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#560 – Rosalina's Delivery Service Chapter 1


Rosalina Nintendo comic doujin porn lesbian yuri haky vocaloid story

She was close to be on 3DS and missed it because some laziness from Nintendo (really) but now Rosalina will join Mario tennis series for the WiiU version. IT was announced with the new Mario tennis trailer en October 20th and as you can see on the right Rosalina have now a new suit and I wonder to make that kind of cosplay for next year.
Also be ready for Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday… So excited… *o*


After month of hard work and supporting me (I have to admit that), Ska Jr Zombie join me to present you the next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic available now on the shop page (here). After Ragyo from Kill la Kill, we have a less dominatig but so adorable lady to get a package from Rosalina; Haku from the Vocaloid series. Just be sure she looks adorable and innocent but can be really naughty too… Eh eh… ^^
Last delivery of the day with a package to the lovely Haku offering Rosalina to take a bath. Start with some toys on bathroom, spying and masturbation before both goes together for a long and intese night. Kinky tongues, fingers and toys; see two beauties become naughty with some fun and cartoon touches…
Second incredible comic by Ska Jr Zombie. Start sweet, continue kinky and sensual before intense and damn naughty ending. Haku was chosen in homage to my freind Tallon for his awesome and constant support on the blog, I wanted to make something powerfull in return and seem he really enjoyed the result as I was amzed by Ska Jr Zombie skills. Oh yeah.

Now don’t hesitate to get your copy here and enjoy… \(^o^)/

#528 – Happy birthday Haku

Vocaloid Haku Yowane Rosalina sexy ecchi 
Was able to get Splatoon Amiibo and collector edition of the game (with green Amiibo), noticed than American have a pack with the three together, that’s really more powerfull cause here to get the greeen one we must buy the game as full price and can’t enjoy the promotion of 5$ off for those who downloaded the demo.
Nintendo start to do shit with us to get more money and I finally stop buy Nintendo products. Maybe a day they will understand and listen at us… Maybe… U_u


Today another illustration made by Lunakiri as gift for my friend Tallon. A lovely duo to celebrate Haku Yowane birthday on November 21th (exactly 3 weeks after Rosalina). I know it’s kinda sketchy but I was kinda late when talked about it with Lunakiri so she had to rush to finish it in time but the result is so lovely. She did a great work for sure…

The idea was Rosalina delivering to Haku a present from Tallon, her suit is inspired by the one in Rosalina’s Delivery Service and must admit this blue lipstick and glasses make her looks kinda cute. Both are so cute but Lunakiri also drew a sexy touch and they are so close, with a little imagination I’m sure it can turn naughty but also more lovely. Don’t know what inside but if you are curious, on the next comic chapter they will be a package from Tallon to Haku with som interesting “accessories” inside… Eh eh…
For now Lunakiri is silent from several days but recently published some illustration on her galelry, they are cool and playfull with a naughty touch so I’m sure you will love them guys. Also feel free to talk with her if your interested by a commission, she have really interesting prices and always do her best… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$

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Next to come: Captured and bondage Rosalina

#377 – Vocaloid – Haku [Care For a Drink?]

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nintendo mario princess rosalina vocaloid haku sexy ecchi messy drink wetlook
Finally the wallpaper calendar project started with the amazing artist Mavruda, He’s a really pleasant guy and amazing artist so I really wanted to make a nice project with him. the first calendar page is now available (download here) and it’s free… Oh yeah… XD

Now I will publish a new page each month, don’t know if you will have everytime two version but Mavruda and me are now waiting for your fedback. I decided about the concept of the page with illustration on the right and a blank part for your desktop icons but what your feeling. Do you like it graphically and it’s usefull?


