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Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

Now I’m looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a deadly budget so it’s sure a hard challenge… ^^

Actually: 124 drawings ( 56 girls – 15 OC – 59 Solo – 8 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or repost…

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#124 – Summer with Lutia

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princess Rosalina nintendo swimsuit bikini crossover beach

After year of loyalty it’s time for me to get a new usb key, mine get troubles lately and many files end corrupted so it’s pretty annoying. Actually I use a SyncToy software that allow synch folders like a NAS and I use to save the content of my key in local before move it to work or home. Annoying but usefull ^^

It’s usefull but when you end with a corrupted file pretty much each day that need you be back to home or work to get the save before do the work you needed (if remember it). Now you knwo the reason on this late post, I worked on it at work and back home… Corrupted… Had to wait the next day to get the save I made at work… U_u


Here is a new illustration I won from Otocai’s weekly raffle on deviantart that he never failled to manage since more than a year now, everybody can enter and you keep a slot until you win, anyway you have limited time clain your prize and must be active faving at last a drawing a month (if I remember corectly). I sure cannot miss to be part to his raffle and was even allowed get a second chance, I know it’s not fair at some point but a chance enter the raffle again to get another sweet Rosalina by Otocai was so tempting… ^^’

Weeks goes and the RNG finally made my name appear at the top the the 114th raffle journal (btw I admire Otocai’s dedication to write a proper and interesting journal every time, looks like a cool artist diary). When you are able claim your slot in time, you can request a pin-up illustration or a duo if the second girl is one of his OC, Otocai own adorable OC and I cannot resit the opportunity to get a little duo for my page so sounded perfect to me. At this time I requested a summer theme illustration with Rosalina in Lumakini and the other girl in swimsuit, I’m still addicted to this suit and every change get more Lumakini is powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

For the girl to join Rosalina, Otocai chosen his character Lutia, Goddess of Lust; boss of his other OC’s Thalbina, Stella, Harriet, Alabaster and Amphere, with two gorgeous and so sexy goddess this sure had to look incredible. The illustration turn absolutely amazing an pretty, totally the kind of amazing piece to love watch during summer time (and that can make a powerfull print), I’m super fan of how Otocai made Rosalina looking so pretty as sexy showing her body in a so perfect way but with a face so adorable and innocent that you only feel an indecent cuteness. Lutia also looks pretty and peaceful as the goddess she is °w°

I’m super amazed by shading and shadow, I hope it wasn’t something too complex to manage (I’m sure it wasn’t easy) but it sure give an amazing and realistic look. The only sad point from this drawing is Otocai missed about the Lumakini reference I sent him and gave a classic bikini to Rosalina, everything else looks so incredible but I keep a little touch of frustration. Anyway guys, don’t miss take a look at Otocai’s page and take the time to enter his raffle, he’s switching to monthly cause not enough participants… Waaah… O_o

Artist: Otocai / DevianArt raffle

#123 – Pretty princess and friendly Jinx

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And I already see the pressure coming for the next step… °o°

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover league of legends jinx cute

And after Merethide for the 800th, I chosen Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s illustration to be the 900th one, another adorable artist that deserve more love and support, anyway be careful cause that little potato is sure lovely but even more crazy. This duo isn’t random, Mad-Red-RidingHood was called Jinx was before Riot create the character with same name (and gave her a freaking cool music) and seems this character style and personality suit her really nicely. Now I wonder where the name “Jinx” come from and if it really mean about a crazy personality… °o°

Actually Mad-Red-RidingHood work on a laptop with photoshop using a mouse and draw on Galaxy 3 using her middle finger, I would like to say once she will be use to a tablet and pen she could make powerfull stuff but she don’t like the feeling of drawing with a pen and after all as long she feel comfortable and happy with the technique she use it’s the more important. I also was surprised when Mad-Red-RidingHood said “I use my middle finger” but after all there is many artist with unusual style or techniques or style that so incredible stuff so who know, maybe a day that finger will be a star (and its owner too obliviously)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

