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#901 – Kinky lovers under the rain

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Patreon bonus: Trainer cunni (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy crossover Dagashi Kashi Hotaru Shidare rain wet wetlook hentai porn nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy crossover Dagashi Kashi Hotaru Shidare rain wet wetlook hentai porn

It’s always hard for me to post again after publications like the 900th one, I’m so proud and happy about those and don’t want it be hidden wih the upcoming posts but if there is moment I need make the project continue. Maybe I’ll give them a dedicated tag like “Special even” or “exceptional” for posts dedicated to Rosalina’s birthday or milestones as example but I know it wont change too much for you… ^^’
Well, it was announced the pipe sitting cowgirl to come but I… forget that stupid USB key again so I keep it for later (so annoying since I already prepared everything). Also I would like complain about that bad rainy and cold weather in France but after hear it goes to -40°C in the U.S. I can admit I’m pretty lucky. Anyway how is the weather your side guys? Tell me about the world °o°


So until I get my datas back, today is an illustration by Mothclip who celebrated a free commission to his most dedicated supporters, I always say it’s important give some love and support to artists but in this case the artist is giving even more in return (he’s crazy). Of course when the artist offer a free drawing it’s nice give him something pleasant to draw but once again I wasn’t able restrain from my crazy ideas and asked Mothclip a scene under the rain with wet clothes and see-through and… He accepted… °o°
I guess what gave me the more troubles was to find a character with clothing that would looks nice when wet and I decided pair Rosalina with Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi after found a reference I liked and that you can see on the left and that have a pose surprisingly really close to the ref pose I send (coincidence since I notice it just now). On my favourite princess side I also asked for something specific, I wanted Rosalina not wear her usual dress but a rubber style dress to play even more with the see-through part, you can see the dress on the bottom and I know it was a little too insane stuff to request to Mothclip but he was so kind accept my request and do his best with it… Thanks so much my friend.
It’s when getting a mail I discovered about the result and noticed Mothclip originally managed to draw a pink rain coat on Rosalina, I sure told him about my surprise about this detail about this point and he told me “it’s pink just because it looks better with wet effect. Actually at first it was bluish green, but you didn’t specify raincoat color in the description, so i thought it wasn’t important and changed it for better result“. Made me notice I should be really careful cause there is some points that are logical and evident for me that may not be for artists, anyway doing Rosalina cosplay at con there is people that ask me if I’m Peach even having a blue dress so imagine giving her pink clothes… O_o
Anyway Mothclip was incredibly kind and managed to rework on that part and give Rosalina a blue rain coat that suit her now sooo perfectly. Anyway I decided post both version here giving a cool bonus with alternative raincoat colour but even more to get people notice the full work Mothclip putted in this illustration and don’t miss there was time spent on both creation but also modifications.
If you wish get an illustration from Mothclip easier way is request for commission or prepare yourself until he reach the 2k fans milestone but don’t think it will be easy. As you could read on his 1k fans milestone post he offered an illustration to people that gave him a great and constant support with constructive comments and talks. Could sounds lot of time if you only consider the illustration but don’t miss the social part and be sure Mothclip is a really cool and kind guy to talk with… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission
For commissions: mothclip@gmail.com
One year ago: #801 – Tentacles invocation with Itou Mika
Next to come: Pipe sitting cowgirl (NSFW)
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#846 – Bible Black lingerie

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover bible black Jody crowley hentai porn yuri sexy lingerie
I was thinking how make my patreon page more noticeable and attractive like showing previews on articles or even create a sponsorship/referral program but with that last point my mind told me you are going to far here… ^^’
Anyway guys, if you read this and arent a patreon member… Why not take a look and give it a chance?


