Nintendo – Daisy N°8 (Bikini and high heels)


I have a huge problem with the Speedpainting page. I used the site Wistia to upload two videos that Youtube too explicit for youtube but I was reported and banned. I’m now looking to a site where I can upload my videos and have a code to integrate them to the blog. Any suggestion guys?

Also, Smash bros. is coming soon but about Amiibo, the Rosalina one wasn’t announced. For sure it must come next year with the Zero Suit Samus one (love her new design) and I’m sure she will be so freaking beautifull. Can’t wait to see more and maybe more products with Rosalina… °w°


Planned to update Rosalina’s C.V. (smash bros. isn’t in the list for now) but due to problems on Speedpainting page everything is in hold but not a reason stop publish and today there is a new epic illustration made but the powerfull otakuwill, he have an excellent style and nice fetishes (sexy pin-up and high heels). I asked him to take part to the blog and he accepted creating a marvelous and damn sexy duo with Daisy. Thanks so much otakuwill… (^o^)/

I found otakuwill from his hottest illustration with Sailor scout on rule34. I love so much high heels and adding a lovely girl with damn sexy pose you can be sure I wanted to see more and that’s why I otakuwill on Deviantart. You can be sure I was amazed with his gallery, so much wonderfull pin-up and for sure all with high heels. Was impossible don’t “spam” hi about the blog and after that I end with a nice friend and powerfull duo in bikini. I hope you like it…

To be honest I don’t remember why otakuwill chosen Daisy to be with Rosalina but for sure he made an excellent job, an the main point was about high heels and he didn’t forgot about it. That pose and action make them really sexy and sensual but keep it soft like true pin-up.

Love how Daisy hold Rosalina bikini and seem she will slowly remove it and must be more intimate after that (love otakuwill‘s idea). In other hand like Rosalina and Daisy expression they are looking at us and maybe just want to tease us but the show must be epic. I wonder what otakuwill have in mind with this illustration but each one can make his own story, that’s the true power of a great illustration. Just let your imagination make it alive and enjoy the show… ~__^

Artist: otakuwill  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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