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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

I’m always looking for new artists into commissions or (the best) request, I know free requests is not what pay artist bills but the wishlish have more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters isn’t very cheap… Anyway that’s the rule and I’ll do my best keep the project active and never give up… ^^

Actually: 1007 drawings (526 girls – 95 OC – 243 Solo – 40 Pokemons)
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or repost…

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#1007 – Bulma wasn’t alone at the pool

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Compositions (Abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustrations for 2$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn dragon ball super broly bulma brief lesbian futanari semen cum high heels pool sex outdoor exhibition

Got my second shoot for Covid, I was totally against it cause not believe a vaccine coming that quick and that no one take responsibilities in case of troubles. In France you have a paper that say in case of secondary effect from vaccine that none of the government or laboratory can be taken as responsible (really what the fuck is that). Anyway my biggest problem with vaccine was a HUGE fair of needles with a ruminating combo making it pretty insane. By the way the most complicated was second shoot cause I did know all the process so my mind started rumination about the needle for the beginning. Thanks to amazing people being super kind and understandable about my phobia it goes well ^^

Anyway there was a pokemon card I love so much but being quit expensive (really) and with that I thought it’s totally crazy being forced to do stuff you are against but can’t treat yourself something you dream about so I decided this card would be my reward for the vaccine. After getting my shoot in the waiting area (had to stay 15mn before leave) I took my phone and showed the card to y father telling him “See, I found it 10€ cheaper that’s a deal” then bought it. Love my father expression at this moment (and overall his patience with me) <3


I think most of the DragonBall fans (an anime fan as well) saw Super Broly movie, even me not being that much into the series watched it and honestly it’s a pretty good one. I remember the original series where a battle can go for several episodes but in a movie you have few time to say a lot so delay between action is way better. Anyway it’s a really specific moment of Super Broly movie that inspired me for this illustration with Rosalina an Bulma. At first I really liked Bulma outfit having a pretty cool design with a skirt and zipper jacket giving her a quite sexy look with so much potential. Also was inspired by the idea of Rosalina joining Bulma is she was left alone near the pool for some secret fun together of course (please don’t mention that msMurasaki was there as well, we have to cheat a bit and ignore him to make it work) :p

Talking about “cheat”, there also another point I didn’t follow well the original movie script asking msMurasaki to draw Bulma as a futa, I know futanari isn’t everyone tastes but people start to be use to it now. To me this have so muh potential for kinky action and more intense scenes on yuri action an as messy lover also open the universe of messy without need a man. Also you must know the problem that when you start cheating then you can’t stop so there was a little edit on Bulma outfit having wear high heels instead of her sneakers, msMurasaki was fine with this point and after all, as long I’ll be alive high heels will come as often as I can… XD

On this illustration I really admire both girls expression giving a really sensual side while the action down is quite naughty, msMurasaki managed this part so nicely and Rosalina looks so sweet and adorable even while having her pussy filled by her futanari friend. Last detail is about fashion, I asked for Rosalina to wear her Lumakini but the pose isn’t really convenient to show it so msMurasaki had a great idea to move it up so we can enjoy those soft and shiny princess breasts. Also like the skin shading, make it like both girls are oiled and this is making it even more exciting to imagine some backstory rubbing each other with some oil and sunscreen being sure to not forget any part, doesn’t it sounds exciting? :p

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#1006 – JackOchallenge yoga sandwich

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Perfect beach (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustrations for 2$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn wiifit jacko jackochallenge yoga ringfit trainer threesome sex

Even after completing 2021 Mc Donald pokemon cards series, this time better say no promise and such cause each time I’m saying “I can now manage to put back the RosalinaXGirl project on track” then it fail. For now let’s consider this publication as a random surprise appearing with a new Rosalina yuri illustration that did reset the inactivity count. If you feel you can bet in comment the time until next post to motivate me post again soon and make you wrong if you goes all with quite high numbers :p


In France we say “a surprise never come alone and yes, this new illustration is from B-side7715 who’s back after 3 years since his sexy duo with Rosalina and Ahri that you can see on the left. Short story he told me in 2018 that he wasn’t interest to draw swfw/adult oriented illustration and want his art being for all audiences so my side focusing on adult yuri stuff it wasn’t compatible. OF course could go for totally safe and sweet commissions but at this time was a little frustrated since B-side7715 had a really cool art style and potential but no more sexy Rosalina allowed. Last year he sent me a message telling he’s back on erotic commission but got no reply to my answer so goes blank again. And it’s recently seeing a publication on B-side7715’s facebook artist page that I commented to complimenting the illustration and asking for some news that he asked me to continue talk by mail and then the magic started again \(^o^)/

I first I suggested B-side7715 various ideas with different fetish and erotic level to kinda see what he was into and know a bit more stuff he like and his limits but surprisingly everything sounded fine to him. The hard part is I hate decisions my side cause in general when I suggest ideas it’s cause I love them all was hard to choose between all of them. Finally I goes with the most kinky and trending idea: the JAckOchallenge pose with a spicy threesome addition, in fact the idea was Rosalina doing Jack-O pose and a girl being fucked on bottom or fucking the princess on bottom with the option to mix both into an (indecent) threesome sandwich.

