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#781 – Kokonoe and trap tennis Rosalina

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I know November is half done, I was really busy with Rosalina’s birthday and the blog migration to the /nsfw website anyway be sure I don’t forget my dear patreons and what they deserve. I’ll keep some mystery but there is a new duo coming that was decided by DarkEcoFreak who won November Patreon raffle. Congrat to him and huge thanks to all actual patreons for their support… n(-_-)n
More than a month left but most of you know it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas, about the blog I have the NSFW illustration ready and must find a SFW one for the main blog to give it an update at last, just I must admit I’m not good with SFW… ^^’


He goes silent since months and I made a last try to contact him, anyway time for a new illustration from that special deal I have (or had) with DigitallyDeviant. There is still one more in the queued but there is a chance the next illustration by DigitallyDeviant can also be his last for this project. His art is a little special and get rought or negative feedback but I really enjoyed that trap series both crazy and original… °w°
There is some part that looks unfinished in those illustrations but you really have the final versions here, it’s not that DigitallyDeviant was lazy but already spend so much time on this and you must know artists already have soooo many project in mind so he really wanted to switch to other things. This illustration was inspired by a damn sexy fanarts I like and though that would be a perfect reference for a duo with Kokonoe from Blazblue and Rosalina in her tennis suit, finally it’s DigitallyDeviant who accepted work on this duo and because our deal Rosalina got some special attributes… ^^’
As you can see, DigitallyDeviant managed a female and trap version for Rosalina, fact is the more right is the trap version having a crossplayer as model. Anyway there is a lot of other made for the project and you can find all trap Rosalina here.
Anyway this inspired me maybe to create a Rosalina x Trap series, meaning trap version of female characters like this version of Snow White you can see on the right and maybe Rosalina being as trap too. Anyway guys What is your opinion about a trap series? working like Where is my pokemon? project.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Deal
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#759 – Epona is back

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Was looking about stats about the blog security, especially to see attack or brute force login and here is how it was for the last week. Honestly what surprised me the most isn’t the number of login attempt, I’m used to much more and protected the site enough to be safe. Anyway I wonder where the fuck come from this attempt using rockypointrita as username. This word have nothing to do with the project. Also as you can see the also tried so much rosalinaxgirl that isn’t an existing user (stupid hackers)… XD


Someone asked me on HentaiFoundry if I favor trap and bondage and this can explain from all illustration by DigitallyDeviant I posted on that site. And now here is a new illustration from our deal with the OC Epona owned by Quaraci. To make it short, she’s an asian girl with horse dick (hard to miss) that I really love and seems DigitallyDeviant was also really inspired thinking of that huge dick ravaging the ass of a cute trap Rosalina.
A hot illustration and powerfull bonus since DigitallyDeviant made 3 different versions; Normal, Trap and Messy, I guess creampie sounds better but I have a huge fetish for all messy things so I keep use this one first. Other difference, DigitallyDeviant managed another expression on Rosalina for the messy version, anyway you must know from some Quaraci‘s illustrations; Epona can cum bucket of cum an so much filling Rosalina’s ass sure must be intense. It’s sure a special style but really hot piece that I hope you like guys. ^^
So another but not his last trap Rosalina piece for now you can see all DigitallyDeviant’s illustrations here. Getting that much trap and futa art lately, it make me wonder about series with trap Characters like this snow white boy on the left but still a project for now. Anyway I’ll finish saying there is another duo with Epona coming made by Quaraci himself coming in the future… Stay tuned… °w°

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
One year ago: #654 – Hot shota traps party with Imelia
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#728 – Archers's new (princess) target

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Got the first sketch for the patreon raffle reward that member can see, it show Rosalina and the OC Imelia owned by Kittehskye. Anyway the artist isn’t really happy with this one and want try another pose even more naughty so let see what will come. For sure I keep you in touch… ^^
Was night at museums in France, some were open and free from 7:30pm to 1am and it was a great opportunity visit one with some friends. A special expo/even that was useless in my opinion but the museum itself was really pleasant to visit as if not the first time I go in this one. What amazed me the most are paintings with some huge and impressive or other really realistic.