About Rosalina it’s no use to tell me the reason she appeared on this illustration but I what Mad-Red-RidingHood already know and like that princess in a message saying “waah no I like that lady […] I used to draw her when I was 7 8years old“, also don’t be surprised is she AAAAHHHHH and WAAAAHHHHH when you are talking to her. Also feel free to visit Mad-Red-RidingHood‘s page to see more about her art, there is really surprising and interesting concept to discover (and of course crazy is everywhere on her profile). Last thing is I added her on the featured artists page to be sure people will never miss her now… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mad-Red-RidingHood / Request

#122 – Sweet Rosalina remake

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nintendo mario princess rosalina luma cute swimsuit remake alternative

It’s always hard for me to post again after publications like the 900th one, I’m so proud and happy about those and don’t want it be hidden wih the upcoming posts but if there is moment I need make the project continue. Maybe I’ll give them a dedicated tag like “Special even” or “exceptional” for posts dedicated to Rosalina’s birthday or milestones as example but I know it wont change too much for you… ^^’

Also everybody on patreon may have receive a mail about the problem with pledges saying “Normally payments take roughly 24 hours to run, but this time payments are on track to require 5-6 days“. So for now I’ll wait a bit to get everything work before announce patreon raffle winner on the next post.


Today let’s me present Daikirikun who recently contacted me offering and kindly offered to participate to the project, I’m already so honored when artist like the project and offer to participate without I need find them from a spamming session (I know it’s not nice). whatever what is interesting her is Daikirikun‘s idea to redraw an illustration for 2016 to give it a nice and fresh look, you can see on the right the original one by dcb2art if you are curious, one being traditional and the new one in digital art style, which one is your favourite guys?

No use to tell both illustration looks really different, of course traditional keep something interesting that let you see about the artist technique and create a unique physical piece anyway Daikirikun get really more shin and pastel colours with great shading that turn it absolutely pretty with a perfect summer atmosphere. I really like that dress design that I personally consider as a swimsuit even if the outfit was “inspired by Kotobukiya’s Alisa bosconovitch figure by Shunya Yamashita” (on the right). It’s interesting to see a piece can inspire a new one that will also inspire a new one creating a chain or art with time and maybe there will be an artist that will use Daikirikun‘s illustration as reference or inspiration in the future, who know… °o°

Once again it’s a big thanks to Daikirikun who helped the project grow with another adorable illustration and was really fun to make research to find the true origin of this outfit design. If you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to the places listed below where you can find more by Daikirikun, so much lovely or cool piece and even more Rosalina art like the summer jump illustration on the left… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

#121 – Mama and Luma

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nintendo mario princess rosalina luma cute sketch mono-color

I know some of you consider that sketches aren’t as powerfull as a coloured illustration with details and shading everywhere, anyway I’m sure there was sketchy pieces you loved so much for its great work and concept, no? Personally there is a some sketchy illustration that I consider as the most gorgeous piece I ever see… °o°

Also two publications left before come the 900th illustration on the main page. No epic publication but I’ll give this special slot for an artist that isn’t well know and deserve more support and attention, stay tuned… ^__^


Today, let’s have a cute Rosalina and Luma duo I received as gift from the adorable Lunakiri that once again seems to be cursed with a terrible fate, her internet provider did a mistake and she’s the one that get the troubles losing internet for a month (totally unfair). Here Rosalina is facing a tiny Luma small than the usual one I know so this could be a true baby star (how cute). My side I’m really amazed how pretty and detailed looks Rosalina’s hairs, Lunakiri really managed them looks so cool using a single pencil. So awesome… °o°

Anyway coming as gift and sketchy have have no wip or story for you guys but if you are curious Lunakiri released a lot of speed-painting and time-lapse on her youtube channel (here) so could be interesting way to see more about her art and the way she works. There is ton of different style and support since she don’t only do drawing and painting but also work on clay modeling and recently dolls creations, that’s so insane… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri

