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#735 – Snow White sleeping toy

Talking with artist to use their artwork as patreon only content, most of the time they also have a patreon page so the illustration will be available on both artist and RosalinaxGirl patreon pages. People can have choice the place they want to see it and give some support to the project or the artist that also deserve some love… ^^
Also noticed I kinda talk and link the patreon page in the description of 95% of the posts, no way to see I don’t do my best to promote it but can be annoying at some point. I try get various content and subjects to talk about but for now when I look at the blog budget and the way it goes with upcoming commissions, it’s close to hit a wall… O_o


I’m sure many people (mostly man I guess) fantasize to be awake from a some sensual caress or even a little blowjob from his partner or even more crazy in saw some videos from Japan with girl being abused when sleeping (actress work). Also from Fyren illustration, it seem Rosalina also can’t resist abuse of Snow White sweet and vulnerable body, maybe crazy but I hope you like it guys… ^^
Snow white face looks so quiet and peacefull but when we see how busty Fyren drew her it’s sure hard to resist, then after some fondling and sucking play Rosalina wanted to play with that body even more while (almost) no one is watching. Curiously on this scene, there is a so adorable touch with the bunnies, they are so well made and cute than looks like from the Disney movie itself, Fyren really drew so many cool and interesting details… °o°
This time Fyren draw Rosalina far to the sweet and innocent princess we know, playing with Snow white body as a sex doll using some big toys and personally I love the design of the anal bead one. Anyway more than the scene and impressive toys another epic detail is Rosalina psychopathic smile, as if we don’t see that must her face from that angle Fyren was able make her really impressive and maybe a bit disturbing, who know what else she can have in mind looking at Snow white with that kind of smile… ^^’
If you are looking for more from Fyren, he don’t have profile on places like deviantart or HentaiFoundy anyway you can find his art on rule34 but be careful cause it’s mostly guro. He did two other piece with Rosalina, one sexy with Kiki form Ghibli movie (see it here) and the second is a guro scene with Peach and Daisy only available on rule34… Anyway I warned you about the guro side so if you don’t like but go watch it, not my problem… :p

Artist: Fyren / Cost: 0$ (gift)
No link available, refer to description to find him

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#665- Pornstar Tinkerbell and trap Rosalina

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tinkerbell disney futa trap crossdress femboy

As I already said, I created a tumblr account to give more exposure to the project but looking at the site it seam my posts don’t appear on researches. Technically I selected the option to make posts appear in researches and add tags in all posts as you can see but nothing happen when I do a research. Does it show you something when you search with ‘Rosalinaxgirl‘ tag on tumblr? Anyway if you have some advices it’s nice too, maybe something I missed or it’s cause Nintendo control on tumblr to destroy all the NSFW content related to their characters. No fair T_T
Also the reward illustration for the patreon monthly raffle started, the illustration may come next week if everything fine, I’ll get the first sketch soon but must goes really fast with this illustration, stay tuned guys.


A new piece from that wonderfull (and particular) deal I have with DigitallyDeviant pairing Rosalina and Tinkerbell. But the original Tinkerbell that appear in the illustration isn’t from Disney movie itself but a porn movie parody that I discovered and it’s that girl I linked to DigitallyDeviant to be used a reference for this illustration, you can see some screens of the movie on this post and hope Tinkerbell looks so hot for you as for me.
Looking at backgrounds we are really far to a high budget movie and it’s kinda fun when then forgot add it on a scene as you can see in of screen but anyway the Tinkerbell actress was so freaking sexy. A ravishing actress with great dress and high heels, I wasn’t able to resist use her as ref for a duo with Tinkerbell and to make it even more powerfull as crazy I chosen DigitallyDeviant for that idea. °w°
According to my deal deal with DigitallyDeviant, I was posing as model for Rosalina pose, it’s were come the trap version but for those that are not into crossdress DigitallyDeviant also made a female version that I have to assume it’s closer to the original Rosalina I dream about but as for the Tinkerbell actress, I want so much play that way with her (sweet dreams).
From the original idea, the only change I asked was to move Rosalina leg from the sofa to Tinkerbell back and then view the shoe (high heels addiction), anyway as if the final piece can look sketchy at some point DigitallyDeviant worked really hard on it. It’s always frustrating to see people that can judge only from the artist level thinking a piece like this can be done in half an hour (far from reality). All artists need to start a day and what they need at this time is support and constructive feedback (hard on my side when it involve Rosalina but whatever). So don’t hesitate tell your opinion and for more you can enjoy all Rosalina drew by DigitallyDeviant here or visit his own page on hentaifoundry here.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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#550 – New form and new friend

Rosalina Nintendo mermaid ariel disney
I was finally able to make a little artist feature with the “Artist of the week that you can see on the right column, also with the gallery, Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic, adding all other project and page listed it’s kinda huge and I’m sore a lot of you miss all that power you can find. For now I must update the page list on the top to add more and think of a complete redo for the right column. Something more compact must be really more poferfull.

