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#248 – Final fantasy – Quistis

250th Drawing… Thanks for your support… (^o^)/

It wasn’t for christmas but we have great score for today… The blog just reached 200.000 views and it’s also this drawing is the 250th… The adventure just start guys and hope it will continue on that way for a long time… Thanks so much for your support and comments… Rosalina is the reason but it you who allow me to continue… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

So for the 250th I wanted I don”t have a “thanks” picture to show you but an awesome Rosalina and Quistis fron Final fantasy 8 draw by beramode. He already contributed to the blog with Rosalina and Shermi from King of fighters (see it here) and when I heard than beramode open commission you can be sure I asked him to contribute again… Sincerely 25$ for a drawing like this one is a really great price. beramode have a nice style and level, don’t hesitate to commission him (and say you found him in my blog, maybe I will make me a special promotion if he receive a lot of commissioner)… XD

I love blonde girls and lingerie so this drawing is a great start but if I add bondage and glasses it start to be awesome… At start beramode had an other idea for this commission (you can see the sketch on the right) and at a moment he said ” I travel through the web and have some reference, An Idea appear in my brain 😀 and I do a quick sketch of it ” and I received a new sketch with that idea. Sincerely this one is really powerfull and I love Rosalina face, she’s damn lovely and so cute but I’m a little sad the previous sketch wont see the light…

What your favorite situation into these two situations guys ?

New wishlisted girl: Kaguya Nanbu from Endless Frontier

#181 – King of fighters – Shermi

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian king of fighers shermi beramode

A lot of people are surprising about my blog, I agree ask a lot of hentai drawings with the girl of my dreams is a really special kind of love. At start I never expected my project can turn into a sexy blog, that’s why I created the Rosalinaandgirl blog sometimes after this one but I asked for drawings in a lot of soft sites like deviantart (who are not really soft now) or Fanartcentral maybe I found a lot of support and interest in HentaiFoundry so I decided stay here. Maybe I’m always looking for artist for the the soft blog (see it here). Actually I publish my request from the Lyon’s comics festval and it’s a publication a day in the soft blog and a day here… When I have time but don’t hesitate to take a look to the other blog… ^^

A was so existed create this post, it’s a request done by beramode an awesome artist who don”t have a lot of pics in his hentaifoundry gallery (the title of this drawing is third Image…) maybe you can see like this drawing he have an incredibly great level so when I said he was interested by my request, it was so nice… And I love the result… Thanks so much your your kindness beramode… (^o^)/

A lot of details and a huge quality, beramode say in the description this drawing need 15 hours of work, it’s awesome but only with Rosalina hair you can see how it’s detailled and realistic… Maybe when beramode said he wanted to draw Rosalina with Shermi, I was a little scary. I see some fanarts of her and depending the artist she’s not always beautifull (and maybe sexy) but like beramode gallerie I was sure he will create something great, but never expected have this quality for a request, this drawing is just awesome… Shermi and Rosalina are so beautifull and sexy having this wet kiss… It’s so sexy but romantic, they must have a lot of fun…

But  I’m sure you didn’t nitice it but like Rosalian position, beramode do a huge mistake, Rosalina have hair in front of her right eye but here it the left eye… So bad… T_T

If you are interested, beramode may accept requests or maybe do it as commission if it don’t pick his interest a lot, maybe comparate to the quality his prices are really interesting so I really think to ask beramode a second drawing, but it will be a commission this time… Now I have to find the other girl to ask with Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: beramode / Cost: Request

New wishlisted girls: Annie, Evelynn, Katarina, Lulu, Lux and Nidalee from league of legends