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#916 – Bath masturbation with Claire

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PATREON BONUS: Chibi dress-up (SFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn crossover masturbation bath naked crossover final fantasy lightning claire farron
I finally heard back Sixmi34 after his DeviantArt account suspension was over, he was back and all ready for commission but a bit late for April one (and wont talk about March) but can definitely keep I’m for May raffle… Stay tuned °w°
Also talking together he told me his dream is to become a professional game illustrator, I kinda told his actually I can’t easily have the budget commission him so can’t imagine his price being pro then he told me “One day I’ll give you a free art as pro“. So I save the conversation and post it here to be sure keep a memory of this, too late to change his mind… XD


Today come the 3rd illustration made by Mavis during the 2nd edition of Your dream by… event in 2013, it was intended to be exclusive to the artist website members but may have be deleted due to the some circumstances made since years now. Many Rosalina illustration from Mavis goes lost cause a misunderstanding and the artist ignoring me after that so I now want to get those I was able save in time to have a chance see the light. Now here is the idea being this illustration:

  #07 – KP0988 / Character: Lightning Farron

I wouldn’t mind a little Rosalina x Lightning Farron action.
Something like a cuddling pose, or even something a bit more hardcore, if you’d be up for that. I’d leave the details to you. I’m sure it’ll look great.

There is so many gorgeous ladies from final fantasy series and is was so powerfull have one suggested with Rosalina and that was picked by Mavis that was pretty hipped for this scene telling me “This has to be a very lesbian scene […] with bathing and touching“. I love how the final illustration turned sure hot but also really sensual, so relaxing that Rosalina seems to have forgot about Claire touching herself giving her friend a nice show and sweet moaning to enjoy… °w°
Also this allow so much thing to happen with a little imagination, it could be Claire getting her hand on Rosalina and the princess to turn around and share the fun with her friend. Both way sounds so nice as naughty anyway considering both girls personality I would see better Claire to take the lead… Also since this one had to be exclusive to the artist page, there was another illustration with lightning made the year after that you can see on the right and if you are curious just have a look the the dedicated post here.

Artist: Mavis / commission
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#863 – Pretty princess and sophisticated lady

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Patreon bonus: HD version of this illustration (4 times bigger) for 2$+ patrons

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn POV pussy spreading lingerie busty
And after a huge thanks to all my lovely patron for their support, time to announce DarkEcoFreak as winner of September patreon raffle (summer over soon, it goes so fast). As previously told, chosen artist for this month is the-4got10-one who already drew the Rosalina and Palutena illustration you can see on the left.
Anyway some negative things too, I’m sad some patrons leaved, I was so close to the first step to get two raffles winner a month but can’t force people to join or stay so it can happen that way but wont stop me do my best… ^^


And close to 7 years later, Lulu from Final Fantasy is back with Rosalina on a commission to Kibazoku, I’m really surprised I got no more of this duo since Lulu is on my top 10 favourites girls and each time I see the ref I have of her (on the left) I feel like want her to join Rosalina anyway she have a pretty complex design so no easy find a great artist (and keep the budget alive). I really love Kibazoku‘s style being teased by some naughty piece he did then the day he opened commission and my budget was ready I finally took my chance. I requested a duo with Lulu suggesting a nice blue lingerie set to Rosalina asking to add high heels and it was all set to looks powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I never had the chance play Final Fantasy X so was looking on wiki to know about Lulu’s story and personality, Lulu is a stern lady compared to Rosalina looking more sweet and innocent but both are really protective ladies so they must have much more in common than you can imagine. So much thing they can talk about but for Kibazoku illustration they sure goes way more naughty, I love that kiss being so romantic and the action turning way more explicit at some points; great lingerie, big toy, lot of juice and naughty action, there is no way don’t appreciate all efforts Kibazoku on this piece… ^^
I love to show wip that show more about the artist work and process but also some extra things, here I love so much the first sketch Kibazoku sent me cause the see-through effect on Rosalina like she’s a slime girl and for me that love messy I regret a bit it’s cannot be true but give me some ideas. Also haven’t told Kibazoku that I never ask Luma to be involved in NSFW pieces since those cute baby stars need keep their innocent so great thing he added a Moogle in the background (he looks well made anyway). °w°
And let’s conclude with two bonus stories linked to this illustration, the first is searching for a great ref with Lulu I saw lot of bestiality stuff with her (don’t know why tbh), it’s what gave me the mod for some Rosalina and doggy art but I also saw an artist who designed a really hot latex outfit that I should manage on Lulu if she meet Rosalina again in the future. Second is about the artist Mazzacho that looking at the WIP thought it was a banana instead of dildo, he pretty much liked this idea and gave us the idea go for a food porn illustration but not with Lulu this time, and it’s all I can say for now (suspense!)… ^__^

