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#982 – I’m a blue cowgirl v2

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Sweet kiss (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo solo ecchi sexy cowgirl

I got an answer from KoriBaer in charge of February illustration for patreon being actually really busy and at the moment it is a bit difficult. I don’t have more information and hope noting to bad but for now I guess KoriBaer need some time. She also added I’m still ready to make the pictures so let’s just be patient and send many ghost hugs ass we can. Also don’t worry, March artist and winner will be announced soon so stay tuned guys, also huge thanks to all supporters hoping you’ll enjoy the coming Rosalina illustration (and the bonus for sure)… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Also as random information, February ended with 2 DDOS attacks against the RosalinaXGirl.com website with luckily no effects, The main attack was from Bulgaria and smaller one from China that can still keep some annoying people active on the net even dealing with Corona-Virus. Though everyone panic about this virus that actually contaminated less than 0.007% of Chinese peoples so it’s not that insane as media want to show us °o°


Today, Lonely-cartoonist is back with a redo of his cowgirl Rosalina he made two years ago got the chance have a request from him and cannot resist ask for Rosalina in chaps (cowgirl in chaps is my favourite outfit ever). Recently I received an email from Lonely-cartoonist saying hello and giving me news also with an unexpected and powerfull surprise as attachment to his mail °w°

the objective with the project is to have many various illustration and not being an artist myself I never really considered anything like draw it again anyway it’s a really interesting concept to see about artist improvement and evolution in art even more for me that admire their creation power. So you can see the evolution on Lonely-cartoonist‘s art after two years. As you can see there is a different of level but also a change of technique process one line and shading, as example it’s interesting to see Lonely-cartoonist now use stronger lines when many artists tend to get them invisible. Also you can notice than the first version was full soft-shaded and on the second attempt there is a mix of soft-shaded on the light and cell-shaded for the darker areas, it’s not a technique you often see but can have a great potential to increase contrast on the illustration.

I asked Lonely-cartoonist if he did this in purpose of a draw it again challenge or just wanted to work redo his cowgirl Rosalina (maybe both) but still waiting for his answer so can’t tell about his motivation and objectives at this time. Whatever let’s just enjoy this marvelous Rosalina and interesting comparison and if you wanna see more just take a look at Lonely-cartoonist’s DeviantArt page for even more illustration and a place to support/follow him. Also once again, big thanks for this sexy surprise my friend… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Last minute edit: I got a new mail from Lonely-cartoonist so can tell you more; he told me Truth is I like this project since you presented it and feel I must contribute and Honestly, I was curious to see how much my arting techniques improved […] Still not perfect but I’ll keep practice. Would be a dream if all artists like the project that much and want to contribute, it sounds so lovely and really mean a lot, thanks so much my friend for your support and good luck on training, not a secret that improvement need practice, practice and… practice ^__^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Cost: Gift
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#937 – Delicious spell

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PATREON BONUS: Flashing princess (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn crossover star butterfly futa futanari spell
I actually finished the creation of the collection page as part of the wishlist page rework. The actual code I was using made the page not fully working and sooo slow so I’m now getting back to a lighter code for faster loading and separated wishlist/collections to be more clean (before add ton of new ladies in the wishlist) ^^’
Also the blog got several DDOS attacks last week that luckily they were small enough to not success and considering today report it seems things are getting quiet again. The curious part of me is a little sad not knowing the purpose of those attacks and the rational side know it’s better than get the answer discovering my blog destroyed with shitty code. Makes me think it should be time for another database save °o°


I received a nice message and great surprise from Lonely-cartoonist saying he was a long time he haven’t visited the project and fell sad missed important dates then wanted give me a hand to continue fill the project wishlist, that was so freaking kind. This time Lonely-cartoonist Rosalina with Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil series what I think should be the more kinky illustration he ever made, he also suggested me “Delicious Spell” as title and I really like that idea so even the post title was already decided, how powerfull °w°
I’m so thankfull to people like Lonely-cartoonist who get back regularly to visit the project page and discover about the last updated (and of course even more when it’s an artist that help me keep the page alive with new and fresh content). This illustration was a great but also really interesting surprise since I was already considering about a duo with Rosalina and Star but cannot decide what girl would be the most perverse acting as dom since both girls are really sweet and innocent. Personally I was more into the idea of Rosalina making Star discover about the pleasure of sex anyway Star being a teen loving use the power of her wand a foolish act sounds pretty accurate, anyway no one would imagined that little girl would use so naughty spell on this adorable princess ^^
My favourite part is Rosalina adorable face looking so innocent and embarrassed, also considering how hard she is when can think she’s also a little excited or it’s just part of the spell effect (and I love how Lonely-cartoonist managed her erected penis en her tight panties). On the other side Star looks totally crazy and excited, pretty much out of control from the excitement rubbing her pussy through her dress using Rosalina’s wand, that point is super exciting. No doubts Star is really play with that dick getting it as deep as she can in her mouth and pussy, makes me feel she already have lot of practice before so I wonder who were her previous “victims” ^__^
Even if Lonely-cartoonist sent me a mail in French, I started write my reply in English being so used to it anyway it’s always nice to be back to my main languages sometimes and be proud of the “French touch power that you can mostly see from mistakes I does in my publications. Unfortunately Lonely-cartoonist isn’t living in France so I may never meet him in real life anyway there is still places like Lonely-cartoonist’s deviantArt page where everybody can discover about his art and if you are kind take the time drop a nice comment to give support and spread love… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Gift
One year ago: #850 – Lingerie and candle
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#867 – Titanical Beauties

