who already contributed to the blog. She drew Rosalina with Ema Skye from Ace Attorney as commission (see it here) or with Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralf during the Rosalian x Girl contest (see it here) and I decided to commission again oOPink-NinjaOo to draw a sexy neko Rosalina. I was sure her style will be perfect for this illustration and as you can see the result id so powerfull… (^o^)/

To keep the theme we decided to pair Rosalina with Peach but instead of two neko outfits, Daisy will be as a lovely (pervert) racoon. I’m sure you don’t understand why they saying “Don’t forget us” But it’s now too late and not sure this illustration will help Nintendo do something to add them… So bad… U_u

As you can see oOPink-NinjaOo sent me two sektch and asked me why I prefer for tail and chosoe into normal one or but plug. I psoted a message on twitter but nobody answered so I took the decision to cheat and asked both to oOPink-NinjaOo. Rosalina with a but plufg tail and Daisy with a normal tail. I hope you like the result guys.

oOPink-NinjaOo is a really amazing artist still open for commission, don’t hesitate to take a look to her deviantart gallery (here) and why not let her make your dreams come true. She can draw really lovely and horny girls for an interesting price. I must commission oOPink-NinjaOo again in the future, but I hesitate into Temari or a sexy pokemon… What a huge dilema… U_u

Artist: oOPink-NinjaOo / Cost: 20$

One year ago: Borderlands 2 – Queenbee dressed as Moxxi

#323bis – Nintendo – daisy N°6

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi daisy
Less than 20 day left before the event Your dream by… Don’t forget than you are free to suggest what you love and Mavruda will draw the illustration if he love the idea… Why not let your dream come true? You can also talk to the event to your friend… Oh yeah… ^^

At startI wanted to make an introduction a little more ironic for people who never take the time to read and visit the blog but after all, if they didn’t read it must be stupid to talk to them… so instead of a stupid joke it’s a huge thanks to all people who stopped here… You are amazing guys.

And once again, don’t forget to participate to the event
(See, I found how to make a flickering link… XD)


An other illustration from the Rosalina x girl contest who happened in June before start alterning with newest drawings for the next publications. Don’t know how announce to artists that the publication is done but also really late without reason, if maybe there is someone who want to note MDVillarreal it must be really helpfull. Though I have to do it myself, it’s my fault after all… U_u

So after an tender moment with Tifa Rosalina is now back to her universe and you can be sure Nintendo also have really powerfull girls. Rosalina met Peach a lot but also didn’t forget the last princess of the mushroom kingdom and have now an intimate moment with daisy. It’s a huge thanks and congrat to MDVillarreal for this amazing piece. An other great illustration who didn’t had the chance to win at the contest but as you can see MDVillarreal did an excellent job, I love the result… °w°

Rosalina and Daisy look really amazing with MDVillarreal style. If you remember the original style of them from Nintendo games they now look more mature and adult, also more realistic like these two girls can be true (sound lovely)… They are beautifull, strong and really expressive (not horny but pervert). It’s like they were caught but it’s don’t seem to be a problem… XD

Once again MDVillarreal thanks so much for your participation and really sorry for this late publication. I have some Rosalina x Daisy illustration but as always new artist and new style made illustrations totally different than all existing in the blog… This once was an amazing surprise, that’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

Artist: MDVillarreal / Cost: special (contest)

One year ago: Solo – Simply cute
Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Viper GTS (see it here)

#313-328 – Rosalina x Girl contest results… 16 entries

Thanks to everydody for making this first contest a success… (^o^)/

It was a long time I wanted to host a contest in the group but due to a lack of interest and comments it never happened untill the Deviantart group AdultAnonymous accepted to host it. After a month an 16 participants it’s now time to show all submission and of course the result…

Thansk so much to AdultAnonymous, All artistes who participated and helped with a prize. I met a lot of amazing peoples and even if there was some misunderstandting I’m really happy how it turned, a lot of amazing surprises and really powerfull drawings.

