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877/879 – Happy 11th Birthday Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Illustrations in HD version (were too big for the blog)
November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2018

And here come another year to celebrate the best princess ever birthday (I know there is a bit of personal opinion in the sentence). I managed myself the first illustration to be sure have something SFW to show you and was a great idea cause the two second pieces I received as gift really kinky but still so amazing for little perverts we are… Another day I’ll shout happy birthday to Rosalina at midnight and be jumping all around the room anyway your side I hope you’ll like the dedicated illustration… °w°


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover gift lazy town stephanieI wasn’t able to make a SFW dedicated post for Rosalina’s birthday last year cause all illustration made for this day were to much explicit so for this year I wanted to be sure get something extra sweet and adorable to be sure no one miss about this special day and it was thanks to Kiomaru1’s hard work. I had to deal one year ago with my phone stolen by a pickpocket then when I had time to go on the project there was less than a week to find an artist and he was able deal with this deadline even if it was really short and I’m thanksfull to him… ^^
Having short delay for the illustration I offered Kiomaru1 to pick the girl he wanted to be with Rosalina and he decided to go with Stephanie from Lazytown, though I must admit he had to pick a girl that never meet Rosalina but still many choice left. The original idea was Lumas made so many gift that the floor was totally overflowed around the two girls, but finally after a few hours sketching the scene looked so cute that I told it wasn’t use to add the gifts floor.


nintendo mario princess rosalina pokemon lycanroc anthro hentai yuri porn pokephiliaNext illustration more kinky I received as gift from Tallon with “the pokemon lycanroc, dusk form, was so long I haven’t get a pokemon lady with Rosalina so it sure was a powerfull surprise. That scene looks romantic anyway I can’t deny it’s also damn sexy with sweet naked bodies, the ladies expressions both cute and naughty then I also love lycanroc pussy pressing on Rosalina’s legs. °w°
Sadly I don’t know why is the artist even if that style looks familiar but there is also something curious with the initial link of the illustration that was “rozalinaxsylveon.png“. Could be a mistake or a change during the creation process, for now it’s a mystery but finally give a fresh edit to the page “Where is my pokemon?“… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/


And here come the last illustration I received with a big thanks to Omnimaid for his unwavering support and contribution for Rosalina’s birthday every year since 2012 (in fact you missed 2014 my friend XD). I have lazy and busy time but each time November coming he’s here to tell me he’s ready as ‘participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘… It’s so kind I must trying not to cry tears of joy even if the kinky side have some secondary effect too… ^^’
And this year Omnimaid picked Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue to be with Rosalina, I didn’t wanted say something so asked him if his idea was Makoto as futanari or using a strap-on and finally both were wrong (lucky me). True idea is pussy rubbing anyway Omnimaid told me it can be “what ever floats your boat. Frottage, futa, strap on, double headed dildo“… So whatever your mood or preference that illustration will always be as hot as you dream it to be and I hope you also like it guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

#806 – Naughty lolita cunni

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Patreon bonus: Not the way to play tennis (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo Blazblue Rachel sexy hentai porn yuri cunni cunnilingus Mario lolita

And they are coming, in next post will be January patreon reward and a teaser already available for patreon members if you are curious what kind of kinky duo will come. You can already get some clue wit the illustration name but still lot of mystery, all I can say is it will be really hot… °w°
More sweet thing, it was my little sister birthday this gift and she got present parachuted by Rosalina. She know my passion for this ravishing princess and made a letter to send to Rosalina for her birthday, I wanted make something special in return so made a crown and card packed with a little parachute that landed in her garden. I’m glad she enjoyed her gift that much anyway she’s young but already really clever so I’m sure she already have a doubt about the origin of the crown. You can see on the left the box and she was considering send more letter to get more gifts like Rosalina’s dress and wand… O_o


princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi crossover Kantai Collection Hatsuzuki schoolgirl student teacherAnd here is the second illustration by Kuroyuu-chi based on a sketch she did for the previous illustration, there was a mistake about the pose with Hatsuzuki (that you can see on the left) since the sketch didn’t matched what I had in mind. She had to restart to follow the exact pose I asked but Kuroyuu-chi sketch was pretty good and I decided keep it for the second piece I commissioned her with Rachel from Blazblue. °w°
That scene is really good for cunnilingus action, I love how nicely we can see Rachel cute face and little tongue pleasuring Rosalina but bit sad that sweet princess face is hidden, I know it’s not always possible make appear everything we would like to see but I know myself trying to ask for impossible poses and edits sometimes. As if I come with crazy or stupid ideas, I always consider artists feedback telling me something turn wrong and impossible as Kuroyuu-chi when I asked if she can manage to make Rosalina’s face visible, and I’m even more thankfull to know the artist did his best to try first.

You can see the first sketch on the right that was originally with Hatsuzuki from Kantai Collection series, I found a lot of potential (and sexiness) in this one and it’s why I decided keep it with Rachel. Also this time there was no risk of misunderstanding with Kuroyuu-chi about the pose… ^^
Was a long time I haven’t do it so le’s give a little quote from the artist, when posting this illustration Kuroyuu-chi said ‘I feel like this one turned out quite lovely, especially Rachels facial expression and I hope you also like this piece guys (btw, just noticed I did a quote two posts earlier so not that far at all). Also for those that noticed, no clickable links here, not an error but it’s how it goes when the artist don’t accept put the watermark his side. Of course the artist have no obligations with the watermark but my side I have no obligation with clickable link, at last I don’t miss give proper credits and links at the end of the post so you can still find the artist but on his side you can never find about my project… U_u

Artist: Kuroyuu-chi / 27$ commission
Tumblr: www.ikuu-chan.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Kuroyuu
Deviantart: www.kuroyuu-chi.deviantart.com
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=9150155
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#802 – Litchi Faye Ling scissoring

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Patreon bonus: That’s not how to play tennis (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn Blazblue scissoring Litchi Faye Ling

As you noticed, last publication came late but I still wanted to keep the project active and alive with two illustrations a week so no reason miss Sunday illustration. Also had troubles with the artist that had to make January patreon raffle so I’ll need to fix that for February for my dear patrons… Stay tuned guys… °w°
Also I manage a cosplay trap project on the other side that I don’t want to share here cause NSFW trap cosplay is something special. There is already too much special content and fetishes here so better be carefull… ^__^


New illustration that I I received as gift from the lovely Kittehskye that know FurAffinity way better than me and all awesome artists on that place, so it’s sure powerfull get a new illustration and discover a great artist at same time. I’m not often into FurAffinity cause Rosalina is more human than furry but don’t mean there isn’t artist that can manage human body, as example with this duo by Iamwrath pairing Rosalina and Litchi Faye Ling from Blazblue series, a wonderfull duo so ravishing as hot with scissoring action… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
The scene itself is really hot and Iamwrath drew both ladies with a really erotic and perfect body anyway my favourite detail is Rosalina expression that turn it even more spicy, that expression is even more dangerous than Litchi’s breasts. The wat Iamwrath kept Rosalina’s medallion and the top of her dress is a nice detail there is only the toes that bug me a little as if they don’t looks anatomically wrong, what your opinion guys?
I’ll finish saying that after seeing Iamwrath‘s watermark, mine now looks really discrete, the signature is now different from her lasted art but still kinda massive. Anyway if you want to see more about Iamwrath then don’t miss take a look to her D.A. of F.A. account; human and furries being sweet or sexy, there is so much to discover… ^^

Artist: Iamwrath / Kittehskye’s gift
Tumblr: www.iamwrathart.tumblr.com
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/iamwrath
Deviantart: www.iammercyswrath.deviantart.com
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#781 – Kokonoe and trap tennis Rosalina

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princess Rosalina nintendo tennis sexy crossover hentai adult porn Kokonoe Blazblue princess Rosalina nintendo tennis sexy crossover hentai adult porn Kokonoe Blazblue trap femboy crossdress