#120 – Saving earth from Godzilla

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nintendo mario princess rosalina crossower godzilla

Basically I use a UBS key I carry I work where I work on my posts when I have time and inspiration making ton of .txt files. Sometimes I forget it at work when hurry to leave so can’t use what I prepared for the post and there is other days I forget it home so moving back one the evening I just prepared nothing… I should really find another rule that don’t make the publications depend too much on this usb key… ^^’

Also I really don’t like winter, luckily it’s not soo hard one in France compared to Mazzacho in Russia as example (discrete ad for you my friend) anyway I still want warm days to be back. At last sun is back and days start growing again so it’s on the right way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Today will be a quick post for multiple reasons, on the illustration side this one was a gift so I can’t tell anything about the illustration process considered I received directly the final version and as you can see it’s a sketch so pretty hard talk about details and shadings. Even bigger problem is on the artist side since GojiCachou account was deactivated a few months ago and I have absolutely no contact, even some other friends she had on deviantart don’t know what happened. I was waiting to see if could be a temporary ban and see her back but seems the chances are now really low and I finally goes to show her illustration… U_u

At last what I can tell from this illustration is GojiCachou decided take part of the project pairing Rosalina with her ultimate waifu… Godzilla, it sure don’t work too well for a yuri project but you can be sure her passion was strong for him so I pretty much expected this pairing from her. She was also a huge fan of the Zelda and Link couple but it’s the couple itself she love and that she enjoyed imagine and draw into bondage scenes. Maybe it’s one of her last publication about it that got her account deactivated but I can just make theories at this point. Anyway even idf the artist disappeared this piece remain as memory or her existence and I’ll just finish saying that it’s not often I see artists using watermarks even bigger than mines… XD

Artist: GojiCachou/ Gift

#119 – Femboy cutie

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nintendo mario princess rosalina cute femboy trap r63

All pledges are made so it’s the time tell a bug thanks to my patrons for their support and announce the winner of January raffle. It’s applause to FalseAlias that make so gorgeous Rosalina her side and that I can finally reward her support and I’m actually planning get the reward draw by the-4got10-one… °w°

On a personal side, I was really scary I could miss to wake up in time and be late at work after the holidays and finally the only mistake I did was forget the USB key at work… Once again… Was good old time when dropbox was working but now everything blocked basically I should also encrypt my usb key at work to be sure all get secured, they are going too far… T_T


Something I’m not happy with is to admit it took two to get a new SFW illustration coming on the project (and a solo piece obliviously), I really need manage to change that and get more regular updates on the main page of the project for everybody that may not be into NSFW and don’t make the place like it’s updated once in a while compared to the NSFW side getting new stuff twice a week. Also this new illustration is really special cause here come a femboy version of Rosalina made by Irask after I wont his YCH auction. IT sure was a little special drawing but I really wanted an illustration from this artist and was also an opportunity get something different… ^^

Of course I first asked if a femboy version of Rosalina was ok before jump into the auction (and it was), finally the only question from Irask was “It´s ok if I cut a little her hair to the trap ver., for me it was ok cause I mostly consider the hair lock as important part of Rosalina look but not so critical for the length in the back, also I understand that shorter hairs would help a lot for a femboy look. I know make a trap version of Rosalina wasn’t an easy challenge especially cause her hair style and I hope it wasn’t too much pain for Irask. Anyway the result is soooo pretty and adorable, I hope you also like it guys… °w°

Artist: Artist: Irask / 15$ YCH (Your Character Here)

#118 – Stephanie come to Rosalina’s birthday

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November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2018

nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover gift lazy town stephanie

I know yesterday was so fun and crazy for many people but for me even more important than Halloween come Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. It’s not an official birthday; Nintendo never told how old is Rosalina so this date is from Rosalina’s first appearance on Mario galaxy released on November 1st 2007 in Japan… °w°

I must admit I wasn’t able to make a SFW decicated post for Rosalina’s birthday last year, all illustration were to much explicit so for this year I wanted to be sure get something extra sweet and adorable to be sure no one miss about this special day. I had to deal last week with my phone stolen by a pickpoket then when I had time to go on the project there was less than a week to find an artist and Kiomaru1 was able deal with this deadline even if it was really short. He really did his best to finish in time even if Kiomaru1 was disturbed during the stream or close miss the last bus to get back home.