After such a brainstorming trying stay focused thinking at so naughty stuff was time to explain everything to B-side7715 with some references to be sure make it as clear as possible. Despite few mistakes on my message (thanks to my French side) the first sketch I received (on the right) had all the spirit to be amazing as I was dreaming. There was some edits requested, first one being to have a larger view to see that Rosalina is doing the jack-o challenge pose. Second point was about the dildos, I asked B-side7715 if could be great to have it from Rosalina pussy to trainer ass to have it more direct link. Also was wondering about adding a dildo on wiifit trainer pussy but this would may charge too much so not usefull addition. Then it was for the minor edits but had one last thing in mind to ask.

Last change but not the least requested was if possible to change ringfit trainer to make her fuck Rosalina harder and fit with the princes perfect expression. The idea was top trainer to wear a strap-on and being up a little with arm straight and her hands on Rosalina shoulders so it’s like she can trust hard inside that tight princess ass. I wasn’t sure about if that edit would look great or even be anatomically right so was a suggestion to B-side7715 and as you can see on the final version, he made it work… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Also important point if you are looking for artists; B-side7715 is extremely quick and reactive and commissions, it took only one day from the sketch to final version. It took 3 days to complete this illustration that is quite impressive for a threesome, in fact talking about the idea he was back with a sketch the next day, answering about changes I wanted there was the edited sketch the next day and after validate the color version took same time to come. Just a bit frustration since I love to get wip and process screens for the art I get and and B-side7715 was so fast that I have nothing between sketch and final, I’m sure even Cinderella’s carriage took more time to build from the pumpkin XD

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#1005 – Princess at Overwatch academy

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Perfect beach (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

And I’m writing this post enjoying Mazzacho‘s company from his stream on Picarto here). Tonight plan is going to get some quick illustrations with Rosalina and Lady Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil. I have to admit I wasn’t really in a mood that I HAD to get this pairing until I saw Marie Bunnie’s fantastic cosplay of that tall vampire on this tweet. Looking gorgeous with perfect curves and also high heels °w°

And remember everyone that being a supporter on patreon give you exclusive content and for a limited time the ability to request any idea to be draw by Mazzacho as long it respect both artist and this project standards. I must admit the only rule is no men and extreme fetish (as gore, vore, scat…) but Mazzacho is quite open so can surprise you and what he can do. So if you have a crazy idea involving that gorgeous princess it’s time to make it shine °w°


And today I’m happy to introduce Sashimi Chan, I commissioned this great Japanese artist for a duo with Rosalina and D.va being member of the Overwatch academy. There is some skins I really love from Overwatch and the Academy D.va is one of my favorite so I had to manage it someday and I did. surprisingly I goes with soemethign pretty sweet and soft for a schoolgirl duo when you know how much people can fantasize about this kind of teenager uniform. Anyway Sashimi Chan‘s style was so promising for this duo and following the artist style/spirit there was no way to go into something too explicit or indecent.

I’ll never be tired to say the mix between cuteness and sexiness is something really powerfull and if you take a look at Sashimi Chan‘s gallery then no doubt he can create something gorgeous following that spirit. Both girls looking adorable and an skirt up just enough to tease Rosalina’s pretty lace panties, no way you are in heaven. Anyway this commission bring back some old demons; it was all made in a row and Sashimi Chan was really kind making some screenshots during the process but he drew Peach instead of Rosalina. Remind me the old time at cons when I was called Peach being cosplayed as Rosalina and seems even now I still have to continue my quest to make the world know about Rosalina (and the difference between blue and pink) ^^’

Of course this story have a happy end since Sashimi Chan edited the illustration to show Rosalina by changing the hairstyle, now it looks perfect and at some point I wont a bonus alternative version so no way to complain. I hope you guys like this piece and if you want to see more don’t miss visit Sashimi Chan‘s page and gallery that have more than a thousand illustration (and damn, there’s a lot of gorgeous pieces). You can also support him on patreon or help his youtube channel to start if you enjoy see about speedpainting and process. Don’t forget than being a drawing you have a cool artist and hours of work so giving a few minutes to show some support and feedback is always good… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#1004 – Cow breaking the tempo

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Stars after the show (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of both illustrations for 2$+ patreons
princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

There was too much silents days lately and I’m thankful to all of you that came asking for news and see if everything fine. At last I’m not dead (yeah) and don’t know if can call this a hiatus since the reason is totally a lack of time. I’m now running a cosplay project and each one are enough to keep me fully busy so trying to get a balancing was not easy as I expected. Now after like a year working hard on the cosplay project I got it’s not getting back the energy level that this one does. I also get a week off due to covid (low activity at work) so can prepare some stuff.

I’m still getting a huge Rosalina addict and getting art of her so don’t worry about the content, also I’m going commission Mazzacho several sketches to help him financially then got an idea. All patreon members on the page can request an illustration up to two characters, whatever your tier, anyway it’s a 1 hour sketch session (+10/15mn) on each illustration so the more complex it is the most details get lost. Choose wisely :p


Many illustrations by Mazzacho started with the inspiration coming from a post on Twitter or instagram and this time even being from a photo I sent him the result is the same. It was photo of sexy cow model sitting on a huge milk churn and when Mazzacho managed to stream the next day there was a cow Rosalina sitting on milk churn (not a coincidence for sure). You can see about the original photo on the left if you are curious, the model being trap I was a bit worries that he can dislike the photo since not everybody is into trap/trans but never expected that he could like it enough to get inspiration for his next illustration… With Rosalina… \(^o^)/

