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#999 – Cutie Klara and trainer Rosalina

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PATREON BONUS: Bulma wasn’t left alone (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon klara hentai porn yuri lesbian sex busty breasts

Finally the poll about Rosalina’s swimsuit is is over and it’s a perfect Ex-eaquo between 3 outfits, I’m a little sad no votes for the Lumakini but this will allow some variety on the content (and I know myself that I’ll bring it back in future illustrations). so decision had to be taken and I decided to give the final choice to the artist Lunakiri having a huge preference for the #3 anyway she also said I’m the type to pick depending on what would work best for the image. And now it’s about the next part of this illustration creation announcing Jessica Carr to be the chosen one this month being able to decide the girl joining Rosalina so let’s see about his suggestion/idea, still so much suspense with this illustration and I hope everybody will enjoy it once complete °o°

The 1.000th illustration was never so close and it’s an illustration for the amazing Mazzacho that will make us reach this milestone. Stay ready for the party guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


It’s time for a new illustration and artist to come shine on this place, Rosalina meet Klara from pokemon on a piece made by Kiomaru1; a cool artist cursed with discord if I consider his discord art group was destroyed twice (and let’s not tell about his email hacked). Anyway it’s not enough to stop Kiomaru1 from drawing so I managed to commission him for another illustration after the one with Rosalina and Rin Hoshizora from Love live that you can see on the left.

I requested Kiomaru1 an illustration with Rosalina and Klara appearing on the first pokemon Sword/shield DLC giving him freedom with the pose, at this time he was in the mood for some breast play and the idea of busty ladies sounded pretty sexy and kinky. what I didn’t expected from the first sketch was about a younger Klara, was a little surprising and disturbing since it may be not everyone tastes but at this point Kiomaru1 was really happy and enthusiastic with the illustration so ask for changes wouldn’t be fun at all. Also it’s always important to know that allowing artists to have freedom in your commissions make them more pleased to work on your drawing and in general the quality of your illustration will also be even better, I’m not saying it’s easy since I’m the first to come with crazy and precise ideas sometimes but just keep this advice in a corner of your mind ^__^

I must admit I don’t remember why the illustration was flipped after the first sketch moving Klara on the right side, technically both side were fine with both girls so I should ask Kiomaru1 if he remember something about that detail. The most logical would be he drew Rosalina hair lock on the wrong side covering the left eye instead of the right and this flip just goes as a quick fix, anyway reason can also be the overall looking being better with that angle. I4m really curious person so be sure I’ll ask Kiomaru1 about that point and even if he don’t have any clue for me this would be an excuse to see when he will be open for commission again °w°

Artist: Kiomaru1 / 30$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kiomaru11
Newgrounds: www.kiomaru1.newgrounds.com
One year ago: #795 – Delacroix sexy birthday wish
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#991 – Haunter special Maniac training

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Patreon bonus: Dress-up as arabian genie (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ tiers)
+ HD version of both illustration for 2$+ tiers (4 times bigger illustrations)
princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai high heels pokemon hex maniac pokephilia pokeporn haunter lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi hentai high heels cum messy semen pokemon hex maniac pokephilia pokeporn haunter lingerie

Noticed about Star Wars day on may 4th (May the fourth) and made me think that I first have no illustration with Star Wars related girl and finally never participated to that even with the project. I must admit I now have a full year to prepare the next edition but the more important is to not forget about that. If someone here will be enough strong and powerfull to remind be about that date next year, you’ll be a powerfull monster and amazing supporter ^__^

Also got a message from patreon that I wonder if everyone received it or only content creators; there will edit on the way patreon manage taxes. I don’t want to say stupid stuff and need read that really carefully but even if they say “We estimate that less than half of all patrons will have sales tax added to their pledge” and “for most of them, the amount will be relatively small“… well, it just mean even more taxes and that sounds shit. Considering on a pledge there is tax, patreon fee then paypal fee it may end like most of the money pledged will be taken and the person you support finally receive a ridiculous part… waaahhh U_u


So long I wanted Hex Maniac from pokemon to join Rosalina for a lewd piece, it was just insane to decide about a scene when her personality and design offered soo many possibilities, after all she’s supposed to be kind of creepy and scary character in the game but fanart show her crazy mind and even more thick chubby body can offer so much to enjoy. When you think at Hew Maniac is a sexy way then it clearly come with a busty chubby offering so much curved and a soft body inviting you, and finally it’s from a lingerie fanart from XXX that I though “I want THIS Hex Maniac to joing Rosalina. Here is that illustration on the left to give you and idea and now what missing was find the artist before think at the scenery between the two girls.

