#041 – Winx Club – Stella

It’s not a famous character but I really love fairies and Stella from winx club is really beautifull different to tinkerbell but really nice too… ^^

This was a commission by a really nice artist: hikashy who accept to make me a special price for two commission, so there is a second who must come soon, But for the moment, I need to raise a little my budget… Don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, It’s the more expensive artist I commissionned for this blog, but he have a really nice style… ^^

For this commission, the artist send me 3 really nice sketchs with Rosalina and Stella, it was really hard to choose… I show you the sketch, but the artist say I haven’t permission to show the 2 other… What a pitty, but it’s not the first time I hear that… Beautifull drawings and can’t show their… They will be alone in my computer… That so bad… T_T

For this blog, I asked a lot a drawings in hentaiFoundry and there is some peoples who start to be disgruntled (or jalous) and say ” This guy’s starting to get annoying “… If you want to see the comments, it’s here… Thanks for peoples who answer him… XD

I hope you will love this drawing and if you want to see more Winx club characters, I have a drawing with Bloom… Enjoy… ^^

Artist: Hikashy  /  Price: 20$

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  1. Yukikah

    Another one of the more lovely surprises from your blog; One after another it seems in surprising combinations. Like the Alice in Sexland and Princess Lover ones, this was completely unexpected.

    But yet again it turned out better than my wildest dreams (well, not my wildest, but those are pretty wild!). It actually keeps well enough with the Winx style, and Rosie turns out surprisingly well in it, like they both belong there.


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