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#272 – Tomb Raider, One Piece and Rosalina…

New Challenger: Princess Rosalina.

At her side a young boy clung to her leg. His hair was blonde, and slightly messed up. Rosalina looked down and smiled at him.
-“Leave us be Luma.” she smiled, encouraging him. The boy looked at her and nodded, making his way over to the creepy man.
-“My name is Rosalina.” she spoke softly, her eye looking at all three. “And my, we have three brave challengers today. Welcome home.” she spoke.
-“I’m sorry to trouble you. But we are looking for a friend of ours.” Robin smiled.
-“When a meeting is to be had, a parting is sure to follow. However that parting may not last forever. Unless you make it so.” Rosalina spoke softly. “I have seen your friend, in my minds eye, his burden is a heavy one.” she told Robin.
-“And you. The girl with the secret.” she looked at Paine, whom uncomfortably stood. “A secret which will consume you, should you not do anything with it.” she added.
-“And the Tomb Raider. Still looking for a proper meaning in life. But will you find it? How I do wonder.” she smiled. “I have prepared quarters for all three of you. My assistant Luma will show you. I hope they will be enlightening.”

Like I said, today is a really special post, no drawing but a little quote… Really little from a chapter of TISWAS‘s story… Featuring some girls from One Piece, Lara croft and in a chapter… Rosalina!!!

TISWAS had left a comment in my HentaiFoundry profil to wish me and happy birthday and said ‘Anywho just wanted to thank you because since you got more pics of her to appear it made me wanna write her so bad, so today I been writing a long chapter for my fic with her in. Although she does appear out of character, and with some Luma. She does get some nice scenes with a Futa Paine‘.

I’m always really happy when artists have some interest to draw Rosalina because my blog but not often they write an entire chapter… If you are curious about it you can read Tomb Raider x One Piece : The Golden Phallus (see it here) or directly go to: Chapter 21 – Rosalina: The Mysterious Guide… This title is such a beautifull melody and I’m sorry guys but I don’t want to be a spoiler so if you want to see more, you have to read the story (it’s here again)… I promise you it’s a really powerfull one… °w°

My objective is now to ask a little drawing with Rosalina and Paine to illustrate this story, Now I have a good reason to illustrate this pairing… And don’t forget to take a look to TISWAS‘s stories… 20 stories, a lot of chapters, I’m sure you will find something who pick you interest… Oh yeah… XD

Last thing, artists sometimes make some errors when they draw Rosalina and someone (sorry, I forget you name) suggested me to make a character sheet about Rosalina… I agree it’s a powerfull idea and I think I’ll create a new page for that… I already have the title in mind: ” Who is Rosalina “… Some informations about the character must be interesting and helpfull for everydoby who want to draw Rosalina and of course find more information about Rosalina… Projects pages are in progress for this week, but I’ll do it after…;p

Artist: TISWAS / Cost: 0$ (special)

Added to wishlist: Elena, Juri Han and Karin from Street fighter (see it here)