Cause of course when you commission an artist keep in mind to keep something that will follow his general art and style, that way you have more chances give something that will be enjoyable for the artist and make him more confident with your drawing (also it generally give you a better quality on the final piece). For Hex Maniac the chosen artist was Psicoero knowing his ability for lewd and lingerie so there was no doubts he have everything to make this duo look so perfect as it sounds naughty in my mind.

Considering references and inspiration for this illustration, The lingerie came from a (sexy) fanart of Rosalina inspired in her witch outfit from Mario kart world tour, I loved the lace design and the purple color of the outfit was a perfect match with Hex Maniac dress and style, also I asked Psicoero if he can give a similar style lingerie to Hex Maniac and he managed it pretty well, I also like the detail on her crotch. Also even if there is many fanarts with that duo, it’s the illustration from Annue on the left that made me wanted to add the Pokemon Haunter to the scene, it was even more naughty that way and more important: it allowed a messy touch… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

If you are interested by commission don’t miss contact him by mail or joining his livestream on Picarto, also Psicoero‘s price decrease when you order multiple illustrations at once, basic price is 50€ for one drawing (up to two character) the, 40€ per drawing if you order two and 30€ if you order 3 piece at once. Of course all illustration can be totally different and I know it’s a cost but you can get art from Psicoero at pretty good price, a solution could be to find other people that would be also interested for a commission and group your order to enjoy the discount. Worth to give a try if you love his style and wanna get something at powerfull price… °w°

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 50€/60$ commission
One year ago: #923 – Jinxed duo
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#983 – Nessa exploring a new world

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Step by Step process for 1$+ tier + HD version for 2$+ tiers (4 times bigger)
princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa bikini princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri tentacle mario Gooper Blooper crossover pokemon nessa

If you are curious, xxxbattery recently created his how website and online store: xxxbattery.com/, right now most of the stuff in the store is love dolls and sex toys but he gonna add some inexpensive downloads like image-sets, comics, animation and eventually his video game.

All fresh and still under creation so there is now product added regularly like a Android 18 doll coming next and even some free stuff planned in the future like art, comics and even his game demo, if I remember right it’s about sex dolls that want to conquer the world. Don’t hesitate to take a look and don’t miss register the newsletter to keep in touch about upcoming updates, I promise xxxbattery wont spam you at all (or sell your datas to facebook and google) :p


Here come another illustration commission to the talented at the sometime of the duo with Callie briggs from Swat kats (that you can see on the left), there was a nice stream, naughty illustration on the way and commission open at a powerfull price so I cannot resist and asked for two slots. First slot I used (on the left) was Christmas related anyway I also wanted a piece by xxxbattery for something I love, Lumakini Rosalina. I really love the design of this bikini with Luma inspired bra, it suits that magnificent princess so perfectly giving her a so sexy as original look and still follow my rule of Lumas not being involved into porn scenes to keep the innocence and spirit of those adorable baby stars. xxxbattery was also fine with the design so no turn back… °w°

Swimsuit spirit and I got Pokemon Sword on switch not long ago so at this time I was in the mood to get Nessa from Pokemon Sword/shield to join Rosalina for something indecent of course (anyway when you watch xxxbattery streams you can see most of his art is so naughty and indecent (reason it’s even more powerfull). the idea for this illustration was the two girls being abused by the Gooper Blooper tentacles (from Mario sunshine game). Nessa discovering some new monsters from Rosalina’s world, kinda the equivalent as Tentacruel pokemon so who know if that feeling is really unknown for Nessa… ^^

I must admit the tentacle inspiration was also from the Piranha plant set xxxbattery made some years ago, the tentacles surrounding Rosalina and so incredibly sexy look in bodysuit fishnet makes it as one of my favourite drawing ever. I already asked some Piranha plant again with Rosalina but I think next time I have a new chance to commission xxxbattery he must be ready for some lingerie spirit… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #912 – Perverted tennis match animation
Next to come: Special wave for surfer princesses (NSFW)
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#959 – Sweet kisses

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PATREON BONUS: Fetish drink party (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario lesbian yuri crossover pokemon sword shield sonia kissing

I’m still a bit sad about the deletion of the SFW page, seems a part of me will eternally regret this decision whatever how good or bad it was. Trying to find positive points about that decision I can add to the list there will have no more troubles with ecchi illustrations and the hard part with some illustration to decide if they are enough safe to go on the SFW page, be sure sometimes it was extremely tricky ^^’

Maybe a really stupid or totally random coincidence but I noticed that the name of many artists that too part to the project have the same lenght, from the recent posts I could list Lunakiri, Mazzacho, Omnimaid, Maraichux or even Psicoero, all having 8 letters/digits in their name. I know there is many artist with longer or shorter name like MegumiPan616 and PlanZ34 anyway it was a fun coincidence seeing many names that did perfect align while working on the blog ^^


