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#981 – Let’s Go To The Party!

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HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (16 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo metroid samus aran latex shiny sexy fetish

It’s now a moment I have no news from KoriBaer in charge of February raffle illustration for patreon, the artist was super nice and sending long notes then no more (and no reason of course). I hope the artist ok and noticed she logged to Deviantart less than 24 hours ago so sent a new note that would hopefully get and answer. My apologies to DarkEcoFreak for the wait and in case I have to find another artist, wanna come with a new idea of keep the actual pairing you suggested? Update on that case coming with next post ^^

Also started a new job (2 weeks holidays replacement) unfortunately and for security reasons the person wasn’t allowed give his computer access giving some troubles with job and I also can’t work on the blog on my spare time (missing my USB key full of notepad files). Result is less time for the blog like updating the gallery page being long process since I’m simultaneously redoing all posts to clean all mistakes from the blogger to wordpress migration that need be manually fix on every posts (would be not fun being too easy) ^^’


New illustration that was delayed for Valentine publication and I still feel sorry about that, luckily it wasn’t for too much and the shiny Rosalina and Samus duo from Mazzacho finally appear ready to tease and amaze. There was several illustrations that I already posted that way so it should not be a surprise to tell Mazzacho love tight and shinny clothing as you can see by taking a look to the Rosalina illustrations by Mazzacho; you can see the Teddy-bear one on the left anyway there’s many more gorgeous pieces he made so I really suggest you see take a look at the link before to see all pieces he made and maybe get an idea of how much he did to the project °o°

I wish you were with me to see the full creation process of this illustration during the picarto livestreams anyway the video-clip with Drawing process is available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you wanna give him some love and support for some epic (and lewd) art perks in return. Talking about art, after several illustration he drew with Samus I asked Mazzacho about his fav ladies and they are Peach (Super Mario), Samus Aran (Metroid), Dark Elf (Lineage II) and Lineage II (Starless), he drew Peach so much and was interesting to see Samus coming on his art with his mood for tight and shiny clothes being perfect for that kind of fashion. Maybe a day Mazzacho will enter get fetish for elf or maids then his two other fav ladies will start to shine on his livestreams and picarto page (give me commission ideas also) °w°

Looking at the archives, it’s important notice the insane work Mazzacho made since 2012 to support the project drawing epic Rosalina art, he’s the artist that contributed the most with 44 pieces made for the project counting this one (enough to run the blog 5 months posting 2 drawings a week). Pretty amazing that Mazzacho appear pretty much everywhere and even the One year ago (on the bottom) was made by him. Looks like an invasion before he takes control of that place… Waaaaahhhh °o°

One year ago: #909 – Sexiest waitress of the galaxy
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#925 – Spacegirls lingerie romance

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PATREON BONUS: Princess and Z23 ship-girl (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover sexy ecchi yuri lesbian lingerie romance metroid samus
If your having a shitty day feeling everything you do goes bad, maybe if will make you better know I got a muscle torn on my cheek cause yawning too much at work and can’t eat normally since a week (can’t count as working incident?). And I also noticed that 5 months later I forgot post the January raffle reward illustration…. Bwaaaaa… *face hitting desk*… T_T
So today will be serious work posting this illustration and get soft, wishlist and curriculum pages updated properly. I also changed the chronological order of the curriculum page and must rename it into “Rosalina history” unless you have some suggestion? I’m sure there can be even better name for it °o°


At first, it was FalseAlias who won January raffle and was able get any idea she wants draw by the-4got10-one with Rosalina being included of course. The first idea was a “classic pin-up would be nice, maybe with her just in chilling out in the Observatory in her undies or something like it“, sounds pretty cute and adorable anyway I told FalseAlias she was able to pick a duo and goes more naughty if she wanted since the-4got10-one was fine with NSFW stuff. So after so thinking the second suggestion was “Maybe Samus, similar set-up? If it’s something sexy, why not a bedtime scene“, if I’m right both are her favourite Nintendo ladies… ^^
Now it was up to the artist having the general idea and could choose about poses and clothes (even if commission, artists freedom is always a great point) and the-4got10-one surprised me sending 5 sketches to choose from. There was enough great content and ideas for an epic YCH battle but the idea here is to only pick just one and it was huge challenge for FalseAlias to choose but she finally decided to “go with the first one. The only edit I asked to the-4got10-one was flip the illustration to fit Rosalina’s hairstyle since she’s on top.