New commission to Mothclip featuring a lingerie duo with Rosalina and Jody crowley from Bible black based on an outfit that was so sexy and the pose itself was also kinda perfect to show the perfection of the dress. I was wondering about figure a colour scheme with more blue for the dress but Mothclip prefered keep it white as the original, lookign at the result it’s better that way and both girls dress in white make it more homogeneous. I hope you guys like the result. ^__^
The illustration was going to be with realistic style so Mothclip had to make some edits from the original pose cause “it’s not really possible to pose them in a way i wanted and keep at least some part of chest and face of Jody“, here the more important for me was about that outfit on Rosalina and the edit would make Jody body show more so there was no problem at all. Also still one hand on Rosalina’s breast and the second teasing a little her wet princess pussy so I kinda have nothing I could dislike here. Maybe some people could not be used to Mothclip‘s style and head propotions in this piece but just take time visit his page and discover his art them I’m sure you’ll be addicted as me… °w°
At first, Jody crowley had to be on the right according the reference pose I chosen but Rosalina’s hair style was one wrong way on Mothclip‘s first sketch so we flipped the piece, that way it was more convenient than make more complex edit/redo and the result is still gorgeous. There the sketch on right side if you are curious, also the only edit I asked to Mothclip was have a breast covered on Rosalina to get more tight and see-through effect from this outfit… °w°
From this illustration I’m totally in love with the way Mothclip managed fabric on Rosalina arms unintentionally giving it a wetlook effect, my side I’m totally addicted to wetlook and messy (really my #1 fetish) and here I see appear a style that I dream to get since years is a messy drawing with clothes turning wet and sticky in that exact way. Now I have a problem cause I thinking since months to find the perfect idea to commission Mothclip again but can’t decide about one, so much things I would love to see with Rosalina having her wet and sticky dress sticky with some see-through effect, it’s frustration. T_T
According the budget it will take time before I can manage a new illustration to Mothclip (in fact I can’t manage any commission at all until mid August actually) but he’s really an artist I admire and with to work with again in the future especially for this wetlook or messy drawing. Only part I’m sad about this talented artist his the private works he did and that I can’t see, kinda insisted (I know it’s bad) but now you can be sure Mothclip is as much dedicated to do his best working on commission that protect privacy of his customers, really an artist you can commission your dirty fetishes and trust to keep them secret… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission
For commissions: mothclip@gmail.com
One year ago: #735 – Snow White sleeping toy
Next to come: RosalinaKitty (and Mario) – SFW
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#833 – Volleyball vs Tennis

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Quiet special military training (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn crossover Kondou taeko Girls und panzer matting press strapon strap-on fuck
After some more investigation, the wishlist page was missing to list the girls in posts 626 to 665, so some girls that were paired with Rosalina weren’t listed. Any I got an artist trapped by my mistake, drawing a girl he thought she never met Rosalina to help me grow my collection but he picked a girl already paired with Rosalina cause an error I did, “face hitting desk“… U_u
Problem is now fixed then all girls and posts now appear on the wishlist but I sure other posts can be missing. For now I have to count again all girls who met Rosalina to fix the welcome post before focus on that new problem.