After hours of stream and breaking the finish line several times (so if you took the time read to this point you now know where the title comes from), Mazzacho decided it was time to stop here with the illustration entering an “unlimited polishing process at this point. There’s some drawings that make you think can always be improved adding more details or shading options ad finally you can spend so much hours on minor editing without be able end with that feeling so it’s important to be able to stop on it and be able move new thing. Be sure it’s more easy to say than to do especially for Mazzacho being a perfectionist and can easily spend hours trying to make his drawings perfect. Anyway as many artists he have ton of projects but not unlimited time so it’s important to push him to stop to rest a little before get his perfectionism habit back ^^

Also sometimes the extra details you add to illustration don’t come with the result you expected, as example with this illustration Mazzacho added cows inside the barn before finally say I think it better without cows. I agree with that statement and to be they add the strange feeling to the environment, of course it’s interesting and realistic but when you put a sexy girls stripping in the middle it can give some disturbing bestiality ideas, even more when your are into beast fetish and start imagine the cows coming around Rosalina liking her princess body and sensitive spots with their huge tongues (and I better stop here cause in my mind it’s just the beginning). Anyway I posted both version so you can see by yourself ^^

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#1003 – Happy Moo Year

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Happy New Bullshit (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

I know the place stay quiet lately, I don’t plan to let it die and be sure my love for Rosalina never stop growing (as the fear of my family and friends) but whatever. Reason is I’m now running two more projects one sfw linked to video games and one NSFW linked for cosplay (maybe you already heard about one of those). Main problem is they are all time and energy consuming so a reasoned person would take the decision to focus on one and pause the others but on my side… Well… Passion want me running all of them together ^^’

Also was curious how were going the website stats in 2021 (Took me 4 years stop using the term blog btw) and haven’t really dropped much finally so knowing people keep coming for the sake of that magnificent Rosalina on indecent yuri scenes a part of me feel I have to work harder for them. Also noticed a DDOS attack on January 22th as you can slightly notice on the left graph. I hope one day this will be cause the project being famous °w°


And this new update don’t come without reason; today we are celebrating Chinese new year and celebrations can’t be perfect without have Rosalina dressed as a cute cowgirl. As you may already know 2021 is the year of the cow bringing so much opportunities for pretty and sexy Moo girls illustrations and even real models cosplays. Anyway it’s nice to have ideas but without the help of artists nothing happen so let’s thanks Lunakiri for her supprot and hard work on this illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

So much talking and (unfortunately) edits during the process of this illustration but the result worth it, first point was during the sketch process I requested Lunakiri to give Rosalina a nice sexy pose and also the biggest breasts she could manage cause can’t be a perfect sexy Moo girl without the mega milk breasts. Actually Rosalina breasts are twice bigger than they were on first sketch but part of me feel they can be much more bigger so maybe in the future I’ll find an artist that will allow me to get back with another sexy cowgirl Rosalina but this time having super mega milky breasts but for now we already have soft and skeshy breasts to enjoy… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

Second detail that you sure haven’t miss, Lunakiri came with two hairstyle that looked awesome and was super kind to accept draw both versions cause honestly choose one was too hardcore. I have an unwavering love for Rosalina since her first appearance on Mario Galaxy in 2007 so her original hairstyle is something important to me even if the ponytail became official on Mario 3D world when Rosalina get the fire plant power-up. Anyway the ponytail really gives Rosalina a magnificent and entertaining look from the sketch o I know on the final version it would be a really powerfull touch on that gorgeous princess and it does °w°

There was anyway less fun parts on the discussions during the creation process, one was about Rosalina legs being hidden on the sketch and it made Lunakiri a bit pissed that I haven’t insisted on that detail, this also moved to a misunderstanding cause after she said I’ll start over with a new pose I though she was going for a full redo and didn’t wanted go on that saying she must keep it and her insisting with I will redo it. several times. Finally this was just a change on the bottom part instead of full illustration redo so we did keep the powerfull spirit from the sketch and prevent Lunakiri waste hours on it. I feel bad for Lunakiri working quite hard on the illustration and don’t deserve such unpleasant debates and her patience with me, the edits took time but after that it was totally perfect so thanks sooo much <3

Last point was about Rosalina gloves; Lunakiri wanted them black cause “don’t like how you lose the hand in the pants, on my side I wanted to keep the gloves with cow prints but on more serious side anyone with any sense of aesthetics would not overlay 2 of the same pattern but finally I insisted to take the risk since the printed bra is the important bit for the theme. I hope you also like it that way guys. And no more long boring text, it’s time to give a last big hug to Lunakiri and thanks her for her hard work and join Rosalina to celebrate this new year (If only ^^’)…

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#1002 – Mazzacho’s celebration

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone

2021 is here and it’s time to wish good luck to everybody for this new year. I would like to stay positive and hope all the best but 2020 was quite rough on my side for several reasons and those are still around like Corona-chan for example but other things that I’m sorry but can’t talk about. Anyway once again 2021 is here so I can’t just continue myself on that way, for some people the 1st is just another day but let’s use it as excuse to bring back some energy and give a big spank to all those bad habits and troubles that keep hold me… Oh yeah… °w°

Not sure about what else to say, for now this new year is just starting and hopefully can’t go worse so let’s do our best improve it but still, never stop be careful with what outside so take care of you and people you love ^^