Now here is a new piece from my deal with the amazing DigitallyDeviant that was so kind and accepted work on a threesome drawing Rosalina with archer and archer queen from Clash of Clan (or Clash Royal). Once again, I posed as model for this illustration but compared to the other DigitallyDeviant’s creations (see all here), I had to take the pose for the 3 characters instead of just Rosalina to have it easier to manage since a trio need so much work as you can imagine, even more adding interactions between characters.
Not so much kinky fanarts about games like Clash of Clan or dungeon defender that also have some sweet characters that would make a nice duo with Rosalina. I talked with DigitallyDeviant that I wanted a character from Clash of Clan to be with Rosalina but can’t decide from the archer or queen, finally he accepted for a trio (thanks sooo much). Other detail you sure noticed but can be wrong at a point is, there is a female and trap version for Rosalina but no futanari as many can imagine. It’s not like there is a preference about trap/futa (though a little in fact) but it’s also due to DigitallyDeviant‘s model that have some special attributes… ^^’
I really love how turned this piece from the start as if there was some adjustments DigitallyDeviant managed, he made queen dick finer and moved the archer closer to Rosalina the have the dick not like horse size as if it can sounds even more naughty at some points. There is also Rosalina leg the moved due to the new position of the archer, I kinda think it was more interesting have the leg laid down archer shoulder dut I suppose that way was easier for DigitallyDeviant to manage. Finally must say looks sooo hot wearing high heels and the creamy touch is also a powerfull detail…. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Lately DigitallyDeviant work on several project but that are all private but once again you can see all Rosalina he made here. Feel free to have a look at his HentaiFoundry page to drop him a comment or maybe if you are interested commission him for some naughty project you can also contact him by mail. DigitallyDeviant his a really pleasant person and sure don’t bite… ^__^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
Mail: digitallydecadent@gmail.com

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#697 – Velma's hand goes on mystery

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I finally created a new patreon tier reward, for now limited at two slots this one make you win an illustration for EACH month pledge. Same rules as the previous tier but no raffle and each month you can choose a character/pose for a duo with Rosalina according to the artist guidelines and two rules: ‘no men and sexual interactions with Lumas‘.
Also made a deal with the Lunakiri that will end with a 6 illustrations series based on characters from Nier Automata game. Also February patreon raffle winner will pick the girl he want from Nier universe and the situation to decide how will be one illustration from this series. Stay tuned guys… ^^


After a really naughty backview illustration (see it here), DigitallyDeviant help the collection grow up one more time with his style and a still really naughty illustration with lady/trap versions that DigitallyDeviant know how to make so perfect. I’m sure all with fetish for glasses girls (and bestiality at some points) know her, that sweet hand exploring Rosalina’s pantie is Velma’s one from Scooby-doo series.
And we keep that particularity from DigitallyDeviant‘s Rosalina illustrations with both female and trap version on Rosalina (see all other illustrations here). The point is Rosalina pose was already decided but was a real challenge for Velma. At first she was on the left but from than angle her hand was too hard to manage so DigitallyDeviant moved her on the right side to make the pose correct (first version on the righ)t. Also and it make me think that if the left Velma wasn’t that sketchy we can cheat and make a twins Velma with Rosalina, thought like the pleasure on Rosalina face, one is already enough to make that little princess in heaven… Oh yeah… °w°
I really love the original pose for Rosalina in this piece, open leg, hand inside sweet panty gently teasing her pussy or massaging balls depending the version and DigitallyDeviant was able keep it so awesome and with all the kinky and expressive part that turn it sooo powerfull. Also for Velma you can be sure I chosen a version with high heels as reference but no skirt to be sure enjoy that sweet ass. Also forgive me for the title not that original but it’s like already with Velma is already taken, at last I hope you enjoy this piece and don’t miss drop a little comment here or on DigitallyDeviant‘s page, it’s always nice to have some feedback or support… ^^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

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#690 – Rosalina Backview

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I noticed that illustrations don’t show in many old posts checking them from the Gallery page since I cleaned the alternative sizes that were generated while uploading to save some space. I fixed many posts but please tell me when you see a post with problem with a comment on this one then I can fix it ASAP… Thanks… ^^
You can also discover a new Artist of the monthartist of the month with the really nice and talented B-side7715. Must admit with th rate of edit it sound more like the ‘artist of quarter‘. Does I must change the name?