So pokemon sword and shield are released so no way to miss their release to post this new Rosalina and Sonia duo made by Aurastudio‘s team, after the illustration with Nono having a really kinky perspective and action (see it here), time for something more sweet and sensual. So for this new commission, Aurastudio managed the cuteness and sexiness combo I always consider so powerfull, of course I also love indecent lewd (and high heels) but I don’t mean I can also appreciate more adorable and romantic scenes ^__^

As always both artists managed it nicely, perfect curves for the line process and gorgeous breasts shading when colouring, how you can resist to the need of plan with those marvelous breasts and suck those nice pink nipples? Also I really like those two artists and wonder what advice give them to be even better, on the line side it would be to make them a little more clean and smooth then on colouring to increase the shadow to offer an even better play on light and perspective. Finally I must admit the last point that bug me a little are those hands without nails even if that’s not the main focus on that drawing for sure ^^’

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
One year ago: #883 – Love and toys on Wakfu world
Next to come: Beach sunset (SFW)
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#952 – Pokephilia lesson

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PATREON BONUS: Sexy Etna and princess (abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario crossover pokemon let's go eevee pokephilia protagonist cunni cunnilingus
It was a long time I haven’t give an update to the featured artists page and was time to fix that, today it’s time for MegumiPan616 to join. For the moment this one is only her 2nd piece for the project but be sure there’s come. Also talking with her since years now I know that passion and dedication she have into art is amazing, anyway MegumiPan616 is often dealing with depression not making it easy but she never gave up on her project and really deserve some love… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Less fun, it can be frustrating when an artist save time on a commission and ask extra money to make changes and get the quality he promised at first like ainigma-create did. Sometimes you get really artists surprising you with a powerfull quality level you never expected but opposite can happen, so if you are commissioning artists be warned about ainigma-create bad dedication and efforts… U_u


Of course I know some people aren’t into bestiality or to be exact here into pokephilia but with let’s go Eevee featuring one of my favourite pokemon it cannot be without it and I’m really thankfull to MegumiPan616 who was fine and did her best working on the crazy illustration. So the idea for this commission was Rosalina teaching the female protagonist from let’s go eevee/Pikachu games the secret pleasure see can feel from her little partner of course getting MegumiPan616 to draw it in a kinky way to fit the project spirit… °w°
Since she never drew pokemon before, the first doodle MegumiPan616 made was drawing a little Eevee and it turned super pretty so at this point there was no reason she can’t manage draw that little creature nicely. Anyway there was a detail I missed to consider so was surprising when MegumiPan616 asked bout the eevee genitals, I didn’t wanted make it awkward with a female eevee so it turned to be a male as you can see with the balls and also the motif in the tail (only pokemon fans know it). Technically this Eevee is also the first male I ever requested for this project, never expected it could happen a day… XD
This piece is a coloured sketch so don’t show MegumiPan616‘s full power anyway I’m still really happy how it turned having that powerfull cuteness and sexiness mix that I always enjoy to watch. Also if you want to get something for yourself then MegumiPan616 is really open mind and pretty crazy at some points so you can go commission her from adorable scenes to hentai scenes and can go with stuff like vore, guro or futanari (but she will curse you for this last one). SFW commissions are cheaper than hentai one but the prices always stay really powerfull and last point for all little pervert that stil managed to read the post to the end, if you wanna help for something really naughty then MegumiPan616 is saving for a bad dragon demon dick dildo, totally a piece that deserve help the artist get some… Fun… °w°

Artist: MegumiPan616 / 22$ commission
Tumblr: www.megumipan616.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/MegumiPan616
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/megumipan616
Eka’s Portal (VORE inside): www.aryion.com/g4/user/Megumipan616
One year ago: #783 – Undressing with Valerie
Next to come: Halloween time (NSFW)
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#947 – Hypno princess and corrupted trainer

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PATREON BONUS: Hungry for icecream (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ Stap by Step and HD version of those illustrations (for 2$+ patrons)
Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri lesbian crossover pokemon sword shield female hypno rape Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri lesbian crossover pokemon sword shield female hypno rape cum semen creampie impregnation

October is coming and the good new is I already know about the artist chosen for the next patreon raffle. The artist will be dsok135and looking at his page you can understand why this raffle rule will be SFW or ecchi illustration with lingerie theme. ^^
Talking about theme, I know considering the upcoming event would have be better pick Halloween theme but being creative I’m sure the winner can find a way mix both themes nicely, suspense °w°