Another change of plan since the previous publication cause artists never stop surprises me as Mazzacho did after the 1.000th illustration release, don’t worry the KDA illustration will come next (if another unexpected event come until). So after linking the 1.000th milestone where he was featured, Mazzacho decided create something that I discovered while he started to stream the illustration with a lovely Rosalina pin-up siting on a huge 1000th. The only unfair point is being at work while he was streaming so cannot fully enjoy his live but there was regular wips shared on Mazzacho’s discord group to be sure don’t miss the progress and evolution… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Be sure that Mazzacho have an heart as bit as he’s talented (careful I’m talking really seriously here) and I was quite wondering if we would make something by himself to celebrate the 1.000th illustration for the project, honestly according his super busy schedule with work and family adding the time need a full drawing I expected like a sweet doodle but I did underestimate his power. Still being serious there is dozen of Rosalina illustrations by Mazzacho that need to be published, many sexy doodles and pretty sketches that deserve love and attention so stay tuned °w°

Last bonus is a magazine style rendering that is pretty cool that remind me about Mazzacho maybe a day we’ll get the magazine printed but I would keep all copy for myself (^^’). Theres sure more coming but if you can’t wait for more, you can find a lot (with bonus) on Mazzacho’s patreon page so don’t mind have a (pervert) sneak peak.

Artist: Mazzacho / gift
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
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#1001 – Happy birthday Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Mazzacho’s celebration (SFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2020
Happy 13th year of existence \(^o^)/
princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai
princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai

Short story I had no computer all October (I’ll tell more next time) anyway you can’t imagine how happy I was to be back in time to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday based on the release of Mario galaxy in Japan on November 1st 2007, actually this one isn’t official since Nintendo never told about her real birth date and you know we never ask a lady how old she is), in fact I don’t think there is birthday dates for any Super Mario. universe characters. That magnificent princess shine in our galaxy for now 13 years and I4m glad to see she keep coming in new games) and I also have to give a huge thanks to Omnimaid who helped me celebrate that special day with his amazing support creating a magnificently spicy illustration dedicated to this day… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentaiWhen Omnimaid sent me the wip he said the premise is that she got a lot of presents and wanted to test them all, no doubt Rosalina wont forget this night that easily that sure had to be quite intense and pleasurable, also even knowing about the scene from the wip there was still a huge surprise when I got the final illustration having as much versions as Rosalina’s toys, thanks so much my friend for this so fantastic surprise you made ^__^

I really love how Omnimaid managed the atmosphere of this illustration; Rosalina sweet body and curves, pose, expression and even the toys around all working to create that powerfull mix between sexiness and sensuality, now one can resist to fondle her feeling her warm chubby body and soft breasts. Also as I said Omnimaid managed several versions where change public hairs, toys, love juice and even a discrete steam.

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentaiLast detail is Omnimaid had the plan to get the illustration going to be very wet but he had to rush a bit so it didn’t turn out very messy in the end, as messy lover and French man (yeah we love complain :p) I was a little sad about the messy touch but at the end all I feel was so much excitement and happiness from this series. Even being a super adorable and kind artist be sure Omnimaid is also a pretty lazy one anyway he keep coming every year showing his support to the project (and also that he’s not dead) but never missed Rosalina’s birthday since 2012. One time he said “participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” and even this year he managed to be part of it so as long he keep going be sure that blog will keep running to make him shine, now let’s him rest and see what happen next year °w°

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#1000 – Holidays at the mansion hotel

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PATREON BONUS: HD version (8x bigger) + Step by step for 2$+ patrons
Now we did it… Now we can’t stop, Oh yeah!!!

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri goo sex slime monster high heels anal futanari luigi mansion semen cum

so much enthusiasm reaching this impressive millstone for the project that I managed alone for more than 10 years now, you can also see how was looked the project at it’s beginning when it all consisted as a list on my Hentaifoundry profile description. Starting 2005 my waifu was Rosetta Christopher from Chrno Crusade (that remain my fav anime ever) and two years later Rosalina was able beat her on the first day I played Mario Galaxy on the Wii, a strong addiction and love for Rosalina that 10 years later no one was able to defeat. By the way The project started by an illustration I commissioned to the French artist Merethide to pair my two favorite ladies: Rosalina and Rosetta christopher and it’s after this illustration I was in the mood to start pairing with Rosalina and my fav girls characters without expecting it would be the start of a so ambitious project °o°

You can see how was looking the blogger page in 2013 and pretty much that all active projects at this time are now dead and moved to the archive page so you can imagine many things changed in 10 years. First I moved from HentaiFoundry into blogger creating the “Rosalina & girl page” being initially a SFW place then due to some NSFW content I requested I had to create a second page called “Rosalina x girl” for the lewd stuff that quickly moved to be the main from all the art and visitors. Main problem with blogger was my website being blocked several times cause copyright issues and one time I was close to never get my stuff back being flagged as spam site and blogger refused to send me a back-up to “use it to create another spam website” so it was time to act before come a real issue.