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Patreon bonus: Big toy for thigh asses (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
nintendo mario princess rosalina lesbian yuri ecchi sexy lingerie crossover Mikasa Ackerman Attack Titan nintendo mario princess rosalina lesbian yuri ecchi sexy lingerie crossover Mikasa Ackerman Attack Titan high heels

And as promised let me share with you some update about the-4got10-one who’s back to the internet and fine after the typhoon rage, he sent me some before/after photos that are pretty impressive and let me show one to your curious eyes. I also got a new wip of September raffle illustration that goes as patreon reward for today with more details about the girl with Rosalina.
Also I’m in the mod for Minecraft lately creating some co-op maps with redstone (I’m not into commands blocks, redstone is way more challenging and pure architecture). If there is people around curious to discover about them and help me test them, feel free… ^__^


After some pretty and sexy Rosalina illustrations, Lonely-cartoonist is back but this time with a duo pairing Rosalina and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan, I’m always so happy when an artist have interest to participate to my project and so honoured when he come again. Here is the 4th illustration Lonely-cartoonist made for the project (thanks a lot my friend) anyway I wonder if it’s my fault cause each time he draw something even more sexy than the precious time, however for those that know about me, you know I wont complain XD
Lonely-cartoonist really made a powerfull illustration with those two gorgeous ladies and managed clothes nicely with the lingerie that make it even more sexy and the scarf linking both girl for a more intimate and romantic feeling. On the anatomical side some parts looks a bit off but you all have to know how draw is fucking hard and also from his first illustration Lonely-cartoonist never stop making progress so all he deserve is support. I also can’t deny there it some gorgeous curves since I love so much Mikasa ass and Rosalina legs… °w°
There is other interesting details like Mikasa expression who seems to be cold but work perfectly with the character personality if you know about the series and you can understand she don’t want be disturbed at this time. Also I must say the sensual side was Lonely-cartoonist main objective when working on this illustration, he told me “on internet actually there is pretty much nothing sensual or with romantic connotations, only vulgar pornography“. Being a huge pervert I must admit I pretty much love this vulgar pornography but also need to tell he’s totally right, also sensuality may a pretty lady in lingerie and heels looks the best… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
And about heels, you already noticed it but Lonely-cartoonist created a second version adding high heels that I don’t know if was planned at first but sure love so much the idea and result. Also if you guys with to see more don’t miss take a look to Lonely-cartoonist‘s page for even more pretty so sexy illustrations… ^^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Gift
One year ago: #762 – Chocolate Akali
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#829 – Stairway to infinity

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Patreon bonus: Little taste of ShyGirl (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy
I’m a bit sad cause there is delayed post and change of plan for this week, I prepared the last post “Come please your princess” but forgot at work the USB key it was saved on. Main problem if can’t get it before next Monday so I’ll present you other illustration isn’t of write again the same post… Anyway it’s annoying… T_T
Here starts a 4 days week-end in France but weather don’t act friendly and no time to relax with 3 birthdays this week… Sometimes I feel like I rest better at work then home ^^’


Here is a new illustration from the lovely Lonely-cartoonist that kindly contributed to the project for the 4th time with a solo picture of that ravishing princess damn elegant, seductive and maybe a bit provocative but still gorgeous. He already drew Rosalina so pretty with a really light sexy touch but this time Lonely-cartoonist managed make Rosalina more hot after I told him how much I love his Ms. Yamanaka illustration on the left.
I have to admit I’m still way more fan of the Yamanaka piece that Lonely-cartoonist managed really well on posing, expression and colouring, as for Rosalina’s illustration there is too much light so we miss details and some parts looks a bit too pixelated like on thee stairs border or heels. Anyway it’s far to be all negative, as I said there is details that you can find and are really interesting (or sexy) like the dress showed so perfect curves even on breasts, letting appear nipples a bit and with folds managed very well, I also love the pose Lonely-cartoonist chosen that is really sensual and erotic working so perfectly with Rosalina dress and I hope you also like the result guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Last detail I wanted to tell about this illustration and that you can’t see on the final illustration, after send me the final pieces, I got many new versions with littles edits from Lonely-cartoonist, you can see the first on on the right and just try tale a look at the difference and improvement that were added. There was edits on the background or stairs that you can easily notice but also on the heels/crown colour, dress shading and general lightning. Lonely-cartoonist really putted so much effort to make it the best he can so guys, never forget there is hours of work behind and illustration even if you look at it for a few seconds.
I have to be honest and I admit I did made Lonely-cartoonist wait for so long to have his illustration posted here and he’s far to be the only artist I must present my apologies about the delay. Anyway on his side he never stopped to draw and practice so Lonely-cartoonist increased his level even more since this illustration, there is plenty of new illustrations to discover on his gallery so don’t miss have a look. Anyway on the naughty side Ms. Yamanaka is still the most epic piece you did my friend… ^^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Free commission
One year ago: #725 – Galaxy is a beautifull place
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#748 – I’m a blue cowgirl

