Street Fighter – Juri Han N°2

You can’t imagine how it’s hard to find a site when you can upload a video with adult content and when you can find code to integrate the video to other blog. Since I was banned from a site I must find a new place for speedpainting videos from Suika and Grillo illustrations. If you know some nice places feel free to drop me a note, must be really helpfull.

Also edited the Curriculum page adding infos about Shash Bros. on 3DS and WiiU. I was surrpised to see that the 3DS version was availale in Japan 3 weeks before the rest of the world but they will be the last to have the WiiU version. I wonder what the reason…


I’m sure a lot know street fighter and all powerfull ladies in this game, personally I played it a few times but must be a shame if Rosalina don’t spend have some fun trip in this universe and seem she really love it to be with Juri Han for the second time. A really fun illustration made by ttrop. You can see on the right the first illustration I received with Juri, as you can see she love to play with Rosalina’s body but this time it’s not so sensuel as Rosalina (and Luma) expected, I really love ttrop‘s idea and illustration, thanks so much… (^o^)/

With Smash Bros., Rosalina is now a true fighter with against Juri she don’t have experience, ttrop gave them great expressions, Juri look so happy yo play with her new pet and Rosalina keep and adorable and innocent face, maybe a day she will be the mistress but for the moment she have to be ready to all kinky ideas from her master. Other nice detail, the way ttrop drew Juri’s breasts add a dynamic touch, we can imagine her moving rythmicaly and Rosalina ass bouncing, so hot…°w°

As if Rosalina and Juri are gorgeous, ttrop also made an amazing background, so much cool ideas and fun details. I know Mario wont give troubles in that way and first time I see bondage on a Luma, Interesting… A really nice style and Gallery, don’t hesitate to take a look to ttrop‘s gallery on HentaiFoundry (here) or if you prefer he also have a Tumblr acount (here). Enjoy…

Artist: ttrop  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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