New illustration from DigitallyDeviant that I call ‘master‘ practically since a year and is now back with a new Rosalina piece, a bit sketchy but so kinky with as always a special version from our special deal. Talking about fetishes, DigitallyDeviant is addicted to that princess ass and my side I love high heels so that pose is sure really wonderfull. A focus on high heels and ass with expressive face, every part of the body caught our attention and that’s is a really powerfull point. °w°
During the creation process, DigitallyDeviant first made the trap version based on his model, then a female version and after that was back again working on trap one that finally got a background and some more shadows. I edited my side the female version to give it the same background color and don’t give extra work to DigitallyDeviant that already putted so much time and effort on this piece but since I didn’t have the photoshop file (and his skills), I just edited the general background.
Once again don’t expect see the original photo that was use for this illustration even if your a top tier patreon supporter but I hope you enjoy this new piece DigitallyDeviant made. If you are curious you can see all illustrations he created from this deal here and anyway, which version is your favorite guys?

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: Ah! My Goddess Belldandy 01
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#678 – Evil spreading

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Since it was impossible to post comments, I had to shot down the protection plugin and you can new post a comment and be sure it wont be deleted without reason. Anyway two day after this edit I received exactly 251 comments and only one wasn’t a spam. Now I remember why I deleted the mail notification when comments, the previous time it happened I woke up with more than 800 mail notifications waiting… O_o
Also discovered that as if I love my job, some people a little too close to the rules told me work is work and get familiar with that place can’t happen (or maybe it’s not that cool as I thought). Back to reality ^^’


After some really naughty drawings with Samus, Tinkerbell and overwatch ladies, DigitallyDeviant is back with an pin-up Rosalina but didn’t forgot the kinky touch that make his art really hot and particular since once again there is a female and trap version. Some of you can think it’s futanari since we can see some breasts but DigitallyDeviant asked me to be his model for art and since I do Rosalina crossplay the original is sure a trap. ^^’
This illustration wasn’t planned to be a duo since the start, the detail DigitallyDeviant really loved in the original photo wasn’t just the pose but that little smile kinda sweet but naughty like evil. This smile look even more nice in the original photo but I wont show it cause it must stay secret anyway I suggested to DigitallyDeviant to use this one each year like “do it again so let see about his new skills and how will look this little smile next time.
Must admit the illustration was made in April by DigitallyDeviant so the redo it really more close as you can imagine. As if a bit sketchy I really love how ended this illustration and you can really see that the focus was on Rosalina face, it looks more clean and soft shading compared to the dress and already that expression that is so lovely but mixing with the pose have that mix into cuteness and sexiness like an invitation we can’t refuse. The girl version with toy is even more hot, a nice one that wont stop this little smile and when DigitallyDeviant will reach a level that allow some love juice and wet effect it will be so… Perfect… °w°

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#665- Pornstar Tinkerbell and trap Rosalina

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As I already said, I created a tumblr account to give more exposure to the project but looking at the site it seam my posts don’t appear on researches. Technically I selected the option to make posts appear in researches and add tags in all posts as you can see but nothing happen when I do a research. Does it show you something when you search with ‘Rosalinaxgirl‘ tag on tumblr? Anyway if you have some advices it’s nice too, maybe something I missed or it’s cause Nintendo control on tumblr to destroy all the NSFW content related to their characters. No fair T_T
Also the reward illustration for the patreon monthly raffle started, the illustration may come next week if everything fine, I’ll get the first sketch soon but must goes really fast with this illustration, stay tuned guys.


