#193 – Nintendo – Twilight princess – Zelda N°3

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Really hard don’t be lazy during summer, I just finished my work so I can be a little quiet… Maybe from saturday for a week it will be without internet so no time to upload here or answer to my mail or comment… I’ll try to find an internet access but not sure I succes so don’t worry if I don’t answer to tour comments during the next week… T_T

So today it’s a pretty famous princess who meet Rosalina again, I think after Peach it’s the favorite nintendo princess in general (maybe you know who is N°1 for me. It’s a huge thanks to WildRedcartoon who drew this really beautifull and pretty sexy drawing as request… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

I’m sure you noticed it in the pic, WildRedcartoon have a really special style: “it’s mean to be square for some parts and others rounded so muscles (on men) and the ladie parts function”, I love how the drawing turn, it look great, really original and always pretty sexy… Rosalina and Zelda faces are so expressive, this little smile make Rosalina a little pervert and Zelda look a little scary, it’s so cute and romantic…

Don’t hesitate to take a look to WildRedcartoon gallery (click here), he don’t have a lot of submissions for the moment but it’s a great artist so he deserves a little more support to continue publish awesome stuff… WildRedcartoon said me he want to create a paypal account and do commissions so don’t hesitate ask him if you are interesting. When artist start commissions prices are always really interesting… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: WildRedcartoon / Price: Request

New wishlisted girl: Altera Cephon from the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 Online

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