This started with Psicoero suggestion a pairing with Rosalina and pokemon Sword/Shield protagonist following the theme of Hypno rape getting Rosalina dressed as an Hypto holding the other girl that got creampied according the sketch he send me (on the left). I really like the idea that allowed me get e new piece for “Where is my pokemon?” project and get a protagonist from a recent game in better timing that it was with Let’s go Eevee/Pikachu. I sure wasn’t as reactive as many artists considering the incredible amount of fanarts already made (love the NSFW but SFW woolooo are so adorable) anyway this time I’ll get the illustration before the game is release than a year later compared to previous one… ^^’
When looking at the first sketch, I was sure Psicoero inspiration from Rosalina’s outfit was from a mini comic with Cynthia dressed (and fucked of course) as hypno, I sure saw this comic too and loved it so was powerfull see that suit coming with Rosalina. The only edit I asked was give Rosalina high heels using a reference of Ash’s mother with a hypno suit and then Rosalina reached the perfect and powerfull level of sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Final illustration came with great details as for the purple aura in the girl eyes and even a bonus creampie version, Psicoero sure did an amazing job with the illustration and I hope you guys love the result as much as me. I know at some point it worth a sequel but I’m not fan of seeing Rosalina being rapped by ugly hypno army and end super jealous of those lucky bastard. Anyway if you really love the idea you can still go commission it to Psicoero, he’s actually a little busy with personal life but his amazing style always worth the way… °w°

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 35€/40$ commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
One year ago: #866 – Punk’s Not Dead
Next to come: Rosalina Shining Star (Ecchi)
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#932 – Scissoring and Scorbunny

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PATREON BONUS: Humba Wumba and cowgirl princess (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon sword shield starter Scorbunny crossover anthro
Having “RosalinaxGirl” as name on discord is sure a thing that prove how much I love Rosalina and my project (maybe a bit too much sometimes) but it become a little more complicated when people decide google the name and calling me as slut because I’m sharing porn stuff before block me (initial plan was just have fun on Minecraft). It makes me feel bad but someone not loving lewd in our pervert world is a closed moron… XD
On a more positive side, I got some news from Psicoero that was away because moving to his new home and will soon get back to business for June illustration. Mai one is coming soon and with a preview for patreon supporters. Makes me notice it’s not good to follow I receive art cause it delay patreon illustration too much, my management need some changes ^^’


Here a new illustration by a duo artist who associated to create the Aurastudio on Deviantart, I was surprised when saying “we” in a message and they told me “we’re a duo. one person is responsible for the drawing and the other color“. Was sure interesting and as long there was a way get some kinky Rosalina art I sure was up for it. Also was a chance get a piece related to the upcoming Sword/Shield pokemon game coming, long time no more character from this series since troubles with a stupid artist named Bavarell, seems morons are everywhere like trolls unfortunately… U_u
Everything started with a sexy Bowsette illustration on Aurastudio‘s gallery and a journal about 2×1 commissions meaning you buy one and get one free. I asked if lewd was fine and picked a slot before all slots filled then came the hard challenge of finding an idea that would work well with the artist style. To make it more fun and with freedom, my idea was Rosalina as trainer with a humanized version of one of the 3 starter and Aurastudiobein able to pick the starter they wanted, as you can see Scorbunny was chosen for a hot Scissoring scene °w°
I wanted a trainer Rosalina since pokemon-Go but never happened with the artist I was hoping to work on that so thanks to Aurastudio we fixed that point. I really like Rosalina expression and nice breasts making her look so hot and Scorbunny also have a really nice face keeping the cuteness of the initial pokemon with sure a really naughty side (what a powerfull combo). Aurastudio really did a good job on this illustration, maybe the only pat I dislike is background colour on the left too close to Scorbunny hears and close that hide her a bit too much. Regardless it’s far to be a big deal ^^

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
One year ago: #842 – Gigantic breasts Rosalina
Next to come: Kagero special easter toy (NSFW)
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#881 – Kinky Swoobat come at night

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Patreon bonus: Fire master and lingerie princess (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi sexy yuri lesbian gijinka pokemon swoobat crossover
I’m not an artist myself but kinda same thing with my Rosalina x Girl project, be able work full time on it to give you great updates and find the best artists ever should be so powerfull. I know it’s more a dream but I still wish for my patreon page to grow up and allow me get more quality content for the project… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can see, all posts start with two little paragraphs working like blog news/development then personal diaries, though not really private being here so may I call it more like an autobiography?


