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#722 – 4 years of secret cuddles

Just noticed I missed to make a censored version on my last publication with chocobo Rosalina (here), I use it to post on patreon, tumblr and twitter but always censor pussy and boobies to be safe. I asked advice to a friend that told me it’s better fix that so I did before get some troubles.
Also, I’ll be out for a trip this week-end back on Monday evening since it’s a day of in France. This time I must prepare the post earlier and have publication planned earlier since can’t do Saturday morning or Sunday evening this time, patreon bonus will come on Monday, bit late but be sure I wont forget you… ^__^


Here is a new record for the project that is far to be a celebration, here is a new illustration with Rosalina and Nami was made in December 5th 2012 by 00gojiramon. I really don’t know the reason I missed to post this illustration that I found on the folder but never appear on the site or even the old one hosted on blogger. It’s sure really late and I apologie to 00gojiramon but would be stupid be like nothing happened so I decided make a post and finally show it to you guys.
So here is a really sweet illustration with Rosalina and Nami from One Piece, romantic and sensual scene with Nami fondling Rosalina breasts. 00gojiramon also added an adorable touch with this little kiss and Roslaina expression, the illustration looks basic but still really expressive and Rosalina face so definitly sooo cute. On the anatomical side, 00gojiramon did a great job, maybe the legs that looks a little to large in my opinion, what do you think?

Anyway this piece show 00gojiramon level 4 years ago so you can imagine he now have new skills with time and practice so don’t miss check his deviantart gallerie (here). Anyway if you want see more about his style at this time there is a second illustration he made for the project that was posted in time. 00gojiramon participated on a contest hosted by AdultAnonymous group, he did a collab illustration with Rosalina and Tifa that you can see on the left and click on it to see the dedicated post.

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)
webcomic: www.ckarrus.webcomic.ws
Deviantart: www.00gojiramon.deviantart.com

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#664 – Melting with carrot

Doing some extra hours this month, wont give a lot more but at last I can change my phone without blame myself so much and maybe buy those heels that I dream about for months. Kinda bad stories with them since they were already ordered (and lost on shipping) so a lot of frustration but can’t stop think about them… T_T
Also if everything fine I finally found my own place to move on and finally get that freedom and privacy I dream about since two year. Anyway the building will be done in June 2018 so still some time left on my father living room. Not easy manage the blog and everything NSFW related but allow me save a little money at last.


After that double Rosalina illustration (on the left) created by Psicoero, it’s time to present the second piece I commissioned him, patreon members already saw the sketch and will get the HD version. A pose was already chosen by the artist and was a really good choice so after the challenge was to decide who will be with Rosalina. I suggested several ladies and the one that got Psicoero interest is a cute and fun bunny from One Piece series named Carrot (how complex name decision)… ^^’
one-piece-carrot_01aWorking on this illustration, instead of give lingerie and heels as I usually ask, Psicoero suggested to keep Carrot in her original outfit and Rosalina dressed as Luffy. Kinda frustrating to admit that idea was much better than lingerie but the result is really more powerfull that way, after all Rosalina can’t enter One Piece universe without a bit of disguise and Psicoero kept her so kinky (and talented) as I love so it’s perfect.
On the final illustration, the only point that looks special in my opinion is the difference with lines on Carrot you have strong lines on her head and on her feet it’s kinda they are missing, I guess it’s something from Psicoero and some said it give a nice style and perspective to the illustration, what your opinion about that guys? Also you can see all illustrations Psicoero made for the project here and for more just visit links below to discover his galleries, patreon or streams… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 60€/65$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#600th illustration and still ready for more

After 5 years and more than 580 posts the project reach his 600th illustration is this time I was able get an illustration to celebrate this. In fact decided about it a little late so congrats and thanks are for StormHippo who did an awesome job with short time. Some little troubles with the illustration but she was always so kind and ready to help me make it perfect, the result have some unexpected details but it’s a so wonderfull illustration. Thanks so much StormHippo and time to celebrate the 600th illustration of the Rosalina x Girl project… \(^o^)/
This one is the second Rosalina illustration StormHippo drew for me (for sure the other will be here soon too). As high heels lover I asked about my favorite pair on Rosalina and was amazed how they looked on the illustration. After that she offered me work on another commission focusing even more on heels like Rosalina sitting on a trone and the idea was so cool and I decided commission StormHippo to make it come true.
But for a yuri project it’s not so powerfull to show a solo piece to celebrate an important step like this one so I asked StormHippo to add a little friend to that so sexy mistress. From a little selection I made she decided to ‘draw boa full body with sexy suit and high heel‘. So Boa Hancock from One Piece join Rosalina for this special day and as you can see here, the party just begin, I hope you like it guys.
At first I asked StormHippo to put a banner on the background with the link of the blog and ‘700th illustration’ (had to correct with 600th on paint) and she missed that point on the final version. Finally I received a second version as you see it now and not really what I expected in fact but the idea is interesting. StormHippo used the banner of the site and watermark so is graphically it don’t suit so nice to the final piece those are important part of the site itself as a little memory. Also before the 700th StormHippo sure have many time to practice on banner (and high heels), must admit she need to improve her skills on perspective but her art already have that badass touch that turn it epic and must commission more Rosalina for sure. Also love how high heels turned, seem even more high and then even more sexy in that way… °w°

Artist: StormHippo / Cost: 10$

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#272 – Tomb Raider, One Piece and Rosalina…

New Challenger: Princess Rosalina.