When I first talked with Kiomaru1 about a commission, the original idea was Lumas made so many gift that the floor was totally overflowed around the two girls, after all Rosalina’s is the adoptive mother of Luma race and no doubt they all wanted make a little present for their mama’s birthday. Having short delay for the illustration I offered Kiomaru1 to pick the girl he wanted to be with Rosalina and he decided to go with Stephanie from Lazytown, though I must admit he had to pick a girl that never meet Rosalina but still many choice left.

Then after details and payment set, Kiomaru1 started the sketch with the two girls appeared as fullbody but legs were cut since presents on the floor had to be reaching both girls knee. Finally after a few hours sketching the scene looked so cute that I told it wasn’t use to add the gifts floor. I really love Stepnanie pose and look that turn so adorable and the size difference between both girls making is even more sweet, I still like the original idea I had but I’ll get it for next year, like this wont be a hurry to prepare 2019 celebration piece… XD

Kiomaru1 really have an adorable style and did a marvellous job, as you can see with the wip on the right it started with a rought colouring giving a sketchy look before a cleaning process turning the illustration more smooth as you can see it now and also adding many details as on the cake or the gems in Rosalina’s crown but also the texturing for both girls clothes. A friend told me it’s “kinda warm and fuzzy” (I wasn’t able resist quote him). I hope you guys like this illustration, if you are tempted see more from Kiomaru1 then you can follow him on Picarto, just be warned he also do NSFW stuff so I can’t link more… ^^’

Artist: Kiomaru1 / 30$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/kiomaru1

#117 – Urban fashion princess

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nintendo mario princess rosalina urban fashion

Finally patreons supporter can get a preview of the October raffle illustration with today reward, the theme is Halloween and it will show Tharja that wanted prepare a special spell without tell Rosalina. For now I’m lucky having this piece cause… it’s for now the only Halloween illustration on the way… ^^’

Also I know so many people are hyped and impatient but I have to say my side, even more than Halloween the best will be Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. Though, I still have nothing ready for it… O_o


After dome doubts and ecchi illustration this time I know there is something totally safe and perfect for the SFW page created by Fenrir7777, he kindly accepted to take part to my project and draw Rosalina in traditional style as he usually do as you can see from his gallery (and sure worth to take a look)… If you are curious, Fenrir7777 told me her dressed Rosalina that way since he “really like characters that look more “urban” than princess“, I got the adjective I was looking for and it also makes a perfect title… °w°

The result is pretty sweet, I don’t really know if that way it looks more realistic or anime look, what your opinion guys? Also Fenrir7777 wasn’t really happy with her eye that he consider too big but when you see the intro video from Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS they gave her a pretty big eye with star glowing inside (on the left). Even if her outfit had a full rework I’m glad Fenrir7777 managed keep her original hairstyle, pretty hard to find mistake when the artist go on something really different than the usual character style. The only error I noticed in his publication was a grammatical mistake on the post that he fixed on deviantart now but the error is still on his facebook… SSSssshhhhh, don’t tell him…. ^^’

#116 – Punk’s Not Dead

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nintendo mario princess rosalina pinup pin-up punk

I got some news from the-4got10-one working on September patreon raffle illustration, who told me “the illustration will be delayed due to a super typhoon“. All the school are suspended and all power (electricity) will be shut down until the typhoon is gone so sounds crazy anyway I just told him the more important isn’t delay but he take care and be safe. I’ll tell you once he’s back with some news and hopefully good one ^__^