After telling the-4got10-one about the chose pose, I received directly the final illustration so no extra WIP I can show you to see about the progress during line, colour and shading anyway the result is just amazing. I love the light and colours giving an intimate atmosphere even more sensual with the lingerie addition, also a see-through effect on Rosalina dress that is so magic. Another really cool detail is both girl expression, Rosalina being adorable and protective getting and adorable face when you feel about the warrior on Samus expression. I’m not sure Samus was really fine for this but now it’s too late to go back being all ready and dressed, also no doubt she’ll enjoy that moment with Rosalina… ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration and enjoy the-4got10-one‘s one more time, feel free to visit his page to discover about even more lovely illustrations and feel free if you want to support him joining his patreon or going for a commission. As you can see the-4got10-one is up to SFW/NSFW illustrations and even animations pieces… °w°

Artist: the-4got10-one / 25$ commission
One year ago: #831 – Come please your princess
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#859 – Samus ass too perfect to resist

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PATREON BONUS: Punk’s Not Dead (SFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover metroid samus aran ass latex cunnilingus cunni yuri lesbian hentai porn
Reworking on old posts, I saw one I wrote “a little comment is the best thing an artist can expect” and don’t know if I didn’t didn’t know enough about artist or my English that was still bad at this time. What is really pleasant and usefull to artists are nice comment and constructive feedback but the more powerful lever is when they can manage live from their art focusing on what they love and get ton of love and support… ^__^
Also I finally moved to my new place, at some point it happen the moment I start the fridge but honestly it was once I moved the computer… Even more powerfull I have now dual screen… °w°


I’m surprising this illustration by BandiJones is the 15th with Rosalina and Samus made for the project, still far to beat the 35 with Peach but it’s still a lot. I was curious see about all posts to check and if you are curious then you can find all Rosalina and Samus illustrations here. Also this commission was inspired by a Samus illustration made by Krash on the left that I wanted for both pose and shoes then BandiJones what ok with the idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Working on the illustration, I guess what gave the most troubles to BandiJones is about Samus heels, he spend so much time to try make the wedge looks great but the shape and angle were pretty complex to draw and put shading. Anyway you can imagine if this come as the only negative point then no big deal at all, maybe I also think he should make pussy a bit more detailed cause Samus one looks a bit off here (but you can’t imagine how that part is hard to draw guys). Anyway there is so perfect curves, hot action and Rosalina being really gorgeous with that perfect ass and sexy heels. Also there was an edit on Samus since I asked if she can have larger breasts after get the first sketch that you can see on the right, edit was done and BandiJones sure did a great then and I hope you like the result guys… ^^
Also posting this illustration I noticed all illustration by BanjiJones (here) show ladies that already meet Rosalina for the project (even with the OC Lysithea) so I must manage in a future to commission him for a crossover with Rosalina that never happened. Also if you are curious you can see how much BandiJones increased his level since the first illustration he did for the project in 2014 on the left, it was do duo with Samus and even if his style evolved you can see love for heels and cunnilingus was already here… XD

One year ago: #754 – Princess a la mode
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#700 – Rosalina and Samus watersport fun

princess Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw yuri lesbian metroid samus aran spreading pussy princess Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn nsfw yuri lesbian metroid samus aran spreading pussy pee peeing watersport wetlook messy

Here is it, we reached a new step with it’s 700th illustration for the Rosalina x Girl project. It’s time it’s so amazing see I was able continue manage it and keep the projet alive since so long but it’s mostly due to the help and support to many friends and artists. I meet some powerfull friends and bastards too but that’s what make it a little more spicy. For now let’s continue that way and we’ll reach the 1.000th illustration in 3 years… O_o
Next step would be once Rosalina meet 400 different girls (361/400 atm). That part grow up a bit slowly due to solo illustration and character that appear several times with Rosalina. Anyway with the help of Lunakiri and the NieR series coming it will sure goes on the right way… °w°


Must admit it was a really hard choice to choose who will be featured in that publication, many illustrations and artists that deserve it but for this time you can see I goes with a really special illustration. I commissioned this illustration to Deberzer showing Rosalina and Samus literally peeing on each other but I know not that many are into watersport and was a bit too worry to publish it on the blog. Now I must assume the fact I love messy included watersport and Deberzer is sure talented with it so I offer his piece to be the 700th kind as way to apologies make him wait for so long to see his illustration here.
For those that aren’t into watersport, Deberzer also made a dry version were you can see about his skills with coloring and shading, I’m amaze how looks Samus latex suit, adding some high heels that I wasn’t able to resist to ask, the result is sooo powerfull. Rosalina dress and crown are also well made, I’m just a little sad he goes that detailed on Rosalina’s crown made her medallion more basic. For the messy piece, wanted to get all Deberzer‘s power and it’s why Rosalina getting wet on head, face and dress without miss let her friend enjoy that feeling.
More than 2 years I ordered this piece and yeah, I have a fetish for watersport that I wanted Deberzer to draw on Rosalina, I know the way he manages pee and wet clothes would be so perfect on Rosalina having her dress wet and sticky showing us that perfect princess body with see-through and sticky effects. For sure it looks weird at some points like ‘What are doing two girls in a sofa in the middle of nowhere peeing on each other‘ and the reason is more cause my crazy fetishes and idea than Deberzer‘s style but I wanted so much get an illustration that way and he made it come true. Thanks so much man.