At her side a young boy clung to her leg. His hair was blonde, and slightly messed up. Rosalina looked down and smiled at him.
-“Leave us be Luma.” she smiled, encouraging him. The boy looked at her and nodded, making his way over to the creepy man.
-“My name is Rosalina.” she spoke softly, her eye looking at all three. “And my, we have three brave challengers today. Welcome home.” she spoke.
-“I’m sorry to trouble you. But we are looking for a friend of ours.” Robin smiled.
-“When a meeting is to be had, a parting is sure to follow. However that parting may not last forever. Unless you make it so.” Rosalina spoke softly. “I have seen your friend, in my minds eye, his burden is a heavy one.” she told Robin.
-“And you. The girl with the secret.” she looked at Paine, whom uncomfortably stood. “A secret which will consume you, should you not do anything with it.” she added.
-“And the Tomb Raider. Still looking for a proper meaning in life. But will you find it? How I do wonder.” she smiled. “I have prepared quarters for all three of you. My assistant Luma will show you. I hope they will be enlightening.”

Like I said, today is a really special post, no drawing but a little quote… Really little from a chapter of TISWAS‘s story… Featuring some girls from One Piece, Lara croft and in a chapter… Rosalina!!!

TISWAS had left a comment in my HentaiFoundry profil to wish me and happy birthday and said ‘Anywho just wanted to thank you because since you got more pics of her to appear it made me wanna write her so bad, so today I been writing a long chapter for my fic with her in. Although she does appear out of character, and with some Luma. She does get some nice scenes with a Futa Paine‘.

I’m always really happy when artists have some interest to draw Rosalina because my blog but not often they write an entire chapter… If you are curious about it you can read Tomb Raider x One Piece : The Golden Phallus (see it here) or directly go to: Chapter 21 – Rosalina: The Mysterious Guide… This title is such a beautifull melody and I’m sorry guys but I don’t want to be a spoiler so if you want to see more, you have to read the story (it’s here again)… I promise you it’s a really powerfull one… °w°

My objective is now to ask a little drawing with Rosalina and Paine to illustrate this story, Now I have a good reason to illustrate this pairing… And don’t forget to take a look to TISWAS‘s stories… 20 stories, a lot of chapters, I’m sure you will find something who pick you interest… Oh yeah… XD

Last thing, artists sometimes make some errors when they draw Rosalina and someone (sorry, I forget you name) suggested me to make a character sheet about Rosalina… I agree it’s a powerfull idea and I think I’ll create a new page for that… I already have the title in mind: ” Who is Rosalina “… Some informations about the character must be interesting and helpfull for everydoby who want to draw Rosalina and of course find more information about Rosalina… Projects pages are in progress for this week, but I’ll do it after…;p

Artist: TISWAS / Cost: 0$ (special)

Added to wishlist: Elena, Juri Han and Karin from Street fighter (see it here)

#251 – One piece – Nami

150th girl who meet Rosalina… (^o^)/

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian one piece nami bikini

It’s not because after new year I need to sleep a little than I must forget to post here… And 4 days before my bithday, I must start prepare the post… I hate my birthday date, with christmas and new year it’s too much during one month and after that’s so calm… Too calm… Peaople having her bithday in July or August are so lucky, it’s the best moment to celebrate it… ^^

So today it’s a new drawing by the talented vempire who is now pretty famous on HentaiFoundry and I think really busy with all commissions he have to do. I’m really happy with our deal and sincerely he drew some epic and powerfull Rosalina… I’m so happy show his art here… You’re fabulous vempire

For people who remember the previous commission with Rosalina and Merethide (see it here), vempire made a sketch he really love and was so sad I finally decided to use an other for the commission and though the other sketch “will never see the light” so I decided to make a little surprise to vempire and for this new commission I asked him to use the sketch but draw Nami from one piece instead of Merethide.