Artist: Kibazoku / 30$ commission
One year ago: #758 – FutAccident
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#695 – New master for Terra & Celes

princess rosalina ecchi hentai porn yuri lesbian nsfw crossover final fantasy terra celes

I was asked if the winner of patreon raffle can also suggest and artist as the pose and second girl with Rosalina, it’s a really good question and basically it more depend of the artist commission price and if it can fit the budget but basically patrons can suggest artists that I’ll reserve them until they wont the raffle.
I’ll also try to make a little shooting this week-end preparing new references for DigitallyDeviant with a little corset I ordered. Compared the one I got is white an black compared to the photo. I know the blue one looks like made for Rosalina but no discount, anyway those are maid color that is a fetish many peoples have… ^^


As if Rosalina is a so ravishing and lovely princess, she also have the power be a master and it’s what discovered Terra & Celes from Final fantasy series. That illustration was created by PixelJail (formerly PostWatershedArt) that accepted participate to the project as request to train before open commission and now get a really good level as you can see on the left illustration that is one of his more recent post. So today illustration is a bit sketchy and don’t show PixelJail‘s actual level but no way don’t enjoy it… ^^
Rosalina is a princess but Nintendo never gave her a throne as she deserve, thanks PixelJail who fixed that point and also added some sweet company that also looks so sexy, Terra’s top moving down as Rosalina’s dress and Celes with a so sexy corset (that I love so much) revealing those small but cute breasts. They all looks so quiet and lovely so nothing that explicit here and we all can imagine how it will goes next, can stay that way or goes a little more kinky but still romantic. PixelJail created a piece that can inspire great stories with that trio and maybe one that can be use for a new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service… °w°
A huge thanks to PixelJail for all his time and efforts spent on this illustration. I hope I’ll be able manage to commission him soon to be able show how Rosalina can look in his actual style, maybe more sweet or even more kinky, who know. If you wish to see more there is many places to enjoy PixelJail‘s art listed below so don’t miss to have a look. You can also find his commissions info here to discover about prices and also he do illustrations too explicit for D.A., Interesting… ^__^

Artist: PixelJail / Request (now close)
Tumblr: www.pixeljail.tumblr.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PixelJail
Patreon: www.patreon.com/pixeljail
Deviantart: www.pixeljail.deviantart.com

One year ago: #589 – Offering her body to the pipe
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#626 – Dominant girl but resistant princess

Three illustration were done kinda at the same time and all are important but I can only publish them one by one and must hold myself or I’ll never be able keep some backup content to keep the blog regularly updated. There is the winner of patreon raffle today, then come the winner of ‘Your dream by…‘ event and then since this last one didn’t ended as expected I also have a promise to honor.
Then for now illustrations will come one by one and maybe I’ll enjoy to tease you a little with upcoming piece on patreon raffle with more exclusive sketches. Also june is close and if you want get your chance on the raffle an get your fav lady and fetishes join Rosalina don’t hesitate to join… Oh yeah… ^^


So time to start with Lunakiri‘s request for the last May patreon raffle, also interesting point cause it’s the 5th raffle but first time it include a lady that Rosalina never meet and that’s so powerfull increase the collection with new crossovers. The idea was ‘Sice pulling Rosa in with her scythe‘ (Sice is from Final Fantasy series) and it’s HippoNova that was designed to work on this illustration. A great combo cause and her badass style mix so nicely with the way Lunakiri see Sice as a really strong and dominant lady… Poor cute Rosalina.
As reference I also had this illustration by Keori-Kiczys that you can see on the right and I feel really bad about Sice’s scythe; as you can see here the way she hold Rosalina is from the reference photo and it’s not an error HippoNova did but me that forgot mention the scythe giving the description. Sounds so stupid and I’m really sorry about that Luna, as Rosalina addict I’m really strict with some details about her and I know how the scythe is important part of Sice so that feeling. I really love that illustration and HippoNova sure did an awesome job but there is a failure on my side, must really be careful about that point cause patrons support is awesome and I must do the best for them… T_T
At first HippoNova asked me if she can draw them nude due to the pose and her style in general, I just asked to keep a little clothes as little lingerie on Rosalina and that cape of Sice that finally looks so cool. Also was a pleasant surprise to see Rosalina wear some sexy high heels as I love so much. Also as if Sice is strong warrior and dominate, that sweet princess can also be a badass fighter on smash bros. and as you can see try to resist, her expression is really good, kinda strong and angry, just don’t really like how HippoNova drew her right eye visible through hair like in manga style but for me that hidden eye is important part of Rosalina.
So it’s apologies for Luna and congrat to HippoNova that will sure appear more in the future due to a so badass style and prices, be sure to take a look at her (huge) gallery and consider about commission cause she own really competitive price. For the moment it’s 5$ per character but we don’t know how many time it will be that way but be sure I’ll make you hear about HippoNova even more and that mean she’s have to draw more sexy Rosalina for sure but let see who will be with that sweet princess… ^^

