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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

Now I’m looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap… But it’s the price… ^^

Actually: 769 drawings ( 393 girls – 94 OC – 162 Solo – 34 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or repost…

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#769 – Misty dress-up final

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian pokemon Misty sexy costume

I can’t say artist life is easy, draw need lot of time, motivation and inspiration (don’t forget how the muse is important). Not for artists to get all with life obligations but I still consider they are the best. They have the power to turn into reality all they dream about and all we dream about too, isn’t that the most dangerous power ever?

Still working on coding plugin for a Minecraft server at same time, my skills goes up and I start make interesting things but a huge plugin like the one that would manage jobs sounds fucking insane to code. I know I could use an existing one but it’s limited on what we are allow to edit… U_u


So here is the final version from the Misty dress-up poll event, you guys were able vote for your favorite outfit during a month to decide with one Mothclip would draw. I must admit it was fucking close until the last hour and finally the goldeen suit won this poll and you can enjoy the HD here. This suit is from the first Pokemon series season so only true fans know it, design is inspired by pokemon Goldeen and Mothclip managed it on a really nice way. °w°

During the poll, there was 14 outfits available (including bondage option) I picked all of them not just to add more choice but really cause I loved each suits and would love see them on Misty. I sure wanted commission Mothclip to do all of them but the blog budget wasn’t that friendly with this option, anyway I managed have 6 outfit variations to be draw on Misty but only the one that won the poll goes public. If you wish to see the other pieces Mothclip did then you must consider support on patreon.

So to list all versions that Mothclip was commissioned to draw, there is Misty naked then casual suit, goldeen suit, swimsuit + bondage, see-through swimsuit and team Rocket, of course all way more sexy than the original. I must manage do poll again for to get people come participate and contribute on a different way to the project but for now I’ll continue manage a patreon exclusive per month. If you like how turn this piece then why not consider commission Mothclip to work on your own ideas… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Mothclip / 110$ commission (alternative included)
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Sexy evil nurses (NSFW)
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#768 – Beach isn’t a place to be serious

There was a problem with comments that were blocked in all case by the antispam but it’s now fixed, now I’m getting some comments but unfortunately they are mostly spam. For now what surprise the most is all spam comments are on the same post: #016 – Kallen Stadtfeld, it’s weird but great thing since I just have close comments here and problem solved… Mwahahaha… XD

Also this post come late cause I just thought we were Thursday on the morning then saw ‘Friday’, I’m sorry for the long wait for this post but at last will be short until next post this Sunday. ^^’


I was a long time since no new illustrations from the lovely Lunakiri so it’s time to fix that (and hurry a bit cause there is many waiting from her). After the duo you saw to celebrate her birthday (on the right), Rosalina is back with Lunakiri‘s OC representation named Luna, the fact it happen again at the beach is coincidence but about the naughty level requested in that scene… It’s my fault… ^^’

I guess I know with an idea a bit too much stupid and crazy like how hard it was for Lunakiri to manage this illustration and still feel bad about it. To make it simple my idea was Rosalina playing with Luna body that was still trying to read, adding the fact I sent some impossible pervert swimsuit outfit to Lunakiri it all sounded broken together but she managed something really nice, thanks so much.

The final piece looks really powerfull, some hot action and damn sexy outfits as if I don’t think you’ll often see crotchless panties and open bra swimsuits on the public beach. Anyway on the kinky side you have Luna face really expressive, Rosalina’s tongue going kinky and a great view on her wet pussy and high heels, for sure some points were managed due to my own fetishes but I hope you enjoy it too guys. Also The main edit since the first sketch was with Rosalina’s shoes that looked a bit broken.