Like the situation I think Nami is one of the best charater to use, after all it was a long time I wanted to see her in a bikini giving some fun to Rosalina so it’s the perfect way to have an awesome drawing and I hope it was a fum moment for vempire to draw it…

Last thing, I want to make a little event for the last commission to vempire, I’ll let you suggest some ideas and I’ll submit my favorite to vempire… Prepare yourself guys… ^^

Artist: Vempire / Cost: 50$ (Deal)
Deviantart: http://vempirick.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): hentai-foundry.com/profile-vempire

New wishlisted girls: Foxx from Elite Beat Agents

#231 – One Piece – Nico Robin

Japan Touch is now over, it was a prety busy but so funny week… After ask a lot of drawing of Rosalina or look at cosplay photo of this character it was my turn to wear this cosplay… Yeah, I think it sound really curious like this but a lot of people thought I was a girl so the cosplay was pretty nice… I hope… ^^

A little difficult to take photo with the dress (impossible in fact) so I wait a little and I think I’ll show it in the next post, prepare yourself guys… “Me as Rosalina“, it’s the next post… ;p

But don”t want to let the blog without updates for a long time so it restart with Rosalina and Robin from One Piece drew by CuteEmmy and asked but the lovely tallon90 who really contribute a lot, thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

I love One Piece, it’s one of my favorite anime and there is a lot of character from this one in my wishlist so after Marguerite (see it here) and Kalifa (see it here), Robin come to give a little fun to the beautifull Rosalina… And like the drawing, I think it’s just the start so I let you imagine what happend… Oh yeah… XD

In general I don’t like Nico, she look to much mature and serious so not really sexy but with your style she’s more innocent and lovely… Rosalina face is beautifull and so cute, see her enjoying every Nico make this drawing pretty romantic and of course pretty exciting…CuteEmmy really made an awesome pic I’m glad you chosen her tallon90… That’s so powerfull… ^^

And a little quote and information from CuteEmmy‘s description: ‘Nico have a power to have multiple arms and such so that’s why she have so many here XD

Artist: CuteEmmy / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tallon90/profile
CuteEmmy profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/CuteEmmy/profile

#186 – One Piece – Kalifa

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian one piece kalifa shower

When I see a message saying “your blog is great, I have an awesome collection“, I’m really happy, but so bad they are rare. Maybe this time it was much better and powerfull because after said he love my blog, Tallon writed “‘i’m gonna commission some off your wish list to help out the cause‘… Thanks soooo much Tallon…

So there is the first drawing Tallon requested to hikashy… I think a lot her know One Piece so not use to present Kalifa. Maybe I’m a huge fan of this anime, there is a lot of really beautiful (and sexy) characters and only have Rosalina with Marguerite after this one (see it here), so nice Rosalina meet a new girl from this awesome manga… (^o^)/

The drawing is really beautifull, Kalifa have the power to generate bubbles to “clean” the strength off her opponents (Soap Woman) so what else than a pretty sexy and romantic scene in the bathroom, I love blode girls so it’s an great combo and they are so exciting during this hot time, Rosalina face is really expressive, just a little detail I don’t really like: it’s Kalifa ear; she look a little to an elve like this… But like reference drawings I see the original character is like that… So hikashy did a great job, and me a bad remark… T_T

About hikashy, you must know he already participate to my blog (I fact that’s me who ask him commissions) but his style is really nice so if you are curious about its drawing with Rosalina there is Stella from Winx club and Ada Wong from Resident Evil who already meet Rosalina…

Funny detail, after publish it in deviantart, there is a guy who said to hikashy tht it’s can’t be his drawing but like the style it must be Radprofile who drew it… It was hard say to these person than it’s wrong, hikashy asked me to help me maybe it’s not a bad thing… If hikashy‘s stuff look to Radprofile one, so hikashy reach a great level… Hope he will drawing Rosalina again as gift for a good customer (why I’m saying that?)… XD

I finish with a huge thanks to Tallon for his support… I’m sorry I don’t have link or other to show you about him… I can just say you it’s Tallon… A great Tallon… ^^

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 25$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://hikashy.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-hikashy.php

New wishlisted girls: Aika Sumeragi from Agent Aika

#031 – One Piece – Marguerite

New request, and this time it’s a One Piece character, we don”t see her a lot in animes but she’s really beautifull, it’s Margerite, an Amazon girl by Ztlan a nice artist from HentaiFoundry. This drawing is a request so it’s not the better he does, Don”t hesitate to see his gallerie, she’s really interesting… ^^

What I can say about this drawing… It’s really hot and nice, that’s sure and just a precision, there is not cum… It’s saliva… After such the Dildo, what they can do?… Hummm… XD

I don”t say if you see an error in this drawing… No?… Roooh… Just look at Rosalina hairs, there are in front on the left Rosalina eye, and normaly it’s the Right… But thats not a big problem, the drawing is really nice, and that’s the best… (^o^)/

Artist: Ztlan  /  Price: Request