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#922 – Wiifit cunni training

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PATREON BONUS: Kagero special easter toy (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai easter porn cunni cunnilingus wiifit trainer yoga
Yesterday came a huge mail from patreon that finally say they just change “adult” to “18+”, how incredible! personally I don’t see the need make a huge announcement just for that and add “There are no changes to our internal policies” and “There are no changes to our moderation practices“… Big update… ^^’
Also received the usual message from patreon staff telling me raffles are forbidden and once I explain about the ticketing system they say it’s fine. I really should prepare a model to copy/paste for the next times… XD


Everybody know what is important when you want start body training is to make it right and keep doing it with time so nothing better for Rosalina to keep her body healthy and with perfect curves than a new “ yoga session, of course since the first time those training have nothing to do with a classic yoga class but it’s still intense and even more enjoyable so there is no way to stop. Here come the 9th illustration with Rosalina and Wiifit trainer, this time made by BandiJones that is a huge cunnilingus fan (without surprise) but now really know how to manage that kind of scene in so perfect way… °w°
It’s sure a really exciting but also interesting illustration, I personally really love and admire the angle offering an unusual and amazing perceptive for to the one we are used to see, there is POV that is also interesting and not easy draw be here we got a great view on both ladies so BandiJones really picked the perfect angle. Also many great parts like Rosalinas’s expression blushing and nipping her wand making it feel really intense, I like the breasts out of dress and even more the high heels touch getting a great focus from the background accessories… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Since his previous illustration I posted with Samus (that you can see on the left), BandiJones got his NSFW tumblr page shut down but there is still many places to find him. I’m more use to follow him on HentaiFoudnry my side but they are pretty annoying with publication and decline ton of stuff so the best should really be Newgrounds and Pixiv where BandiJones is able post all his art without problem (and even no limit considering the pixiv content)… ^^’

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#859 – Samus ass too perfect to resist

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PATREON BONUS: Punk’s Not Dead (SFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover metroid samus aran ass latex cunnilingus cunni yuri lesbian hentai porn
Reworking on old posts, I saw one I wrote “a little comment is the best thing an artist can expect” and don’t know if I didn’t didn’t know enough about artist or my English that was still bad at this time. What is really pleasant and usefull to artists are nice comment and constructive feedback but the more powerful lever is when they can manage live from their art focusing on what they love and get ton of love and support… ^__^
Also I finally moved to my new place, at some point it happen the moment I start the fridge but honestly it was once I moved the computer… Even more powerfull I have now dual screen… °w°


I’m surprising this illustration by BandiJones is the 15th with Rosalina and Samus made for the project, still far to beat the 35 with Peach but it’s still a lot. I was curious see about all posts to check and if you are curious then you can find all Rosalina and Samus illustrations here. Also this commission was inspired by a Samus illustration made by Krash on the left that I wanted for both pose and shoes then BandiJones what ok with the idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Working on the illustration, I guess what gave the most troubles to BandiJones is about Samus heels, he spend so much time to try make the wedge looks great but the shape and angle were pretty complex to draw and put shading. Anyway you can imagine if this come as the only negative point then no big deal at all, maybe I also think he should make pussy a bit more detailed cause Samus one looks a bit off here (but you can’t imagine how that part is hard to draw guys). Anyway there is so perfect curves, hot action and Rosalina being really gorgeous with that perfect ass and sexy heels. Also there was an edit on Samus since I asked if she can have larger breasts after get the first sketch that you can see on the right, edit was done and BandiJones sure did a great then and I hope you like the result guys… ^^
Also posting this illustration I noticed all illustration by BanjiJones (here) show ladies that already meet Rosalina for the project (even with the OC Lysithea) so I must manage in a future to commission him for a crossover with Rosalina that never happened. Also if you are curious you can see how much BandiJones increased his level since the first illustration he did for the project in 2014 on the left, it was do duo with Samus and even if his style evolved you can see love for heels and cunnilingus was already here… XD

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#856 – Peach disturbing the training

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PATREON BONUS: Quiet and sexy goddesses (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach ecchi sexy hentai yuri porn cunni cunnilingus paloma
As said Martin Molin from Wintergatan (that band is magic); “I’m not big fan of exclusivity behind a paywall” since I spend a lot of time and efforts on my project and wish everybody (18+ of course) can see all the powerfull stuff with Rosalina. I consider the patreon page more as a place to support the project but will still manage give nice rewards with teasers and some old sketches. ^^
Also previous post came a bit late, I spend all the week-end build the kitchen with the help of my father (thanks to him) and even if there is nothing really complicated that thing is full of traps and really need so much time. Then on Sunday evening I had no more energy left for the post… O_o