Once again I’ll talk about my amazing friend Tallon (Naah, he’s not my bf) but a so powerfull and helpfull guys. This illustration was a commission he asked to swoot and I love it so much. If you wonder why Rosalina meet the Vocaloid girl Haku once again. Well, I’m in love with Rosalina and Tallon in love with Haku… ^^

Rosalina and Haku serving up some drinks are so powerfull (and damn sexy). If you wonder, it’s not coffe and Wine but rootbear and monaco drinks. Tallon asked me what is my favourite drink, I said Monaco and as you can expect, Tallon‘s favorite is rootbear. Now you can understand more about swoot illustrations… ^^

Swoot really did an amazing job, Rosalina and Haku are gorgeous. Lovely face, a great style for hair, sexy bikinis and a great background. I also forgot to say that I love so much the messy touch, wet girls and clothes are so powerfull. In fact I think I prefer a wet tee-shirt than a transparent lingerie but that’s not the same thing… °w°

Thanks so much this powerfull surprise Tallon and congrat to swoot who did an excellent job. Don’t hesitate to take a look to his HentaiFoundry account for more infos about commissions. This illustration if the first one in his gallery but you can see he have an excellent style and you can also find some WIP on his tumblr (swootsart.tumblr.com) so I’m sure it’s just the start of an amazing artist… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: swoot / Cost: ??? (gift)
Tumblr: www.swootsart.tumblr.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/swoot/profile

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#308 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku N°4

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi crossover Vocaloid Yowane Haku sexy
A huge thanks for all who visit the blog and especially take the time look at all pages and post a little comment but I see than not a lot take the time read it. I have a lot of projects and ideas in mind but people are not enough reactive so there is a lot of thing I drop out.

As example I asked “ What button look the best for you? “.
Thanks to Eromanboy who answered on Twitter but I’m sure he’s not the only who visit the blog. I  must find an idea than people don’t miss when I post a little question… U_u

I want the blog be the best so don’t hesitate give me your feedback and ideas… Thanks everybody and welcome here… ^^


Today an other amazing drawing with Rosalina and the vocaloid Haku than I didn’t drew (of course) but I also didn’t asked (don’t expect I don’t like it)… It was commissioned to SexyPinkLady by the awesome Tallon who help me a lot with the blog sending me a message when he find great artist who do commissions and sometimes ask some drawing with Rosalina for the blog… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

I’m a gentleman so ladies first and some memories about SexyPinkLady who already contributed to the blog on 2011. I found her because a drawing with Rosalina and Samus so asked her for more information about commission rules and finally commissioned Rosalina with Misty (see it here), one of my favorite girl from the pokemon series. At this moment SexyPinkLady‘s D.A. name was Superprincesspeach91 and not use to search these old drawing in her gallery, all was deleted… Yeah, It’s not a blog, it’s a huge memories folder for me and I wont delete any drawing.

You can see than SexyPinkLady really increased her level since the Rosalina x Misty and now I also have the ability make bigger post than nobody can read but I really wanted commission SexyPinkLady again. She love Cynthia from pokemon (than I really love) and also Lightning from F.F. and it was hard to choose into the se two girls. Cynthia is one of my favorite character but Lighning is also really beautifull and never meet Rosalina… Finally Rosalina will meet Cynthia… and Lightning at the same time… °w°

But for the moment Rosalina is now in a strip club with Haku and they look so powerfull and amazing together. I love how SexyPinkLady drew Rosalina hair keeping the style of the original character but she’s also amazing with long hair, she look more mature and sexy… Beautifull girls, sexy pose and clothes, I love this drawing… (^o^)/

Last detail asked by Tallon, you can notice “Awesome” and “Powerful” in Haku and Rosalina clothes, he asked SexyPinkLady to add words we use the most… And that’s true I often say “powerfull” in my posts and comments but I write it with two L. I know it wrong but as me the word is really more beautifull like this… Yeah, it’s stupid… XD

Artist: SexyPinkLady / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Tallon’s profil: http://tallon90.deviantart.com
SexyPinkLady’s profil: http://sexypinklady.deviantart.com

Added to wishlist: Domino and Roxy from Jackals (see it here)

#283 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku N°3

The video is now finished and on youtube (as private), the last step is just a huge question: “Where I can put this video on the blog?“… Any suggestions?