Long time before a new illustration by Mothclip but he’s the kind of artist I’ll always manage get a piece by him in stock to show here cause his level is freaking gorgeous. He’s really kind and dedicated to his clients ready to go to extreme content but a kinky scene was enough for me (and more safe to show here), anyway this time I requested Mothclip a matting press scene between Rosalina and Kondou taeko from Girls und panzer.
I don’t know too much about this series (a shame), must watch the series a day but for the game it’s only released in Japan and America so nothing in Europe for now, I’ll just never forget time I saw a man describe this series as “facist loli“, bit crazy but maybe not that bad concept. Anyway to tell more about the girl with Rosalina, Taeko is a first year student and also a member of the volleyball varsity so you can understand about the title “Volleyball vs Tennis” and her outfit as if I requested Mothclip to add a little… Well… Upgrade… °w°
Also the main point I wanted Mothclip to focus is the action itself and have to admit mating press pose is evil cause impossible get a great view on both action and characters, I kinda have to admit I came with impossible expectation and hope I didn’t bothered Mothclip who kept do the best he can to make it the more close to what I wanted. As you can see, the strap-on Kondou taeko use on Rosalina is pretty big, like the difference between ball in Tennis and Volleyball but after piranha plant tentacles and Bowser massive dick this strap-on just have the perfect size for a great fuck and according Rosalina expression she can handle this massive toy without troubles, kinda the part i consider as the hottest with this piece and I hope you like it guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About the process, the pose in first sketch Mothclip sent me was great and close to the final one, The only change was Taeko hand moved to hold Rosalina’s leg compared to the version you can see on the right. There also was needed to reverse the scene to get Rosalina hair lock on her right eye don’t be a trouble but it’s minor detail. There would also have too much to describe since Mothclip managed a lot of great points like shading with shiny clothes, light effect or little details like the strap-on flange, it’s so many little points that give the illustration a really cool impression and sure needed lot of time to draw and colour.
Now there is still two illustrations by Mothclip waiting to be posted here, the last he did gave me the inspiration for something that could be fucking epic but give me trouble find the perfect idea and scene before go for it. Anyway no use to keep waiting here, you can commission Mothclip for a great commission without need worry how weird it is, nothing he can’t manage and well, you can’t get more weird than me guys… ^^’

COINCIDENCE, the illustration posted on year ago was also made by Mothclip… ^^


Artist: Mothclip / 50$ commission
One year ago: #729 – Tight clothes wont stop tentacles
Next to come: Sexy school with Ahri (Ecchi)
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#794 – 2018 Birthday cuddles

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Planned post is delayed for this last minute one and a ravishing illustration I received from Mothclip as birthday gift, I’m sorry don’t put clickable link on his name but the only place he publish is highly NSFW so it’s better keep it safe and just give his commisison email at the bottom of the post. Back to the illustration itself, the cute girl cuddling Rosalina is Mothclip‘s mascot named Moth-girl, you can see on the right. It’s a really cute character that as always seeing one I wish to get with Rosalina so it was sure a wonderfull gift… thanks so much… \(^o^)/
I received a birthday wish from Mothclip after he saw it on the Skype notification, must admit that feature also help me a lot. Anyway I don’t like tell about my birthday before it come and feel like requesting something, even more when most of my contacts are both friends and artists. Anyway even with the last minute notification Mothclip managed draw a sweet piece and you can see he can make something powerfull in a short time. Bon anniversaire is the French for Happy birthday, I thought he translated from Russian Mothclip told me ‘i still don’t quite shure in my French but someone said that that is the way they said it in Belgium‘ and it’s true… ^__^
Second illustration after the Sandcastle summer wallpaper (see it here), I must admit I commissioned Mothclip more than 10 illustrations but they are most NSFW so it’s rare when I can show his art on the soft blog, also the SFW art come mostly from art I don’t request directly but with the safe page now as main I must do efforts to manage more cute art. Anyway I’ll take the opportunity from this SFW post to also show you this moth lady made as homage on the left, to be honest I’m not sure I can really show it but this piece is so lovely and also have a really strong meaning, that’s really this kind of art I admire and want to see the light… Oh yeah… °w°
There is a NSFW birthday piece I received a bit late and will publish on the next post to give it a great and proper description as it deserves.. Will only be on the adult website as you can imagine but if you are curious about it then stay tuned…

One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Delacroix sexy birthday wish (NSFW)
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#774/776 – Happy 10th Birthday Rosalina

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November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2017

Patreon bonus: All patrons get HD versions of these illustrations (4 times bigger)

It was now 10 years since Mario Galaxy was released in Japan on November 1st 2017 and Rosalina officially appeared to the world, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. After that she appeared in way more game (as if nothing new with her since the Switch) but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

I sure managed some illustration that you can see here and are published in the order I received them. Today is magic and a huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post… Oh yeah… °w°.