This post show all entries of the Rosalina x Girl contest. Of course each drawing will have his own post and description, I’ll do my best make an epic post for each illustrations… Oh yeah… °w°


At start officials winners:

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover peach yuri sexy1st place: Rosalina x Peach by endoh69
Congrat to endoh69 for his victory and this really lovely pairing with Rosalina and Peach. It’s a really amazign duo and also the more “realistic”, maybe it’s because that I have so much drawings with these two girls… ^^

A little quote: ‘I think you can say this is hot, but not at the point it is erotic, bu at the same time i think is very cute because their hugging each other in a lovely way‘… Of course they are sexy but also look really romantic and tender. Rosalina and Peach face are also a great point, good job endoh69… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon toukou yuri sexy ecchi2nd place: Rosalina x Touko (Pokemon) by soulkenh
Second place was for soulkenh who had a really powerfull and funy idea, of course why not try to capture Luma, nobody know this “pokemon” and Touko must do an amazing discovery.

I played a lot pokemon and had a litte idea. If I capture a Luma and hold it, Rosalina must come. Touko will give me a hand. ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon nurse joy yuri sexy hentai porn3rd place: Rosalina x Joy (pokemon) by FedoGrim
FedoGrim was a little late to submit her drawingbut he drew a really powerfull drawing and finally won a prize with the 3rd place.

This drawing is lovely, sexy and funny. I love the close-up, Joy with her embarrassed face is so lovely and Rosalina seems have dirty ideas in mind… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Darkstalker felicia yuri sexy lingerieHonorable mention: Rosalina x Felicia (Darkstalker)
Codynn was the first to submit her drawign to the contest (there is a little reason though) and drew a damn lovely pairing with Rosalina and Felicia. I lvoe these two girl and already commissioned this pairing for the blgo there is a loooonnng time and they are back, thanks so much Codynn and congrat for the honorable place…. °w°

Important detail, only two drawings are with traditional art. For a lot of people it’s not so powerfull as digital but if you have friends who only draw with pencils and copics you must know than traditionnal art have soemthing magic and I’m glad Codynn reach a great place… ^^


Special prizes:

Yeah, I decided to offer two special prizes for my prsonnal favorite drawings, it’s like a little bonus for two artists… I can make everybody a huge prize but really wanted to add a little more. I must admit it was really hard to choose and I wanted to add more prizes butwith a dead budget (thanks to the veterinarian), that’s impossible… U_u

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Lilith Borderland sexy yuriSpecial prize: Rosalina x Lilith (Borderland)
It’s finally KhalFrodo (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration) who win with this really beautifull colaboration. so much great drawings and ideas but sincerely this one have a lot of details (tatoo, weapons, masks) and also created a little story for the description. It make the drawing alive and more realistic.

the backgroung look great but my favorite detail is Rosalina wand, I want the same… °w°

Honorable prize: Rosalina Does A Tribute To Federico Fellini
This drawing didn’t receive any vote and I agree than Jabba7 don’t have the amazing style as you expect but without just Jabba7 style and level this drawing is the more powerfull I received for this contest… Oh yeah…

Jabba7 made this drawing to celebrate the 50th anniversary 8 1/2 movie and it’s an honnor to see Rosalina here. You can see the trailer of the movie here and can try to find these three girls with Rosalina.

All these girls are really important but Rosalina wearing this black dress is also a reference to an other black and white movie, wait for the full post for more infos.



More epic pieces:

It’s now time to show all participants, it will be in alphabetical order so there isn’t any préference. By the way I decided to send a little prize to all artists as thanks for their efforts. The contest is not epic becasue the three winners but because so much artists decided to participate, thank so much everybody… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover jessica rabbit sexy yuriRosalina x Jessica Rabbit:
First time than SeductiveGeisha painted anything fully and for a first time the result is really beautifull, they are so sexy but also really lovely and sensual together. Rosalina face is so cute and I love lingerie, they are amazing… °w°

Instead of Jessicaleft breast who look a little too much “perfect”, SeductiveGeisha did an excellent job. I’m glad he contributed to the blog with this so beautifull pairing (Yeah, Jessica is a really sensual a beautifull girl) but also had fun with it and tried new techniques, I hope it was a great experience… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover DC wonder woman yuri hentai porn bondageRosalina x Wonder Woman
I always have troubles with characters from Marvel and DC, for me the more important is the girl is amazing but you must be carefull with this detail when you talk with a comic lover or he will kill you…Maybe it’s the case for JosephBarringtonArt… ^^

This time o doubts than Wonder Woman is a DC character and will give some fun to Rosalina. I love your illustration, they are really sexy having some fun together but it’s also more tender and romantic, not hardcore but a fun and lovely moment… First time Rosalina have so so cute face in a bondage situation, good job JosephBarringtonArt