Artist: HippoNova / Cost: 10$

One year ago: Splatoon squid sisters want a… Squirt
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#561/563 – Birthday time

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2015

Some unexpected incidents happened (don’t worry, nothing important) but it made me busy all the day when I was planning to prepare Halloween and Birthday posts. So Halloween is planned for the next post and must come late, really sorry about that but for now it’s a so powerfull day and celebration time for the more beautifull and cutest princess in the world… Happy birthday Rosalina… \(^o^)/
Since her first appearance on Mario Galaxy available on Japan in November 1st 2007, Rosalina have now 8 years of existence and that’s powerfull Nintendo give her more importance since her come back on Mario 3D world, she’s now on so many game and ready to join for the next Mario tennis. Another game that I must be really bad but for sure I wont miss to play with Rosalina… Oh yeah… °w°


Rosalina Nintendo casual clothes birthdayHere is the first illustration commissioned to Lunakiri, wanted something soft and sweet that I can share everywhere to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday. Always with crazy and weird ideas for my commissions I decided to let Lunakiri with fully freedom on this illustration (just asked for something soft, not usual from me) and in other wait there it’s more a surprise that is more interesting for a birthday. Also like the last illustrations on Lunakiri’s patreon I was sure the result must be so cool.
A sweet Rosalina, little birthday cake and cute Luma to add a funny touch, I really love Lunakiri‘s idea and that suit she designed is beautifull, more casual and still close to her original dress at some point, here is how Rosalina must look in real life. Not sure for the moment but must have more illustrations from Lunakiri with Rosalina dressed liek this to see more of her suit. Stay turned…


Rosalina Nintendo hentai final fantasy Tifa lesbianSecond illustration is by Omnimaid Time to move to something more expliciby Omnimaid who gave me the honor to participate to Rosalina’s birthday for the 3rd time, I never forget when he said “I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” and once again he’s here to amaze me with his art and skills, thanks sooo much my friend. With that hairstyle and materia on the floor I’m sure you recognize that so sexy Tifa ready to offer her body and some fun to Rosalina, that soudns so exciting… °w°
Omnimaid already drew a trio with C.C. and Yoruichi using the same point of view, be sure it’s not easy to do (and as me Tifa bust loooks a little weird). I was thinking he love to draw that angle but he answered it was really hard to do. Maybe you are a little masochist my friend… XD


Rosalina Nintendo hentai Super Soniko lesbianHere is the last illustration still by Omnimaid who wanted to try something more with comic style but life didn’t gave him time to to work on a comic either, at last this page is awesome and with some imagination we can make the story continue. With those huge tities, sweet faces and huge dildo on Super Soniko (who meet Rosalina for the first time) there is enough for so much kinky ideas with this duo… °w°
At it’s those breasts who looked kinda special, those are so huge and soft but don’t seem affected by the gravity but they can be on Rosalina’s observatory and on the galexy gravity isn’t the same, that’s even more powerfull to enjoy those perfect breasts fondling and making them bouncing… Once again thanks so much for your support Omnimaid… \(^o^)/

Multiple – Cynthia + Lightning

Was a really hot week-end without internet, can’t do anything and can’t sleep with heat… You can be sure it was sooo long. I wanted to look at some artist when go back to home but I also had to prepare the next post and after that not so much time… Life is so cruel… U_u

I also updated a the page “Where is my Pokemon?” adding Mismagius and Banette. Next step is for Rosalina curriculum but I have to find how we can unlock baby Rosalina. For sure I already bought Mario kart but since the little sister love the WiiU, she hold it and my game… Raaah…


Today it’s a commission to The lovely and talented SexyPinkLady who also remember me so much memories. She’s the first artist I commissioned after create the Rosalina x Girl project, Already received some illustrations as requests but my first commission (that you can see on the right) with Rosalina and Misty was to SexyPinkLady. Published in the blog in october 2011 but I created the blog two month after start the project so it’s sooo old…

If you take a look to the post I made to the Rosalina and Misty piece (here), you can see that my english level was really different, and the size of my posts too. How it can be so short with so much errors? Other detail, since this piece, SexyPinkLady changed her name, the old was Superprincesspeach91 and deleted the illustration to her gallery to remove old pieces. This post is the last memories I have from this commission. Artists can delete their accounts or illustrations from but it will never disappear on the blog, a place for memories to all artists who participated to my project, thanks so much to you…

After Tallon commissioned SexyPinkLady for and illustration with Rosalina and Haku, I thought I must have a new piece from her. After all since 2011 she really increased her level and after she’s really powerfull to draw pretty and sexy girl with lingerie and high heels… How I can resist to SexyPinkLady after that?

