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#1007 – Bulma wasn’t alone at the pool

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Got my second shoot for Covid, I was totally against it cause not believe a vaccine coming that quick and that no one take responsibilities in case of troubles. In France you have a paper that say in case of secondary effect from vaccine that none of the government or laboratory can be taken as responsible (really what the fuck is that). Anyway my biggest problem with vaccine was a HUGE fair of needles with a ruminating combo making it pretty insane. By the way the most complicated was second shoot cause I did know all the process so my mind started rumination about the needle for the beginning. Thanks to amazing people being super kind and understandable about my phobia it goes well ^^

Anyway there was a pokemon card I love so much but being quit expensive (really) and with that I thought it’s totally crazy being forced to do stuff you are against but can’t treat yourself something you dream about so I decided this card would be my reward for the vaccine. After getting my shoot in the waiting area (had to stay 15mn before leave) I took my phone and showed the card to y father telling him “See, I found it 10€ cheaper that’s a deal” then bought it. Love my father expression at this moment (and overall his patience with me) <3


I think most of the DragonBall fans (an anime fan as well) saw Super Broly movie, even me not being that much into the series watched it and honestly it’s a pretty good one. I remember the original series where a battle can go for several episodes but in a movie you have few time to say a lot so delay between action is way better. Anyway it’s a really specific moment of Super Broly movie that inspired me for this illustration with Rosalina an Bulma. At first I really liked Bulma outfit having a pretty cool design with a skirt and zipper jacket giving her a quite sexy look with so much potential. Also was inspired by the idea of Rosalina joining Bulma is she was left alone near the pool for some secret fun together of course (please don’t mention that msMurasaki was there as well, we have to cheat a bit and ignore him to make it work) :p

Talking about “cheat”, there also another point I didn’t follow well the original movie script asking msMurasaki to draw Bulma as a futa, I know futanari isn’t everyone tastes but people start to be use to it now. To me this have so muh potential for kinky action and more intense scenes on yuri action an as messy lover also open the universe of messy without need a man. Also you must know the problem that when you start cheating then you can’t stop so there was a little edit on Bulma outfit having wear high heels instead of her sneakers, msMurasaki was fine with this point and after all, as long I’ll be alive high heels will come as often as I can… XD

On this illustration I really admire both girls expression giving a really sensual side while the action down is quite naughty, msMurasaki managed this part so nicely and Rosalina looks so sweet and adorable even while having her pussy filled by her futanari friend. Last detail is about fashion, I asked for Rosalina to wear her Lumakini but the pose isn’t really convenient to show it so msMurasaki had a great idea to move it up so we can enjoy those soft and shiny princess breasts. Also like the skin shading, make it like both girls are oiled and this is making it even more exciting to imagine some backstory rubbing each other with some oil and sunscreen being sure to not forget any part, doesn’t it sounds exciting? :p

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#773 – Happy Halloween 2017

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I expected release the blog huge update today but looking all all I have to do there is some content missing, at some points it may not be that long to prepare but I don’t get access at work, have lot of Java coding to do and with computer in living room, it’s hard get safe time to manage a NSFW project. U_u
Also the upcoming posts will be forced by actual events, Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday on the way… \(^o^)/


Time to show you you this illustration to celebrate Halloween made by Psicoero, it’s the only I could manage for this event so was wondering to get something safe first that can be posted on the soft blog but it was to hard to resist goes kinky. Always a huge challenge find a great idea but I’m happy with this one, I commissioned to Psicoero a pairing with Rosalina dressed as Mercy witch From Overwatch and Android 21 from Dragon Ball dressed at Wendy from Wendy’s, kinda like I go 4 characters at once that way… °w°
Thinking about this piece it was quick to find the pose I wanted, I send the one you can see on the left to Psicoero asking to follow it the most as he can, even with the mouth expression for Rosalina. I have this photo from years and love it so much, to pose, view, outfit, blonde girl and her naughty face turn it so damn hot. For Rosalina I wanted an outfit related to Halloween and Mercy was quite perfect then the most difficult was to find Android 21 outfit with something that we can recognize even if we don’t see that much. Finally Wendy dress was quite perfect with blue and red colours like Android 21 dress all all was ready to be send to Psicoero that found ‘this picture idea really interesting‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As always, Psicoero was really fast working on the illustration and I got the first wip in a few days. There was only two edits requested from the first sketch; the first was to have Rosalina expression follow the one from the girl in reference and second was to have Wendy dress appear on the bottom to make it easier to notice and recognize. I must admit I saw many clothes swap and was wondering about goes that way with Psicoero first but there was also a Halloween YCH that was so tempting and made me want see Rosalina as hot witch, I hope you like it that way guys… ^__^
I must admit I first considered tentacles and Psicoero was fine with it but due to complexity this had to count as full character so only Rosalina and tentacles (not the best on a yuri project). Anyway feel free to visit Psicoero‘s page for way more naughty art, he do great commission, work fast and update his page really often so you’ll sure get fun as little pervert. Maybe the only problem is he promote his discount on commissions with Nintendo girls in all post so when you search for Rosalina on HentaiFoundry, results are spammed with his entire gallery… T_T

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€ (45$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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#126 – Dragonball – Android 18 (C18)

New drawing by crazyjen, a Deviantart artist who love to drawn C18 like his gallerie and accept make a pic with Rosalina and (of course) C18… Enjoy… ^^

Crazyjen is not a fan of really hot or sexy but he love drawn romantic situation, you can take a look to his deviantart gallerie (click here), there is a lot of nice and so cute pics with C18 and Krillin. Maybe this time Krillin will be jealous, but I understand C18, Rosalina is so beautifull… XD

Rosalina have so cute and expressive face, C18’s expression is almost evil glee, she has got plans in her head, Rosalina should be afraid… I don’t quote all but take a look to the Crazyjen’s publication in deviantart (here), he write a nice and interesting description with the pic:

“A few things, this is actually the first time I actually draw Rosalina. She came out pretty well after a few sketches^_^. I like this Nintendo character a lot so it was fun to draw her. Secondly, it’s a Shoujoai/Yuri picture. I can safely say I have not drawn many of that variety, I think this is the third one ever I did? Anyway, it was a challenge but I succeeded I think!”
Artist: Crazyjen / Price: Request
Deviantart profil: http://crazyjen.deviantart.com/<br/Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-cj4dj.php

#123-124 – DragonBall – Androit 18 (C18)

I’m so happy publish this post because this time it’s two new pictures, and not a simple clean/wet versions but two really different pic showing Rosalina with C18…. Huge thanks to Wuotan for his awesome work… Oh yeah… XD

So the idea for the first pic was Rosalina got into trouble with C18 from Dragonball… bad idea, C18 gave her a hard time and it’s not getting any better!” and Wuotan think there is some potential for a second pic with these two blondes and he do it… So is a second pic with C18 ripped Rosalinas clothes off and put her down on the hot sand to give her a nice and deep strapon-fuck, so hot… (^o^)/

At start when Wuotan accept my request and say he want to drawn Rosalina I was a little scared because there is some artists who submit a sketch with Rosalina and C18 for commission and the result wasn’t really interesting, but now I have two artists who drew this two girls and the result is so good each time (See the other version by Crazyjen here… Thanks again Wuotan you interest for my blog and these two awesome pic… You’re so nice… ^^

Artist: Wuotan / Price: Request