#781 – Kokonoe and trap tennis Rosalina

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I know November is half done, I was really busy with Rosalina’s birthday and the blog migration to the /nsfw website anyway be sure I don’t forget my dear patreons and what they deserve. I’ll keep some mystery but there is a new duo coming that was decided by DarkEcoFreak who won November Patreon raffle. Congrat to him and huge thanks to all actual patreons for their support… n(-_-)n
More than a month left but most of you know it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas, about the blog I have the NSFW illustration ready and must find a SFW one for the main blog to give it an update at last, just I must admit I’m not good with SFW… ^^’


He goes silent since months and I made a last try to contact him, anyway time for a new illustration from that special deal I have (or had) with DigitallyDeviant. There is still one more in the queued but there is a chance the next illustration by DigitallyDeviant can also be his last for this project. His art is a little special and get rought or negative feedback but I really enjoyed that trap series both crazy and original… °w°
There is some part that looks unfinished in those illustrations but you really have the final versions here, it’s not that DigitallyDeviant was lazy but already spend so much time on this and you must know artists already have soooo many project in mind so he really wanted to switch to other things. This illustration was inspired by a damn sexy fanarts I like and though that would be a perfect reference for a duo with Kokonoe from Blazblue and Rosalina in her tennis suit, finally it’s DigitallyDeviant who accepted work on this duo and because our deal Rosalina got some special attributes… ^^’
As you can see, DigitallyDeviant managed a female and trap version for Rosalina, fact is the more right is the trap version having a crossplayer as model. Anyway there is a lot of other made for the project and you can find all trap Rosalina here.
Anyway this inspired me maybe to create a Rosalina x Trap series, meaning trap version of female characters like this version of Snow White you can see on the right and maybe Rosalina being as trap too. Anyway guys What is your opinion about a trap series? working like Where is my pokemon? project.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Deal
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