Actually Deberzer kinda stopped to draw, he only posted an illustration last year on Deviantart, not that inactive at all anyway cause he still continue write fanfictions with Lara Croft that you can read on FanFiction.net and ArchiveofOurOwn.org. I dream my side get another illustration from him, still watersport oriented. For now it depend on Deberzer motivation and I guess we have time before this one happen, also his general art have many sexy pin-up and just a few watersport like the one you can see on the left so don’t miss enjoy it with links linked below… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Deberzer / Cost: Unknown
Deviantart: www.deberzer.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Deberzer/profile
FanFiction.net: www.lonely-cartoonist.deviantart.com
ArchiveofOurOwn: www.archiveofourown.org/users/Deberzer/pseuds/Deberzer

One year ago: #585 – Happy 2016
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#617 – Sweet singers for sexy show

Rosalina Nintendo metroid samus aran singer sexy Rosalina Nintendo metroid samus aran singer sexy ecchi naked

Looking for a dress maker on the city to work on my next Rosalina cosplay, I know a true cosplay is hand made but I compared to other cosplayer that regularly change their character, on my side it must be Rosalina for a looonnng time. I wear my dress since more than 4 years as cons and events and it’s better have something resistant and well made so for the next must be the same way.
Planning to do the Gymnastic suit from the games Mario and Sonic at Rio Olympic games but that kinda of elastic tissues need special machines that many dress maker don’t have cause not enough usefull and hard to find someone able to create that kind of suit. Also when a man ask for a woman creation it’s not a great start… XD


Two publications in a row with Samus but this one in a really more lovely and tender way compared to previous one she enjoyed Rosalina ass (see it here). This illustration is a reward for the monthly patreon raffle, the winner asked ‘Rosalina singing in a small band‘ and it’s JamilSC11 that once again did her best with that talent and kindness that make her so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
At start I had in mind to pair Rosalina with a musician girl as from K-On series but JamilSC11 told me she love Nintendo girls and it’s finally Samus that join for a wonderfull singer duo. As the original idea was same I didn’t imagined it can turn so sexy, as if JamilSC11 consider the clothes suit as SFW version I must admit both turn and sexy with those suits and give a marvelous show. Also as bonus you have the naked version even more exciting but as me clothes really give a magical touch to a lady and both suits add a spicy touch to this illustration. °w°
So much awesome details and a great feeling on this illustration, not only both ladies and suit but the background is impressive with lot of details and great colors adding that Luma for an adorable touch. Also as if JamilSC11 made Rosalina and Samus turn so sexy they also are really dynamic, like you can imagine them singing with sweet and lovely voices with Rosalina slowly walking on the scene. Second illustration here by JamilSC11 but not the last and be sure she will continue amaze us. I hope you like this illustration guys and feel free to visit JamilSC11‘s profile and gallery for more ravishing illustration and also excellent commissions deal (you wont regret it).

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: 20$

One year ago: Water pokemon love soft breast
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#616 – Samus love it rough

Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn strapon metroid samus aran anal ass Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn metroid samus aran anal trap crossdress ass Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn metroid samus aran anal trap crossdress creampie cum ass

One more entry for ‘Your dream by…’ Raffle, only a few participants for now, also feel sad many people I know don’t participate and visitors don’t notice about it (or don’t care maybe). That’s frustrating do your best to make the blog alive offering visitors a way to participate and get a little bonus WINNING A FREE ILLUSTRATION but for not it let more chance to the actual participants.
Also noticed I missed the newsletter after the previous publication,must be careful with it and feel free to subscribe on the right sidebar to be noticed by mail when a new publication or event come. Not my kind to spam so don’t worry, just be sure don’t miss next (kinky) content… ^^


Today a new illustration so hot as her story is particular. It started when DigitallyDeviant contacted me about my profile picture (on the right) saying he would love use it as model adding a futa cosplayer (of my choice) ‘seasoning Rosalina’s food‘. Be sure it was a weird request at first but kinda original and exciting too so I accepted his offer and asked to add Rin from Vocaloid. the result is cool but kinda sketchy I keep it as patreon reward.
Once the Rin illustration was done, DigitallyDeviant offered me to draw more Rosalina pictures for free but only if I ‘wanted to posed as model‘. You can be sure as trap and butt lover he didn’t expected to get sweet and cute photos and like how dangerous is the internet when you share that kind of content was more safe to refuse. Don’t know why but I wanted to give it a try, that forbidden and weird part was kinda exciting too and I accepted DigitallyDeviant offer but with some conditions.
Won’t explain all the actual deal (must be so long) but I give him some photos and each one took a pose to be draw and decide about the second character to join Rosalina. DigitallyDeviant first picked Samus to ravage that sweet princess ass. I won’t show you the original photo but I think you can already have an idea how it looks. Also for those that aren’t into trap there is also a pussy version (part of the deal). Also about the creampie version, for those thinking that it can’t happen with Samus suit working as a condom there is that illustration I found that can explain it. ^^’

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

One year ago: #519 – Rosalina posing for Toonhouse
Next to come: Sweet singers for sexy show (NSFW)

#611 – Drunk and kinky after party

April is here and it’s raffle time, an illustration by JamilSC11 for patreon raffle winner and everybody get a chance to WIN a FREE ILLUSTRATION participating at “Your dream by…” event. Rules are simple, just comment with a situation involving Rosalina and any other girl you want and the artist will pick his favorite and draw it. This time the theme is cunnilingus, sounds so tasty and exciting… Oh yeah… °w°
So feel free to take a look at “Your dream by…” page for more info and drop your idea. You have until March to tell us about your kinky dreams and why not see it come true.