I also heard about this typhoon in Hong Kong and the videos is saw were super impressive (and freaking stupid the people that wanted go outside to see it), they said it’s the bigger we ever saw but seems it will never stop being worse with time, and that’s totally our fault… O_o


And one more illustrations showing Mazzacho‘s skills and spirit with a so Ravishing, pretty and badass punk Rosalina, it’s a commissioned piece but with total freedom to the artist and I lvoe the way it turned. Of course I was curious how that idea came into Mazzacho‘s mind and he told me the “idea came from another pic what I’ve seen in twitter“. Unfortunately I don’t have this pic to show you but we all know it can’t be that good as Rosalina even more being draw by a so talented artist… °w°

Of course Rosalina looks so beautifull, Mazzacho gave her an original and really cool looks anyway when you are curious you may wonder what exactly is a punk, let’s quote a bit wikipedia: It is largely characterised by anti-establishment views and the promotion of individual freedom, and is centred on a loud, aggressive music called punk rock. I know about the punk rock but for the individual freedom side I guess you can see that in every subculture. Here Mazzacho sure kept the aggressive touch replacing Rosalina wand with something sure more impressive, that style looks a bit like rock but even more badass, what do you think guys?

There is many details I love like the seat but also the global feeling from this illustration, You have the barbed around this heart seat exactly like Rosalina looking badass and dangerous but just to protect a precious sweetheart. This is my personal feeling looking at this illustration and can tell it’s exactly what Mazzacho wanted to show anyway I hope you like this piece guys and if you also get a special feeling from it don’t hesitate to tell it. The art itself is also really powerfull, this one was a simple colour commission but Mazzacho took time add many details and interesting shading style, kinda remember me a bit Sin City movie with black and red colours and on the sexy side I love the lace on dress and latex effect that add a sexy touch… °w°

If you like this illustration and want more, first you can order a tee-shirt print on Mazzacho’s redbubble shop, the price was lowered to its maximum but the site fee are still here, anyway it’s fair price to get a cool and original piece. Second option could be get your own illustration with a commission even more since so many genre are accepted, of course there is things Mazzacho don’t do but he can make adorable chibi to naughty bestiality (really) and a coloured sketch to really high detailed illustration to follow your dream and budget… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / 30$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com

#115 – From Russia with love

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nintendo mario princess rosalina traditional art

There is many artists that create a discord channel linked to their patreon page, I agree the idea is interesting but not sure would be usefull since the project already have constant updated and I feel like there is already too much groups existing then would not have something new or interesting to offer. Maybe I’ll consider again in the future.

And today goes to get the kitchen workbench cut to finish my kitchen (that technically is the last thing I have to do), problem is the man cut both piece at the great length but from the wrong side… Raaaah… U_u


And this illustration story start with and old bunny lady sketch Mazzacho decided to sell, the price was 10$ for that cutie so pretty cheap then I was really interested to get it and have and original piece from this artist I admire so much (also some high heels as my weakness). I’m not sure the reason that made me wait and when I finally was ready to get it it was too late, Mazzacho already managed sent it to me as Christmas gift packed with a powerfull bonus that you can see at the top of this post… Nyyyaaaahhh… \(^o^)/

At first Mazzacho only told me he sent me a gift on December but there was a mistake since the tracking infos got no more updates for a month once the package leaved Russia, we were waiting for more infos but after a month we both started to lost hope considering it lost until the day I finally get a strange and unexpected package at work. Was easy recognize Mazzacho‘s gift since it’s not common get packages from Russia but still had no clue what inside. Finally was a big surprise discover The bunny sketch and a lovely dedicated tradi Rosalina, thanks so much my friend… °w°

Both got a great place in the living room as you can see in the photo here and it’s sure ravishing decoration and my side I must manage get something for Mazzacho this Christmas anyway I’ll be careful with postal delay. could say I can’t tell more cause I know he’ll read that post so better keep the surprise but I still have no idea myself what get for him, after this powerfull gift that’s huge challenge get something that cool… ^^

Artist: Mazzacho / Gift
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com

#114 – Squigly sweet sketchy bonus

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nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Squigly Skullgirls sketch

Some patrons get their patreon pledge flagged this august, the reason is the domain was switched to a UK property so all the US patrons had their cards fraud detection triggered. Seems it was the problem some of my patrons had.