Time for a new experimental illustration by Lunakiri featuring her OC Adrian dressed as the pokemon swoobat, I don’t know if I can rally tell it’s a gijinka since Adrian don’t wear anything but the hairstyle was managed really nicely. I really love that OC Lunakiri own and kindly allow me to use for “Where is my pokemon?” project dressing her as many pokemons, that way I can make the collection growing with new pokemon ladies and still have that sweet Adrian OC, that I really like… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Before start the colouring process, Lunakiri if she can “get a bit experimental with this one, I know she like always try new styles and techniques then was a bit curious so I sure accepted. I guess you know the spirit when doing tests, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, here the idea was experiment a technique that would lead to faster colouring anyway as for experiments it’s not always a success. I must admit I first wanted to say technique don’t allow to put too much details in my opinion but looking at Rosalina hairs and Adrian wings the shading is pretty cool so what is special (and original is really the colouring style itself.
Anyway I can’t just complain since it still end with a new kinky illustration for my project, I also accepted my side to let Lunakiri go with the experiment and for me that is curious it’s still interesting to see that try and master techniques also need lot of work and time, not always a success but necessary work. Also on the positive side I like how the traditional pastel style offer a nice atmosphere for the background, clouds and sky that turned pretty cool… ^__^
There is a lot more to come with other kinky but also ambitious stuff Lunakiri is working on, it will be hard to miss her on that project. Anyway you can also see more (and recent) stuff from Lunakiri on the links bellow and maybe get your own commission (especially if you are fan of busty ladies or animation). Just don’t be be in a hurry cause stuff isn’t easy her side but be sure she wont forget you and make something gorgeous… °w°

Artist: Lunakiri / 25$ commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
One year ago: #778 – Fashionable romance with Valerie
Next to come: Yoga practice with Twintelle (NSFW)
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877/879 – Happy 11th Birthday Rosalina

Previous: #876 – Panties tease Next: #880 – Old style headshoot
Patreon bonus: Illustrations in HD version (were too big for the blog)
November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2018

And here come another year to celebrate the best princess ever birthday (I know there is a bit of personal opinion in the sentence). I managed myself the first illustration to be sure have something SFW to show you and was a great idea cause the two second pieces I received as gift really kinky but still so amazing for little perverts we are… Another day I’ll shout happy birthday to Rosalina at midnight and be jumping all around the room anyway your side I hope you’ll like the dedicated illustration… °w°


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover gift lazy town stephanieI wasn’t able to make a SFW dedicated post for Rosalina’s birthday last year cause all illustration made for this day were to much explicit so for this year I wanted to be sure get something extra sweet and adorable to be sure no one miss about this special day and it was thanks to Kiomaru1’s hard work. I had to deal one year ago with my phone stolen by a pickpocket then when I had time to go on the project there was less than a week to find an artist and he was able deal with this deadline even if it was really short and I’m thanksfull to him… ^^
Having short delay for the illustration I offered Kiomaru1 to pick the girl he wanted to be with Rosalina and he decided to go with Stephanie from Lazytown, though I must admit he had to pick a girl that never meet Rosalina but still many choice left. The original idea was Lumas made so many gift that the floor was totally overflowed around the two girls, but finally after a few hours sketching the scene looked so cute that I told it wasn’t use to add the gifts floor.


nintendo mario princess rosalina pokemon lycanroc anthro hentai yuri porn pokephiliaNext illustration more kinky I received as gift from Tallon with “the pokemon lycanroc, dusk form, was so long I haven’t get a pokemon lady with Rosalina so it sure was a powerfull surprise. That scene looks romantic anyway I can’t deny it’s also damn sexy with sweet naked bodies, the ladies expressions both cute and naughty then I also love lycanroc pussy pressing on Rosalina’s legs. °w°
Sadly I don’t know why is the artist even if that style looks familiar but there is also something curious with the initial link of the illustration that was “rozalinaxsylveon.png“. Could be a mistake or a change during the creation process, for now it’s a mystery but finally give a fresh edit to the page “Where is my pokemon?“… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/


And here come the last illustration I received with a big thanks to Omnimaid for his unwavering support and contribution for Rosalina’s birthday every year since 2012 (in fact you missed 2014 my friend XD). I have lazy and busy time but each time November coming he’s here to tell me he’s ready as ‘participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘… It’s so kind I must trying not to cry tears of joy even if the kinky side have some secondary effect too… ^^’
And this year Omnimaid picked Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue to be with Rosalina, I didn’t wanted say something so asked him if his idea was Makoto as futanari or using a strap-on and finally both were wrong (lucky me). True idea is pussy rubbing anyway Omnimaid told me it can be “what ever floats your boat. Frottage, futa, strap on, double headed dildo“… So whatever your mood or preference that illustration will always be as hot as you dream it to be and I hope you also like it guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