It’s being close to definitely lost my project on blogger that I decided to move to another place and made my own website hosted by OVH using wordpress base. That way I was able to get a better control on all my datas I it’ better get a warning then do appropriate changes than lost all access to the datas and potentially get everything deleted without any chance of a backup. There was several changes on the rosalinaxgirl website with time, it first was only to host the NSFW website, then I moved the SFW making rosalinaxgirl.com as swf an rosalinaxgirl.com/nsfw for adult content but since the nsfw place was 5 times bigger than the SFW it wasn’t great having the SFW as main so in 2019 there was no more SFW version and only the rosalinaxgirl.com place that you can visit now and that celebrate it’s 1.000th publication… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


I wanted to come with something epic for the 1.000th illustration and original plan was a new Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic drew by Mazzacho but this unfortunately never happened cause the artist being super busy and obliviously me coming too late with a proper storyboard, I managed to push the 1.000th post the most I can but what we have today if only a sketch of the main page so I have no choice to give-up on that project. So I’m sorry to tell no Rosalina and Tinkerbell coming but I still wanted to give the honour to Mazzacho to shine at this time so came with a commission inspired from Luigi mansion 3 using the Goo Luigi concept for a Goo Rosalina with some special pleasuring equipment and messy abilities as you can see and I hope you don’t mind spying them :p

For this commission I asked Mazzacho to draw a green Goo Rosalina to keep it close to Goo Luigi and create a visible connexion with Luigi Mansion game (also with the fact Rosalina playing the game too), now thinking at it again I still think the green was a good choice on that direction but it could also be interesting to have a blue Goo Rosalina and use coloured goo girls for orgy, like a pink Goo Peach and range Goo Daisy as example. It can work with every character like a Blue goo Samus and characters from other series like yellow goo Victoria Seras but it would look like more a slime clone than the Luigi Mansion goo, anyway I still love the of an orgy between girls and their goo clones so can be definitely a thing to go with in the future… Would you also be hyped about that Goo clone sharing concept?

On the first sketch that you can see on the left, Mazzacho initially drew the Goo Rosalina playing on switch instead of the original princess, this was fixed in the next version anyway my mind wasn’t sure at this time which version was the most interesting cause both would look pretty interesting. I decided keep going with my original idea and Rosalina playing switch and to make it the most intense and naughty we goes with anal fuck while semen overflowing from Rosalina’s pussy happily playing her game letting her goo clone raping and filling all her holes slowly making the bed turn into a cum and goo bath. For me loving indecent and messy pieces this on is sure so powerfull and exciting, I also love that Mazzacho managed give high heels to both ladies (people that know me also know about my huge addiction for heels).

Be sure Mazzacho did a really incredible and long work with shading to reach this point, there was so much variations and evolution from all previews he sent me (that you can all see on the step by step patreon reward). After a moment Mazzacho told me I found style wich I’ll be used for this pic so I knew we were close to reaching the final version and a few days later it was ready to shine. You can sure admire the amazing work with shading and also on the background inspired from the game mansion hotel and I also love the doggy addition suggesting the fun is not over and allow us to imagine so much scenes from that pervert trio °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur
Next to come: Joining KDA team (SFW)
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#999 – Cutie Klara and trainer Rosalina

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PATREON BONUS: Bulma wasn’t left alone (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon klara hentai porn yuri lesbian sex busty breasts

Finally the poll about Rosalina’s swimsuit is is over and it’s a perfect Ex-eaquo between 3 outfits, I’m a little sad no votes for the Lumakini but this will allow some variety on the content (and I know myself that I’ll bring it back in future illustrations). so decision had to be taken and I decided to give the final choice to the artist Lunakiri having a huge preference for the #3 anyway she also said I’m the type to pick depending on what would work best for the image. And now it’s about the next part of this illustration creation announcing Jessica Carr to be the chosen one this month being able to decide the girl joining Rosalina so let’s see about his suggestion/idea, still so much suspense with this illustration and I hope everybody will enjoy it once complete °o°

The 1.000th illustration was never so close and it’s an illustration for the amazing Mazzacho that will make us reach this milestone. Stay ready for the party guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


It’s time for a new illustration and artist to come shine on this place, Rosalina meet Klara from pokemon on a piece made by Kiomaru1; a cool artist cursed with discord if I consider his discord art group was destroyed twice (and let’s not tell about his email hacked). Anyway it’s not enough to stop Kiomaru1 from drawing so I managed to commission him for another illustration after the one with Rosalina and Rin Hoshizora from Love live that you can see on the left.

I requested Kiomaru1 an illustration with Rosalina and Klara appearing on the first pokemon Sword/shield DLC giving him freedom with the pose, at this time he was in the mood for some breast play and the idea of busty ladies sounded pretty sexy and kinky. what I didn’t expected from the first sketch was about a younger Klara, was a little surprising and disturbing since it may be not everyone tastes but at this point Kiomaru1 was really happy and enthusiastic with the illustration so ask for changes wouldn’t be fun at all. Also it’s always important to know that allowing artists to have freedom in your commissions make them more pleased to work on your drawing and in general the quality of your illustration will also be even better, I’m not saying it’s easy since I’m the first to come with crazy and precise ideas sometimes but just keep this advice in a corner of your mind ^__^

I must admit I don’t remember why the illustration was flipped after the first sketch moving Klara on the right side, technically both side were fine with both girls so I should ask Kiomaru1 if he remember something about that detail. The most logical would be he drew Rosalina hair lock on the wrong side covering the left eye instead of the right and this flip just goes as a quick fix, anyway reason can also be the overall looking being better with that angle. I4m really curious person so be sure I’ll ask Kiomaru1 about that point and even if he don’t have any clue for me this would be an excuse to see when he will be open for commission again °w°

Artist: Kiomaru1 / 30$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kiomaru11
Newgrounds: www.kiomaru1.newgrounds.com
One year ago: #795 – Delacroix sexy birthday wish
Next to come: Master Splinter beast sex (NSFW)
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#998 – Making friends at Overwatch academy