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Disney Ralf Sergeant Calhoun yuri hentai pornRosalina x Sergeant Calhoun
You can say than I’m a huge pervert and it’s not a problem. I have to admit than I love this drawing and especially Rosalina naughty face, she look so expressive and sexy. I think oOPink-NinjaOo drew one of the more pervert and exciting Rosalina for the contest… Eh eh…

After saw Wreck-It Ralph I though this movie was amazing and must add some girls from this universe to the wishlist. Of course Vanellope because she’s a main character but my favorite was really Sergeant Calhoun and I’m so happy have now this paring… Thansk so much oOPink-NinjaOo… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover sexy yuri final fantasy tifaRosalina x tifa
For some peoples “Adult” mean “Porno”. I know that I’m a little pervert but didn’t have to be an “adult” for that and we can also love some drawings more romantic and sensual. girl don’t need to be naked with open legs to be amazing, it’s not that we call “Love” and there is a perfect example with this colab into GojiraMon (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration).

The result is amazing, they are really beautifull and sexy don’t come first in my mind, that’s so lovely, romantic, sensual… They are sooo cute… I also love this funny touch with Mario and Cloud in the background. It because drawings like this one than I’m so sad there isn’t more prizes for this contest… T_T

nintendo mario princess rosalina daisy yuri porn lesbianRosalina x Daisy
Of course when you ask for a Nintendo princess a lot of people say Peach but there is a third princess (after Rosalina) than we can forget. Thansk so much to MDVillarreal for this amazing Rosalina x Daisy… °w°

Peach il always kidnapped so Daisy and Rosalina can easilly have some fun together in her castle (but don’t say anything to Peach or Mario). They look so strong but also really beautifull and pervert. Great point than Rosalina still have her dress… It’s don’t hide a lot of her but it’s an important part of the caracter… You drew a really powerfull pic MDVillarreal… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach sexy yogaRosalina x Peach
Just have to be logical, when I ask for a draw with Rosalina and an other girl, artist often think rosalina = Nintendo = Peach… Of course they have the same style, are from the same universe and in Mario galaxy Peach is the only girl than Rosalina meet.

Rosalina and Peach again and again, it’s the 23th time I have this pairing but they are still so powerfull together. Congrat to War-Off-Evil for this amazing piece.

nintendo mario princess rosalinacrossover metroid samus yuri sexyRosalina x Samus
If you don’t look just at Mario Bros. games I’m sure you agree than Nintendo have other really powerfull and amazing girls like Samus and this time applauses to Ryujisama who joined the contest with these two girl… Oh yeah… ^^

For people who play Mario kart you must know than Rosalina have the same properties than Bowser. she’s not so huge as him but in Mario galaxy Rosalina size is 2 meters (yeah, really). that’s curious see Ryujisama drew Samus higher than Rosalina but he said than ‘her Power Suit adds a few inches to her height‘… Yeah, why not… XD

nintendo mario princess rosalina original demon futanari hentai pornRosalina x Futa demon (Original character)
When I started the Rosalina x girl project I didn’t know what is really and OC (original character) but finally artist create these character adding there own style and all the love so at the end there is some epic girls like this futa demon by FE1K0.

I love love how Rosalina is riding this huge futa dick… they look really beautifull, really sexy but FE1K0 also created something pretty funny too… I love the result and this drawing… °w°

Rosalina x Nega Rosalina
It was the last entry submited to the contest, drew by TheTransformTentacle and also one of the more curious I saw for this contest. This second girl really look to Rosalian so I thought she’s like a Dark-Rosalina or a shadow-Rosalina but in the title, TheTransformTentacle said “Nega Rosalina”… what this?