I think a lot of you noticed that illustration make by the tallented Sakami-chan you can find on deviantart and patreon. She drew Rosalina and like her style everybody must be amazed but on the soft version there is a huge mistake cause the hair lock is in front of her left eye insted of the right. Curious point, there is a semi-naked version for patreon too but this one have the hair lock in correct side, seem she mised a flip while working on the safe version… O_o


After Alycia showed me the lovely panda dress Rosalina, she told me to wait until she scan it and give me a HD version. She published it on my facebook page and I was so excited, writing a message to give her a huge thanks but I scrolled by accident and another post appeared, she made me a surprised and published another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel from the disney movie “the little mermaid“. It was so powerfull and unexpected… °o°

First time I receive Rosalina as mermaid and Alycia‘s illustration is so lovely as if I must admit I’m kinda confused see Rosalina as mermaid. As if I always ask for Rosalina, each artist have his own style and way to see/draw her so she’s always different sometimes more realistic, crazy or original.

In fact, Alycia asked me if I already received Rosalina and Ariel together but no time to answer that the illustration was already done, she damn fast guys so be careful and reactive with her. About Rosalina, I must admit she look wonderfull. Damn beautifull and her expression make her more adorable and innocent as if there is also a sexy part since don’t wear bra compared to Ariel. Nothing really explicit with hair covering her breasts (love this detail), finally the mix into cuteness and sexiness make a powerfull combo, Alycia really did an amazing job.

I also wonder what Rosalina have in her hand (must ask to Alycia about this point). Ariel look great, beautifull and expressive, this time she found a new friend to play with, she look so happy and dynamic for the moment and for sure must be amazed once Rosalina will tell her some awesome stories about the galaxy. In fact the only negative point is seeing Rosalina as mermaid remember me a guys addicted to this lovely princess but considering Rosalina as his own property (that bastard). He had a huge fetish for mermaid and asked lot of illustration with him and Rosalina. Now he disappeared from the internet and what happened is not Alycia fault so I can just say she made a marvelous piece. Thanks so much…

Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

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Disney – Frozen – Anna and Elsa

Will be a really busy summer, so much work and no time to rest a little, but weather in France is really bad, rain everyday here so I just keep in mind that I don’t miss so much… July and August are really strange here, it’s like we are in November. I wonder how is it for you, sun and holidays and busy at work too ?

Also found (another) friend ready to help me with the next video but once again the problem is to find time to do it… I contacted him and if everything fine may do it on friday, but for the moment nothing sure… U_u


Long time I didn’t published a trio and this one was made as request but the talented and sooo lovely Tetisuka, another lovely artist I would love to commission again and again but it’s before I meet my budget, an it seem he don’t approve the idea (fucking bastard)… I really love Tetisuka art and was finally able to commission her, the original idea was for a duo but must be stupid don’t have Anna and Elsa together with Rosalina… I hope you like the result guys… Oh yeah…

Tetisuka was really enthusiastic with the idea and since Anna is really more innocent than her sister, she suggested Rosalina and Elsa abusing of Anna but Rosalina is also really innocent (in general). For sure if you look at Frozen fanarts Anna is not also the more innocent of the two. but using the movie as reference, when Elsa change her dress and walk with ass bouncing, can’t miss that disney made the sexiest princess ever… XD

After that Tetisuka suggested two ideas: “First, the more ligth one, with them still in full/half full lingeri Ros in the front, breast out, Elsa helping Anna cuping her breats. Second, more naughty, almost no lingeri, only acessories, Ros laying down, Elsa on top (kinda 69) spreading Ros and putting Anna to lick it“. I must admit the second sound soo exciting (get a boner just reading the description) but I love so much lingerie and asked Tetisuka to start with her first idea…

So here is Elsa kinda teaching Anna to abuse Rosalina, I added a sketch if you are curious to see it and congrat to Tetisuka for this excellent piece, so much beautifull details like transparent lingerie on Rosalina or the design of Elsa one. you can also notice that Anna is holding Rosalina’s wand but don’t know what she doing with it… I let you take a close look and you can see that Tetisuka is amazing…

I hope I’ll be able to commission her again a day, maybe to make her second idea or something completely different, if you are interested but a commission and want Tetisuka to make your naughty dreams come true feel free to take a look to her profile page (here) for more informations about commission of just visit her gallery (here) for more beautifull illustrations. Also don’t forget that a nice comment is always a powerfull support… ~__^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: Special (Deal)