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm chocolate sploshing food pornWith a commission per month to Mothclip, it would be hard don’t use the opportunity get one to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday. This artist is also really talented and so kind that I goes with my messy fetish asking Rosalina covered by warm chocolate. It’s sure a weird idea that needed lot of work but Mothclip really did his best, Rosalina covered everywhere wy chocolate, from the crown that overflow, soiled dress and even heels filled tooI also love so much high heels have them filled filled. I know each one his own fetishes so a lot may fin this one a bit weird but I never said I’m a normal person and it’s so powerfull be able get some messy scene with Rosalina… °w°

Mothclip is a really talented and dedicated artist that goes fast once he start working on your commissions so you need to be ready and reactive or if you wait too much he can start without you as for illustration. I answered a few days after get the sketch but once receiving my message Mothclip was already done with colouring and it was too late for the edits I wanted like show a bit more chocolate on the lower part that goes filling Rosalina’s shoes or on the head to feel like there is even more coming to fully cover that sweet princess like a true cake icing… So guys, keep in mind be really careful and precise describing what you want and to get the perfect piece you dream about. ^^


princess Rosalina Nintendo bleach yuri lesbian crossover inoue sexy romanceSecond artist is Omnimaid who give me the honour participate each year to Rosalina’s birthday, little exception in 2016 with Halloween dedicate piece but whatever, I feel so honoured hear about him each year back with his kindness and motivation to participate to Rosalina’s birthday. As each year I wont resit quote ‘I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘ and this year, Omnimaid decided pair Rosalina and Inoue from Bleach series in a really sensual scene.

This could be already awesome but I can also say this one is the ‘first of the year that I finished‘, then Omnimaid also trapped me remembering I have a fetish for hand in panty adding some see-though effect to make it even more effective on me. Anyway the general feeling I have from this illustration is how cuteness and sexiness make a magic mix… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Omnimaid placed a lot of nice details like Rosalina’s hand in Inoue hairs that may not be easy to manage or the discrete link on the jeans tag. Anyway some parts looks a bit off like Rosalina top strap looking a bit square or the belly proportion. Anyway on this last point Omnimaid said it’s cause Rosalina is a tall person and that’s a great argument. Anyway thanks again for your kindness ans support my friend… °w°


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm birthday cream body writing cunnilingus yuri lesbian porn3rd and last illustration planned is from the October patreon raffle reward, the illustration was made by Lunakiri with and idea and character Kittehskye chosen, this time Rosalina met her OC named Akako. As for the first illustration, there is a sweet girl with a little message wrote in cream, I guess this time it don’t smell like chocolate but I envy Rosalina’s present a lot, Lunakiri and Kittehskye managed a great illustration and there is also one thing I must admit, from the moment I discovered this illustration I thought at… Messy… °w°

As a real surprise, this illustration is a true mystery for me, I don’t know about Akako origine and story, about the way Kittehskye imagined that scene and finally all the creation process from Lunakiri. Anyway there is sure details I can imagine like the messy touch cause people know my fetishes with time and this one is sure not the first illustration created by Lunakiri anyway there is questions I can’t answer like what reference, how many sketches or if there was specific techniques. In fact I must admit I force a bit too much to find content for this chapter cause I love so much this illustration and want it get a great post but there is nothing to learn whatever how much I write so let’s stop here and go back to the main event… Rosalina’s birthday to November 1st… \(^o^)/

#769 – Misty dress-up final

Previous: #768 – Beach isn’t a place to be serious Next: #770 – Sexy (milking) evil nurses
princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume

I can’t say artist life is easy, draw need lot of time, motivation and inspiration (don’t forget how the muse is important). Not for artists to get all with life obligations but I still consider they are the best. They have the power to turn into reality all they dream about and all we dream about too, isn’t that the most dangerous power ever?
Still working on coding plugin for a Minecraft server at same time, my skills goes up and I start make interesting things but a huge plugin like the one that would manage jobs sounds fucking insane to code. I know I could use an existing one but it’s limited on what we are allow to edit… U_u