I’m also curious with these square nipples. It look really special but also this Nega Rosalina have her own style. I’m really curious to hear mroe about TheTransformTentacle and know if all was expected, more infos for the main publication of this drawing… ^^

Rosalina x black girl
A huge thanks and congrat to slaphoeproductions who knew than he didn’t have a lot of chance to win the contest but finally participated to the contest. I’m really happy each time I see a new drawing with Rosalina. The more important is not the level of the artist but when people have interest for my project and the kindness to contribute,t hat’s just so powerfull… (^o^)/

The blog have more than 300 illustrations but slaphoeproductions is the first artist who pair her with a black girl… After two years there is style a lot of surprises, it’s magic… XD


It’s the end of the Contest, I hope guys you love these drawing and don’t hesitate to let a little comment here for al artists who contributes or if you want to react to this contest. I’m a little sad it’s now over but it was sooo long to make this post. sincerely I need more like 4-5 hours to write it, Yeah, it was really hard but it’s my job to create the best post I can as honnor to all artists who contributed, Oh yeah… ^^

#280 – Nintendo – Daisy N°5

It’s always a huge dilemma when I find an old drawing I totally missed in my mailbox… In one hand it’s a “new” one for the blog so must be a really original post because nobody know the drawing (or totally forgot it) but for the artists, it’s not really fair. When I found this Rosalina x Daisy I thought ‘How I can missed this one… How I can missed to publish a drawing with Rosalina… That’s so stupid‘… T_T

I often apologize in my mails for the long time to reply but this time it’s really more than 2-3 days late but 4 months since I receive this drawing… I’m really sorry about that Throat but now I have your drawing and it’s time to show your incredible art to the world… Rosalina x Daisy again but when it’s beautifull there is never enough… Oh yeah.

I tried to find more about the fact than Throat chosen to pair Rosalina with Daisy but can’t find any interesting informations in his mail, Throat just said ‘I’m sure you’ve already got a large amount of Rosaline x Daisy but… Here’s more. :3‘ and same thing for his hentaifoundry gallery, I can just say he love video game girls. Though you can also take a look a Throat‘s gallery too, there is a lot of great drawings… °w°

It’s not the first drawing I have with Rosalina and an other girl, stick together having a long kiss. There is really a lot of situations like this in the blog and it will be soo long to list all but this drawing have something different; it look more sensual and romantic. Not a pose than you can see in a fapping blog but who can happened in the true life… That’s so beautifull and lovely (but still really sexy)… XD

Thanks so much for your participation and interest Throat and once again sorry for my huge fail. Artists really spend a lot of time to draw Rosalina and help me increase the collection so after that my objective is to write the best post I can and make the artist honoured with the post… Please forgive me Throat

Artist: Throat / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: http://throatsart.tumblr.com/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Throat/profile

#269 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach & Daisy N°3

I played minecraft with some friends and no time for the blog but5 days without any update here, that’s not good. I agree it’s not so much complicated post a new drawing but that’s always so hard find what I can say for a great post and like my english level I’m not really fast… With all updates in the wishlist and first post I think I need like 2 hours for a post… I must work faster… T_T

So let’s enjoy this new drawing by the lovely Bugaboo. He have an awesome style and some drawing so powerfull in his gallery, his arabian girls are damn beautifull (and sexy) but there is other girls I love like Cynthia, Haruhi and if you want to see the other, don’t hesitate take a look to Bugaboo’s gallery (you wont regret it guys)… ^^

After a solo arabian rosalina (see it here), Now it’s time to have some fun with Peach and Daisy in the Harem (but who is the owner?)… I love Rosalina face a little surprised but she still have some experience with Peach and Daisy and like the pose I’m sure she’s ready to enjoy it… Oh yeah…

A huge thanks to Bugaboo because at start the original version is with piercings and naked girls (you can see it here) but Bugabooremembered Harmonie_Rosalina‘s birthday as being around this time, and I remembered he always liked the transparent clothing but disliked the piercings of the Arabian series. So here you go!… And that’s true, I’m not a huge fan of piercings but transparent clothing or lingerie is amazing… Thanks so much Bugaboo… (^o^)/

Artist: Bugaboo / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Black cat from Marvel’s universe (see it here)

#242 – Mario – Daisy N°4

I didn’t expected the little event for my birthday can cause a little war here and sincerely I’m not interesting about that… I received a curious or pretty funny drawing I’ll show you in my birthday post on January and for people who didn’t notice it, on the bottom of each post there is a little vote, and the only I received is from a guys who voted “dislike” twice in each post… But finally I glad about one point… They are just jealous… XD

It was a long time since I show drawing with Peach and Daisy, at a moment artists often suggested these character, that’s why I have more than drawing with Peach and Rosalina but since summer holidays, Peach and Daisy were missing… Though the problem is now fix for Daisy, thanks so much to Savvader for this awesome drawing…