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PATREON BONUS: KDA Rosalina join the show (SFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Vote on Rosalina’s summer outfit (for 1$+ patrons)
princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi Peach nintendo sexy ecchi hentai crossover overwatch diva d.va academy schoolgirl sexy ecchi

Make the selection for the summer Rosalina outfit was way more challenging than expected, I was searching on several places and was never save from being amazed by artists skills and creativity anyway to make something decent I had to make a small selection and this wasn’t easy decision time. Another problem was about SFW/NSFW, the easier i of course to show the SFW versions that can easily be used in more kinky scenes anyway there was some illustration that added details to outfit like a bikini to the summer outfit in Mario Kart Tour. Whatever decision was made so be ready cause it’s now time to vote on patreon… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And talking about news we can’t miss Corona-Chan that is still ragging around the world, in France the number of cases is going up again but (for now) it’s still not enough to be called a second wave. Government made new rules with more places that you have obligation wear the mask but honestly there still so much people acting stupidly and after 3 months of lockdown and 2 more wearing the mask all the time I can it’s getting harder to have people keep it, especially with summer heat that make it even more uncomfortable O_o


After bikini time with the Waveracer skin (on the left), D.va (from Overwatch) is back with Rosalina with an illustration based on her Academy skin so every schoolgirl uniform will enjoy this new illustration commissioned to Sashlmlsan.

My favourite Overwatch character in Symmetra that have a really cool design and I have the chance to get her drew by Lunakiri who did a incredible job on the outfit folds an shading, Symmetra is still my favourite based on the champions classic design but with time there was many cool skins created. I was really hyped with the Academy and Waveracer look on D.va (even more having an excuse for Lumakini with the second one) and I’m glad I managed have both on the project. I know the main objective is have Rosalina meet as much different ladies as possible so D.va coming 3 times can be a lot but I guess I’m done now (until more gorgeous skins from Blizzard) and I still hope you enjoyed this duo and the great work made by Sashlmlsan on this last one but also artists who worked hard on the other pieces… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

The idea was to dress Rosalina in the same outfit as D.va like they are in the same Academy instead of ask Sashlmlsan to use another design or colour shape on Rosalina and break this harmony (also you don’t get the importance of this word until you know that Harmonie is Rosalina’s French name). Also this time it was decided to get a soft illustration with light sexiness, the result is still super gorgeous looking and since Sashlmlsan is on deviantart it’s easier to share on that place with no censoring needed and risk of reports °o°

After we finished talking about the commission idea, Sashlmlsan made all work from sketch to colouring sending me all at once when she was done and there was a “special surprise” when I noticed she drew D.va with Peach instead of Rosalina. This sure was really confusing since I got the wrong girl and also to see that 10 years after Rosalina’s first appearance there is still people that mistaken her with Peach. I told Sashlmlsan about my concern feeling bad cause the illustration was already finished and still well made and she offered me to make an edit with Rosalina, as you can see with the final version all perfectly, one on hand I get the Rosalina and D.va illustration I was dreaming about and on the other hand I have a cool alternative bonus version for Peach lovers… °w°

Artist: Sashlmlsan / 40$ commission
One year ago: #935 – Raven and climax
Next to come: Cutie Klara and trainer Rosalina (NSFW)
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#997 – Captured in the Overlord

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PATREON BONUS: Making friends at Overwatch academy (Ecchi wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Vote on Rosalina’s summer outfit (for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover yuri lesbian sex bondage strap-on overlord albedo rape

Summer is back and of course it’s Lumakini season anyway artists creativity made really amazing summer outfit concepts and there’s also a new official suit for Rosalina on Mario Kart Tour. so much choice and decision time is hard so how about make a pool on patreon where you ca vote on what suit focus on for Rosalina? Let’s add that winner of July (ticketing) raffle will be the one picking who’ll join Rosalina and be able to decide how adorable or spicy it can be °w°

Also episode #9867 on the RosalinaXGirl security management report, honestly it was pretty quiet lately even if I still don’t really get the difference between a “malicious file upload” and “arbitrary file upload” anyway both sounds like problems and I’m glad there was no success on those attempts. Also there was the usual login attempts to get access and the one that surprised me the most was “cortezpyu15061” as login, just wtf could this thing be related to the project? O_o


Time for CBear624 to join the party and be on the list of all artists who contributed to the project, there also a new pairing to consider with Albedo from Overlord enjoying some time with Rosalina. I discovered about CBear624 on deviantart that quickly noticed my addiction telling me Judging by your name and your content, you are a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of Rosalina, it’s also interesting that she consider Rosalina did make a pretty big impact when my side considering all people that called me Peach at con while I was cosplaying Rosalina she was pretty much unknown princess (bit different now considering she got more exposure with mario kart and Smash bros since her first appearance). ^^

So after a little talk about how people were misguided about Rosalina it was time to talk about the commission, CBear624 was in the mood for lesbian stuff so was perfect and also can’t draw male characters (even more perfect XD). After sharing some characters suggestions from my infinite wishlist one got CBear624‘s attention since she “have a weakness for demons so I decided focus on that side and from the few girls I suggested it was Albedo she wanted to go with.