I asked SexyPinkLady her favorites ladies and as you can expect Cynthia and Lightning were in. I asked for sexy outfits and high (love it) and really love the result. Cynthia with her bunny suit is really the sexiest as me but both are gorgeous, so beautifull, so adorable and so sexy. At start I didn’t wanted SexyPinkLady to add a background but she insisted and the result is excellent… You must admit she did an incredible work… (^o^)/

Not use to ask, I’m sure you love it guys, for more illustration from SexyPinkLady don’t hesitate to take a look to her Deviantart account or for uncensored versions or her more kinky illustration it’s on her blog (here). You can also commission her, she have really interesting prices, 10$ for a full body character and 7.5$ for additional but you must add 5$ if you want it to turn into yuri or naughty… What a huge dilemma for all pervert guys… XD

Artist: SexyPinkLady  /  Cost: 29$
Deviantart: www.sexypinklady.deviantart.com
Blog (18+): www.sexy-pink-lady.blogspot.com

One year ago: League of Legends – Tristana N°2

#402 – Final fantasy – Aeris

Still waiting for Mavruda decision to announce the idea he choosen on the suggestion contest. He just finished to draw the new wallpaper calendar, you can find it on he site mydirtydrawings.com now and it will appear on the blog for the next update. I can just say the theme is Chinese new year… °w°

I’m so busy with work and have so much in mind for the blog. A new page and video in mind but no time to create them. Also if there is someone who know how use Sony Vegas I need some tips for effects on the next video. thanks guys and enjoy you visit here… ^^


Who never hear about Final Fantasy series? Nobody of course. And I’m sure you agree that they created so much gorgeous characters and of course damn sexy ladies. Lulu, Fran, Yuna and Tifa are my favs but there is so much powerfull other ladies ladies. After all, Final Fantasy is one of the biggest part on the wishlist. Today it’s turn for Aeris to join Rosalina and applauses come to the talented and lovely GuverFourElements.

GuverFourElements gallery is really impressive (also his name), So much beautifull illustrations and you love love animes like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto or simple some pretty sexy ladies, don’t hesitate to visit his page. Most of his art is safe but if you search a little I’m sure your pervert mind will enjoy it… XD

So a powerfull art and also really interesting commission prices. You can find more infos on GuverFourElements‘s but as info this drawing cost 120 D.A. points, less than 2$ so you must admit it’s really cheap. I must commission GuverFourElements again in the future so stay turned guys but if you want to see your dreams come true don’t hesitat to send him a note… Oh yeah…

You can see on the right the first sketch I received from GuverFourElements and really love it. Just asked if he can add some high heels and a lingerie touch (I have a huge fetish for this). The result is really amazing and you can be sure GuverFourElements is an excellent for commission. He regulary send you updated and WIP so no bad surprises, just an epic illustration at the end… (^o^)/

Artist: GuverFourElements  /  Cost: 120 DeviantArt points

One year ago: Disgaea => Rozalin N°2

#322bis – Final Fantasy – Tifa Lockhart N°3

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi final fantasy tifa crossover
I’m back, sorry about this silence but I was really bad after this accident. It didn’t hurt me physically but it’s not the same thing for the car. I just found a job for a month and finally half will be to fix it so that’s really annoying. I hope you understand it was impossible for me to think about something else during the week-end… Damn, still think about this moment and it was a stupid accident… So stupid… U_u

The blog restart with a new girl and also an other participant to the event Your dream by Mavruda. 20 day left before the end of the event but don’t hesitate to participate guys, it’s not here than you will have problem submitting some dirty ideas… you can be sure I love dirty ideas… Oh yeah… °w°


Damn, I totally forget than I didn’t published all illustrations for the Rosalina x girl contest who happened two month ago. The drawing can’t be on the counter untill he have his own post and there is 7 waiting after this one, I have to hurry… U_u

I sure everybody know tifa, she’s one of my favorite F.F. character and seem to be really famous like all sexy fanarts I saw of her. she finally decided to join rosalina again and now they “are spending quality time together in Rosalina’s bedroom“. This beautifull drawing was a colab into GojiraMon for the line and Leebaby44 who colored it. Don’t hesitate take take a look to theirs galleries, there is a lot of powerfull illustrations… °w°

