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#506 – Samus is back

Nintendo - Metroid - Samus_10
Google updated blogger policy to prohibit adult content, it mean the blog had to be deleted on March 21th, after that I was shocked for sure but had to react, I bought the domain rosalinaxgirl.com and a host for my site, spend like 50$ for a year and worked hard on the new version. After two days preparing the site they decided to go back and allow adult content until the blog isn’t to make money.
So I’m back as if my budget was destroyed, Wont complain against google, just a huge thanks to all people like me who reacted and pressured google. So must gorgeous blogs where saved but it’s to late for some artists who already left blogger. As me this blog is everything and as if “blogspot.com” is not really pro it’s not a part of the blog…


Now while I finish repair the blog it’s time for you to enjoy the comeback and this amazing illustration I received from MiszKei a really talented lady with powerfull tastes. She accepted to participate to my project and drew Rosalina “with any character of my choosing… So I chose Samus!”. This is the 10th piece with Samus but really love this character so it’s a great surprise and love both suit MiszKei imagined. Especially the one for Rosalina, some sexy latex who let us enjoy her soft breasts and the Luma ball gag is a cool detail… Love it… °w°
Like other illustrations I received with Rosalina and Samus, it’s often dominative play and MiszKei made it even more kinky as usual. A mistress Samus in latex outdoor with her little pet, I’m sure Rosalina will have re revenge once they will fight together on smash bros. but for the moment must admit both are so beautifull as sexy, the mix into cuteness and sexiness is the best. Thanks so much MiszKei… \(^o^)/
The only curious detail as me is about Samus breasts, they have a curious form and seem seem to be affected by the gravity, also was close to forget about Rosalina hairstyle, she have the hair lock in front of her right eye but MiszKei reversed it. Artists generally cheat cause Rosalina pose or that hair lock will hide all her face and that’s not fun so I understand why MiszKei made the error. After all we can still recognize Rosalina and she look gorgeous, that’s not a huge problem…

Once again thanks so much for your kindness and efforts MiszKei, really love that illustration and as if I must admit I was kinda late to publish it, it’s a pleasure to add your piece to the blog (so excited). Also guys if you are curious feel free to tale a look to MiszKei’s gallery for more. She made some really lovely girls and kinda sexy pin-up too, I’m sure you will enjoy it, just don’t forget let a little comment, it’s always a nice support to artists.

Artist: MiszKei  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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