To give you an idea about the kind of illustration you can get, the new piece is from BandiJones that is also the artist involved into “Your dream by…” event. He love hentai, especially cunnilingus and high heels but since no one drew what he have in mind then he decided to be an artist and create is own drawings. For now the style is kinda simple as for details and colors but BandiJones started only a few months ago and already got a great level. He made so cool ideas and poses as this Rosalina and Samus (or Samus/Pikachu you can see on the bottom) but so much other awesome (naughty) pieces on his Tumblr (here).
As you know Nintendo character are supposed don’t know about alcohol and sex but with Rosalina and Samus able to travel through the galaxy and discover new… Cultures it’s not the same thing. Today they goes together to a Gala wearing both a ravishing dress but aren’t still used to drink champagne and back to home both are kinda drunk and feel excited looking at each other then starting the true night of pleasure. BandiJones really had a cool idea for this illustration and it have a sweet backstory, now Samus started giving Rosalina a little cunni to taste that little princess pussy before go play with those sweet and sensual beasts that are like and invitation to be sucked and fondled.
BandiJones already drew both ladies and I feel so honored he wanted to contribute to my project, with common fetish for yuri and high heels so it was so powerfull. Love Rosalina expression and as if her breasts are so sexy and exciting, it seem the left one is bigger than the right and also curious it’s Rosalina with black dress and Samus with blue one. Both have blue suits but I’m so addicted to Rosalina that the opposite sounds more logical for me. At last not a so important detail and BandiJones sure made an incredible illustration. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #515 – Cowgirl meets tentacles
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#506 – Samus is back

Nintendo - Metroid - Samus_10
Google updated blogger policy to prohibit adult content, it mean the blog had to be deleted on March 21th, after that I was shocked for sure but had to react, I bought the domain rosalinaxgirl.com and a host for my site, spend like 50$ for a year and worked hard on the new version. After two days preparing the site they decided to go back and allow adult content until the blog isn’t to make money.
So I’m back as if my budget was destroyed, Wont complain against google, just a huge thanks to all people like me who reacted and pressured google. So must gorgeous blogs where saved but it’s to late for some artists who already left blogger. As me this blog is everything and as if “blogspot.com” is not really pro it’s not a part of the blog…


Now while I finish repair the blog it’s time for you to enjoy the comeback and this amazing illustration I received from MiszKei a really talented lady with powerfull tastes. She accepted to participate to my project and drew Rosalina “with any character of my choosing… So I chose Samus!”. This is the 10th piece with Samus but really love this character so it’s a great surprise and love both suit MiszKei imagined. Especially the one for Rosalina, some sexy latex who let us enjoy her soft breasts and the Luma ball gag is a cool detail… Love it… °w°
Like other illustrations I received with Rosalina and Samus, it’s often dominative play and MiszKei made it even more kinky as usual. A mistress Samus in latex outdoor with her little pet, I’m sure Rosalina will have re revenge once they will fight together on smash bros. but for the moment must admit both are so beautifull as sexy, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is the best. Thanks so much MiszKei… \(^o^)/
The only curious detail as me is about Samus breasts, they have a curious form and seem seem to be affected by the gravity, also was close to forget about Rosalina hairstyle, she have the hair lock in front of her right eye but MiszKei reversed it. Artists generally cheat cause Rosalina pose or that hair lock will hide all her face and that’s not fun so I understand why MiszKei made the error. After all we can still recognize Rosalina and she look gorgeous, that’s not a huge problem…

Once again thanks so much for your kindness and efforts MiszKei, really love that illustration and as if I must admit I was kinda late to publish it, it’s a pleasure to add your piece to the blog (so excited). Also guys if you are curious feel free to tale a look to MiszKei’s gallery for more. She made some really lovely girls and kinda sexy pin-up too, I’m sure you will enjoy it, just don’t forget let a little comment, it’s always a nice support to artists.

Artist: MiszKei  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Nintendo – Peach + Daisy N°05
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#339 – Metroid – Samus + Lollipop chainsaw – Juliet

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai yuri porn corssover Metroid Samus Lollipop chainsaw Juliet starling
The new wish-list page code is now done (see it here), I didn’t changed the form so for you it will be exactly the same thing. Just the size a little different and some line break in titles who disappeared but for google this code is really better and now I don’t have so much troubles when I want to upload it.

The wishlist is a huge table with all informations so the code is really huge. The size of a code for a huge page is in general like 100 – 150 Ko and it’s the double for the wish-list. If you also count I often update it adding new girls and posts it was important to improve it.