It’s not easy draw shoes, even more high heels so I managed to pose as model and finally to make the best reference for Lunakiri and you can see it looks really more powerfull than in the first sketch. Compared to basic like baskets, high heels shoes are stronger and can’t be bended so they mostly keep their initial form (or can be dangling too), every high heels lover (myself included) must remember that important science… XD

I had another pose idea for this situation that I really wanted so I was first thinking of a second piece about this scene (still made by Lunakiri) but for some reason I cancelled the second piece as sanction to myself. Anyway if you wish to see more by this lovely artists, so much places to visit listed bellow and you can also consider support on Lunakiri’s patreon where she make a post each day so many content to enjoy… Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 25$ commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
One year ago: #663 – Angel Lapis lazuli
Next to come: Misty dress-up final (NSFW)
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#767 – When master is away


When you know this first illustration from Otocai is the third he did for the blog and adding the fact it’s also September patreon raffle despite the fact August one still wasn’t published, you can imagine the management have some troubles but don’t worry, everything calculated. So back to this illustration it’s Ivan that won for September and suggested a scene with his OC Lalah, ‘both in maid cosplay but Lalah could like maybe do something lewd to Rosalina, […] Rosalina could have a cute embarrassed expression‘, kinky and sexy but we were limited since Otocai want all his illustrations follow DeviantArt policies.

Once the illustration was posted on his page, Otocai was a little worry don’t get a comment wondering if I was really pleased or not with the result. Anyway he don’t had to worry since the result is really cool and enjoyable. Both ladies look really sexy as maid and I love how he managed keep the medallion and crown decoration on Rosalina outfit (really, that’s genius). I asked Otocai to add hand in panties action that follow D.A. rules since nothing revealed, anyway Rosalina breasts looks so soft and perfect shape that Lalah cannot resist play with them… °w°

I hope you like this illustration guys (and even more Ivan), Otocai followed perfectly the sexy and maid spirit that was expected; mixing cuteness with two innocent girls and on the other side so many sexiness with satin gloves and kinky hand that also seems really talented like how wet goes Rosalina’s panties. The action looks great and Rosalina face really expressive, just a bit of imagination and you can hear her sweet moaning from all this pleasure… Last detail is the the pose Otocaimanaged to make high heels visible, this part wasn’t requested but I know about my fetish and I appreciate so much his efforts to find a great angle and posing that keep everything visible… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

About the shoes, they are inspired by some kind of lolita shoes that turn sure sexy but also have something badass, can’t really explain why but I sure don’t want that girl to hit me wearing those, it must hurt a lot (especially on a sensitive place). I conclude with a big thanks to Otocai for his kindness and hard work depict we move him at the limit of what he allow himself to draw. Also you can’t miss visit his page since Otocai do a weekly raffle on his page, just enter once to participate to all following raffles until you win, who can resist?

Artist: Otocai / 36.60$ commission
One year ago: #660 – Princess cowgirl helping kinky Miltank
Next to come: Beach isn’t a place to be serious (NSFW)
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#766 – Sisters test

November start with its new patreon raffle winner and this month winner is Curtis Heywood (congrat). More than a duo, this time the idea is secretely manage with linakiri an illsutration to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. I’ll get the illustration at the last moment for the birthday post… Suspense… ^^’

I’m also looking to manage a cowgirl Rosalina cosplay, I have something really precise in mind that will need lot of pieces that aren’t cheap. Chaps, boots, miniskirt jeans, vest, shirt, hat, gloves and even a little wheels horse. I hope get it for next Spring for the upcoming cons… °w°


For people that are interested by illustrations only with high level of shading and detail be sure you still miss a lot of powerfull art and artists like Epicsubterfuge, sometimes the idea and scenes are so cool that they don’t need more to be epic. Epicsubterfuge already contributed but still gave me the honour fill two more character slots in the wishlist pairing Rosalina with Mary Test and Susan Test from Johnny test series.

I haven’t see a lot of this series but I really liked these two girls design, for those that don’t know they are super genius scientist and Mary is the older mean she born a few minutes first. So with huge interest for science they have to study about the human body and Epicsubterfuge found them the perfect guinea pig .