Definitely the girl that saw the most Rosalina and that’s sure with logical reason since both are from same universe and style, here come the 35th duo with Rosalina and Peach made for the project, you can see all Rosalina x Peach posts here anyway this last illustration come from the French artist BandiJones. He drew Peach because he love this princess and for the scene let’s just say High heels and cunnilingus are some of BandiJones‘s bigger fetishes, for me owning a yuri project and loving high heels it sounded perfect to me… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love this illustration and that story you could create from it could sounds like Peach decided help Rosalina during her training at the gym but wasn’t able resist when Rosalina short dress started to pull up and reveal her pussy through tight stocking, That tennis outfit wasn’t sure the best on the machine Rosalina sit and since BandiJones didn’t gave her panties the view must be more than teasing. Seeing Rosalina from that angle being eated by Peach is damn exciting and when you look at her cute face starting imagine some cute moaning Rosalina turn damn hot, I totally understand Peach wasn’t able to resist… °w°

BandiJones sure managed a powerfull illustration with great work on both ladies but also the background with the machine or more discrete details like Peach towel behind Rosalina (who noticed it?). What I love is also all you can add with some imagination like continue the scene and make so much happen but also put some motion on this scene and imagine Peach’s tongue slowly moving and Rosalina moan loudly. I’m just hopping BandiJones can manage fluids in the future, maybe some saliva and love juice would have be a nice addition, no?
Even being French, BandiJones sure can talk English without problem so don’t miss take a look at his pages listed bellow and share some love (or kinky thought) in comments. You can also consider commission BandiJones that have really cheap prices at this time. My side I already commissioned a kinky duo with Samus, still with high heels and cunnilingus that patreon members were already teased about… ^__^

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#824 – Fuck machine experience

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Patreon bonus: Sweet princess memory (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn machine fuck
Even with the patreon raffle is each month, I guess it’s time prepare a new exclusive piece for my dear supporters, let’s see what kind of content I can manage to offer, maybe I should do a pool.
Also, I did a mistake while washing stuff for my sexy Rosalina cosplay and got some lingerie destroyed. Was a so fucking stupid mistake, luckily it’s not important thing compared if I would have my dress destroyed but love so much those thigh-high. Was hard find exat same, thanks to my cutie who helped me find the same exact on then I bought 2 pairs to be safe now… °w°


No time to be lazy with this new illustration by BandiJones coming here a few hours after be finished, he told me the illustration would be ready for Sunday afternoon and did it then my side I told him I would post it on the same day so better do it and be serious. A really hot and surprising illustration, here is April patreon raffle and curiously it was requested for a solo Rosalina. Not really the spirit for a yuri project but when received his answer, the winner said “I’m thinking solo with a sex machine […] Classic with toys sounds good, Rosie can be on all four maybe with a little ahegaos“, I sure was surprised by it but still interested… °w°
I always said the main rule is no man and BandiJones was fine with the idea. I already got Rosalina ridding a sybian (see it here) but first time for the kind of machine and it’s sure looks quite hot. Maybe if wasn’t told about classic I would have asked BandiJones to use this one from Badoo ad, it would make a fucking hot animated piece with Rosalina if a day I can manage commission something like this. Also a fucking machine mounted on a drill, the world creativity for porn will never stop surprise me… XD
It also was requested for a specific lingerie suit on Rosalina that I really love and suit her so nicely, BandiJones really managed everything so perfectly and that sweet princess turn so damn erotic looking so sexy and naughty. While preparing the post and looking at the wip, I though it could be interesting add a controller on the bed for Rosalina to manage speed and movement range so asked it to BandiJones. Looking at Rosalina expression I guess she goes for full speed but can rid it, who know how crazy she would goes using the machine… °w°
As if she have to be a really sweet and innocent princess, BandiJones made Rosalina looks so hot and naughty, with the see-through lingerie, facial expression and text that turn it so naughty and intense when you imagine her shaking her hips rhythmically to feel deeper. On the other side there is one point that surprised me noticing BandiJones use same technique for body parts like shoulders, elbows and knees than for shiny effect on ass, he told me he was always going that way so don’t know why I notice it just for this piece… O_o
The final illustration turn gorgeous, as if BandiJones is a pro with cunni and high heels he can still manage other scenes perfectly but my side being addicted to heels I wont commission him barefoot often. There is another illustration I commissioned him that will come soon so stay tuned guys and you know you ca also manage to commission him since his actual price are pretty cheap, actually it’s 15$ + 5$ per extra character and even cheaper if you go for SFW. For more infos just take a look to his HentaiFoundry page and the other places to see more about his art, there is some cuties and ravishing ladies and second point more interesting; many cunni action and gorgeous high heels shoes… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#803 – Relaxing at the gym