So here is the final version from the Misty dress-up poll event, you guys were able vote for your favorite outfit during a month to decide with one Mothclip would draw. I must admit it was fucking close until the last hour and finally the goldeen suit won this poll and you can enjoy the HD here. This suit is from the first Pokemon series season so only true fans know it, design is inspired by pokemon Goldeen and Mothclip managed it on a really nice way. °w°
During the poll, there was 14 outfits available (including bondage option) I picked all of them not just to add more choice but really cause I loved each suits and would love see them on Misty. I sure wanted commission Mothclip to do all of them but the blog budget wasn’t that friendly with this option, anyway I managed have 6 outfit variations to be draw on Misty but only the one that won the poll goes public. If you wish to see the other pieces Mothclip did then you must consider support on patreon.
So to list all versions that Mothclip was commissioned to draw, there is Misty naked then casual suit, goldeen suit, swimsuit + bondage, see-through swimsuit and team Rocket, of course all way more sexy than the original. I must manage do poll again for to get people come participate and contribute on a different way to the project but for now I’ll continue manage a patreon exclusive per month. If you like how turn this piece then why not consider commission Mothclip to work on your own ideas… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 110$ commission (alternative included)
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Sexy evil nurses (NSFW)
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#EVENT – Misty dress-up poll

Casual, naked, sexy, swuisuit, bondage, costume…
Vote on what suit you want her to wear on this illustration



princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn lesbian yuri crossover pokemon misty dress-up Rosalina and Misty will appear together once again but this time it’s you who decide what should wear Misty, thanks to Mothclip who helped me create and manage this new event where visitor can participate and everybody can vote on the dedicated page (here) during a month and the suit that end with most vote will be draw.
Time to share it and have your friends help your favourite suit win the poll. And for those that took the time read until the end I have a little secret for you… You can vote once each week so don’t miss this opportunity… °w°
15 different pose available for Misty
Which one will you vote for?



#738 – Sandcastle true masters (summer wallpaper)

It was a long time since the last edit but there is now more illustrations listed on the gallery page (here). This need so much time cause more than just create the thumb and edit the code, I do a same time a redo on all posts to fix and clean the html code that looks like a hug mess after moving from blogspot to WordPress.
Another week with family anyway there isn’t internet working since two weeks and mobile phone network is really shit on that place so hard to be active. Anyway I was prepared to put the blog and patreon posts before left and tumblr/twitter will be updated when back on Sunday evening. Feel free visit and follow on these places… ^^


Here is an illustration I wanted since more than 2 years, I planned to commission the same artist as the Christmas wallpaper (that you’ll see soon) but her prices increased much more than my budget so I never had the opportunity got with it until now. It’s finally with Mothclip I was able get that dream come true, he have a really awesome level and style so I was sure he can make a powerfull piece. Then after a really hot messy and tentacles duos, Mothclip goes on something safe and adorable and the result looks so wonderfull. ^^
The idea was Rosalina building a basic sandcastle then notice Bay Rosalina and Lumas made one together that is masterpiece for for those that know about Mario Galaxy series this huge castle looks like Rosalina’s observatory that sure sounds like a challenge for Mothclip that managed it like a pro. So many things to manage on this scene with placement, poses, outfits and details that I sometimes missed to mention I wanted Rosalina kneeling and not standing up but Mothclip was so kind and accepted rework on that part… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
The character placement needed long talk and homemade sketchs on paint to show what I have in mind (sacrilege), there is also a huge difference on Baby Rosalina that Mothclip drew a little older as she appear in Mario kart series since he thought ‘this age looks nice in that style‘. I must tell she looks really adorable that way even more cute and I’m also addicted how fun looks the Lumas with Mothclip‘s style, the one with shovel made me think at a dwarf from Snow white and the other with bucket to an alien, maybe stupid or crazy but I think it add a fun touch to this ravishing illustration… °w°
Mothclip was really dedicated and patient and that’s even more incredible when we know how much my ideas can be crazy then he also made a little bonus with this step by step gif that is always powerfull when you have many wip you wish to share. Here you can see the evolution from the first sketch with arrangement, flat colour and then shading that have a huge impact on the final version atmosphere… °o°
I hope you like this cute illustration guys, you can get the HD on patreon (here) for a powerfull summer wallpaper and for all perverts, be sure the naughty side will be back in the next illustration I plan with Mothclip. For now you can ask him about commission with great skills for a correct price and an artist dedicated to do his best with the devise: ‘I happy when client happy‘ (the grammatical error is part of the quote)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / 80$ commission