As you can see, Epicsubterfuge drew this trio in a middle of an experience, I don’t know why they are naked but science looks even more interesting that way. Another detail I love is Epicsubterfuge managed really fun and bit crazy expressions for all ladies, I feel even more curious about that actual experiment but it’s also even more pleasant to watch… °w°

I’m really thankfull to Epicsubterfuge for his friendship and support to the project, when he come draw a new piece I first look at the wishlist to get someone that Rosalina never met and it’s sure the best way (I know this page wasn’t made for nothing). You side don’t hesitate visit Epicsubterfuge’s deviantart page or his webcmic. The webcomic wasn’t updated since 27th Apr 2014 but there is already 222 pages to see so it’s quite a lot and on deviantart you have much more recent art and updates… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Sketchysketch / Request
Webcomic: http://trollgirl.thecomicseries.com
Deviantart: http://epicsubterfuge.deviantart.com
One year ago: #660 – Princess cowgirl helping kinky Miltank
Next to come: When master is away (NSFW)
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#765 – Bible Black Mistress

There is one thing I know that is kinda logic and seems most of the artists don’t know or care about. You wonder what this and I can’t tell it to keep safe the project so now you wonder why I talked about that. In fact it’s cause I had nothing else to say for this post intro… ^^’

I’m also sorry for this late post, had lot of projects during the week-end that I wasn’t able to do, on one side cause family obligation (or lack of privacy) and on the other side cause worked hard to try create a minecraft server with a friend, for now looks more like a crash test… ^^’


He alredy amazed us with his realistic paring with Rosalina and Daisy (on the right) then 3 years after this illustration SweetGrapeStudio (previously Otakuwill) is back with a new piece. After so many years there is sure a lot of practice, techniques and new skills to show us pairing Rosalina and Takashiro Hiroko from Bible Black, you sure heard about that series if you are a true pervert and no exception for SweetGrapeStudio… ^__^

I really admire SweetGrapeStudio art since I discovered about him and was so excited when he told me want to make another Rosalina piece, 3 years sounds like long wait but the result worth it and now I just want to jump on his neck and give a big hug as thank you. SweetGrapeStudio did a powerfull piece, I could cry with how wonderfull it is, anyway can’t deny there is also the secondary effect from the kinky side, pervert rules… ^^’

So Rosalina enter Bible back universe and for those that know the series she’s lucky it start gently (for now). SweetGrapeStudio made everything looks so epic from angle, starting with sexy face and tongue out, huge breasts ready to pop out, Hiroko hand slowly moving the dress up to reveal that perfect princess ass that I’m sure she wont resist to spank and finally the heel heels. I love how SweetGrapeStudio managed each part of Rosalina looks so erotic and I sure would love be her master at this time… °w°

There is another important detail with this illustration, SweetGrapeStudio art is really realistic in general (even more when photo references) but this time ‘I left my comfort zone, to use a technique very anime-style‘. There is a huge difference from soft and realistic to anime shading and for a first try SweetGrapeStudio managed it very well, many people may think it’s easier since no need to manage colour gradient but I’m sure it was not that easy as we could imagine. Here the the anime style also increase the fact Rosalina enter Bible black universe so more than a hot piece, this is part of a story your imagination can work on… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Also nothing usefull but with this piece was endless game of ‘ who have to say thanks, SweetGrapeStudio made this piece as kind of thanks for the years of support and comments on his page but like the efforts he did on this duo, even more going out of his comfort zone for me, I feel even more it’s me that have to be thankful. On your side no way to worry about that but why not visit SweetGrapeStudio‘s pages and discover about his sexy and realistic art? Be sure you wont regret this and all links are bellow so lazy isn’t an excuse… :p

Artist: SweetGrapeStudio / Request
Deviantart: www.sweetgrapestudio.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetgrapestudio
One year ago: #660 – Princess cowgirl helping kinky Miltank
Next to come: Sisters test (NSFW)
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#763/764 – Cresil’s demon tongue