A new piece from that wonderfull (and particular) deal I have with DigitallyDeviant pairing Rosalina and Tinkerbell. But the original Tinkerbell that appear in the illustration isn’t from Disney movie itself but a porn movie parody that I discovered and it’s that girl I linked to DigitallyDeviant to be used a reference for this illustration, you can see some screens of the movie on this post and hope Tinkerbell looks so hot for you as for me.
Looking at backgrounds we are really far to a high budget movie and it’s kinda fun when then forgot add it on a scene as you can see in of screen but anyway the Tinkerbell actress was so freaking sexy. A ravishing actress with great dress and high heels, I wasn’t able to resist use her as ref for a duo with Tinkerbell and to make it even more powerfull as crazy I chosen DigitallyDeviant for that idea. °w°
According to my deal deal with DigitallyDeviant, I was posing as model for Rosalina pose, it’s were come the trap version but for those that are not into crossdress DigitallyDeviant also made a female version that I have to assume it’s closer to the original Rosalina I dream about but as for the Tinkerbell actress, I want so much play that way with her (sweet dreams).
From the original idea, the only change I asked was to move Rosalina leg from the sofa to Tinkerbell back and then view the shoe (high heels addiction), anyway as if the final piece can look sketchy at some point DigitallyDeviant worked really hard on it. It’s always frustrating to see people that can judge only from the artist level thinking a piece like this can be done in half an hour (far from reality). All artists need to start a day and what they need at this time is support and constructive feedback (hard on my side when it involve Rosalina but whatever). So don’t hesitate tell your opinion and for more you can enjoy all Rosalina drew by DigitallyDeviant here or visit his own page on hentaifoundry here.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#651 – Symmetr(ass) tasting

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Overwatch is now here since a month and fanarts rate start to decrease so it’s kidna the best moment for me get them and be sure then wont disappear far away due to so many publications. There is now a double Symmetra, Mercy, Widowmaker, Zarya and Mei that you can all see here so kinda great collection for the project. Must admit Tracer was planned too but it will be a piece for Where is my pokemon? instead.
Kinda proud of me, I already decided about artist for September and October patreon raffles, still time to join support the project, get bonus content and get a chance win a commission slot from the chosen artist.


Last illustration (for now) of the Owerwatch series, Symmetra is back again but in another style since it’s DigitallyDeviant that worked on this new piece. It can work with his previous Rosalina and Zaria pairing that you can see on the right or here for alternative versions. Symmetra lubing that little princess ass before Zarya come (and like her massive tool it really better that way) or maybe cleaning it enjoying some fresh cum. Anyway both can happen but would need DigitallyDeviant made a cum version for second situation.
I really love Symmetra, a so sexy chocolate lady with huge glasses and a suit like chinese dress then this time DigitallyDeviant made her naked but still so erotic. AS for Rosalina, the pose is a bit similar with this angle assuming DigitallyDeviant really love butts but this time she wear her tennis suit instead of classic dress, shorter and even more sexy with a nice angle… °w°
This illustration only have female/trap versions and didn’t get so many edits as for Zarya. We were wondering first to move Symmetra closer and be rimming that little princess ass but finally DigitallyDeviant edited her arms to make it more correct and added a wet touch. As messy lover that saliva bridge is really powerfull, make it even more naughty and still suggest some rimming action that you can imagine adding some princess moaning.
This new illustration worked as usual linked to the deal with DigitallyDeviant that wanted me ‘to posed as model‘ and the the photo are used as reference for the illustration. For those who wonder, the fact Rosalina is now with her tennis suit mean I now have it as cosplay but for naughty minds I’m always alone doing those photos (Nah). I’m sure DigitallyDeviant or other people that know about the project would love to be here but better keep some secrets and get the power to tease… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#650 – Zarya keep it rough and hard

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princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal trap femboy futa crossdress princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch zarya anal cum creampie

Patrons got the WIP of August raffle winner with last post and final version will come one I finish the Overwatch series. Pleage guys consider be a patreon member too supporting the project for even more kinky and qualited art and then get a bonus twice a week or enter the raffle to be able ask anything you want (as long no men and Rosalina according to the project) ^^
Anyway wont be here to work on the project this week-end with step father birthday, then next week I’ll work on the wishlist to add new ladies (was a long time) and update ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ page.