Anyway all fixed so let’s focus on the project again, also Congrat to Fernando Lloret who won August raffle on patreon and can request an illustration to Lunakiri with Rosalina of course… ^^


Really dedicated as kind artist, here is a second illustration with Rosalina and Squigly from Skullgirls as gift from BurnUp666, he did several sketches that kind to thanks his commissioners and it’s a really cool bonus of course. What is also powerfull is this illustration being safe for all so I can post it on the SFW page and let everybody discover about BurnUp666‘s art even is most of his art is pretty hot but I have to admit it’s part of commissioners fault (as me) that can’t resist to keep that mix between cuteness and cuteness from his gallery… ^^’

And even being way more safe , BurnUp666 was able keep this cuteness and sexiness mix in a magnificent duo, both looks really adorable and pretty in a piece full of love (the snake at top doing an heart is also great detail). Also what I like with this kind of illustration is the way to show that even if people are more looking for really detailed illustrations then even a sketchy piece can show many details and emotions… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: BurnUp666 / Gift sketch

#113 – Victorian princess dedication

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nintendo mario princess rosalina victorian dress

It happen one more time anyway not my fault this post come late and it’s not a small reason. To make it short my brother told the opportunity parents were out for holidays to use mother car (without ask of course) and going to visit a friend it ended as spectacular accident, luckily only dramatic ending for the car… O_o

My brother is safe and we really prefer a broken car than dead brother but it end with mother car destroyed and huge problems to solve the financial and trust. Last point is my brother don’t really understand how huge is his mistake, he could have ended with an accident with someone else and bad ending, even more since he don’t have a driving license… That idiot… >.<


There was some teasers on patreon about the Merethide box that it’s now time to show content and dedicate two weeks publications to Merethide, first illustration is a Victorian Rosalina dedication or Merethide‘s princesses & animals colouring book, her idea was to make something both creative and instructive. Each time you have an illustrated page and the second with historical information about the princess represented. Here you can see one of the book page on the left (French one) and this one will evolve with time since Merethide plan create more pages in the future.

Of course the most interesting part her is sure Rosalina that was missing from the book then Merethide took the opportunity fix this mistake for the version I’ll own. she decided give Rosalina a victorian dress style to follow the historical theme of her book, Rosalina is a princess too but not really the one you’ll find in history books. Also I was curious about this design that reminded me some Steampunk on then Merethide told me “Steampunk style is based on Victorian fashion“. See guys, I learned something only from a dedication so imagine how powerfull and interesting is her book, also if you like colouring there is hours to spend on it… °o°

So this dedication was a surprise in a surprise from a surprise box, I must admit I expected get Merethide colouring book since we already talked about it but the Rosalina was a powerfull bonus. I also never expected Rosalina to be included since not historical but also cause I don’t consider lumas as “animals”. For those that played Mario galaxy you know these baby stars have a really stronger destiny than just be floating around Rosalina though if a day I turn into a Luma I’ll go float around this marvellous and ravishing princess for eternity… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

Actually there was more planned to come in the future since I ordered another box to Merethide a few months ago but this one goes delayed since she’s pregnant (congrats again), I guess it will take time since she said “I haven’t touch a single pen since a trimester” so could not be reassuring but I have her as friend for long time and know she’s honest so all needed is patience. Anyway you can still see her previous works on the links below where you can also drop a little comment to Merethide about her art or this baby coming, so much reasons spread some love and support… ^^

Artist: Merethide / Part of Merethide’s box reward
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com