As answer to Residentlover2, I already though to create a Peach x Girl, since Peach is more famous and have more fans it must be more easy to find artists but I don’t have time for two blogs like this (but there is a lot of RosalinaxPeach) and I’m in love only with Rosalina, she’s the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world… °w°

After Cavalry it’s now time to present a new amazing artist who contributed: Ungudtime. You can take a look at his gallery and you must don’t forget to let a comment, because Ungudtime do “Weekly Watcher’s Commission” That’s simple, each time you let a comment you also choose a number between 1-100 and the closest person will receive a free commission valued at $30… You can be sure I tried and the result is amazing… So don’t hesitate to participate guys and let to the artist a great comment, not just something like “Really love your work! My number is 67!“, not sure it’s fair for the artist…

If you are curious about commissions or the Weekly Wather’s Commission you can find more information on Ungudtime‘s profil, now it’s time to enjoy this so beautifull Rosalina x Haku Yowane from the vocaloid series. I asked to my friend Tallon, a huge fan of Haku to participate at Ungudtime contest and like the result I think Ungudtime already know us ans created a velentine pic especially for us… It’s was an amazing surprise.. .thanks so much Ungudtime… (^o^)/

Tallon and me can’t do anything with Rosalina and Haku from valentine day so they can have some fun together… hum… Though it’s wasn’t the case for Tallon and me… XD

Artist: Ungudtime / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Blizzarian, Piper and Ravess from Storm Hawks (see it here)

#250 – Rosalina and Haku – New year party

Happy New Year 2013
Now the party just begging… Have fun guys…

Planned post because at the moment it’s time for the party, hope you enjoy this new year beginning… Now it’s time to have a lot of fun and a little breack so not a lot of spam until my birthday, if maybe I can resist… XD

Nothing more to say, thanks for all who allow me made this blog really powerfull, artists, contributors and viewers… It was nice to see you in 2012 and no choice for you to come back in 2013… I’m waitning for you…No… I supervise you (if only)… ;p

Little celebration drawing asked as rush commission to the talented Evil-Rick. At start I thought to only ask a cute or sexy Rosalina saying happy new year but really wanted to make a little thanks to Tallon who really help me a lot asking a lot of drawings for this blog and also the soft so I asked to Evil-Rick a little comic with rosalina (of course) and Yowane Haku from the vocaloid serie… I think Tallon love Haku as much as I love Rosalina… Or maybe my love for Rosalina is more powerfull… ^^

So thanks again for all who come here and happy new year…. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

#194 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vocaloid yowane haku

I’m back and Internet too… (^o^)/

It was a great and pretty funny week with some friends maybe when internet is missing, our world disapear… No mails, no msn, no Rosalina… It’s was horrible but not finish and I’m alive Maybe it was closed)… XD

After read more than 700 mails, I’m a little tired so don”t expect a huge post maybe I really wanted to make a new post to celebrate my return, some pics waitings, a week without utpload something so I must do it, an tomorrow I restart spam on hentaifoundry, news artists, be careful, I’m comming… Mwahahahaha…

After Miku, it’s time for Rosalina to meet a new Vocaloid girl: Yowane Haku commissioned to katzueki by Tallon. If you don’t remember Tallon said me he love my blog and want to contribute asking some commissions, so after Rosalina with Kalifa from One Piece (see it here), it now the time for one of the favorite Tallon character to meet Rosalina. With Rin and Luka it’s one of the cutest vocaloid girl as me… So it’s an awesome drawing… How nice… ^^

Thanks again to Tallon for his support (and if I remember there is an other drawing in progress), and congrat to katzueki for his awesome work, maybe he did a little error with Rosalina, she have hair in front her right hair, not the left… Don’t understand how a lot of artist do this fault… Curious… Maybe the result is great after all… Colors, shadows and background are awesome..

Last thing about katzueki, at a moment he accepted requests and someone requested Rosalina (See the drawing here), and since September 2011, less than a year it’s always the more popular drawing in his gallery. first place in the Popular Submissions list… So powerfull… So bad I miss the moment he accepted requests, now katzueki only do commisions; 20$ for a single character without background, bwaaa… T_T

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 50$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://katzueki.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-katzueki.php