Let’s contiue Overwatch series with the second illustration by DigitallyDeviant and a totally new girl with Rosalina, time for his favorite from the series to take care of that cute princess and you can imagine it will be intense for Rosalina ass when you know how badass is Zarya. In fact it was a long time DigitallyDeviant talked about Zarya but like the characters it always sounded a bit rude for my favorite princess ass but it finally happened. ^^’
As for the previous duo with Mercy, DigitallyDeviant only had a pose reference for Rosalina to start with that you can see on the first sketch he sent me. He kinda have a little fetish for ass as me with high heels and wanted use that pose from a recent photo series I made and it’s after that he decided what character add for this duo assuming it wasn’t long before DigitallyDeviant start Zarya.
Then started the illustration and a lot of edits, would love to show all steps with WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant but would be so much space so let me explain quickly and offer all WIP to patreon member. At first it was Zaria leg that was reduced a bit (as if still looks really impressive) and then Rosalina crown to be closer to the original design before another important part. On next step DigitallyDeviant made alternative version, girl/trap mixed with clean/messy so we have now 4 variations. With one is your favorite guys?
Not really logical but the last step was to add the table in the illustration, DigitallyDeviant didn’t planned to draw it but Rosalina was a little weird in that pose especially since the original reference was based with the model holding a table, a bit rush to finish it in time for this publication but it now looks really cool. Also must admit as messy lover I love the trap one with cum on Rosalina’s dress, another detail I asked to DigitallyDeviant but it make the situation even more intense and exciting in that way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#649 – No Mercy for pretty (trap) princess

princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian overwatch mercy futa bukkake princess rosalina rosetta Nintendo hentai porn overwatch mercy futa trap crossdress femboy bukkake

Thanks to Merethide and all that bought the last Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Due to the quality and artist price it still haven’t finished to found itself, already have some ideas in mind for another chapter but I’ll need your support to make it happen. Feel free to get your copy here guys… Oh yeah… ^^
Was at a cosplay shooting to make some series with Rosalina tennis cosplay, some really cool and other a bit funny especially when Tom Sawyer started to fish some princess things but it ended with my racket in his face… Eh eh.


 Was long time my friend DigitallyDeviant had to wait but it will be 3 illustrations by him in a row on this Overwatch series. Starting today with Mercy using her secret healing ability on Rosalina. Not sure that cute princess was really in need no doubt she enjoyed that tasty proteined drink. Compared to Samus illustration (see it her), there is still a normal and trap version for Rosalina but DigitallyDeviant drew Mercy as futa in both case cause the illustration was oriented on the messy side, no clean version available and planned… °w°
According my deal with DigitallyDeviant, I first was his model with my Rosalina cosplay (then you wont see the original photo series) and he used his fav as reference for this illustration, at this time the trap version id the original and there is a female alternative to suit more to the true wonderfull Rosalina. As for Mercy it’s DigitallyDeviant that chosen to pick her for that hot duo.
Was close to forget that it’s the 2nd time I get Mercy from my project, You can see the trio with Mercy and Mei here but this time DigitallyDeviant gave us a clothed Mercy with little bonus. One more intense the other juicy but both so kinky and exciting then looking at the other, I must ask DigitallyDeviant Rosalina with those star heels. °w°
Mercy was the more complicated to draw for DigitallyDeviant, not just because of the wings but also since no references for the pose compared as Rosalina but she was perfect at the first time. The only edit if you looks at the sketch was for Rosalina hand but be sure this illustration was hours of work and always feel so honored when artist accept to participate and put so much efforts on my project. No more I can say cause there is many secrets behind this illustration, anyway I hope you like it and stay tuned for newt Overwatch piece, two more to come.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal

One year ago: #548 – WONDERFULL Vintage pin-up promotion
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#628 – BatteryGirl hungry for butt

Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit trap futa

Out of town and no internet this week-end so the blog post was made earlier and planed for this week-end, also had to cheat on the main post planning a new one and make the previous expire at same time so I’ll remove it manually. For the RosalinaxGirl patreon it’s a little complicated, since you can’t have planed publication I don’t have choice post them when I’ll be back on Monday morning. Also another week-end without be able looking for new artists so I’ll have to rush next week.
For now I due to financial situation, I live on my father living room (yeah, don’t have my own bedroom) and since he spend so much time watch tv (near to my computer) it’s impossible for me have some intimacy or open NSFW content so you can imagine how hard it is to manage the site. Only safe when he goes to sleep (late) but since some family will come on June he will go to sleep on the living room too so technically I’ll never be able get time manage the site for two weeks. Must really find a solution or will give me huge troubles… O_o


