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#995 – Sharing space secrets

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PATREON BONUS: Cutie Klara and trainer Rosalina (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

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Despite the usual attempts of malicious files uploads, I got a huge wave of login attempts, I guess it’s the usual spammers trying get access to my site and steal data inside or use it to create pages that will be use for fishing purposes anyway no one succeed at this game. I’m quite safe since according the reports since all usernames they tried would not work (you’ll never expect my login guys) also if you are creating a website based on wordpress then Wordfence is an excellent free plug-in to protect your website so be sure to add it without hesitation ^^

Also There is a problem with patreon lately, nothing major but since several weeks it’s impossible to make bold text on their post editor (also reason you don’t see bold on my recent patreon posts). There was a bug that made impossible to add links that was fixed in a day but this one is here since a long time now. I hope they are working at fixing it or are too busy managing to get even more money on their shitty new tax system (sorry) U_u


New illustration is a Request illustration drew by Uso69 that get a huge thanks and hug for his amazing work adding a big apologise for the delay I took to finally make it shine on the project, It’s not easy to manage a perfect illustration stock giving the ability to keep regular publication even if no more illustration coming for some time and on the other side don’t have it too long to not have the artist wait too long from the moment he sent me the illustration and when it finally appear on the blog.

I discovered Uso69 from her illustration with Candy Crush or Bubble Witch protagonists that are quite rare in hentai but have potential, also the illustration with Stella (Bubble Witch) that you can see on the top right caught my attention since it reminded me a lot the one made by MegumiPan616 with Rosalina and Tharja on the left, don’t you see some similarities with the scene and atmosphere or it’s just my imagination? Also noticed on Uso69’s profile he was open to suggestions so cannot resist to ask about a naughty illustration with Rosalina and to my request Uso69 answered “Hmmm… I post sporadically. But I’ll see what I can do” anyway I never expected that a week later he would come back and tell me “Have a present for you. Check my gallery, it was so quick and sure amazing present, thanks so much \(^o^)/

Uso69 added a perfect description to the illustration; When Rosalina told her they would get to have wild space adventures, this wasn’t what Zelda had in mind!, of course space is a place with ton of secrets with many amazing and many more dangerous too anyway some looking dangerous can be really more pleasurable when you know how to use them. No doubt Rosalina know a lot about the galaxy and it’s secrets being enough kind to share it with her friend or being more evil enjoyed see them close to pass out being rapped all the way by a tentacle monster. Not sure Zelda expected so insane adventure but being used to it I’m sure she’ll also be addicted to that monster begin for even more “surprise” adventures ^__^

I really love how Uso69 managed both girls expression, you can clearly see how intense it it for Zelda and then Rosalina being enough used to it to stay with a quiet expression happily enjoying the view of her friend being rapped, it makes me wonder to what kind of monster Rosalina is now able to offer her body that can be at her limit when she want more extreme feeling and pleasures. Also even being super well made the tentacles confused me for a time since anatomically you can do all the way with ass to mouth (or vice-versa) but pussy to pussy is impossible or mean one the girl is breading the tentacle monster itself.

I know it’s kinda useless concern for many people that just enjoy fapping of this insanely indecent scene (so do it ^^’) but being observer I’ll always go analyse and can bug on stuff no one would notice or even care. Finally one explanation could be the tentacle entering Rosalina’s pussy and turning back inside then going deep into Zelda pussy, it’s kind of move I already saw several time with tentacles or worm monsters and no doubt Rosalina had so many playfull session with that monster that she can handle it without troubles.

Last super cool detail is about the tentacles around coming to join, it’s already looking damn insane actually and finally it’s just the beginning, no doubt Rosalina will still be able to enjoy all these no little things ready to rape every of her holes anyway for Zelda this will be something but I doing worry at all since Rosalina is a really carefull person so she would never put her friend to something she may not survive. Once again huge thanks to Uso69 for his powerfull contribution to the project, there’s a ton of cool and indecent illustration to enjoy on his profile so don’t hesitate take a look following the link bellow and and if you wanna try ask for a request keep in mind he likes tentacles, ahegao, piercings, bondage and ruining childhoods… Quite a program… °w°

One year ago: #931 – Medusa tentacles revenge
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#260 – Legend of Zelda – Midna N°2