I love this drawing, they are so beautifull, adorable and sensual. Lot a details, a great background and adding a funny touch with Mario and Cloud the result is epic. I was really sad this piece didn’t won a prize, so much lovely and talented artists who contributed, I added prizee to give more but can make a prize per artist… Bwaaaa… T_T

GojiraMon made an amazing line with a lot of details and ideas so Leebaby44 had to keep everything with the colorationbut also add his own touch and style to make the drawing epic. A hard challenge but as you can see they sucesseed and I hope you like it guys. Now GojiraMon is working on a little One Piece comic and Leebaby44 opened commissions so don’t hesitate to take a look and give them your support and feedback… Oh yeah…

Artist: GojiraMon and Leebaby44 / Cost: special (contest)
Leebaby44: http://leebaby44.deviantart.com
GojiraMon: http://gojiramon.deviantart.com

One year ago: Street Fighter – Ibuki
Added to wishlist: Tali Zorah from Mass Effect (see it here)

#313-328 – Rosalina x Girl contest results… 16 entries

Thanks to everydody for making this first contest a success… (^o^)/

It was a long time I wanted to host a contest in the group but due to a lack of interest and comments it never happened untill the Deviantart group AdultAnonymous accepted to host it. After a month an 16 participants it’s now time to show all submission and of course the result…

Thansk so much to AdultAnonymous, All artistes who participated and helped with a prize. I met a lot of amazing peoples and even if there was some misunderstandting I’m really happy how it turned, a lot of amazing surprises and really powerfull drawings.

This post show all entries of the Rosalina x Girl contest. Of course each drawing will have his own post and description, I’ll do my best make an epic post for each illustrations… Oh yeah… °w°


At start officials winners:

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover peach yuri sexy1st place: Rosalina x Peach by endoh69
Congrat to endoh69 for his victory and this really lovely pairing with Rosalina and Peach. It’s a really amazign duo and also the more “realistic”, maybe it’s because that I have so much drawings with these two girls… ^^

A little quote: ‘I think you can say this is hot, but not at the point it is erotic, bu at the same time i think is very cute because their hugging each other in a lovely way‘… Of course they are sexy but also look really romantic and tender. Rosalina and Peach face are also a great point, good job endoh69… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon toukou yuri sexy ecchi2nd place: Rosalina x Touko (Pokemon) by soulkenh
Second place was for soulkenh who had a really powerfull and funy idea, of course why not try to capture Luma, nobody know this “pokemon” and Touko must do an amazing discovery.

I played a lot pokemon and had a litte idea. If I capture a Luma and hold it, Rosalina must come. Touko will give me a hand. ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover pokemon nurse joy yuri sexy hentai porn3rd place: Rosalina x Joy (pokemon) by FedoGrim
FedoGrim was a little late to submit her drawingbut he drew a really powerfull drawing and finally won a prize with the 3rd place.

This drawing is lovely, sexy and funny. I love the close-up, Joy with her embarrassed face is so lovely and Rosalina seems have dirty ideas in mind… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Darkstalker felicia yuri sexy lingerieHonorable mention: Rosalina x Felicia (Darkstalker)
Codynn was the first to submit her drawign to the contest (there is a little reason though) and drew a damn lovely pairing with Rosalina and Felicia. I lvoe these two girl and already commissioned this pairing for the blgo there is a loooonnng time and they are back, thanks so much Codynn and congrat for the honorable place…. °w°

Important detail, only two drawings are with traditional art. For a lot of people it’s not so powerfull as digital but if you have friends who only draw with pencils and copics you must know than traditionnal art have soemthing magic and I’m glad Codynn reach a great place… ^^


Special prizes:

Yeah, I decided to offer two special prizes for my prsonnal favorite drawings, it’s like a little bonus for two artists… I can make everybody a huge prize but really wanted to add a little more. I must admit it was really hard to choose and I wanted to add more prizes butwith a dead budget (thanks to the veterinarian), that’s impossible… U_u

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Lilith Borderland sexy yuriSpecial prize: Rosalina x Lilith (Borderland)
It’s finally KhalFrodo (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration) who win with this really beautifull colaboration. so much great drawings and ideas but sincerely this one have a lot of details (tatoo, weapons, masks) and also created a little story for the description. It make the drawing alive and more realistic.

the backgroung look great but my favorite detail is Rosalina wand, I want the same… °w°

Honorable prize: Rosalina Does A Tribute To Federico Fellini
This drawing didn’t receive any vote and I agree than Jabba7 don’t have the amazing style as you expect but without just Jabba7 style and level this drawing is the more powerfull I received for this contest… Oh yeah…

Jabba7 made this drawing to celebrate the 50th anniversary 8 1/2 movie and it’s an honnor to see Rosalina here. You can see the trailer of the movie here and can try to find these three girls with Rosalina.