It was one year since I asked to Savvader if he can draw Rosalina as request for my blog, the answer was “yes” so just so nice but after that I never heard Savvader and totally forgot him… But he never forget me… (^o^)/

Hope you like this drawing guys, it’s really sexy, pretty romantic and I love the Luma; it’s just so funny… And like Savvader’s gallery there is a chance it’s not the only Rosalina he made… I published an other drawing I think with Rosalina and Daisy but as category he selected Games » Mario » Princess “Peach” Toadstool… With Savvader‘s style we don’t really recognize Rosalina lock and her hair style look a little different, more like Peach one so I prefer ask… And maybe you will hear more about Savvader soon…. Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Savvader / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Missy from Elite Beat Agents

#168 – Nintendo – Daisy N°03

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian daisy

There is a pretty famous contest in HentaiFoundry, I’m really interesting to have a contest like this and see awesome publicatiosn for my blog, maybe don’t have the money for 450$ prizes… So bad… With adds here I earned 2$, not interesting for a contest like that… T_T

So today it’s not a colored drawing, just a line… But a really nice and so funny… It was a long time since OneObese accepted my request but he don’t have only deadline, and the mor eimportant it’s to see the drawing done at a moment… And it’s now here… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

An interesting detail, sometimes before, the artist who draw me Rosalina with Bayonetta as commission (see the drawing here) say me she will draw me an other drawing to apologize the long time I waited for the drawing, the concept was the other character using a huge dildo on Rosalina but I never see the drawing… So when I see the drawing it was a great surprise, thanks so much OneObese… Now I must find somebody to color it, the result must be powerfull… XD

I love the detail of the wand spreader bar and the little “dialog” in the bottom make it more sexy and pretty funny… So don’t worry about the delay OneObese, you does a really nice pic and I’m so happy publish it here… Not a new girl, but it’s actualy the funniest drawing in the blog as me…

Artist: OneObese / Price: Request

#143 – Nintendo – Peach + Daisy N°2

princess Rosalina nintendo easter bunnygirl yuri peach daisy

Happy Easter everybody… (^o^)/

Yesterday I see a blog when the girl say see reach 100.000 views and have more 30.000 comments. Here there is 38.000 views and 46 comments for the moment… So bad you are not a lot who comment here… Say your opinion guys… Say you’re alive!!! And about this, a huge thanks to Yukikah who post more than 30 comments here… And to answer to some other comments, I’ll move some watermarks soon on the bottom, It’s now done for Rosalina and Menace, enjoy it guys… (And a thanks as comment is always appreciate… ;p)

So about the new pic it’s a commission asked to EcchiTako, He have a nice style and gallery but the best is his little “Pet play” series click here see it). There is bird, pony and puppy in his gallery, Maybe I really want more with this serie and maybe with Rosalina so I asked a pic… hope you like the result guys.

EcchiTako idea was “Rosalina being fussed over by Peach and Daisy, who are turning her into a little corseted bunny girl.”… Maybe the idea was great a it must a be good post for easter and I love this pic, Rosalina is so beautifull and sexy like this, maybe ask a commission again EcchiTako must be a great idea, I must think about that… ^^

#126 – Mario – Daisy N°2

 When artists accepts requests for my blog, they often choose to show Peach with Rosalina now I try to suggest other character and it’s Daisy who is often submit… Rosalina is from Nintendo and it’s often Nintendo character who are suggested… I understand it’s not easy to drawn a crossover with character really differents but I must do my best to show Rosalina with a lot of other girls. Like that, in every search we must find Rosalina, discover Rosalina and love Rosalina (but not enought as me or I’ll be jealous)… XD

So this new drawing was a commission from Gers. I ask him this drawing when I see he do 5$ oral commissions, but at start it must be a girl (only the bust) and a guy (only the… You know)… I ask for two girls and fullbody so there is some extra cost but like the result and price, I’m really happy with this drawing… Just a little sad cause I asked for high heels but nothing… So I don”t think it’s the more important… Just enjoy… ^^

I love Rosalina like this, she have a specific hair style but every artist drawn her with their own style so every time she look different, and interesting… That’s why I ask requests or commission to a lot of artists, to have a lot of Rosalina but see her with a lot of differents style… And that’s so nice to see a lot of pics in the blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Gers /  Price: 11$