Next step will be with a small code with loops and a SQL base who will contain all informations but I have to learn a little about that before… Maybe for next year… Maybe… ^^


For this post I’m really happy to show this a commission I asked to the so lovely and talented CuteEmmy. You already drew for a blog a Rosalina x Robin (see it here) from one piece but this one was commissioned by Tallon and this time it’s finally my turn to ask her a drawing. CuteEmmy opened a special commission slot to buy the new Bioshock and I decided to keep it… A little expensive comparate to other commissions in the blog but like CuteEmmy art you can understand it was really hard to resist… ^^

At start CuteEmmy suggested to pair Rosalina with Peach and daisy, after all it’s the more logical pairing we can expect with Rosalina but I already have them together in several illsutrations. finally CuteEmmy made an other suggestion: ‘I was thinking Rosalina sitting on a chair and Juliet and Samus will be on each side of Rosalina standing. Rosalina will be sitting on a dildo and she will masturbate Juliet and Samus with dildo too‘.

This idea was amazing and we finally keep it. you can see the two sketch with minor changes, I just asked to CuteEmmy if she can change Samus face make her moaning and add a little Luma I can use to make a new avatar. The result is really amazing, they are so beautifull, really sexy… As expected CuteEmmy did an amazing job, I love this drawing… (^o^)/

If you want more don’t hesitate to take a look to CuteEmmy‘s profile and gallery. You can also buy a commission or a pack. She have two futa pack with 12 and 14 pics at 5$ each, and a last pack a little mroe special and expensive, it’s at 25$ but have 17 explicits photos of CuteEmmy where she shows boobs, ass and pussy… Yeah, it’s not a joke guys, must buy it a day… °w°

By the way I commissioned a new drawing to CuteEmmy pairing Rosalina and Emmy… Yeah, she’s have an OC looking at her and she will have some fun with Rosalina… Stay turned guys… There is just one point who make me a little sad because CuteEmmy don’t want to add a watermark on her art, it’s the only way to promote my blog and I’m disapointed see comments in forums like ‘There is a lot of Rosalina, maybe it’s because Mario kart‘… An other artist didn’t wanted to add it and I won’t commission him again, don’t know for CuteEmmy. she’s a lovely girl but the watermark is really important for me… U_u

#332 – Metroid – Samus N°7

Japan Expo is over, it was great but not so fun as we expected, too much people and transports suck but now I’m back and the blog can restart after like a week without updates… Damn, I hope I didn’t lost you guys.

I forget my camera no not a lot of photos but thanks to my friend Julia for the photo… Now you can see how I’m cute (or scary). Maybe I’ll show more of this Japan expo if you are curious… Or masochist maybe… XD

Also don’t hesitate to participate to the event Your dream by… Rules are simple, you submit an idea and if the artist choose it, he will draw it. Of course you must include Rosalina but for the rest, let your dreams and fetishs come true (more infos here)… Oh yeah… XD


I’ll make publication for contributions to the previous contest one time in two, the previous post was the winner of the contest so now it’s time for Atya who decided to pair Rosalina and Samus in a really sexy and powerfull illustration, I hope you like it guys… ^^

I’m really really late with publications, Atya drew this one on May so there is too much picture waiting and I have to hurry a little for this month, I stopped looking at new artists but without new Rosalina comming people don’t take the time visit the blog… Don’t forget to take a look regulary guys and I’m really sorry for the long time Atya, you did an amazing job so it’s not fair let you wait so much… U_u

After Peach and Zelda, Rosalina and Samus is the 3rd pairing I have the more and I must admit they are amzing together. Samus is really beautifull but is also of of the stronger Nintendo character, not the same thing than other princess who are kidnapped, Rosalina and Samus are here to fight… Oh yeah…

But after fight it’s time for pleasure. Atya drew them so amazing, beautifull, strong and damn sexy… Interesting detail, it’s the first time than Rosalina have biggest breasts than Samus, I think she noticed it and maybe want to taste them a little. Thanks so much Atya for your participation, your drawing is sooo powerfull… (^o^)/

Last thing guys, don’t hesitate to take a look to Atya’s profile, he have an amazing style and gallery (Series “Pump” and “Black” are excellent) so don’t miss it.

Artist: Atya / Request

One year ago: League of Legends – Ahri

#313-328 – Rosalina x Girl contest results… 16 entries

Thanks to everydody for making this first contest a success… (^o^)/

It was a long time I wanted to host a contest in the group but due to a lack of interest and comments it never happened untill the Deviantart group AdultAnonymous accepted to host it. After a month an 16 participants it’s now time to show all submission and of course the result…

Thansk so much to AdultAnonymous, All artistes who participated and helped with a prize. I met a lot of amazing peoples and even if there was some misunderstandting I’m really happy how it turned, a lot of amazing surprises and really powerfull drawings.

This post show all entries of the Rosalina x Girl contest. Of course each drawing will have his own post and description, I’ll do my best make an epic post for each illustrations… Oh yeah… °w°


At start officials winners:

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover peach yuri sexy1st place: Rosalina x Peach by endoh69
Congrat to endoh69 for his victory and this really lovely pairing with Rosalina and Peach. It’s a really amazign duo and also the more “realistic”, maybe it’s because that I have so much drawings with these two girls… ^^

A little quote: ‘I think you can say this is hot, but not at the point it is erotic, bu at the same time i think is very cute because their hugging each other in a lovely way‘… Of course they are sexy but also look really romantic and tender. Rosalina and Peach face are also a great point, good job endoh69… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon toukou yuri sexy ecchi2nd place: Rosalina x Touko (Pokemon) by soulkenh
Second place was for soulkenh who had a really powerfull and funy idea, of course why not try to capture Luma, nobody know this “pokemon” and Touko must do an amazing discovery.