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
Next to come: Sweet birthday for a sweet friend

#729 – Tight clothes wont stop tentacles

With holidays I have no reason work harder on the blog and finally updates pages that need it since sooo long like the Curriculum page that I must finish today with Mario party, Mario Sport Superstars and even Mario Maker (yeah, Rosalina in in this one too). Anyway so many “Mario” games, I wish she get her own game a day… °w°
I’m also curious what people think about friend ranking (basically order them in term of preference), for sure there is people that like or don’t but also others (like me) that don’t want make a ranking but ask friends cause they want to know their position, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?


Not time to present a new illustration by Mothclip that I’m sad to announce will lose his feature as artist of the month, though he’s here since 4 months. Will be time present you a new wonderfull artist and no worry, you can find all listed on the dedicated page linked below. So, after Rosalina and Sonico in messy lingerie weeding dress, time for another crazy idea. It was a long thinking to get the prefect idea that will be both pleasant to draw and also a great challenge for Mothclip, I first got the theme and it’s seeing a fanart of her sister that I goes asking Rosalina and Marie from Splatoon abused by tentacles under clothes.
It was a long time I wanted an illustration with tentacles under clothes but since I wanted it massive and crazy with so much expectations I had to find an artist that I know have the power and talent to make it epic. There was a first try that finally was abandoned after the sketch (you can see on the right) from another artist and I finally decided go try again with Mothclip. This time instead of a pairing with Chun-Li I decided to go with Marie from Splatoon and make Rosalina’s dress really tight to have tentacles show better and a pose that give a nice view on both girls. The first sketch was already excellent but I asked for even more tentacles and high heels on Rosalina to get tentacles going around the heel… °w°
Also Mothclip accepted draw octopus tentacles adding suckers, it was a powerfull idea linked to Splatoon universe but really lot of extra work to draw and colour, I feel bad gave him so much extra work but like the result it’s marvellous. You can also noticed some see-through effects through Rosalina’s stockings that are really amazing and sure not easy figure, also some fluid but so bad don’t add a wetlook touch at some points. Finally compared to my original idea with tentacles everywhere, it’s so bad Mothclip missed add some on Rosalina’s sleeves and gloves but like all the work there is already it’s not a big deal. Also don’t know why but the artist that tried previously also missed tentacles on sleeves, maybe there’s a reason… O_o
I promise next one will be easier for Mothclip to manage, I have a deal for now that will make come an illustration from him each month and maybe pick him as artist for patreon raffle so stay tuned. And if you wish for more kinky or original illustrations (sometimes bit too crazy) don’t miss visit Mothclip‘s gallery until come the next piece from our commission series… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
Next to come: A mermaid is also a lady (NSFW)

#719 – Sensual and messy wedding birthday

Basically, I post twice a week and since a year has 52, it means more than 100 publication on the site, tumblr and twitter each year. Now if we count the patreon page that have each time a public + patreon post, it’s 200 posts a year on that side. So if we count everything together I reach 500 posts each year and this doesn’t count all the external things to manage the site, artists and commissions/requests… This project really needs so much time but I can’t stop doing it as if it may destroy my life wasting so much time… O_o