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian sex demon cunnilingus cunni princess rosalina Nintendo hentai aduld porn sexy yuri lesbian sex demon cunnilingus cunni

After a week in England I was happy see the blog was still alive and the attack report was a good surprise, depict spam comments as usual, no brute force login or files uploading. It’s good cause it the site would be corrupted, must be hard for me fix it but on the other side, it can mean the project lost it’s attractive power… O_o

Anyway for now I have a bigger problem to deal with, my computer died and all datas vanished, I will need change my HDD quickly to be able be back again and install all software that I need to manage the site and edit illustrations but the 2Tb data lost if for now sooo frustrating… Bwaaaa… T_T


I first wanted make separated posts for those two illustration with Rosalina and TheFloppyBunny‘s original character named Cresil but would be kinda stupid. Wanted quote some infos about Cresil on TheFloppyBunny‘s page but all the art was deleted and no journal about it. It’s kinda sad see an artist you appreciate disappear… T_T

As you can see there both illustrations have so much licking action in both Rosalina’s holes and seem that little princess normally so pure and innocent can’t help herself with Cresil skills, TheFloppyBunny sure created a so naughty and talented demon. A lot of hot details like the juice touch, toys, dialogue and high heels (this one is mostly my biggest fetish), I’m sure curious TheFloppyBunny made Rosalina stocking different in each piece so so could be like they had fun together several times, and maybe again at this moment… ^^

Other point that I love with those two illustration is they are traditional art piece, can can easily notice the marker colouring on Cresil hair and body, anyway I wonder what TheFloppyBunny used for Rosalina’s skin cause it looks really perfect. At some point we can think that part can be coloured digitally but I got the original pieces from TheFloppyBunny and be sure all is hand made, for sure I’m so happy and excited have them like a part of the artist that will remain unique… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

For now, TheFloppyBunny plan to get back to art and NSFW stuff after a long stop but she’s still not active back on deviantart so let see how things goes. I saw many artists stopping for various reason and I can blame her if she have to stop as if as pervert I sure love so much what she did. If you are curious you can see all Rosalina she drew here or go visiting her DeviantArt page and spread some love with a little comment… ^__^

One year ago: #658 – Lovely surprise
Next to come: Bible Black Mistress (NSFW)
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#762 – Chocolate Akali

If you see this post, it mean I’m (unfortunately) back to France and travel was ok so if you don’t see this post it mean… That I’m to tired to write a logic sentence. I had a powerfull time with a marvelous person (and family) and as if everything looks beautifull on night from the sky I was sad had to live that place… Anyway it don’t mean I wont be able be back again and I sure must manage it in the future… °w°


I made the organisation of the folder and art tracking like two years ago to be sure don’t lost or miss (too much) things but I still find some art from 2012 or 2013 that were lost and must come as if I feel really bad for the artist and really don’t know how I can announce him his piece came 4 years after be done. It’s the case with this Rosalina and Akali (league of legends) du made on April 16th 2013 by Daisenseiben. I was searching about the artist to see if he’s still active and since 2013, Daisenseiben from blogger to Deviantart.

I really love Akali design, she’s really cool with great skins (so much epic naughty fanarts inspired from the nurse suit, she’s also a chocolate lady but Daisenseiben is the first that draw her with so dark skin, it’s sure pretty original and special at the same time but I guess some people will love her that way… ^__^

Daisenseiben is a French artist as you can see with the poster in the wall, also his level sure changed after 4 years of practice. A lot of new art Daisenseiben‘s gallery, kinky pieces as well but as me the best is the SFW art where he manage perspective and light really well. Don’t miss have a look guys.