I made a huge error with the foursome illustration I had to publish the strip poker illustration made but Konani and commissioned by Tallon (preview on the right). In fact I finished the publication and everything but I only saved the post instead of publish it… So stupid… U_u

Also don’t hesitate to participate to the 4th edition of “Youre dream by…” and decide who will be with Rosalina on the next calendar by Mavruda but don’t publish as anonymous and give a name or nickname, that’s better… ^^


After Zelda by mmichita, there is an other character of the series who wanted to have a sensual moment with Rosalina. Don’t know what Zelda said but Midna wanted her turn. A beautifull and really sensual illustration by TheGTB… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Deviantart is now crazy with hentai or ecchi artists but I hope TheGTB wont have problem, his gallery and art are really impressive, so much beautifull and kinky ladies, wanted to list 1-2 illustration I prefer but can’t decide in fact… Guys, don’t hesitate to visit TheGTB profile and gallery for more illustrations, you will love it for sure… XD

I love TheGTB‘s illustration. Both are so beautifull and the pose make then really sensual. Rosalina face with this shy expression make her so lovely and shy but Minda finger also add a kinky touch. A romantic couple ready for some intimate fun… How powerfull…

Pose and expression are not the only great points. Colors are also beautifull and so much great details, the way TheGTB drew Rosalina’s crown add an original touch, like an iron flower, Midna clothes and jewels also look great, just wonder about the name of what she have on her head…

Artist: TheGTB  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Nintendo – Peach N°22

#343 – Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Midna

nintendo mario princess rosalina heels anal sexy ecchi midna zeldaYour dream by… is now over but I can’t stop think about this event… I used the last drawing of my deal with Vempire to be sure it will start with an amazing artist. Theer is a lot of people coming here but I really wantt o see you participate more guys. I want to show there is someone behing the blog and Rosalina x Girl project but what abotu you… Are you alive guys?

A little comment or just a vote on the bottom of the post is a nice support but hesitate show you are here guys, not just for fapping but also because you love the blog… I hope you are not here just for fapping. Right? So today a lot of updates. A new post on the blog but also edit on the wishlist, bonus page and a Van-hellsing Rosalina in the soft blog (see it here)… Take the time to visit and have fun guys… ^^


New artist from deviantart who game me the honor to participate, a huge thanks to Papira (love how it sound) for this sexy and so lovely pairing into Rosalina and Midna from Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. At start I though her name was Minda and it’s a visitor who left a comment saying her name in the wishlist in wrong. Now I know her true name and I can also show her in the blog… Thanks so much Papira… (^o^)/

Rosalina already meet Zelda (of course) and Saria but Midna is also one of my favorite girl from this series. Her two forms are beautifull but I must admit she’s really more sexy in that way she she’s perfect for this drawing. The result is really powerfull, they are so beautifull, lovely and adorable with these faces. They are naked but ot so suggestive. it’s a cute ecchi illustration, not a pervert hentai. I hope you like it guys… ^^

Papira said “i’m glad of make this artwork because I’ve never think to make this characters” and I hope he had a lot of fun with this illustration but I’m curious why he choosed Midna. for the moment he never answered to my question so this drawing have a part of mistery… XD

thansk again for your kindness and this awesome piece Papira. I’m so happy when artist say the like the blog and accept to participate. Now guys if you are curious don’t hesitate to take a look to Papira gallery for more beautifull and sometiems really sexy girls… °w°

Artist: Papira / Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Vocaloid – Yowane Haku
Added to wishlist: Ashe from League Of Legends (see it here)

#282 – Twilight princess – Zelda N°7

I had an idea during a fashion show, I saw a really beautifull model and thought at a new project: Rosalina meet reality… For the moment my wishlist have a lot of girls from video games, movies, mangas and cartoons but she not show her hwit real girls? Not girls you can see in a movie as character like Lara croft, Selene or other but really a true girl… It already happened one time but the drawing was never published for the moment, maybe a serie like this have some chances to be more soft (don’t want problems)… But for the moment it’s just an idea… ^^

for this post it’s a girl I’m sure everybody know and who already meet Rosalina 6th times (see other drawings here), It’s Zelda from the Zelda zeries (that’s simple)… Now I must talk about the artist and it’s a huge thanks to the lovely and talented Cavalry