There is actually more than 100 exclusive patreon rewards coming each year, it sure sounds like the kind of badass announce that I would like to show everywhere but for now I had to get a new way manage them. There is too much of ‘Did I already posted this one‘ or ‘what reward can come with this post‘, now it will be easier… ^__^
Also august will be really hard, I didn’t managed well my financial life for this month and the apart credit will give me some troubles. I wont be able any commissions for this month and honestly ike the actual state of the budget it wont be a bad point let him recover but my side, I hope I wont reach negative in my bank account… O_o


After a sweet duo for Rosalina’s birthday and lovely Christmas pin-up (you can see on the right), here is a third illustration made by Lonely-cartoonist for the project (thanks so much). Here is another pin-up with what I consider a the most wonderfull costume ever; farmer cowgirl with chaps. After that, Lonely-cartoonist sent me this illustration saying ‘I couldn’t resist after reading your mail‘… It was a so powerfull surprise… \(^o^)/
His two previous Rosalina were really sweet and adorable, anyway Lonely-cartoonist‘s gallery host some really sexy pieces like C18 and with Gantz latex suit and I was hopping get something a bit more kinky from his again and I don’t know if he was able read in my mind but sure answered my wish with this piece… Anyway it’s the first time that I get a blue cowgirl suit on Rosalina, it looks so cool and logic that I wonder why haven’t get that earlier, it’s from this idea I admire so much Lonely-cartoonist… °w°
I really love chaps that looks like a mix into casual pants and garter-belt, real cowgirl wear a jeans in general and then put the chaps to protect legs, mostly for horse ridding. Anyway it’s always better remove the jeans for something shorter or even really sexy like this a string, adding this back pose, Lonely-cartoonist really managed it so perfectly and that point of view turn epic, it’s like that ass is calling us. Another fun detail is the mix into cowboy hat and Rosalina’s crown. Really the crown was a really huge deal to figure on other cowgirl Rosalina illustrations so Lonely-cartoonist get a great idea here, it sure have a special design but I like the idea.
Fell free take a look to Lonely-cartoonist’s gallery to see his lasted art, there is some sweet and fun illustrations but I was surprised see one with Ino’s mother that is the naughtiest I ever see for now, sexy pose, lingerie and heels, it deserve to appear on the post like how good it looks. I’ll finish saying Lonely-cartoonist is open for commissions and really deserve support so great way help him and get a nice piece from a cool artist… ^__^

Artist: Lonely-cartoonist / Cost: Gift
One year ago: #645 – Double Rosalina… and lingerie
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#689 – Christmas meet new year


2017 come with all my wishes of happiness and a huge thanks to all that contributed to the project and help it continue exist. There is also some changes planned my side since it goes hard with time and a huge edit on the wishlist page, there is now a gallery then you can discover about characters that you never heard about, more effective than just a name so don’t miss have a look at the wishlist page here… ^^
There is also a publicity pop-up at your first connection, Maybe from 0.01$ a month I’ll be able move at 0.1$ but I’m still far to 1$ a week I got with google adsence without any intrusive ads. You can support the project on patreon for exclusive rewards and enter the monthly raffle… And one more time, Happy new year… \(^o^)/


I can’t deny it’s a bit crazy to celebrate new year with a Christmas pin-up but I received this one from Lonely-Cartoonist just before finish the previous post and I wont told him to wait a year until I can publish it in time so let’s have a bit more Christmas sweetie to enjoy 2017. Lonely-Cartoonist promised me he will work on a sweet piece for Christmas and he did it (better later than never after all)… ^__^
Really love that illustration, Lonely-Cartoonist still have to improve his style but can already create ravishing illustrations. Rosalina so lovely and adorable with this santa suit and the sexy touch from high heels is so powerfull, also we can imagine she have a sweet lingerie set under her suit that work with her shoes to add a spicy touch as if I’m sure Lonely-Cartoonist never planned that option while drawing it… ^^’
Thanks so much for your support and kindness Lonely-Cartoonist, also guys if you take a look at his Deviantart’s gallery you’ll be able to find another Rosalina he drew and that will come later in the blog and at this time why not drop him a little comment with support and nice wishes to start this new year… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Lonely-Cartoonist / Cost: 0$ (gift)

One year ago: #585 – Happy 2016
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