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Patreon bonus: Summer should be forever (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn Peach gymnastic cunni cunnilingus

And no more suspense, it’s Curtis Heywood that wont February patreon raffle and will be able decide who Rosalina will meet in an illustration by LadyBarbero. Rules is the same as usual, must be a yuri scene (SFW or NSFW) and follow the artist do/don’t do terms. Now let see what idea Curtis Heywood will submit… ^__^
Also previous post add a little error with one year ago: at bottom for stupid reason, Seems I wasn’t use to be in 2018 so instead of search the post made in 2017 it was 2016 one. Nothing bad or critical, just stupid… ^^’


Time for a naughty commission to BandiJones who love to draw sweet pin-up and cunnilingus scenes, also for people that know me, no doubt what side I was the most interested to go with. Talking with BandiJones, he also told me about his fetishes for yuri and high heels so we sure had a lot in common, anyway this time no high heels for this duo with Rosalina and Peach having some fun during their gymnastic training.
When you know Nintendo games, this kind of scene is unexpected scene but sure pleasant to watch, e had to wait for Rosalie to join Mario at the Olympic games (Rio 2016) before nintendo officially gave her a tight gymnastics suit and BandiJones didn’t miss the opportunity use those wonderfull and sexy outfits. Female body is sure gorgeous and I love how gymnastic suit cover the body looking beautifull but without hide female body sweet and perfect curves. Rosalina didn’t know she could looks that erotic but it’s too late to resist. °w°
As you can see below, there is many places to find BandiJones and enjoy his art, NSFW Tumblr and Pixiv have all his art anyway don’t miss go on Deviantart or HentaiFoundry side to give some love and support with a little comment. BandiJones really do work hard and with passion but it’s nice comment or contructive feedback that give the motivation and strengh to keep working hard… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#667 – Feeling a peachy tongue

Forgot my usb key where I prepared the Rukyo post that had to be published previously, I can say it’s the curse from the 666th illustration on the site but must admit it happen like once a week (and even more dramatic when week-end coming). No choice since all dropbox and drive blocked at work and each time I install a new one it don’t need more than a week to be down… Raaah… T_T
Also as Nintendo fan I sure saw about the Nintendo Switch, it sure looks interesting and bit complex with so much (expensive?) accessories to come. I’m now curious if manets are comfy to use, autonomy, retro-compatibility with WiiU games and the price… Suspense…


After a spending some fun time with Samus back to a party (on the right) or being serviced orally by Lysithea (on the left), BandiJones contacted me to announce another kinky duo coming with Rosalina and Peach. Be sure I was really excited about it, not only because another Rosalina illustration but since BandiJones is a french artist with cunnilingus and high heels fetish (how powerfull). Also it’s the 31th time I receive Rosalina and Peach pairing for the blog but this duo is kinda magic and it’s real interesting to see how that duo can look depending the artist style and idea, if you are curious you can see all Rosalina x Peach illustrations here.
I was so honored receiving BandiJones mail, it’s so nice when people think at me when it concern Rosalina content they saw or created but this time it was more as teaser cause I wasn’t allowed see the illustration before it goes completed, how cruel. Anyway, since it took more time than expected I finally got some compassion and be able get a WIP (kinda exaggerating about BandiJones, he’s really nice guy). Something intimate, expressive and intense as you can see on Rosalina face and also both princess gloves torn, ‘Rosalina could have caught Peach’s glove as with the bed sheets cause excitation and tear the fabric‘, the idea is sure interesting but torn clothes represent more a fight in my opinion, what do you think guys?
What’s wonderfull when you follow an illustration creation is to discover about details or ideas that never appear on the final version. As example BandiJones wanted Peach heel a bit wet from Rosalina licking after partially remove her shoe. Not really sure if the idea was abandoned or too hard to figure while coloring (high heels shoes still here so we keep the best). Better BandiJones don’t spend time on a detail people may not notice, anyway I must figure a licking scene with shoe dangling a day… °w°
I hope you love this new illustration as me guys, BandiJones was really kind tell me about this illustration and let me publish it here but on your side don’t miss discover his art on Deviantart, Tumblr and even more (all listed below). He increased a lot his level sicne the first time I discovered him and now will be time to move from requests to commissions. Must be really interesting price at start so don’t miss you chance let that cunni-sempai make your dreams come true… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#627 – Lysithea join a dream