I played a lot pokemon and had a litte idea. If I capture a Luma and hold it, Rosalina must come. Touko will give me a hand. ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon nurse joy yuri sexy hentai porn3rd place: Rosalina x Joy (pokemon) by FedoGrim
FedoGrim was a little late to submit her drawingbut he drew a really powerfull drawing and finally won a prize with the 3rd place.

This drawing is lovely, sexy and funny. I love the close-up, Joy with her embarrassed face is so lovely and Rosalina seems have dirty ideas in mind… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Darkstalker felicia yuri sexy lingerieHonorable mention: Rosalina x Felicia (Darkstalker)
Codynn was the first to submit her drawign to the contest (there is a little reason though) and drew a damn lovely pairing with Rosalina and Felicia. I lvoe these two girl and already commissioned this pairing for the blgo there is a loooonnng time and they are back, thanks so much Codynn and congrat for the honorable place…. °w°

Important detail, only two drawings are with traditional art. For a lot of people it’s not so powerfull as digital but if you have friends who only draw with pencils and copics you must know than traditionnal art have soemthing magic and I’m glad Codynn reach a great place… ^^


Special prizes:

Yeah, I decided to offer two special prizes for my prsonnal favorite drawings, it’s like a little bonus for two artists… I can make everybody a huge prize but really wanted to add a little more. I must admit it was really hard to choose and I wanted to add more prizes butwith a dead budget (thanks to the veterinarian), that’s impossible… U_u

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Lilith Borderland sexy yuriSpecial prize: Rosalina x Lilith (Borderland)
It’s finally KhalFrodo (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration) who win with this really beautifull colaboration. so much great drawings and ideas but sincerely this one have a lot of details (tatoo, weapons, masks) and also created a little story for the description. It make the drawing alive and more realistic.

the backgroung look great but my favorite detail is Rosalina wand, I want the same… °w°

Honorable prize: Rosalina Does A Tribute To Federico Fellini
This drawing didn’t receive any vote and I agree than Jabba7 don’t have the amazing style as you expect but without just Jabba7 style and level this drawing is the more powerfull I received for this contest… Oh yeah…

Jabba7 made this drawing to celebrate the 50th anniversary 8 1/2 movie and it’s an honnor to see Rosalina here. You can see the trailer of the movie here and can try to find these three girls with Rosalina.

All these girls are really important but Rosalina wearing this black dress is also a reference to an other black and white movie, wait for the full post for more infos.



More epic pieces:

It’s now time to show all participants, it will be in alphabetical order so there isn’t any préference. By the way I decided to send a little prize to all artists as thanks for their efforts. The contest is not epic becasue the three winners but because so much artists decided to participate, thank so much everybody… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover jessica rabbit sexy yuriRosalina x Jessica Rabbit:
First time than SeductiveGeisha painted anything fully and for a first time the result is really beautifull, they are so sexy but also really lovely and sensual together. Rosalina face is so cute and I love lingerie, they are amazing… °w°

Instead of Jessicaleft breast who look a little too much “perfect”, SeductiveGeisha did an excellent job. I’m glad he contributed to the blog with this so beautifull pairing (Yeah, Jessica is a really sensual a beautifull girl) but also had fun with it and tried new techniques, I hope it was a great experience… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover DC wonder woman yuri hentai porn bondageRosalina x Wonder Woman
I always have troubles with characters from Marvel and DC, for me the more important is the girl is amazing but you must be carefull with this detail when you talk with a comic lover or he will kill you…Maybe it’s the case for JosephBarringtonArt… ^^

This time o doubts than Wonder Woman is a DC character and will give some fun to Rosalina. I love your illustration, they are really sexy having some fun together but it’s also more tender and romantic, not hardcore but a fun and lovely moment… First time Rosalina have so so cute face in a bondage situation, good job JosephBarringtonArt

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Disney Ralf Sergeant Calhoun yuri hentai pornRosalina x Sergeant Calhoun
You can say than I’m a huge pervert and it’s not a problem. I have to admit than I love this drawing and especially Rosalina naughty face, she look so expressive and sexy. I think oOPink-NinjaOo drew one of the more pervert and exciting Rosalina for the contest… Eh eh…

After saw Wreck-It Ralph I though this movie was amazing and must add some girls from this universe to the wishlist. Of course Vanellope because she’s a main character but my favorite was really Sergeant Calhoun and I’m so happy have now this paring… Thansk so much oOPink-NinjaOo… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover sexy yuri final fantasy tifaRosalina x tifa
For some peoples “Adult” mean “Porno”. I know that I’m a little pervert but didn’t have to be an “adult” for that and we can also love some drawings more romantic and sensual. girl don’t need to be naked with open legs to be amazing, it’s not that we call “Love” and there is a perfect example with this colab into GojiraMon (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration).