#838 – Lesbian time with Lusamine

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon lusamine hentai porn yuri lesbian cunni cunnilingus
Trying to get more exposure, there is illustrations I post on various sites, I’m glad it give me some visitors according the hits stats anyway I recently joined Danbooru that refuse all the art. It’s frustrating read 14 moderators reviewed the illustration and no one considered it enough good for approval… Raaaah… T_T
According their forum (what a fucking waste of time) it seems they hate when 3rd party website watermark… U_u


A new pokemon was announced and I should manage a piece with that cute female protagonist appearing (So tempted with NSFW and pokephilia touch) anyway for now time to present another illustration by Psicoero featuring Rosalina and Lusamine from pokemon Sun/Moon universe. I seems have a little fetish for blonde girl with long hair so no way she don’t be here. She’s my fav lady from pokemon after Cynthia, Valerie and Misty. Cause her particular hairstyle, wasn’t easy find an artist able manage her nicely and still be in my budget then with Psicoero‘s offer and skills, all was here to bring that duo to life, no excuse to decline… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation based in the Alola region whose goal is to cure hurt Pokemon but I must admit I was really attracted by the character mostly cause her design. She have some parts in common with Rosalina like her incredibly tall and skinny height, long blonde hair and a green brooch at same place of Rosalina’s medallion. Also a really sexy silhouette that her dress, tights and heels make so wonderfull, I wanted Psicoero draw Lusamine even more sexy adding some see-through effect on her dress to make her breasts visible like in some really hot fanarts I saw… °w°
Working on my original request, Psicoero sent me a wip saying he had hard time with the pose I asked and wanted go with something else, it’s what he did keeping the cunnilingus action but ended with totally different pose and place. Even if Rosalina front body and lingerie were hidden in second version, I must be honest and admit there was a huge improvement on the second wip, where both girls have a better and more realistic look, was great surprise that show how important it is to consider the artist opinion and give him freedom even on commission, that I admit don’t always follow… ^^’
Bad I loved in the second sketch is that perspective on Lusamine leg and high heels looking so perfect for a heels lover like me, Psicoero managed it really nicely the the action and see-though part were here so was so perfect for me. The only edit I asked it add the decoration on the side of Lusamine shoe, kinda important for me keep it looks the best according the perspective on it (and kinda my fetish). Anyway not only Lusamine to enjoy here, how miss Rosalina’s lingerie and so perfect curves on her butt, Psicoero sure have now lot of experience with that princess anyway his style continue evolve so she’s never stop appear even more gorgeous and sexy in his upcoming piece… ^^
Having some space for useless info, Lusamine heels have the same heigh as Cynthia but Valerie one are twice more high, that’s why I love so much those lolita shoes on Valerie… There was already a hentai scene commissioned to Psicoero with Valerie (not by me) that you can discover on his gallery. Also commissions are always open if you want something from Psicoero, I’m sure he can manage perfectly both SFW and NSFW art but how resist doing kinky after seeing his art and comics… XD

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 35€ (~40$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
One year ago: #734 – Narsha private nasty show
Next to come: Sarada’s young ninja pussy (Ecchi)
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#837 – Hypnotising Serperior

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PATREON BONUS: Mini sketch with Mai Terumi (Abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration (16 times bigger) for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon serperior hentai yuri sexy lesbian
When your younger brother look at his phone while cycling and hit a car, it make big problems and some publications coming late. His face looks pretty scary but he’s ok and will healt nicely so it’s fine, at last now he will remember the lesson and keep his phone in the pocket while cycling or driving… Hopefully… O_o
Also congrat who won June patreon raffle and will get an illustration by Mazzacho. I also take this opportunity to give a big hug to my dear patrons coming with me for another month… You rocks guys… \(^o^)/


Here come an ecchi piece to continue the project “where is my pokemon?” featuring Rosalina hypnotised by a seductive Serperior girl made by Penken. He draw a lot of hypnotis stuff so wanted to get something that way to keep Penken‘s art spirit and I’m really happy with the result. There is just one thing I’m not sure about, do you think this Serperior lady is and anthro or gijinka? Or maybe both? °o°
You can see on the right the first sketch I received, I did a mistake with my reference that Penken followed really closely and gave blonde hair to Serperior girl. Anyway Penken was kind and accepting rework on hair colours to follow Serperior original color shape, also love this tender kiss that Rosalina can’t escape having both mind and body on Serperior control, I hope you like it guys… ^__^
Well, if there is thing I should complain about there is first the delay, this was a commission paid on June 10th 2016 and done on December 2nd 2017 so half and a year later. Second point is I had a deal with Penken to help him get a new tablet, he was fine with refund part (at last it’s the more important) but never did the art he also promised in exchange. Well, Penken don’t have an easy life so I can understand he don’t have the time with it but still a bit frustrating thing. Anyway if you are curious, you can visit the links bellow and if you do some researches you can also find his tumblr, twitter and even his discord group.