For now here is a new piece linked to ‘Your dream by…‘ event. After tell SacciSalt her idea won, the artist had to move on another piece due to technical issues but didn’t want to come back and say the drawign she was waiting for will never happen, must be so bad. Then I promised her do my best made it happen and after some discussion with DigitallyDeviant and some black panties deal (long story) we finally managed to get this kinky duo happen. Also if you are curious, BatteryGirl is xxxbattery‘s OC and mascot. First time she meet Rosalina and about xxxbattery he already participated to the project with that powerfull duo featuring Marie and Callie from Splatoon and even more great piece that you can find here.
Since DigitallyDeviant really love butts, we picked the second reference from Sacci’s idea. Due to our actual deal, I pose as (sexy) model wearing my Rosalina cosplay and illustrations are used as reference to draw illustration adding another lady for a naughty duo that come in the blog. I first made a little photo series for DigitallyDeviant with both Rosalina and BatteryGirl pose and then he started work on the illustration. Due to the even the original idea was for a cunni but using crossplayer as model for trap photos it was easier make it ass oriented. That’s why there is two versions. That’s fun cause the trap version is from the true original photo but since the true Rosalina is a lady, then the female version is more right for her. At last DigitallyDeviant made a powerfull job and was fun challenge pose for this illustration. Now just pick the version you prefer and I hope you enjoy it guys, also hope to get your feedback Sacci and Vaider… ^^
BatteryGirl sure have a really cool design and love those neon motifs on her skin, like a mix into futuristic tattoo and tron Universe but I guess xxxbattery had in mind this futuristic and digital look creating her so it looks so cool. Then she now invited Rosalina on her universe but not just to give her a little visit, had to be a fun day and can’t be fun without some sex. Preparing Rosalina ass with spit, she also got some “little” toys so you can be sure it will be intense and I’m sure she’s also getting excited that after that her turn will come to get abused by that sexy princess needing her revenge. They sure will have lot of fun together and each one can imagine how it will turn, that part is the more exciting in my opinion… °w°

With all WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant, I have now a great step by step series that I decided to publish as patreon reward cause would be too huge for the site and don’t want overload the post. Then for sure it wont have the original photos I made as reference with Rosalina crossplay. At last if you want to get an idea I posted one on my DeviantArt account that I really love. I looks so sensual on this one but as if no nudity it’s kinda more ecchi/mature than safe for everybody. It’s also the second illustration from DigitallyDeviant, previous one was the rough duo with samus (here) but many more will come so stay tuned. Oh yeah.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

One year ago: #519 – Rosalina posing for Toonhouse
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#616 – Samus love it rough

Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn strapon metroid samus aran anal ass Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn metroid samus aran anal trap crossdress ass Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn metroid samus aran anal trap crossdress creampie cum ass

One more entry for ‘Your dream by…’ Raffle, only a few participants for now, also feel sad many people I know don’t participate and visitors don’t notice about it (or don’t care maybe). That’s frustrating do your best to make the blog alive offering visitors a way to participate and get a little bonus WINNING A FREE ILLUSTRATION but for not it let more chance to the actual participants.
Also noticed I missed the newsletter after the previous publication,must be careful with it and feel free to subscribe on the right sidebar to be noticed by mail when a new publication or event come. Not my kind to spam so don’t worry, just be sure don’t miss next (kinky) content… ^^


Today a new illustration so hot as her story is particular. It started when DigitallyDeviant contacted me about my profile picture (on the right) saying he would love use it as model adding a futa cosplayer (of my choice) ‘seasoning Rosalina’s food‘. Be sure it was a weird request at first but kinda original and exciting too so I accepted his offer and asked to add Rin from Vocaloid. the result is cool but kinda sketchy I keep it as patreon reward.
Once the Rin illustration was done, DigitallyDeviant offered me to draw more Rosalina pictures for free but only if I ‘wanted to posed as model‘. You can be sure as trap and butt lover he didn’t expected to get sweet and cute photos and like how dangerous is the internet when you share that kind of content was more safe to refuse. Don’t know why but I wanted to give it a try, that forbidden and weird part was kinda exciting too and I accepted DigitallyDeviant offer but with some conditions.
Won’t explain all the actual deal (must be so long) but I give him some photos and each one took a pose to be draw and decide about the second character to join Rosalina. DigitallyDeviant first picked Samus to ravage that sweet princess ass. I won’t show you the original photo but I think you can already have an idea how it looks. Also for those that aren’t into trap there is also a pussy version (part of the deal). Also about the creampie version, for those thinking that it can’t happen with Samus suit working as a condom there is that illustration I found that can explain it. ^^’

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

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