The result is amazing, they are really beautifull and sexy don’t come first in my mind, that’s so lovely, romantic, sensual… They are sooo cute… I also love this funny touch with Mario and Cloud in the background. It because drawings like this one than I’m so sad there isn’t more prizes for this contest… T_T

nintendo mario princess rosalina daisy yuri porn lesbianRosalina x Daisy
Of course when you ask for a Nintendo princess a lot of people say Peach but there is a third princess (after Rosalina) than we can forget. Thansk so much to MDVillarreal for this amazing Rosalina x Daisy… °w°

Peach il always kidnapped so Daisy and Rosalina can easilly have some fun together in her castle (but don’t say anything to Peach or Mario). They look so strong but also really beautifull and pervert. Great point than Rosalina still have her dress… It’s don’t hide a lot of her but it’s an important part of the caracter… You drew a really powerfull pic MDVillarreal… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach sexy yogaRosalina x Peach
Just have to be logical, when I ask for a draw with Rosalina and an other girl, artist often think rosalina = Nintendo = Peach… Of course they have the same style, are from the same universe and in Mario galaxy Peach is the only girl than Rosalina meet.

Rosalina and Peach again and again, it’s the 23th time I have this pairing but they are still so powerfull together. Congrat to War-Off-Evil for this amazing piece.

nintendo mario princess rosalinacrossover metroid samus yuri sexyRosalina x Samus
If you don’t look just at Mario Bros. games I’m sure you agree than Nintendo have other really powerfull and amazing girls like Samus and this time applauses to Ryujisama who joined the contest with these two girl… Oh yeah… ^^

For people who play Mario kart you must know than Rosalina have the same properties than Bowser. she’s not so huge as him but in Mario galaxy Rosalina size is 2 meters (yeah, really). that’s curious see Ryujisama drew Samus higher than Rosalina but he said than ‘her Power Suit adds a few inches to her height‘… Yeah, why not… XD

nintendo mario princess rosalina original demon futanari hentai pornRosalina x Futa demon (Original character)
When I started the Rosalina x girl project I didn’t know what is really and OC (original character) but finally artist create these character adding there own style and all the love so at the end there is some epic girls like this futa demon by FE1K0.

I love love how Rosalina is riding this huge futa dick… they look really beautifull, really sexy but FE1K0 also created something pretty funny too… I love the result and this drawing… °w°

Rosalina x Nega Rosalina
It was the last entry submited to the contest, drew by TheTransformTentacle and also one of the more curious I saw for this contest. This second girl really look to Rosalian so I thought she’s like a Dark-Rosalina or a shadow-Rosalina but in the title, TheTransformTentacle said “Nega Rosalina”… what this?

I’m also curious with these square nipples. It look really special but also this Nega Rosalina have her own style. I’m really curious to hear mroe about TheTransformTentacle and know if all was expected, more infos for the main publication of this drawing… ^^

Rosalina x black girl
A huge thanks and congrat to slaphoeproductions who knew than he didn’t have a lot of chance to win the contest but finally participated to the contest. I’m really happy each time I see a new drawing with Rosalina. The more important is not the level of the artist but when people have interest for my project and the kindness to contribute,t hat’s just so powerfull… (^o^)/

The blog have more than 300 illustrations but slaphoeproductions is the first artist who pair her with a black girl… After two years there is style a lot of surprises, it’s magic… XD


It’s the end of the Contest, I hope guys you love these drawing and don’t hesitate to let a little comment here for al artists who contributes or if you want to react to this contest. I’m a little sad it’s now over but it was sooo long to make this post. sincerely I need more like 4-5 hours to write it, Yeah, it was really hard but it’s my job to create the best post I can as honnor to all artists who contributed, Oh yeah… ^^

#260 – Metroid – Samus N°6

It was hard but the new wishlist is now done (see it here), There is still a lot of work remaining but you can have a preview about it now… Don’t hesitate to say me what do you think about this new one, I hope the final version will be done before the end of the week… I hope… And have a great week and good luck guys… ^^

In my previous publication I said a new Samus must come and sincerely this one is the more expensive commission I asked dor the blog, not sure it will happened again and don’t really know how I do this crazy thing (like my budget it’s a really expensive one) but Vodkbsolut really have an awesome style so I cannot resist to ask him more information about commission and finally ask him to contribute to the blog… Hope you like it (though I’m sure you like it)… XD

At start I really hesitated to ask Rosalina with a League of Legends character to Vodkbsolut since he made some amazing one than you can see in his gallery (that’s here), my favorite is the one with Fiora and Shyvana where Vodkbsolut did an awesome job with light and shadows but as me the more important is the pleasure have more fun make the drawing so I left Vodkbsolut free to choose a character he love in my wishlist and it’s finally samus who pick his interest…

It’s the 6th Rosalina and Samus pairing I have now in my blog but I must admit this one is the more powerfull. Vodkbsolut said he love the contrast into Rosalina dress and Samus latex outfif and I must agrese it was a great idea, for other drawing artist often use similar colors for Rosalina and Samus clothes but with Vodkbsolut style we really see it’s some the same sensation for each, and it’s the first time I think Samus look sexiest than Rosalina.. But just for the suit… Rosalina is still my favorite girl… ;p

Last thing, Vodkbsolut sent me two sketches about this drawing, you can easilly see the one I choosed but if you are curious to see the other idea i added these sketch… Congrat to Vodkbsolut for this awesome pic and sincerely guys don’t hesitate if you want to commission him, I agree it’s a little expensive but this quality for two full body character and detailed background I must agree that’s really more interesting than a lot of artists… No ?

