#803 – Relaxing at the gym

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And no more suspense, it’s Curtis Heywood that wont February patreon raffle and will be able decide who Rosalina will meet in an illustration by LadyBarbero. Rules is the same as usual, must be a yuri scene (SFW or NSFW) and follow the artist do/don’t do terms. Now let see what idea Curtis Heywood will submit… ^__^
Also previous post add a little error with one year ago: at bottom for stupid reason, Seems I wasn’t use to be in 2018 so instead of search the post made in 2017 it was 2016 one. Nothing bad or critical, just stupid… ^^’


Time for a naughty commission to BandiJones who love to draw sweet pin-up and cunnilingus scenes, also for people that know me, no doubt what side I was the most interested to go with. Talking with BandiJones, he also told me about his fetishes for yuri and high heels so we sure had a lot in common, anyway this time no high heels for this duo with Rosalina and Peach having some fun during their gymnastic training.
When you know Nintendo games, this kind of scene is unexpected scene but sure pleasant to watch, e had to wait for Rosalie to join Mario at the Olympic games (Rio 2016) before nintendo officially gave her a tight gymnastics suit and BandiJones didn’t miss the opportunity use those wonderfull and sexy outfits. Female body is sure gorgeous and I love how gymnastic suit cover the body looking beautifull but without hide female body sweet and perfect curves. Rosalina didn’t know she could looks that erotic but it’s too late to resist. °w°
As you can see below, there is many places to find BandiJones and enjoy his art, NSFW Tumblr and Pixiv have all his art anyway don’t miss go on Deviantart or HentaiFoundry side to give some love and support with a little comment. BandiJones really do work hard and with passion but it’s nice comment or contructive feedback that give the motivation and strengh to keep working hard… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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