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#802 – Litchi Faye Ling scissoring

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As you noticed, last publication came late but I still wanted to keep the project active and alive with two illustrations a week so no reason miss Sunday illustration. Also had troubles with the artist that had to make January patreon raffle so I’ll need to fix that for February for my dear patrons… Stay tuned guys… °w°
Also I manage a cosplay trap project on the other side that I don’t want to share here cause NSFW trap cosplay is something special. There is already too much special content and fetishes here so better be carefull… ^__^


New illustration that I I received as gift from the lovely Kittehskye that know FurAffinity way better than me and all awesome artists on that place, so it’s sure powerfull get a new illustration and discover a great artist at same time. I’m not often into FurAffinity cause Rosalina is more human than furry but don’t mean there isn’t artist that can manage human body, as example with this duo by Iamwrath pairing Rosalina and Litchi Faye Ling from Blazblue series, a wonderfull duo so ravishing as hot with scissoring action… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
The scene itself is really hot and Iamwrath drew both ladies with a really erotic and perfect body anyway my favourite detail is Rosalina expression that turn it even more spicy, that expression is even more dangerous than Litchi’s breasts. The wat Iamwrath kept Rosalina’s medallion and the top of her dress is a nice detail there is only the toes that bug me a little as if they don’t looks anatomically wrong, what your opinion guys?
I’ll finish saying that after seeing Iamwrath‘s watermark, mine now looks really discrete, the signature is now different from her lasted art but still kinda massive. Anyway if you want to see more about Iamwrath then don’t miss take a look to her D.A. of F.A. account; human and furries being sweet or sexy, there is so much to discover… ^^

Artist: Iamwrath / Kittehskye’s gift
Tumblr: www.iamwrathart.tumblr.com
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/iamwrath
Deviantart: www.iammercyswrath.deviantart.com
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