#040 – Disney – Tinkerbell


First Disney character in the blog… Rosalina meet Tinkerbell. Her first apparition was in Peter Pan but now, she have her own movie with her name… How nice… Tinkerbell is my favorite disney character, she’s really cute… And she’s with Rosalina… (^o^)/

So the artist is RandomAustralian I don”t say if yo remember but it’s the second pic he make for me, the first was Rosalina with Ruto from Zelda…Thanks so much to the artist and his kindness because at start it was a second request… To drawings for free, it’s incredible but let the artist with empty hand is not good for me so I send him some money with paypal… I say it’s not a lot… But nothing must be really bad after two beautifull drawings…

Artist quote: “This is also the pic that broke my paid-art virginity. Just $10, but it’s a start. :)”

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: 10$

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