I know November is half done, I was really busy with Rosalina’s birthday and the blog migration to the /nsfw website anyway be sure I don’t forget my dear patreons and what they deserve. I’ll keep some mystery but there is a new duo coming that was decided by DarkEcoFreak who won November Patreon raffle. Congrat to him and huge thanks to all actual patreons for their support… n(-_-)n
More than a month left but most of you know it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas, about the blog I have the NSFW illustration ready and must find a SFW one for the main blog to give it an update at last, just I must admit I’m not good with SFW… ^^’


He goes silent since months and I made a last try to contact him, anyway time for a new illustration from that special deal I have (or had) with DigitallyDeviant. There is still one more in the queued but there is a chance the next illustration by DigitallyDeviant can also be his last for this project. His art is a little special and get rought or negative feedback but I really enjoyed that trap series both crazy and original… °w°
There is some part that looks unfinished in those illustrations but you really have the final versions here, it’s not that DigitallyDeviant was lazy but already spend so much time on this and you must know artists already have soooo many project in mind so he really wanted to switch to other things. This illustration was inspired by a damn sexy fanarts I like and though that would be a perfect reference for a duo with Kokonoe from Blazblue and Rosalina in her tennis suit, finally it’s DigitallyDeviant who accepted work on this duo and because our deal Rosalina got some special attributes… ^^’
As you can see, DigitallyDeviant managed a female and trap version for Rosalina, fact is the more right is the trap version having a crossplayer as model. Anyway there is a lot of other made for the project and you can find all trap Rosalina here.
Anyway this inspired me maybe to create a Rosalina x Trap series, meaning trap version of female characters like this version of Snow White you can see on the right and maybe Rosalina being as trap too. Anyway guys What is your opinion about a trap series? working like Where is my pokemon? project.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Deal
One year ago: #678 – Evil spreading
Next to come: Simply Rosalina (SFW)
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#311 – Blazblue – Noel Vermillion N°2

The Rosalina x Girl contest hosted by the group AdultAnonymous is now over. Votes have started and now we have to wait for the final results. At the end there is 14 illustrations fighting for the first place. I wasn’t really opimistic but finally a lot of amazing artists contributed and it was so hard choose my favorite for the vote.

In fact I must admit than I wanted to be fair so I asked a friend to choose his favorite drawing and this one will be the one of my vote. Like this no friends or favouritism but my friend don’t have the same tastes as me… XD

Last thing, I have a lot of ideas for the 3rd video but at the moment here isn’t a chance it happen. The contest was really powerfull but I have a lot of troubles…


Today a new request who need a huge thanks to Tallon for his really powerfull support and also congrat to steena-wooh for this amazing drawing. This time Rosalina meet Noel Vermillon from the game Blazblue (I must try is a day)…

In fact it’s not the first time Rosalina meet Noel, this pairing is already on the soft blog (see it here). You can see on the right the illustration by quamp. Though this time Rosalina and Noel are not here to have a sexy pose in hooter uniform, no! This time they will have more fun… A lot of fun… °w°

Rosalina and Noel are really beautifull and steena-wooh did an excellent job, two beautifull girls, expressive face, a lot of details and a really hot and sensual moment. They are not crying but moaning (I hope I’m right with this word), it make the drawing more romantic and tender like this… ^^

I also love how steena-wooh used the sketch for the background, I sometimes see the artist use a close-up or zoom on the background but never the sketch and I must admit it look really powerfull and more original in that way… I love this drawing, thanks so much steena-wooh and Tallon… (^o^)/

And don’t hesitate to take a look to steena-wooh‘s gallery, I’m sure guys than you love this drawing and if you want to see more, there is a lot of other epic drawings in his profile. By the way, steena-wooh do commissions and sometimes request so don’t hesitete to check regulary his profile… Oh yeah…

Artist: Steena-woohy / Cost: 0$ (Requested by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: http://tallon90.deviantart.com
Steena-woohy’s profil: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/steena-wooh/profile

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