All these girls are really important but Rosalina wearing this black dress is also a reference to an other black and white movie, wait for the full post for more infos.



More epic pieces:

It’s now time to show all participants, it will be in alphabetical order so there isn’t any préference. By the way I decided to send a little prize to all artists as thanks for their efforts. The contest is not epic becasue the three winners but because so much artists decided to participate, thank so much everybody… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover jessica rabbit sexy yuriRosalina x Jessica Rabbit:
First time than SeductiveGeisha painted anything fully and for a first time the result is really beautifull, they are so sexy but also really lovely and sensual together. Rosalina face is so cute and I love lingerie, they are amazing… °w°

Instead of Jessicaleft breast who look a little too much “perfect”, SeductiveGeisha did an excellent job. I’m glad he contributed to the blog with this so beautifull pairing (Yeah, Jessica is a really sensual a beautifull girl) but also had fun with it and tried new techniques, I hope it was a great experience… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover DC wonder woman yuri hentai porn bondageRosalina x Wonder Woman
I always have troubles with characters from Marvel and DC, for me the more important is the girl is amazing but you must be carefull with this detail when you talk with a comic lover or he will kill you…Maybe it’s the case for JosephBarringtonArt… ^^

This time o doubts than Wonder Woman is a DC character and will give some fun to Rosalina. I love your illustration, they are really sexy having some fun together but it’s also more tender and romantic, not hardcore but a fun and lovely moment… First time Rosalina have so so cute face in a bondage situation, good job JosephBarringtonArt

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Disney Ralf Sergeant Calhoun yuri hentai pornRosalina x Sergeant Calhoun
You can say than I’m a huge pervert and it’s not a problem. I have to admit than I love this drawing and especially Rosalina naughty face, she look so expressive and sexy. I think oOPink-NinjaOo drew one of the more pervert and exciting Rosalina for the contest… Eh eh…

After saw Wreck-It Ralph I though this movie was amazing and must add some girls from this universe to the wishlist. Of course Vanellope because she’s a main character but my favorite was really Sergeant Calhoun and I’m so happy have now this paring… Thansk so much oOPink-NinjaOo… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover sexy yuri final fantasy tifaRosalina x tifa
For some peoples “Adult” mean “Porno”. I know that I’m a little pervert but didn’t have to be an “adult” for that and we can also love some drawings more romantic and sensual. girl don’t need to be naked with open legs to be amazing, it’s not that we call “Love” and there is a perfect example with this colab into GojiraMon (line) and Leebaby44 (coloration).

The result is amazing, they are really beautifull and sexy don’t come first in my mind, that’s so lovely, romantic, sensual… They are sooo cute… I also love this funny touch with Mario and Cloud in the background. It because drawings like this one than I’m so sad there isn’t more prizes for this contest… T_T

nintendo mario princess rosalina daisy yuri porn lesbianRosalina x Daisy
Of course when you ask for a Nintendo princess a lot of people say Peach but there is a third princess (after Rosalina) than we can forget. Thansk so much to MDVillarreal for this amazing Rosalina x Daisy… °w°

Peach il always kidnapped so Daisy and Rosalina can easilly have some fun together in her castle (but don’t say anything to Peach or Mario). They look so strong but also really beautifull and pervert. Great point than Rosalina still have her dress… It’s don’t hide a lot of her but it’s an important part of the caracter… You drew a really powerfull pic MDVillarreal… ^^

nintendo mario princess rosalina peach sexy yogaRosalina x Peach
Just have to be logical, when I ask for a draw with Rosalina and an other girl, artist often think rosalina = Nintendo = Peach… Of course they have the same style, are from the same universe and in Mario galaxy Peach is the only girl than Rosalina meet.

Rosalina and Peach again and again, it’s the 23th time I have this pairing but they are still so powerfull together. Congrat to War-Off-Evil for this amazing piece.

nintendo mario princess rosalinacrossover metroid samus yuri sexyRosalina x Samus
If you don’t look just at Mario Bros. games I’m sure you agree than Nintendo have other really powerfull and amazing girls like Samus and this time applauses to Ryujisama who joined the contest with these two girl… Oh yeah… ^^

For people who play Mario kart you must know than Rosalina have the same properties than Bowser. she’s not so huge as him but in Mario galaxy Rosalina size is 2 meters (yeah, really). that’s curious see Ryujisama drew Samus higher than Rosalina but he said than ‘her Power Suit adds a few inches to her height‘… Yeah, why not… XD

nintendo mario princess rosalina original demon futanari hentai pornRosalina x Futa demon (Original character)
When I started the Rosalina x girl project I didn’t know what is really and OC (original character) but finally artist create these character adding there own style and all the love so at the end there is some epic girls like this futa demon by FE1K0.