June is close and I now know who will be the artist working on the next patreon illustration for the monthly raffle. The request will goes to LadyBarbero so don’t miss take a look at her page to get an idea what kind of piece she could draw and not too late to win an illustration from her joining RosalinaxGirl patreon and enter the raffle.
Wasn’t here to manage the site last week-end due to mother day and I’ll be out of town again on this one to learn about sewing and work on my next Rosalina cosplay, can’t tell more for now but must show you how it looks once done. I have the original dress to cosplay since years so time for a new one for more variety during con. ^^


For those who remember about ‘Your dream by…‘ event, I first announced SacciSalt as winner and BandiJones started to work on the illustration. He really loved the idea of Rosalina and BatteryGirl as the reference poses but after some time I received a new message saying it was really hard piece due to BatteryGirl design and skin as those heels that are so damn hot as pain to draw. Finally BandiJones moved on another idea from all participations and he draw the one by Uxdragon asking ‘Rosalina being serviced orally by my OC Lysithea’, here is the result. ^^
After lot of work here is the final illustration by BandiJones, He really love cunni and high heels so as little pervert too must admit that kind of theme was really interesting and I hope you like the result guys (especially you Uxdragon). First time Lysithea meet Rosalina here but in fact it’s the second illustration I received of this duo, the other was made by her sweet owner and will appear soon in the blog. Will be also nice opportunity to present you a little more that so cute as kinky lady. XD
I really love BandiJones‘s art and as if it can look basic at some points without a lot of details and shading, if you look at his gallery he really increased his level and work hard to make even more powerfull and impressive illustrations (even more sexy too). Compared to the previous illustration with Rosalina and Samus he made for the project and that you can see on the right, this time there is more shading, light effect and the background look cool (BandiJones is really proud of this part). You can see all his art on Tumblr, Pixiv and all sites listed below for now but he also try hard to reach a level that will be accepted on HentaiFoundry and be sure they are really exigent. I wish you good luck my friend, you can do it… Oh yeah…
Still a lot I want to say about this illustration, Rosalina looks gorgeous with this lingerie and high heels, also love her expression that turn the scene even more intense and show how Lysthea is talented. BandiJones started the illustration with BatteryGirl and I’ll post the sketch as patreon reward if you are curious to see it. at last Since I announced to SacciSalt that she won, feel it end on that way so I managed to ge this pairing happen and be sure it will be epic, stay tuned. And for now, thanks so much BandiJones for this wonderfull piece and your participation to the project, that’s so powerfull… \(^o^)/

One year ago: Splatoon squid sisters want a… Squirt
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#611 – Drunk and kinky after party

April is here and it’s raffle time, an illustration by JamilSC11 for patreon raffle winner and everybody get a chance to WIN a FREE ILLUSTRATION participating at “Your dream by…” event. Rules are simple, just comment with a situation involving Rosalina and any other girl you want and the artist will pick his favorite and draw it. This time the theme is cunnilingus, sounds so tasty and exciting… Oh yeah… °w°
So feel free to take a look at “Your dream by…” page for more info and drop your idea. You have until March to tell us about your kinky dreams and why not see it come true.


To give you an idea about the kind of illustration you can get, the new piece is from BandiJones that is also the artist involved into “Your dream by…” event. He love hentai, especially cunnilingus and high heels but since no one drew what he have in mind then he decided to be an artist and create is own drawings. For now the style is kinda simple as for details and colors but BandiJones started only a few months ago and already got a great level. He made so cool ideas and poses as this Rosalina and Samus (or Samus/Pikachu you can see on the bottom) but so much other awesome (naughty) pieces on his Tumblr (here).
As you know Nintendo character are supposed don’t know about alcohol and sex but with Rosalina and Samus able to travel through the galaxy and discover new… Cultures it’s not the same thing. Today they goes together to a Gala wearing both a ravishing dress but aren’t still used to drink champagne and back to home both are kinda drunk and feel excited looking at each other then starting the true night of pleasure. BandiJones really had a cool idea for this illustration and it have a sweet backstory, now Samus started giving Rosalina a little cunni to taste that little princess pussy before go play with those sweet and sensual beasts that are like and invitation to be sucked and fondled.
BandiJones already drew both ladies and I feel so honored he wanted to contribute to my project, with common fetish for yuri and high heels so it was so powerfull. Love Rosalina expression and as if her breasts are so sexy and exciting, it seem the left one is bigger than the right and also curious it’s Rosalina with black dress and Samus with blue one. Both have blue suits but I’m so addicted to Rosalina that the opposite sounds more logical for me. At last not a so important detail and BandiJones sure made an incredible illustration. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

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