Artist: Artist: Penken / 10$ commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Penken
Deviantart: www.penkenarts.deviantart.com
One year ago: #732 – Not in my butt Ilumia!
Next to come: Lesbian time with Lusamine (NSFW)
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#793 – Corrupting a sweet Mimikyu

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 \(^o^)/

Can’t start without wish you all a powerfull new year 2018 with happiness and for some I know a lot of luck and courage. My side I’ll just do my best keep the blog active and hope start new projects like a lingerie/high heels pin-up series or 3rd chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic… Let’s all do our best… °w°
My side I must be careful financially with both personal and RosalinaxGirl budget, kinda hard be strict even more when I wish allow me be crazy and buy something to start 2018 nicely or as birthday gift to myself. Probability I resist is actually low so better no great packs on World of Warships… ^^’


And let’s start 2018 with a gift from Kittehskye with her Mimikuy gijinka OC named Iris (a gift from a friend as she would say). It sure was a so wonderfull and unexpected gift that also add a new character to the project Where is my pokemon?… Oh yeah.
You can see on the right a safe illustration about Iris, Kittehskye have several pokemon gijinka OC that are soooo ravishing and well designed, I was always hoping be able use then with Rosalina for the project and finally Iris came. Must admit I never expected a NSFW duo cause how cute and innocent looks Iris but Kittehskye know me too well and goes with something kinda explicit. No doubt I love the result but on the other side I feel a bit uncomfortable have Iris corrupted a second time cause of me… U_u
If you are curious, first time was in the illustration on left side I gifted to Kittehskye but this time Rosalina is here. I really love that illustration and hope people will consider it as ‘basic’ cause there is really great job here. Imaranx is really good with shading and managed lot of nice details like shining effect on crown, blushing touch or Rosalina removing her panties that respectively add more details, cuteness and finally sexiness that mix so nicely together… °w°
I just talked about 3 details but there is way more to enjoy like the dildo touch, cute nipples, Iris’s outfit and hair shading… so really just take the time discover it to see how much efforts and work putted Imaranx. For more you can visit her DeviantArt page and gallery where you can find cute MLP gif to really sexy and busty pin-up. Of course you can ask for for commissions with no fetish limits but always better to ask if you have something a bit too much special in mind. I just don’t know if there is a place where Imaranx post illustrations too explicit for D.A., I must ask her and edit the post if have something to share… ^__^

Artist: Imaranx / Kittehskye’s gift
One year ago: #690 – Rosalina Backview
Next to come: Rosalina restrained on giant Luma (NSFW)
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#784 – Professor threesome

Previous: #783 – Undressing with Valerie NEXT POST COMING SOON

I found an illustration with Christmas, bondage and lingerie themes I want to use I was thinking about the artist to work on and what other character could be paired with Rosalina in this scene. After like an hour looking for ideas and ref still haven’t be able decide about this 2nd girl so I’ll cheat a little and the winner on December patreon raffle will decide what naughty santa girl will be with Rosalina, character and suit of your choice, keep in mind she’s be in dominative situation.
Also after the two Valerie illustration made by B-side7715 (last one on the left) there is the 3rd sketch that will remain abandoned available as patreon bonus if you are curious about the last scene and idea.


And here is another threesome by LadyBarbero where Rosalina meet professor Ivy and Wickes from Pokemon series, I don’t think they appeared together in the series but both wear a white lab coat and it’s this detail I asked LadyBarbero to keep in both ladies while they enjoy some time with Rosalina. Also as you can see this time it goes more explicit than with Tracer and Sombra (see it here) and I hope you enjoy the result guys… ^__^
Of course this sweet princess is far to be a scientist but seems she caught Ivy and Wickes doing some kind of special experiment and she saw too much that it was to late to let her escape and thanks to LadyBarbero‘s art skill we can see that. I love Rosalina face turning so adorable and innocent as if it must feel really intense getting her breasts sucked by Wickes and Ivy sharing a double dildo. No way how naughty goes my ideas, LadyBarbero was able keep some cuteness in this hot sandwich scene… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
With this commissions, LadyBarbero already managed it perfectly from the first sketch, only lab coat missing but was fixed quiclky, for now the budget is a bit down but I’ll sure manage get more by here in the future. Also if you wish get a powerfull piece, LadyBarbero opened cheap commissions with 9$ full body coloured + 7$ per extra char, so freaking nice deal that you can read more in the dedicated journal (here). Cost nothing to take a look and not that much get a great illustration… °w°