#112 – RosalinaKitty (and Mario)

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nintendo mario princess rosalina cat neko catsuit catgirl outfit cute

I’m kinda annoyed having to verify a device on my for my Patreon account each time I want to login, sent a message to support that told me “if you are clearing your cookies on a regular basis, this will prompt you to verify your device once again“… So it’s security against privacy… U_u

I feel close be able stay in my apart, kinda all stuff is moved but need wait for things to be fixed before finish he kitchen. Also last week-end was chaotic since I got a dead useless fridge that need evacuation plan and father did two mistakes damaging a door and the floor… Raaah… T_T


Let’s start a week dedicated to Mazzacho with a really cute but unexpected duo, I already got some pairing with Bowser and even link then this time it’s Mario who join this yuri project. Well, technically it’s the second time since is was also hidden in the background. Anyway once every 850 illustration isn’t a big deal considering how Mario is important in Nintendo franchise and can’t deny Mazzacho did a so adorable piece… Two adorable kitty that must be so soft ready for lot of cuddles, and I’m curious how sounds Rosalina when she purr, it could be so adorable or as said a friend “sounds like pigeon“… XD

If you are curious, Rosalina have a catgirl outfit in Mario 3D world but the canon is black since Toad got the blue one, I’m still not sure about the reason and think should have be better have Rosalina blue but too late change the game and Mazzacho fixed the problem here. I really with a dynamic pose when Mario looks more quiet his side. And talking about dynamic, Rosalina pose was different from the first sketch Mazzacho did and once completed this illustration he said he regret a bit didn’t keep the first pose, I agree Rosalina so so pretty in this one but maybe the pose would make it a bit more sexy too. Not that I would complain about sexy but I’m happy get an illustration I can use to give an update on the safe blog… °w°

Mazzacho is an amateur artist (but freaking talented) and also work as graphic designer in real life so be sure his skills and abilities show on everything visual as for background and text that also come with really serious work and it’s part of the perfection of his art. This illustration is a little more simple but don’t miss take at the art he posted on his pages (listed bellow) or his other Rosalina illustration (here) to really get an idea of his level and also the incredible range of themes he can manage. Now I also know Mazzacho educational curriculum and it’s pretty impressive, long time since I heard so long and complex titles… XD

Artist: Mazzacho / 40$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com

#111 – Street Fashion

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nintendo mario princess rosalina street urban style fashion

Was out this week-end since this Sunday (May 27th) was mother day in France so family obligations. There is a thing that surprise me is it exist in many countries but never at the same time so curious what rules it exactly. Still I have to admit I got a little accident moving to the place damaging my car and mother’s portal.

Mother wasn’t bad against me, she’s really cool and adorable but that’s still fucking annoying and I wasn’t in the mod to write a great post in time so come one day late. Sorry everybody (and sorry again mom) U_u


Here come a new illustration by Mazzacho and whatever how sketchy is it, no way don’t show lovely Rosalina art. Though, at some level it’s hard get a really basic sketch looking cute so you can imagine there is still long time of work behind this illustration. Can’t tell what Mazzacho exactly had in mind going with this illustration (and whatever, I’m just so honoured and happy more Rosalina), here seems he wanted Manage a more classic and urban look on Rosalina, far to that huge princess dress and the result is pretty cool… Now I have a realistic version of Rosalina I wish even more to met a girl who looks like her (cause unfortunately the real one will still be virtual)… ^^

Anyway here we are far to be too much sketchy, there is many details and work on the pose that Mazzacho managed pretty nicely, I really like the hand on hair, belt, star collar and glasses add a so cute touch, just not so much fan of details visible through hairs like eyes or the glasses but common thing. There is more to come from Mazzacho in the future so stay tuned but you can already take the time visit the pages listed bellow to see more art of this incredible artist. You can discover his still, comment, support, commission him… Now there is no way say there is nothing you can do to spend time on the internet… XD

Artist: Mazzacho / Gift
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com