Wish I could buy this figure


It’s the second time I get a pairing with Rosalina and Sonico (first one here by Omnimaid), not that I planned Mothclip draw her again since the main objective of the project is have Rosalina with many different girls, but when I saw this special version made to celebrate her 10th anniversary (on the left) it was just impossible to resist. I still wonder why a wedding dress to celebrate her birthday but the lingerie touch was so epic according to my lingerie fetish and when Mothclip offered me to work on this duo I was sure it would be epic, and it is like the result… \(^o^)/
So, Sonico is back and meet Mothclip‘s power mixing lingerie and messy fetishes, adding high heels the result goes over the limit that allow me stay quiet looking at this kind of illustration. At first I was into a more explicit pose but it goes for something more ‘Grounded that mean no big actions is going on and poses are kind of laying on each other‘. A bit frustrating at first when you have pervert mind but the sketches Mothclip sent me was really nice and since it was a gift I didn’t insist. Anyway the more important part was still here; Rosalina and Sonico in weeding lingerie covered by syrup and cream. Sensual, sexy and messy for a powerfull mix that I hope you guys like… ^^
Being a lot into messy, I asked to add a wet touch around the parts there is cream or syrup like the fabric absorb it as real clothes, finally it didn’t happened since Mothclip thought about that detail but decied that ‘it could shade the other more important details‘. As messy lover I still think some absorption would be nice but agree with Mothclip, it’s important don’t hide to much those beautifull and detailed lingerie bridal wears, I’ll keep this fetish for an illustration oriented mostly on the messy side with even more cream, syrup or… who knows, so many ways to make an outfit dirty but the more complex will be to decide the one to pick, I have that kind of choice… T_T
And about details, there is really a lot to admire here, both outfits really detailed with lace on Sonico and see-through on Rosalina, you can also see the red ribbon on Rosalina’s suit appear on the neck, corset pantie and even high heels that are also soo sexy. There was also a lot of work for Mothclip to manage all syrup and cream, Rosalina giving Sonico a strawberry with syrup running all along the glove and girls bodies that we want to lick and eat every part of the body. There is also another detail I asked Mothclip; with Rosalina’s crown being filled by syrup that overflow making the hair messy, kinda light detail like all cream around but I love this detail and you may see it appear again in the future… ^__^
So much to say about Mothclip that I admire not only for his art level, he’s a really amazing man open minded and supportive always ready to listen to you while doing his best to work on your ideas as if they can goes totally crazy like guro or Hitler raped, it ‘s like you can find anything on his page so must be ready for some special fetishes but there is sure illustration that will make you addicted. Mothclip is also open for commissions offering powerfull skills for a correct price as you can see on his ref sheet on the left, it kinda remember me Zombo.com when you hear ‘the only limit is yourself‘ (and as always, the law)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
Next to come: Easter lingerie bunnies (ecchi)

#708 – Romance with a beast

And I got the idea for patreon raffle, Chris asked ‘Isabelle happy that Rosalina is the new Mayor‘ in Animal crossing. It’s B-side7715 that will create this piece and he wanted to try have Rosalina in Animal crossing, that sounds really interesting. There is the concept design as patreon reward coming with this post so don’t miss have a look… °w°
Also got some troubles on a minecraft server, I was contacted moderators to remove RosalinaxGirl from my name cause dangerous for child that google everything (I kinda understand at this point) but also asked me to remove a photo of my cosplay since it’s shocking and I was reported for that (photo on the right). I can understand crossplay is special but that’s exaggerated. Now I’ll destroy gunpowder economy… >.<