Artist: P4bllo / Cost: unknow
One year ago: #656 – Carrionslut mascot dangerous secret
Next to come: Bible Black Mistress (NSFW)
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#761 – SAO perversion

I know I can say stupid and clumsy things without justify it’s because english isn’t my main language, anyway being a huge fan of Rosalina and holding this project for more than 5 years you can have a little idea how sweet it sounds when someone you appreciate as both friend and artist say I may not draw Rosalina anymore. This person meaning was a bit different but can’t deny that sentence isn’t clear on its last words. I still feel confuse about that cause as if it’s effective it must be in a long time but fact is this sentence and idea are already here… O_o

Anyway this was a prepared post that I quickly posted with the patreon rewards before be back on my trip in the U.K. I’m sure it’s wonderfull time but since I wrote this article before leave it’s hard to give details for now… ^^’


This was an illustration commissioned before I saw SAO movie that is really good as if some huge story mistake starting from the first narrative sentence anyway this illustration with Rosalina and Azuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online was commissioned to B-side7715 when I started to watch the show. Azuna is a really pretty character and it’s really her design and suit from SAO that are my fav, anyway there is some other cuties from this series that I would love see with Rosalina, maybe draw by B-side7715 too, who know… ^^

The pose was inspired from an illustration really similar that I was fascinated by the perspective, the first sketch was kinda perfect, I just asked B-side7715 to add lingerie to Rosalina and she now looks erotic with garter-belts and that panties I love so much the design (not sure we can call it panties but I don’t care). It was now more than perfect for me and while B-side7715 was working for the final version he edited Azuna head pose, no cunni action but we can better see her cute face and after all this saliva bridge is also really effective.

Cause I love so much the panties I’ll say it again (seems there is a secret fetish clothes DLC on SAO), was always stunned by that point receiving B-side7715‘s WIP until the background came as grand final. B-side7715 made each part of the illustration have something sexy from Rosalina cute face while she enjoy this moment to Azuna pussy that is really wet and will sure get some attention from Rosalina. Don’t miss enjoy those details in the HD version that is same size as the sketch on the right that you can download to get an idea HD big is the full version for patreon members… °w°

After this piece I tried go even more explicit on the next commission then B-side7715 realised he don’t like hard stuff with penetration so this kind of piece is the limit you can commission as NSFW piece, anyway it already looks powerfull that way. B-side7715 is really talented to draw sweet ladies and with shading lately working hard to improve this part so don’t miss have a look at his a href=”http://b-side7715.deviantart.com” target=”_blank”>Deviantart gallery (here) to discover more about his art… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #657 – Does princesses can pout?
Next to come: Chocolate Akali (NSFW)
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#760 – Checking the level’s material

I’m on a trip to U.K. for more than a week, was years I did’t go out of France and I’ll be with a so wonderfull person too. Anyway during I didn’t wanted the project on hiatus so the blog will continue update as usual. All posts were prepared earlier and I must admit the harder was to write intros since I don’t know what happen in the future and those depend to the actual event and updates… Anyway with this trip I already got this one… ^^’


For now, let me first introduce you P4bllo who I met on Deviantart and accepted take part to the project with so much enthusiasm, how powerfull. I really had no idea about the illustration coming and never expected a single second to receive a piece sooooooo epic… Thanks so much P4bllo… \(^o^)/

It’s well made, fucking hot and genius, love P4bllo‘s idea of Rosalina trapped in a block checked while prepare the level for another sessions behing abuse of those toys again and again as long player will come in. Don’t exactly know what P4bllo had in mind, maybe the vibrators activate when someone hit the block increasing the intensity for each piece you get and once no coin in the bloc then vibrators are at full speed, you can’t say it doesn’t sounds damn exciting guys… °w°

I really admire P4bllo‘s ideas and also the level of details and shading are stunning in HD, I never expected a so impressive quality and not often I get illustrations that hot, Rosalina is a really pure and innocent character so you always have a mix into cuteness and sexiness from artists. Here Rosalina keep something innocent being trapped but it appear so much naughty, P4bllo drew her so exciting that at some points you wish come rape her before the next game session start instead of rescue that sweet princess in danger… ^^’

I was talking with P4bllo and some friend wondering how Rosalina could end in that situation, the more best idea would be like she was captured and hide by Browser in the bloc then ‘Its a good torture machine that isn’t too over the edge‘. Anyway since I love so much Rosalina and don’t feel to admit Bowser option always sounds the more logic in that case, could also be like ‘Peach put her there as punishment‘.

