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#833 – Volleyball vs Tennis

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Quiet special military training (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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After some more investigation, the wishlist page was missing to list the girls in posts 626 to 665, so some girls that were paired with Rosalina weren’t listed. Any I got an artist trapped by my mistake, drawing a girl he thought she never met Rosalina to help me grow my collection but he picked a girl already paired with Rosalina cause an error I did, “face hitting desk“… U_u
Problem is now fixed then all girls and posts now appear on the wishlist but I sure other posts can be missing. For now I have to count again all girls who met Rosalina to fix the welcome post before focus on that new problem.


Long time before a new illustration by Mothclip but he’s the kind of artist I’ll always manage get a piece by him in stock to show here cause his level is freaking gorgeous. He’s really kind and dedicated to his clients ready to go to extreme content but a kinky scene was enough for me (and more safe to show here), anyway this time I requested Mothclip a matting press scene between Rosalina and Kondou taeko from Girls und panzer.
I don’t know too much about this series (a shame), must watch the series a day but for the game it’s only released in Japan and America so nothing in Europe for now, I’ll just never forget time I saw a man describe this series as “facist loli“, bit crazy but maybe not that bad concept. Anyway to tell more about the girl with Rosalina, Taeko is a first year student and also a member of the volleyball varsity so you can understand about the title “Volleyball vs Tennis” and her outfit as if I requested Mothclip to add a little… Well… Upgrade… °w°
Also the main point I wanted Mothclip to focus is the action itself and have to admit mating press pose is evil cause impossible get a great view on both action and characters, I kinda have to admit I came with impossible expectation and hope I didn’t bothered Mothclip who kept do the best he can to make it the more close to what I wanted. As you can see, the strap-on Kondou taeko use on Rosalina is pretty big, like the difference between ball in Tennis and Volleyball but after piranha plant tentacles and Bowser massive dick this strap-on just have the perfect size for a great fuck and according Rosalina expression she can handle this massive toy without troubles, kinda the part i consider as the hottest with this piece and I hope you like it guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
About the process, the pose in first sketch Mothclip sent me was great and close to the final one, The only change was Taeko hand moved to hold Rosalina’s leg compared to the version you can see on the right. There also was needed to reverse the scene to get Rosalina hair lock on her right eye don’t be a trouble but it’s minor detail. There would also have too much to describe since Mothclip managed a lot of great points like shading with shiny clothes, light effect or little details like the strap-on flange, it’s so many little points that give the illustration a really cool impression and sure needed lot of time to draw and colour.
Now there is still two illustrations by Mothclip waiting to be posted here, the last he did gave me the inspiration for something that could be fucking epic but give me trouble find the perfect idea and scene before go for it. Anyway no use to keep waiting here, you can commission Mothclip for a great commission without need worry how weird it is, nothing he can’t manage and well, you can’t get more weird than me guys… ^^’

COINCIDENCE, the illustration posted on year ago was also made by Mothclip… ^^


Artist: Mothclip / 50$ commission
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