I love love how Rosalina is riding this huge futa dick… they look really beautifull, really sexy but FE1K0 also created something pretty funny too… I love the result and this drawing… °w°

Rosalina x Nega Rosalina
It was the last entry submited to the contest, drew by TheTransformTentacle and also one of the more curious I saw for this contest. This second girl really look to Rosalian so I thought she’s like a Dark-Rosalina or a shadow-Rosalina but in the title, TheTransformTentacle said “Nega Rosalina”… what this?

I’m also curious with these square nipples. It look really special but also this Nega Rosalina have her own style. I’m really curious to hear mroe about TheTransformTentacle and know if all was expected, more infos for the main publication of this drawing… ^^

Rosalina x black girl
A huge thanks and congrat to slaphoeproductions who knew than he didn’t have a lot of chance to win the contest but finally participated to the contest. I’m really happy each time I see a new drawing with Rosalina. The more important is not the level of the artist but when people have interest for my project and the kindness to contribute,t hat’s just so powerfull… (^o^)/

The blog have more than 300 illustrations but slaphoeproductions is the first artist who pair her with a black girl… After two years there is style a lot of surprises, it’s magic… XD


It’s the end of the Contest, I hope guys you love these drawing and don’t hesitate to let a little comment here for al artists who contributes or if you want to react to this contest. I’m a little sad it’s now over but it was sooo long to make this post. sincerely I need more like 4-5 hours to write it, Yeah, it was really hard but it’s my job to create the best post I can as honnor to all artists who contributed, Oh yeah… ^^

#263 – Final fantasy – Fran

 New wishlist and chat are now done, please tell me what do you think about that guys… The chat is a nice way to see when people are connected to the blog but nobody to post a little message… Where are you guys? O_o

 As you can see the blog have now a 30th follower… Oh yeah… But now I have a little problem because whem I made the new wishlist I found a lot of drawings who never see the light here like the Rosalina x Felicia (see it here) and I must fix that… T_T

Today an awesome commission I asked to bonete on November 2011, the same month as the one with Felicia, don’t remember what happend at this moment… bonete really have a powerfull art at this moment so I asked him a commission, don’t remember who choosed Fran but with Lulu she’s my favorite character from the FF serie so it was just perfect…

I found a lot of sketch than bonete made for this commission and can’t upload all but like all mails and drawing I have I can say bonete was really implicated into this commission and the result is just awesome… More than a year to publish your amazing work, all my apologize bonete

I hope you like the drawng guys and you can expect in more than a year bonete increase his gallery and style so you must take a look at his hentaifoundry profil and gallery, there is a lot of really powerfull pics and some a little more… hum… Curious… XD

Artist: Bonete / Cost: Don’t remember

Wishlist: Quorra and Gem from Tron legacy (see it here)

#248 – Final fantasy – Quistis

250th Drawing… Thanks for your support… (^o^)/

It wasn’t for christmas but we have great score for today… The blog just reached 200.000 views and it’s also this drawing is the 250th… The adventure just start guys and hope it will continue on that way for a long time… Thanks so much for your support and comments… Rosalina is the reason but it you who allow me to continue… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

So for the 250th I wanted I don”t have a “thanks” picture to show you but an awesome Rosalina and Quistis fron Final fantasy 8 draw by beramode. He already contributed to the blog with Rosalina and Shermi from King of fighters (see it here) and when I heard than beramode open commission you can be sure I asked him to contribute again… Sincerely 25$ for a drawing like this one is a really great price. beramode have a nice style and level, don’t hesitate to commission him (and say you found him in my blog, maybe I will make me a special promotion if he receive a lot of commissioner)… XD

I love blonde girls and lingerie so this drawing is a great start but if I add bondage and glasses it start to be awesome… At start beramode had an other idea for this commission (you can see the sketch on the right) and at a moment he said ” I travel through the web and have some reference, An Idea appear in my brain 😀 and I do a quick sketch of it ” and I received a new sketch with that idea. Sincerely this one is really powerfull and I love Rosalina face, she’s damn lovely and so cute but I’m a little sad the previous sketch wont see the light…

What your favorite situation into these two situations guys ?