I asked P4bllo if he can send me some WIP and got this awesome WIP series that you can enjoy to see the drawing process. Also due to DEviantARt rules, I suggested him more his NSFW art to a safer place and he decided open a tumblr (see it here) to post his NSFW art, don’t miss visit both place and give some support with a nice comment, it’s always pleasant for artist that we wish continue amaze us for years… ^__^

Artist: P4bllo / Cost: 0$ (request)
Deviantart: www.P4bllo.deviantart.com
Tumblr 18+: www.10pudor.tumblr.com
One year ago: #656 – Carrionslut mascot dangerous secret
Next to come: SAO perversion (NSFW)
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#759 – Epona is back

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck horse anal princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck horse femboy tram crossdress anal princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck horse femboy tram crossdress anal cum semen creampie

Was looking about stats about the blog security, especially to see attack or brute force login and here is how it was for the last week. Honestly what surprised me the most isn’t the number of login attempt, I’m used to much more and protected the site enough to be safe. Anyway I wonder where the fuck come from this attempt using rockypointrita as username. This word have nothing to do with the project. Also as you can see the also tried so much rosalinaxgirl that isn’t an existing user (stupid hackers)… XD


Someone asked me on HentaiFoundry if I favor trap and bondage and this can explain from all illustration by DigitallyDeviant I posted on that site. And now here is a new illustration from out deal with the OC Epona owned by Quaraci. To make it short, she’s an asian girl with horse dick (hard to miss) that I really love and seems DigitallyDeviant was also really inspired thinking of that huge dick ravaging the ass of a cute trap Rosalina.

A hot illustration and powerfull bonus since DigitallyDeviant made 3 different versions; Normal, Trap and Messy, I guess creampie sounds better but I have a huge fetish for all messy things so I keep use this one first. Other difference, DigitallyDeviant managed another expression on Rosalina for the messy version, anyway you must know from some Quaraci‘s illustrations; Epona can cum bucket of cum an so much filling Rosalina’s ass sure must be intense. It’s sure a special style but really hot piece that I hope you like guys. ^^

So another but not his last trap Rosalina piece for now you can see all DigitallyDeviant’s illustrations here. Getting that much trap and futa art lately, it make me wonder about series with trap Characters like this snow white boy on the left but still a project for now. Anyway I’ll finish saying there is another duo with Epona coming made by Quaraci himself coming in the future… Stay tuned… °w°

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
One year ago: #654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia
Next to come: Checking the level’s material (NSFW)
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#758 – FutAccident

By joining patreon, you support the project and get reward posted during your support but also can enjoy all previous posts… There is many awesome patreon that have ton of content already ready for you to scroll on the page for hours like on Lunakiri‘s, Mazzacho‘s and RosalinaxGirl‘s patreon for sure plus much more I would like to link so keep an eye about this detail when watch and artist or project page on patreon.


Here is a new illustration by my friend Ivan who commissioned SaucyDoodles to draw a futa Rosalina after a race accident, I’m sure this illustration remind you something for those that follow the blog since it’s kinda close to the race accident illustration (on the left) also commissioned by Ivan. This time Rosalina is still adorable and innocent but we raised the kinky level still with that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness… °w°

I’m glad Ivan sent me WIP from this illustration while the artist was working on it, it allow me show you that Rosalina pose changed since the first sketch from SaucyDoodles, there was also another feeling on Rosalina that looks more shy than in the final piece but also that innocent and embarased touch that make her so adorable. SaucyDoodles also managed drew the bike and the sheel that caused the accident, anyway on Mario kart games they explode once hit you and disappear without a trace (that’s evil)… O_o