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#185 – Disney – Ariel

Boring job, 2 days without internet and a friend who ask me play sims games on her facebook account during her holidays… All is check… So how you want after that I find time for the blog… Maybe I must do it… For Harmonie… Bt it’s so hard… Bwaaaa… I’m really tired so I’m sorry for all mistakes I write, at start my English level is not good so it will be hard make something understandable… T_T

So after  Tinkerbell and Jasmine, it’s a new really cute disney girl who meet Rosalina… Not sure I need to present her… This is an awesome request drew by nevermoreC who say in his profil he don’t do commissions but free requests so I it was hard don’t send him a mail… And some time after I see this drawing… How nice… (^o^)/

 It’s not the first time Rosalina meet a mermaid, but this version drew by Merethide was a commission for an other fan of Rosalina, maybe if you are curious you can see it here. It was a long time I expected see Rosalina with Ariel, and it’s done… So happy with this publication… At start I was a little scary because nevermoreC have a lot of futa and crossdress in his gallery (so don’t hesitate take a look if you like this style, maybe he not always have that in his gallery) but this drawing was a great surprise… Thanks sooo much NevermoreC

Artist: NevermoreC / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Cortana from Halo

#177 – Disney – Jasmine

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian disney jasmine

My life is a constant cosplay of the bunny in ‘alice in Wonderland’ (late late late), maybe he don’t have a job in nuclear, and I can say you it’s really boring… And about boring, I was really sad this week, a lot of people saying I annoying and boring because my love for Rosalina, at a moment I think to stop the blog but it was a bad idea… I’m a love with Rosalina and nobody can change that… ;p

So a little change in the program, instead of publish her my drawings for the Lyon’s comics festival, I’ll publish these drawings on my soft blog: Rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.comand continue here with drawings waiting in hentaifoundry or in my mailbox… Enjoy it guys… ^^

So today it’s a new Disney Character, after two pics with Thinkerbell, I have now Jasmine in my collection done as request but the awesome and so nice Sfan… It’s the second time he participate for my blog, the first publication was Rosalina with Shelke from Final fantasy (see it here).Sincerely, I’m not a fan of Jasmine and don”t really think this character look sexy, that’s why she wasn’t in my wishlist but I see an awesome drawing in Sfan‘s gallerie with Jasmine and Sora (see it here) and Jasmine was so beautifull and sexy with Sfan style…

So you can imagine when I see a nice girl I always say she must be awesome with Rosalina (it’s my job in this site XD) but it’s often more as little and not really important suggestion maybe some time after I see this awesome publication in hentaifoundry, not so sexy like the previous (not the same skin) but Jasmina is so beautifull and cute with this face and the way Sfan draw transparent arabian clothes, it’s just too much, this drawing is incredibly great and sexy, I love Rosalina with this surprised face, she’s adorable what a pity Sfan don”t give her clothes like Jasmines’s, but the result is good… Hope you like it guys and thanks so much for your kindness Sfan… You’re incredibly nice… (^o^)/

Artist: Sfan / Price: Request

New wishlisted girl: Kat from Gravity Rush

#042 – Disney – Tinkerbell 02

I say it in the Rosalina x Stella Drawing, I love fairies and this request was a really nice surprise, it’s the artist who choose the character to show with Rosalina and it’s Tinkerbell… How nice… Thanks so much to joepee89 for his/her kindness and this awesome drawing (Gender: Other, not easy) … (^o^)/

So this drawing is the second with Tinkerbell… That’s funny because the artist choose to drawn Tinkerbell in her original size who play with Rosalina pussy but I don”t think if a “giant tinkerbell” at the same size as Rosalina can be interesting… Hummm…

So if you are curious, there is the second tinkerbell drawing, click here… what your favorite?

Artist: Joepee89  /  Price:Request

#040 – Disney – Tinkerbell


First Disney character in the blog… Rosalina meet Tinkerbell. Her first apparition was in Peter Pan but now, she have her own movie with her name… How nice… Tinkerbell is my favorite disney character, she’s really cute… And she’s with Rosalina… (^o^)/

So the artist is RandomAustralian I don”t say if yo remember but it’s the second pic he make for me, the first was Rosalina with Ruto from Zelda…Thanks so much to the artist and his kindness because at start it was a second request… To drawings for free, it’s incredible but let the artist with empty hand is not good for me so I send him some money with paypal… I say it’s not a lot… But nothing must be really bad after two beautifull drawings…

Artist quote: “This is also the pic that broke my paid-art virginity. Just $10, but it’s a start. :)”

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: 10$