Sincerely you must take a look to Cavalry‘s gallery, her style is amazing (or his style, I hate the “gender: other” in hentaifoundry) so don’t hesitate take a look at the gallery (it’s here) and maybe commission her, Like the pricelist on Cavalry‘s profile a drawing like this as commission cost something like 45$, like the quality of her art, it’s really interesting… Oh yeah… ^^

I also added the sketch, that’s so powerfull see there is a Rosalina in progress and have a preview, we can imagine ho it will look with the artist’s style but after that I’m always really exciting to see the final version. Some latex, exciting tongue (love this face expression for Rosalina) and the dildo suggested Zelda must prapare herself… So beautifull and powerfull… Thanks so much Cavalry… (^o^)/

But guys be careful about one point, the “Let’s play” it’s for Zelda, sorry about that… ;p

Artist: Cavalry / Cost: 0$ (Request)
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1620784
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Cavalry/profile

#273 – Nintendo – Zelda – Link (seriously)

Did you noticed the banner on the right about the “Rosalina’s laboratory” project by Dmfo? for the moment it’s not the final page, I must think about the final version, I want to create a dynamic gallery but don’t know how do it for the moment. also I must correcte the banner, I forget the “Rosalina‘s laboratory”… the page of the pyjama party is in progress, I have some minor details to change and need to create the button… Be patient guys…

So today Rosalina have some fun with… Hum… Link!!!! What the fuck he doing in a yuri blog!!! O_o

This drawing is a gift by the awesome artist Ivstvs who decided to draw something for his 300th HentaiFoundry fan… And finally it’s me… Ivstvs said “So YOU are No. 300? Well… I guess then you’ll finally get that rosalina pic from me you once asked for…“. It was a really good new and like Ivstvs art you can expect I was really exciting to see the drawing but the result was really… surprising… You know… ^^

After Bowser who raped Rosalina it’s nice to see a little femdom… This time Rosalina have the power and look amazing, Love her latex boots and outfif… Now guys Link can told you than if you come here for a little fun with Rosalian she will kick your ass… Mwahahaha…

Other interesting detail, Ivstvs said ‘I though twinky Link is kinda female at all, so actually this a something 50% lesbian and stuff… you know…‘, sincerely I’m a little sceptical about a female Link but I must admit than I love the result. Thanks so much for your contribution Ivstvs… (^o^)/

Don”t hesitate to take a look to Ivstvs‘s gallery and also his Facebook page (see it here), there isn’t porn stuff but some amazing steampunky creations… guys… You must take a look, it’s sure the little pervert you are can love it too… ;p

Artist: Ivstvs / Cost: 0$ (300th fan gift)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ivstvs
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Ivstvs/profile

Added to wishlist: Kiruko-san from Novice policewoman Kiruko-san (see it here)

#209 – Skyward Sword – Zelda N°5

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian legend zelda Skyward Sword
I finally found a job for two weeks. I know it’s not really “awesome”. Not enough for the nekomimi neurowears or a car (really need to buy one) but for my commissioner budget, it will be better with a little more money.. I little… T_T

So this time it’s a new drawing by retroraul, at start it was supposed to be a commission (25€) but due to some misunderstanding in the two sides (it’s not only your fault retroraul…) it was finally finished like a request. retroraul chosen to pair Rosalina with new Skyward Sword Zelda cause she’s cute as a button.

At start I thought the commission was over and the sketch retroraul sent me will be the last so it was a great surprised see retroraul finally finish and upload it on HentaiFoundry. Sincerely the line was beautifull and the final version is just incredible, Rosalina look so beautifull (I love how retroraul drew her face and hair) and the situation is really cute, sexy and pretty funny…

About funny, I’m sure everybody noticed the Luigi in the background, his face is pretty funny…. Maybe he see Rosalina naked…. Raaah… I’m jealous… Though I have a best wiew than him… I’m just curious like Rosalina eye if she just look at Zelda with take a photo or notice the Luigi… What you have in mind retroraul?