I got several illustration that way and wonder what you guys think about Rosalina as futa or trap like in this piece by without SaucyDoodles or DigitallyDeviant’s illustrations (see them here), it’s a style not everybody love but have potential for more original illustrations. Personally I was always thinking futanari could be a way add some action for naughty scenes but this time Ivan and SaucyDoodles we can also make something really more soft and lovely involving futanari girl… ^^’

Artist: SaucyDoodles / Cost: 30$
Twitter: www.twitter.com/drawingbutts
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/SaucyDoodles
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/OhSoSaucy/profile
One year ago: #654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia
Next to come: Epona is back (NSFW)
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#757 – Harmony of the universe

Another change on the site you didn’t noticed was on the lightbox system, before when you had multiple illustration in a post, you were able switch illustration using left or right key but was impossible save from a right click. Now there isn’t the switch system but you can easily save and share, admitting it’s the second part that I really worry about cause it’s the main way I have promote the project by spreading art with the watermark.

Also got extra hours to do at work this week cause an employee written off sick (this term sounds so weird for a French man like me). There is also another part I want to include for the next huge blog update that will need more work so this one may take more time than expected, I just hope still be able release it on September… O_o


And here is a new illustration by the talented Mazzacho that I still admire so much and feel so happy be able consider him as friend, so bad he’s internet friend as I feel sick to use so much but once teleport technology will be working I’ll be able kick their ass to all that called me like that (sweet dream). For now time to admire Rosalina dressed as Espeon with a Umbreon girl based on Merethide design you can see on the left that allowed me to let Mazzacho use it as reference… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

To be honest, the reason that I really wanted this design was cause how cool looks that Umbreon and the tight effect make the breasts looks sexy and it’s was kinda my only request to Mazzacho, keep the breasts part so sexy and powerfull as it looks in the reference. On the other side, it’s Mazzacho that designed Rosalina outfit with a design inspired by rose petals especially for the bra, and I love much the outfit that is ravishing with the lace and decoration on her arm but also a little sexy adding some see-through effect and the garter-belt… °w°

I’m still amazed each time I look at this illustration by the amount of details and also impressed that Mazzacho was able imagine and draw everything. Both ladies looking like goddess, maybe Egyptian for Umbreon and Arabian for Espeon, I also love on Rosalina the way Mazzacho keeps the gems from Rosalina’s crown for the jewellery hair decoration were is fixed the fabric that represent Espeon ears.

So much part I would like to talks about or even told you about the colouring process I was able to see during those long but marvellous hours where Mazzacho was streaming (and I highly recommend you to follow him on Picarto). I’m so proud of this illustration and hope you’ll enjoy it as me guys and don’t miss spread some love to Merethide and Mazzacho that made this powerfull piece becoming reality… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 80$
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
Next to come: FutAccident (NSFW)
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#755-756 – Meeting shnoogums5060’s divas

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck futanari princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy sex fuck tentacle

I said there is more than 100 exclusive patreon rewards coming each year but get all this art for the project also need lot of work and time. The first step is to find artists and at this point is looks seriously like spamming when you see I wrote more than 6.666 messages on Deviantart and 27.932 on HentaiFoundry (you also see about the pervert side from difference between DA and HF).

I don’t even count private messages and emails, not that I’m lazy to check but most of then were deleted to only keep the last one with full description. As long the project is alive I’ll never stop make this increase but wonder if there is other cool site I can search for artists, any suggestions guys?