Artist: LadyBarbero / 16$ commission
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090
One year ago: #680 – Ino kisses
Next to come: First meeting with Erio (Ecchi)
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#783 – Undressing with Valerie

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy pokemon crossover valerie mache yuri lesbian

And here is a new feature to support the project you can buy pack with the month exclusive art on shop page instead of of patreon. For now I’ll add the last monthly exclusive versions but why not also create pack with HD illustrations that you can now get only by supporting on patreon, any advices guys?
Also, there is illustration I missed to publish and came late but there is also illustration I posted and forget to track. I was planning to post Miki Hoshii according the queued list but impossible to find it on the waiting folder, fact if this one was already posted in August so moved to another folder… How stupid *face hitting desk*… T_T


Here is a new duo with Valerie that also come as the exclusive version of the month drew by the kind and talented B-side7715. There was another piece by him posted earlier and a third one coming at the end of the month so no way miss him. I told in the previous post with Valerie (see it here) that B-side7715 made 3 great sketches and this one is the 2nd I wanted him to complete, the 3rd will unfortunately remain as sketch but I hope you like this new piece. °w°
While talking about this commission with B-side7715, I had troubles choose between pantyhose or thigh-high for Valerie so we ended goes on a special illustration with A version with pantyhose and the second with thigh-high and undies that come as the exclusive of the month for my dear patreon supporters or that you can get on the shop page. Many artists do clothes/naked versions but I really prefer goes with lingerie and B-side7715 managed it so nicely, also as always, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can notice from the on on the left B-side7715 kept the same background for both Valerie illustrations, it makes them like a part of a little series between Rosalina and Valerie that goes really more intimate if they continue undress but still being so lovely and sensual. B-side7715 already drew Rosalina many time and he’s really careful so from the firs sketch all I asked was a minor edit on Valerie heels and add a saliva touch like both just had a french kiss, the mix into cuteness and sexiness was already here and the result is so powerfull…
Next illustration by B-side7715 will be the reward for November patreon raffle with a character I never heard about and a series name I still wonder how peoples can remember it. Anyway if you feel impatient you can just see more from B-side7715 from links listed bellow and why not consider a commission. He don’t draw explicit stuff involving penetration but have the skills (and prices) to amaze us from cute or ecchi scenes… ^__^

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
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#778 – Fashionable romance with Valerie

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It was impossible to get access to the site from 7am to 11:30am in France, this was cause two issues from the host OVH, the datacenter main and emergency power supply where down. Luckily everything back and no data lost, also this happened earlier in the morning for American people that may be all sleeping at this time.
I also had troubles earlier in the week with the website repeatly down for 30 seconds to a minute max, it happened really often at some time and it’s sure was really annoying when visiting or updating my side. I’ll keep an eye on it during the week-end and will send a report if continue that way… O_o


Took a long time after Misty and Cynthia to have a new pokemon character I love so much, Valerie is a ravishing lady with cool design mixing kimono outfit and lolita style for a suit that it’s sure totally impossible to wear but looks damn cool, she also have high heels so no way I can’t be addicted. Her outfit is a huge challenge and it’s B-side7715 that was enough kind and crazy to work on this duo. I had not specific idea in mind so offered him to give suggestions and I received 3 sketches from B-side7715 that were so cool that I commissioned him for another pieces to get at last two of them draw. ^^’
The pose was set and for both outfits, I asked B-side7715 to have Valerie keep her outfit I love so much and nothing specific for Rosalina since more of her body is hidden, as you can see Rosalina got a more casual suit, both ravishing and sexy with a busty touch. Some heels cause I wanted Valerie one be visible anyway my favourite part is how both have a so adorable an cute expression, so lovely and innocent in kind of romantic scene. I hope you all enjoy both sensuality and details in this illustration… °w°
Here is a little bonus paragraph for the NSFW post, there was some hesitation since from official art we don’t know if Valerie have pantyhose or thigh-high B-side7715 sketched both and I really love the panty under pantyhose effect and decided goes with it. I know each one his preference and being curious, don’t mind tell me with version would be your favourite in comments section. ^__^
B-side7715 drew a sensual scene but not that private since it’s show on giant screen so everybody may soon see a tender kiss between both ladies so captivated by each other that they slowly forget about the audience. Each one able imagine how this is going with Rosalina with Valerie. also if your imagination keep working and make you wish get a piece with that style, don’t hesitate take a look at B-side7715‘s commissions, could be adorable and nudity accepted but can’t goes more explicit.

One year ago: #674 – More juice for Halloween
Next to come: Victorian dress Design (SFW)
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