New wishlisted girl: Kaguya Nanbu from Endless Frontier

#172 – FF7 – Tifa Lockhart

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian final fantazy tifa lockhart anal strap-on

At start I though the word “trash” is for something hard or gore so when an artist say it mean “garbage” in fact, I was a little embarrassed… Now I know “nice” and “trash” at the same time don’t work… I’ll be careful next time… English level +1… ^^

Maybe a drawing with Rosalina can’t be trash and now it’s a new awesome pic with Rosalina and Tifa by dc0st… Like all final fantasy fanarts I think Tifa is the more famous girl from this serie, it’s the only for this game I have now twice with Rosalina, the first pic was by Straggletag (clisk here for see it).

dc0st‘s gallery and style is awesome but he also do commission so I never expected see this quality for a request, maybe this pic is incredible. A lot of nice details like the reflect on the table, the lube or Luma (not sure every body notice it). Rosalina and tifa are great too, they look so beaufifull, sexy and Rosalina face is pretty adorable… Love this pic.. .Thanks so much dc0st‘… (^o^)/

Hope you love this pic guys and don”t hesitate to posta little comment here or on dc0st’s profil… It’s a great artist so a little comment must be great… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: dc0st / Price: Request

New wishlisted girls: Temari and Samui from Naruto

#146 – Final fantasy – Shelke

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn final fantasy shelke yuri lesbian dildo
150th Drawing here… \(^o^)/

Maybe I go in the french convention Mang’Azur on April 21th, at first it’s because I hear there is a Rosalina cosplayer so it must be so nice. But finally I can’t see her. She’s not in the convention the 21th but 22th and I can’t say two days for her… Bwaaaaa… My only chance to see a Rosalina cosplayer… T_T

Maybe it’s not use to cry and I’m happy having this blog, Can’t see the cosplayer but I already have a lot of Rosalina here… So enjoy this new drawing with Rosalina and Shelke from Final Fantasy VII (Dirge of Cerberus) by Sfan hope you like it guys… ^^

Final fantasy girls are pretty famous, It’s now the 5th girl from this series who meet Rosalina, and everytime it’s really hot. This pic is awesome, I love how Sfan drew Rosalina dress, Really exciting but so beautifull too. Background and character are beautifull, the situation is pretty hot and exciting, the only thing who look a little special as me is Rosalina and Shelke face, they are cute of course, but not so expressive. Two huge dildos but they look really calm. Maybe it’s not a huge mistake and The result is really nice so that the more important… Thanks so much Sfan, I love this pic… (^o^)/

Artist: Sfan / Price: Request

#136 – Final Fantasy – Yuffie Kisaragi

Maybe I’m really late, there is some pic waiting since 3 weeks but I can’t forget these, Artists do a really nice job and spend a lot of time drew Rosalina, now I must publish all… So today it’s Yuffie and next is Squirrel girl…

So I’m happy to show a new girl from Final Fantasy with Rosalina, after Fran, Lulu, tifa and Garnet, now Rosalina meet Yiffie… I have a lot of girl from this serie, that’s so nice… And thanks so much to Attila for this new drawing… That’s so nice… “I hope it’s good enough to post on your site“… Of course… (^o^)/

I’m really sorry about Attila, since she delete her HentaiFoundry account I haven’t anything to link, maybe I asked her if the have other account but for the moment,I can just say her old account was Nehmyncolad so if somebody know her, please comment… I was relly long publish this drawing, Nehmyncolad‘s account was deleted, that’s so bad… I hope to have more soon to link about Attila… T_T

About Yuffie, I think evebody know her, but a little wiki quote is not so bad… She is a Ninja and a Thief, wielding a large shuriken. As a rebellious and cocky tomboy, Yuffie desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation it was before being conquered by Shinra Electric Power Company. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality, Yuffie is friendly, helpful, and willingly helps the party in their battles, as well as being very optimistic toward many situations…. Now they can add pervert… XD

Artist: Attila / Price: Request
No link for the moment… Must come…

#049 – FF7 – Tifa Lockhart

Now we are over 9.000 views and it’s the 50th Drawing of the blog, Really nice… (^o^)/

 But not a lot of comments or followers… If you have some ideas to make this blog bettern don’t hesitate… ^^

Somebody remember the artist Straggletag, she drew Rosalina with Lucca from Chrono Tigger, clik here to see the drawing. So I was really happy with the commission and love her style so I ask her a second commission ( little mor expensive this time… ^^). She propose to drawn Tifa or Lulu from final fantasy, with her style I think Tifa must be really better so we start with this one.

Her idea was the girls trying to maintain composure whilst the other one plays with their vibe and she send me the first sketch… I just ask for a different position for each character and a little more for Rosalina thats why she’s now in a stool with a dildo… What a pervert… XD

So one think about Tifa, we decide to make her with black hairs but at the start, Straggletag drew her with brown hair because there is a lot of fanart with this hair color but I prefer black hair… Oh yeah… But I’m curious so the question of this post is: What your favorite Tifa hair color?

Artist: Straggletag / Price: 15$