Anyway this time there was no spam needed but a wonderfull surprise when Shnoogums5060offered me to take part to the project with the enthusiast I was hoping to see since I started the project. I was expecting a really hot piece from the artist first suggestion then another more naughty came and finally Shnoogums5060 managed two illustration featuring Rosalina and some of his divas OC that it’s time to present you… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

First piece: Rika’s Tentacle Tongue

The first point I have to tell about that illustration is the tentacle is only a gadget that Rika putted in her mouth, I agree it’s first time I see that kind or toy, tentacles one were more like dildos in general (or real for even more action) but can’t deny Shnoogums5060‘s idea is original and why not? After all there exist some face strap-on and there is one detail I love as messy addict is that toy ‘kinda tough to keep the saliva from coming out of her mouth‘ and the idea it keep and spread the saliva is so cool… °w°

Second piece: Doing Rosalina From Behind

After a hot time with Rika, Rosalina trip goes even more intense since Shnoogums5060 decided involve her in a porn movie record where ‘Shogoku is filming Li going at it in fucking Rosalina’s ass with her big massive erect cock‘, at last Li used a condom but I don’t think it was really different from Rosalina being hard fucked by this huge futa dick. It looks a bit cruel for a so pure and innocent princess to get in that kind of situation but as Shnoogums5060 said, Li will do her best give a good time to that sweet princess as if don’t looks easy like Rosalina’s expression and personally all I wish is to get a copy from this record… Who don’t? ^^’

Not his first Rosalina illustration, Shnoogums5060 already drew that the cute princess in so hot situation like the piece you can see on the left. For more you can commission Shnoogums5060 for single illustration or get a pack but I’m surprised some packs are more expensive, as example a full body cost 250 points and a three full body pack is 900 points so 300 per full body, basically packs are made to get a discount so can be an error or maybe there is a reason… O_o

Artist: Shnoogums5060 / Cost: 350 and 450 D.A. points as commission
Deviantart: www.shnoogums5060.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/shnoogums5060
One year ago: #652 – No good party without kinky secret
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#754 – Princess a la mode

I got a message from tumble saying my account is now 4 years old, time going so fast and so much naughty ideas I wish to see Rosalina involved. Anyway it remind me that I have to announce I temporarily stop update tumblr and twitter, there is for sure a reason behind that decision but I can’t tell more for now… Sorry…

And about patreon raffles I’m happy cause already decided what artists will work on both September and October raffles, I keep some mystery here too but at last you can see I’m dedicated to keep the blog and patreon active for a looong time and hope see it move up on the Alexa ranking… °w°


Sometimes we buy expensive things that we never use and other time we can be so happy from really simple things, here I’m so proud how sounds the title decicated to this duo with Rosalina and Praline a la mode from Bravely Default made by the lovely JamilSC11. I get so much art from her lately that must learn new kind words to describe her or my posts will sounds a bit too much repetitive. Anyway this one came as special rewards when you buy two commissions, I don’t know if the offer is still available but JamilSC11 often do special deals so keep an eye on her page if you wish commission her and get a little bonus… ^__^

The Bravely Default dress had to be with solo chibi but this time JamilSC11 drew both Rosalina and Praline that is the boss you have to defeat to unlock Performer job for your team (sorry for spoiling). Being one of the cutest character of the series I’m really happy got a full duo that remember me the show with Rosalina and Samus (see the post here) also drew by JamilSC11 but this one the cuteness level reach a sooo high level… \(^o^)/

I really love how JamilSC11 managed so nicely to mix Praline dress and Rosalina spirit to turn the princess so ravishing in a dress that she totally could wear. Keeping her crown and shoes/thigh-high to be closer to her original design and adding her medallion design in every ribbons on hair, dress, microphone and even shoes. So much little details to manage on a traditional illustration and no doubt there was hours of work to make it, never forget how much efforts need art guys. °o°

For now there is a last illustration by JamilSC11 on the queued and planned for September. No doubt I wish to have more to show you but I’m mostly limited by the budget at this point. Anyway if you want to see more and meed an adorable artist just visit JamilSC11‘s pages, she really active on DeviantArt and lately goes fucking crazing posing League of Legends art on facebook at an insane rate so many WIP and ravishing shiny illustration waiting fot you guys… oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com
One year ago: #648 – No pantie for Symmetra
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