Artist: retroraul / Cost: 0$ (commission became request)

#204 – Nintendo – Twilight princess – Zelda N°4

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian legend Zelda Twilight princess
After 3 month nothing new about the contest, and in fact it was exactly I though… So today a little change because I have an other event in mind: Rosalina’s birthday on 1st November… Why this date, because Mario Galaxy was release on 1st November 2007 in Japan. The first time I played Mario galaxy the wiimote collided the ground and I was stunned seeing Rosalina for the first time while thinking “Wow, she’s beautifull”… And now it’s for me the more beautifull and cutest character in the world… ^^

But without cute and beautifull, Rosalina can be really hot when she meet other girls, and this time she had a really sexy moment with Zelda and it’s a huge fan FantasyPhalli for this awesome drawing… Oh yeah… XD

First time I have A colored drawing with Rosalina in a fisting situation… During a commission I had Revy from black Lagoon fisting Rosalina but finally the artist used an other sketch, first time I have a colored pic and the result is just awesome, it’s one of the more exciting drawing I have in my blog, thanks so much FantasyPhalli… (^o^)/

Not easy to post a great and interesting comment, not because the drawing is bad but so exciting… Rosalina eye look a little too huge as me but for the rest, FantasyPhalli drew a lot of details and an incredible situation (I sure you don”t notice Rosalina’s pussy hair like a star)… There is Rosalina with open legs, blue dress, her crown, a Luma and Zelda cherishing Rosalina with her left and and fisting with the right, that’s romantic and so hot at the same time….

Rosalina and Zelda face are a great part who make the difference in romantic and hot, in one hand there is Zelda who look calm and reassuring and in the other hand, Rosalina really expressive with this glance and wet pussy… She so wet, love it… You’re so awesome FantasyPhalli… Thanks so much… I must ask him to participate to Rosalina’s birthday, it must be awesome…

Artist: FantasyPhalli / Cost: 0$ (request)

#198 – Skyward sword – Zelda

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian legend of zelda skyward sword blackcenturies

Just see that I reached 150.000 views… Maybe just 25 followers for the moment, not sure it can be like the awesome AAAninja who reach more than 4.000 fan in hentaifoundry…. I agree… I agree… I’m not so powerfull… Bwaaaa… T_T

So in the previous comment, I said I hesitated into two drawing for the 200th in the blog so it’s now time to show you the other… An awesome drawing by blackcenturies asked as commission in colaboration with Navane also know as Luke (it was 50/50 for the price)… Maybe not sure I’ll ask again a drawing at this price; the result is great, of course but it’s a little to expensive for me… Maybe I tried… ^^

It’s Navane who sent me a message asking if I would be interested in chipping on a Rosalina commission with him and after suggest a lot of artist, it’s finally blackcenturies who win for his awesome style and correct price (maybe I didn’t expected we must add the background) but in this situation, it was interesting choose a more expensive artist, not with the little add on the blog (and nobody help my with click) than I can buy commissions at this price.

I’m sure you reconize these two girls… Rosalina (of course) having a happy time with princess zelda from skyward sword… The result is just awesome, it look really lovely, romantic and pretty sexy at the same time (yeah, I sure everybody notice Zelda’s hand… At start I was a little septic when Navane suggest me we must add a background (the price of course) but blackcenturies did something really incredible and detailled… Just awesome…

In fact I’m sad about one detail, the drawing is so beautifull but because the the sexy part, not sure I can add this one on the soft blog (rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com)… Maybe I asked to Navane than it must be something really soft… Bwaaaa… T_T

Artist: blackcenturies / Cost: 70$ (35$ paid by Navane)
Deviantart: www.blackcenturies.deviantart.com

New wishlisted girl: Original character Epona by Quaraci

#193 – Nintendo – Twilight princess – Zelda N°3

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Twilight princess Zelda

Really hard don’t be lazy during summer, I just finished my work so I can be a little quiet… Maybe from saturday for a week it will be without internet so no time to upload here or answer to my mail or comment… I’ll try to find an internet access but not sure I succes so don’t worry if I don’t answer to tour comments during the next week… T_T

So today it’s a pretty famous princess who meet Rosalina again, I think after Peach it’s the favorite nintendo princess in general (maybe you know who is N°1 for me. It’s a huge thanks to WildRedcartoon who drew this really beautifull and pretty sexy drawing as request… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

I’m sure you noticed it in the pic, WildRedcartoon have a really special style: “it’s mean to be square for some parts and others rounded so muscles (on men) and the ladie parts function”, I love how the drawing turn, it look great, really original and always pretty sexy… Rosalina and Zelda faces are so expressive, this little smile make Rosalina a little pervert and Zelda look a little scary, it’s so cute and romantic…