For the scene, once again I managed keep some freedom to the artist and CBear624 seems to be the demon expert (succubus more exactly), the reply was knowing Albedo, she’s veeeeery lustful and can get a little… coo coo when she needs pleasure […] She is a Succubus after all so I believe some bondage stuff would suit her. Since she seems to get a pretty crazy mind and increasing libido in the second season of Overlord (sorry for spoilers) this sounded pretty good to me; so bondages fun, strap-on on Albedo and a nice view on both ladies was all the keys for CBear624 to start with the illustration (there was also the payment of course since it was a commission) and as you can see with the final illustration she did a powerfull job… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

One year ago: #935 – Raven and climax
Next to come: Lumakini and Waveracer (NSFW)
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#996 – Double star princesses and trap friend

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PATREON BONUS: Holidays at the hotel mansion (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Step by step process and HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex trap star force evil butterfly marco crossdress threesome oral

An interesting time of the project weekly routine is looking at the attack report, I know there is many reason hackers would like take control of a website anyway I’m always surprise there is so much attempt of brute force login, malicious file upload or config files access requests. My website is not that high ranking or famous so I don’t get why it get so much attention on that side but thinking at it again maybe it’s because an average ranking that my website get so much attention from hackers, It’s actually enough good/old to be a trusted url and on the other side with more chance to have a low security and chance to get weak access login/password combo. Trust me gys, after beign here for 10 years I wont be that easy to break :p


10 years running and ton of illustrations, you can imagine the project had an incredible diversity about girls who met Rosalina, artists that gave a part of their soul drawing all those illustration from super adorable to super indecent also last and not the least we must count is the insane number of kink and fetishes present here and today we can add a new one: traps. Quite breaking the rule on a yuri project (one more time considering some duo illustrations with Bowser (here) and Link (here)), there is some famous trap characters Like Shimakaze (Azur lane), Astolfo (FGO) or Felix argyle (Re:Zero) anyway the first trap appearing on the project is Marco from Star vs. the Forces of Evil on an illustration by MegumiPan616.

Honestly there was a long time I wanted to have some trap characters to join the project, I know their shota look can be quite problematic at some point but there cute male characters looking so cute and feminine that they can be mistaken and extremely attractive are really interesting and have insane potential, at some point they got a perfect name with “traps”. Also the decision to draw Marco was linked to MegumiPan616 really loving the series, she watched all episodes so it was the trap and universe she had the most knowledge about. Also to not break (too much) the yuri spirit this was a threesome commission to at Star Butterfly to the scene, girl power is back and I can add two characters at once on the list… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

After a first sketch she didn’t like at all (and first never accepted to share), MegumiPan616 decided restart from scratch going for another angle and little variation to get something working better, when I got the first sketch the scene was looking even more powerfull than the reference I sent (and be sure I already loved the ref so much). Interesting process, compared to many artist MegumiPan616 goes first sketching then colouring and finally do the line when pretty much every artists I know finish the line before add colour and shading (exception for lineless work). Another detail I really like is how smile looks so unique with Megu style, they looks cute and when you really know about the artist you feel a lightly psychopatic aura that can be a bit confusing but are really interesting (or maybe it’s my mind being weird). XD

Star and Marco make a quite lovely duo that Rosalina decided to teach about the universe of roleplay, of course on the kinky way and even if they just started there’s no doubt both girls already noticed how this is effective on Marco. Of course Star will also have her turn of intense feeling and I’m sure Rosalina will both teach them some interesting move but also give a hand to make it even more pleasurable for all of them. I love how MegumiPan616 managed everybody expression and Rosalina body that show curves makes her incredibly sexy even still being dressed, kind of mother giving sex education to their children giving an even more indecent and exciting look to the scenery °w°

Artist: MegumiPan616 / 22$ commission
Tumblr: www.megumipan616.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/MegumiPan616
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/megumipan616
Eka’s Portal (VORE inside): www.aryion.com/g4/user/Megumipan616
One year ago: #932 – Scissoring and Scorbunny
Next to come: Princess captured in the Overlord (NSFW)
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#995 – Sharing space secrets

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PATREON BONUS: Cutie Klara and trainer Rosalina (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex ms fortune skillgirl futa futanari anal high heels

Despite the usual attempts of malicious files uploads, I got a huge wave of login attempts, I guess it’s the usual spammers trying get access to my site and steal data inside or use it to create pages that will be use for fishing purposes anyway no one succeed at this game. I’m quite safe since according the reports since all usernames they tried would not work (you’ll never expect my login guys) also if you are creating a website based on wordpress then Wordfence is an excellent free plug-in to protect your website so be sure to add it without hesitation ^^

Also There is a problem with patreon lately, nothing major but since several weeks it’s impossible to make bold text on their post editor (also reason you don’t see bold on my recent patreon posts). There was a bug that made impossible to add links that was fixed in a day but this one is here since a long time now. I hope they are working at fixing it or are too busy managing to get even more money on their shitty new tax system (sorry) U_u


New illustration is a Request illustration drew by Uso69 that get a huge thanks and hug for his amazing work adding a big apologise for the delay I took to finally make it shine on the project, It’s not easy to manage a perfect illustration stock giving the ability to keep regular publication even if no more illustration coming for some time and on the other side don’t have it too long to not have the artist wait too long from the moment he sent me the illustration and when it finally appear on the blog.