#259 – Metroid – Samus N°5

It’s an old one I found in my folders when I was looking ar how many samus I have for the wishlist and I noticed this one is on the soft blog but I totally forget add it here, like the artist signature you can see this one was made on January 2012. This is a really soft Rosalina x Samus but tomorrow I have one really more hot comming, prepare yourself guys… Oh yeah… XD

About the artist, thanks so much to pervling who accepted drawn me Rosalina as request. Thanks so much for his kindness, it’s so nice to see artists with interest for my project and help me for my collection… ^^

Pervling drew Rosalina like the original character but change a little her dress to make Rosalina a little more sexy but don’t want to drawn porn so it could appeal a bit to everyone’s tastes… That’s true a lot of people prefer drawings a little more sexy but don”t want to have a hentai blog here, so it’s a really nice thing to have picture like that… ^^

And finish with the artist quote, thanks for this kind words… ^^
Harmonie_Rosalina asked if I could draw his favorite character, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, together with another girl so he could add to his growing collection on his blog. I found his fascination with the character interesting (while I didn’t know her), and created this pin-up with Rosalina and Samus from the Metroid series.

Artist: Pervling / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#252 – Metroid – Samus N°4

I’m starting rearange the blog with my ex-friend shao, so at first you can see links have an other color than usual until the greay you is not easy to see now it’s a little yellow… I know it look special, especialy for me but after a little time… Yeah, it look really better… Next point it to update the wishlist page… And it wont be easy…

Today it’s the last post before my birthday, the next will be on january 7th, hope receive some other drawings this day instead of commission I asked, to one I received from Tallon and maybe one by Merethide… Maybe…

 So enjoy this new drawing by Rawrshaw who already contribute with a lovely Rosalina x Zelda (see the post here) and he/she (in fact it was impossible find if Rawrshaw is a boy or a girl) sent me a new comment with the link to to awesome Rosalina x Samus… From Metroid if you don’t recognize her… ^^

Really bad thing, Rawrshaw said about hentaifoundry than ” the bad news is that it keeps getting rejected even though countless amounts of time fixing “.. I must agree there is some part who look a little curious like Samus noise but I think it’s more because Rawrshaw‘s style and I don’t see any other mistake… Not fair Hentaifoundry don”t whant to show this one… T_T

Last thing, you can see on the top than Rawrshaw drew two button: A and B, hope the reconize them from the wiimote, the A for kiss and B for insert the dildo, but don’t know if it will be on Rosalina or Samus pussy, though I have a little idea… I asked to Rawrshaw what happened if I press A and B at the same time and he answered ” that leads to a special scene “… Where is my wiimote, where is my wiimote!!! Can’t wai to see it… (^o^)/

Artist: Rawrshaw / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#239 – Multiple – Latex contest

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian metroid samus aran Aki Izayoi Yu-Gi-Oh Jill valentine Resident Evil
Like my personal stats, I think there is now more than 1.000 artists I sent a little message to ask if they do request or commissions and may participate to my blog. Only in hentaifoundry it’s more than 800 so if I add all other sites I use and my friends, I’m sure the 1.000th spam… Hum… Message was already sent… It’s a lot of work, a lot of time but I’m really happy with the result, thanks for all artists who participated (or will draw Rosalina) and of course everybody who come here. 190.000 pageview, it a great score… Thanks so much guys… (^o^)/

In this new drawing by elliking and commission by this so powerfull tallon90, there isn’t only a girl who make the show with Rosalina but 3 really awesome character showing there sexy body for a little latex contest… Who is your favorite character ?

For people who don’t reconize them, from the left the the right we have:
1 – Rosalina… Of course in her sexy biker outfit…
2 – Samus (easy) who already had some fun with Rosalina 4 times (see other drawings here)
3 – Aki Izayoi from Yu Gi Oh. I already have her with Rosalina in biker outfif by BadmanBastich commissioned by tallon90 (see the drawing here)
4 – Jill valentine from Resident Evil who meet Rosalina for the first time… I already have Ada wong from this game…

Congrat to elliking for this awesome pic… Latex clothes are so awesome so 4 at the same time, it’s just too must… And a huge thanks to tallon90 who commissioned this one for the blog… Hope to find more friends like you… (^o^)/

Little quote from elliking‘s description: ‘a commission i did of a few pretty girl trying to decide who looks best in there skin tight latex. vote?‘ So with one you choose ?

New wishlisted girl: Snow white from disney