Don’t hesitate to take a look to WildRedcartoon gallery (click here), he don’t have a lot of submissions for the moment but it’s a great artist so he deserves a little more support to continue publish awesome stuff… WildRedcartoon said me he want to create a paypal account and do commissions so don’t hesitate ask him if you are interesting. When artist start commissions prices are always really interesting… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: WildRedcartoon / Price: Request

New wishlisted girl: Altera Cephon from the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 Online

#074 – Twilight princess – Zelda

Christmas is comming and today it’s the 80th drawing post in my blog… That’s awesome… And with all artist who accepted request, I think the 100th drawing have a chance to exist, oh yeah… (^o^)/

This is the second Drawing with the Princess Zelda from the Nintendo game “Zelda” (what else) commissioned to SkullTitti, if you don’t remember the first by Rawrshaw, it’s here.

Rosalina helping Zelda having some fun then Link is not home (or fuck Saria), Zelda like this is really beautifull, that’s my favorite version but look a little strong comparate to Rosalina… Poor Zelda, really strong girl but it’s always here who is captive while Rosalina float quietly in Mario galaxy and have fun time (if player is good) in Mario kart…

I’m really happy with this commission, love Nintendo Character and this crossover is awesome, there are so hot… so sexy… So beautifull… But don’t really exist… what a pity… T_T

And a little bonus with first Sketchs, at start with this situation, The artist thought to draw Rosalina with Samus but he proposed me some ideas with Samus, other with Zelda, and I choose this one with Zelda, cause I already have one with Samus (here), but already have one with Zelda in the blog, so stupid… XD

Artist: SkullTitti  /  Price: 15$

#051 – Nintendo – Zelda – Saria

I love Nintendo, that’s why I have 3DS and Wii but not PS3 and XBOX that’s why my favorite girls are Nintendo character and the best is when they created Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it’s a Zelda character, not the more famous but a really cute who enjoy a little moment with Rosalina: it’s Saria drew by DarkYamatoman… A nice artist with a prety good style and interesting prices for commissions… ^^

I hope you loke this drawing, there is two versions “clean” and “wet” like a Reiq drawing… But less expensive, how nice… (^o^)/

Artist quote: ” Rosalina/Rosetta from the Mario series, and Saria, from Zelda “. This an interesting thing, Rosalina is her english, german, portugess name, Rozetta her original Japan name, Harmonie for France and like artist quote, it can be Rosetta in Brasil… So if you are in other country, I curious to know her name in you language…

Artist: DarkYamatoman  /  Price: 7$

#026 – Zelda – Ruto

A lot of really nice artist are on HentaiFoundry, this time it’sRandomAustralian who had the kindness to accept drawn Rosalina as request… How nice, thanks so much… (^o^)/

So this time, it’s the princess Ruto From Zelda Ocarina of Time, I don’t know this character and with this drawing, it’s a little hard to see exactly what she look but if you are curious, you can find more information about this character HERE

This drawn is so funny, the title is “Rosalina, Interrupted”, I think you understand why… I love Rosalina face, she is beautifull and really expressive, and with color like this, it look realistic, it’s awesome… ^^

What a pity there isn’t a transparent version for the dress, I’m really curious to know what Ruto was doing… But with imagination, the can do a lot a thing… Oh Yeah… ^^

This time, I just see the final drawing and haven’t any sketchs or lines to show… Sorry about that.. but I hope you will enjoy this really good drawing without that… ;p

Artist: RandomAustralian  /  Price: Request

#024 – Nintendo – Zelda

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian legend zelda sloppy

After Peach, Samus, Misty and Cynthia (Shirona), It’s a new beautifull Nintendo character who is her for a show with Rosalina… I’m think all of you know her, It’s Zelda from Zelda (don’t confuse her with Link, the green imp… ;p)…

This time, It’s not a really hot drawn but something really cute… Soft is really nice… Why a pervert can’t love cute or funny soft drawings? ;p

So I really love this drawing, Rosalina and Zelda after a wet kiss… The saliva like the drawing with Winry is really nice and look at her faces, They are beautibull… Rosalina is so cute with her tongue like this…

And the artist… It’s important… For this drawn it’s Rawrshaw who accept to make this drawing as request… Thanks for your kindness… I find a lot of artist on HF, and I can say a lot are really nice… So take the time to see theirs galleries, If I ask a drawing with Rosalina, it’s beacause they have a really nice style… Look this drawing… Not beautifull?

Artist: Rawrshaw  /  Price: Request