I discovered Uso69 from her illustration with Candy Crush or Bubble Witch protagonists that are quite rare in hentai but have potential, also the illustration with Stella (Bubble Witch) that you can see on the top right caught my attention since it reminded me a lot the one made by MegumiPan616 with Rosalina and Tharja on the left, don’t you see some similarities with the scene and atmosphere or it’s just my imagination? Also noticed on Uso69’s profile he was open to suggestions so cannot resist to ask about a naughty illustration with Rosalina and to my request Uso69 answered “Hmmm… I post sporadically. But I’ll see what I can do” anyway I never expected that a week later he would come back and tell me “Have a present for you. Check my gallery, it was so quick and sure amazing present, thanks so much \(^o^)/

Uso69 added a perfect description to the illustration; When Rosalina told her they would get to have wild space adventures, this wasn’t what Zelda had in mind!, of course space is a place with ton of secrets with many amazing and many more dangerous too anyway some looking dangerous can be really more pleasurable when you know how to use them. No doubt Rosalina know a lot about the galaxy and it’s secrets being enough kind to share it with her friend or being more evil enjoyed see them close to pass out being rapped all the way by a tentacle monster. Not sure Zelda expected so insane adventure but being used to it I’m sure she’ll also be addicted to that monster begin for even more “surprise” adventures ^__^

I really love how Uso69 managed both girls expression, you can clearly see how intense it it for Zelda and then Rosalina being enough used to it to stay with a quiet expression happily enjoying the view of her friend being rapped, it makes me wonder to what kind of monster Rosalina is now able to offer her body that can be at her limit when she want more extreme feeling and pleasures. Also even being super well made the tentacles confused me for a time since anatomically you can do all the way with ass to mouth (or vice-versa) but pussy to pussy is impossible or mean one the girl is breading the tentacle monster itself.

I know it’s kinda useless concern for many people that just enjoy fapping of this insanely indecent scene (so do it ^^’) but being observer I’ll always go analyse and can bug on stuff no one would notice or even care. Finally one explanation could be the tentacle entering Rosalina’s pussy and turning back inside then going deep into Zelda pussy, it’s kind of move I already saw several time with tentacles or worm monsters and no doubt Rosalina had so many playfull session with that monster that she can handle it without troubles.

Last super cool detail is about the tentacles around coming to join, it’s already looking damn insane actually and finally it’s just the beginning, no doubt Rosalina will still be able to enjoy all these no little things ready to rape every of her holes anyway for Zelda this will be something but I doing worry at all since Rosalina is a really carefull person so she would never put her friend to something she may not survive. Once again huge thanks to Uso69 for his powerfull contribution to the project, there’s a ton of cool and indecent illustration to enjoy on his profile so don’t hesitate take a look following the link bellow and and if you wanna try ask for a request keep in mind he likes tentacles, ahegao, piercings, bondage and ruining childhoods… Quite a program… °w°

One year ago: #931 – Medusa tentacles revenge
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#994 – Fortune on princess ass

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PATREON BONUS: Double star princess and trap friend (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
HD version of this illustration (4 times bigger for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex ms fortuen skillgirl futa futanari anal high heels

Monday was off in France so was enjoyable to get an extended week-end anyway I got all week with the feeling on being another day (like Tuesday was Monday to me), positive point is the feeling your week-end start on Thursday and negative is I made some stuff late like on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Was pretty special anyway I-m now done with that feeling for a moment since next day off in France will be on November… Bwwwaaaaaa T_T

And this Sunday 7th of June will be mother day in France, I was curious there is so much difference to some countries and made some researches that were pretty interesting. If you are curious here is how it works:
– For the most countries it’s on the second Sunday of May
– In France it’s the last Sunday of May or if same as Pentecost Sunday then reported to first Sunday of June
– In Spanish or Portugal it’s the first Sunday of May
– In U.K. and Irish it’s the Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent
– Finally Luxembourg is an exception with mother day on the second Sunday of June

Also Mother day was invented on June 10th 1906 in the French village Artas by Prosper Roche.


Here come a new illustration ordered to xxxbattery with Rosalina and Ms Fortune from Skullgirl games, I picked 2 slots a day he was streaming and this is the second he did for me (first was Futa kitty and abused reindeer with Callie briggs that you can see on the left). I was really powerfull to manage new illustration from xxxbattery that always create amazing pieces with a really interesting style making the show on picarto and of course I haven’t missed the opportunity to be here while he was working on this illustration. Though lately it’s a little tricky with timezone cause being French is often happened that the streams started while bed time for me and of course xxxbattery went offline a few time before I woke up (anyway he often manage really long streams so you have huge chances see him online)

For this illustration there was already a pose I wanted to go with but not seeing too much of the other character it was important to find we can easily recognize. There was also the decision about futunari girl or using a strap-on and I know xxxbattery like to draw futanari so we managed to go on that direction, I also must admit compared to a strap-on the futanari have the power to add a messy touch with a huge load of cum. After looking for some characters it was decided to go with Ms Fortune that have due tu the mark on her legs that are pretty unique, there is also her dark skin that was great to make a contract with Rosalina skin. Finally the last important detail was about giving Rosalina high heels since it was the main focus on the reference pose or maybe I got that feeling cause my huge addiction to heels and I cannot resist insist on that part °w°

Also I can’t miss to share a little screen from xxxbattery stream to show how interesting is the sketch process, always turning so colorfull and incredibly messy then at some points I believe xxxbattery is the only that really see what he’s drawing, bit confusing but also fun game to try understand what he’s drawing when it’s not an illustration you requested and have no idea about the characters and reference used. So don’t miss follow him on picarto (link below) and join the fun next time a stream is running on that place… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #888 – Heroes of the frustration
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