Another artist entering the project (lost the count of how many participated) with a so marvelous piece that come a little late, Time to present you Mothclip that come as the artist of the month since he’s a really pleasant person and talented artist. He don’t feel comfortable when we use talented talking about him anyway I still think ‘talented apply to this work even more looking at this awesome piece he made, no?
Rosalina meet Ms Fortune from Skullgirls series, she’s a fighter and Dullahan meaning “without a head” in Irish, Mothclip made a so romantic and sensual illustration that goes really more intimate and intense with the scratches on bed and Rosalina’s body, so many details I love and this illustration would have so much to say about. There is first that so beautifull and lovely kiss with Rosalina holding Ms Fortune head being confident and offering her body to the dangerous but careful hand of her partner trying don’t hurt but can’t resist have her fingers explore Rosalina’s soft body. There is also a really awesome work with shading managing two light effects, one from the window on left with white light and another on the left with yellow light, Mothclip create a great mix with colors and let us enjoy every part of the scene without bad shadows.
Many amazing points in term of details and level but from my personal fetishes one of my favorite part is Rosalina’s high-heels that looks so sexy with that design and angle, I’m not sure Mothclip knew how I’m addicted to high-heels but for sure the way he drew it is really effective. To find a negative points it’s really hard work, I looked a lot at this piece an maybe the only error is on Rosalina’s hairs that follow the body and missing a bit of gravity effect. Anyway the power of digital it to make everything impossible come true and enjoy the power to cheat to make it even more better, so what can looks like a mistake make Mothclip‘s illustration enven more powerfull… °w°
Mothclip is open for commission and made a really cool information piece that you can see on the left. You can discover on this page his mascot (that I wonder if she have a name) and also that he is ready to manage a huge variety of fetishes. From really sweet en sensual illustrations as this one to really explicit or extreme stuff the only limit would be your imagination (and the law). Don’t miss have a look at his gallery (here) to discover more about Mothclip‘s skills. Also never forget than a friendly comment is always a great support, artists don’t publish just for fun and really support and constructive feedback to continue amaze us… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 80$ as commission

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
Next to come: Rosalina x Girl patreon V2.0

#630 – Pretty princess under the rain

One of my patreon member got some troubles and had to stop all his pledges for now. Then he stopped after May pledges was proceeded and then was able win the patreon raffle. Hope how things will goes better soon for him but for now he asked Rosalina with one of the girl from Steven Universe series so stay tuned.
Also get the shoes for the tennis cosplay I made last week, was so happy that I did some photos that only a few people will see due to a special deal, still missing the tennis racket and must create a new crown to get it perfect. For now here is a little photo of the tennis suit if you are curious. °w°


After a lovely piece inspired by Botticelli’s painting, let’s continue on the cutie side with this new illustration by Mothclip. Here is a really different theme with casual Rosalina walking under the rain but always no way to forget about that innocent and ravishing look that suit so perfectly to this wonderfull princess. Mothclip drew her as pretty teen that may not know why she’s here and what she does but just have her freedom and innocence, she’s calm looking back with a cute face inviting us to join her for this surrealist walk.
As I said to Mothclip, if I have a chance see Rosalina that way, I’ll never wish for sunny days either. Love her wet clothes that have something sexy and sensual (but not really comfortable to wear), in that way they reveal all those perfect curves of Rosalina body but still hide hid to keep a mistery touch on her, that’s so wonderfull effect but hard to draw but it can’t resist to Mothclip skills. Also have a fetish for wetlook so see it on Rosalina is powerfull… \(^o^)/
For more you must enjoy visit Mothclip‘s gallery on HentaiFoundry, many ravishing to really kinky illustrations so you there is always a piece you will enjoy depending you mod. You’ll also notice Mothclip power to master both anime and realistic style as on the one with Millia Rage from Guilty Gear; an anime render that look very cute and lovely (See it here) vs the realistic version more badass and impressive (See it here). Then you can also contact him by mail and ask about commissions at mothclip@gmail.com to make your (kinky) dreams goes to reality, as example an illustration like this one would cost 30$.

Artist: Mothclip / Cost: 30$ (Deal)

One year ago: #531 – A little taste of Robin
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