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#194 – Vocaloid – Yowane Haku

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I’m back and Internet too… (^o^)/

It was a great and pretty funny week with some friends maybe when internet is missing, our world disapear… No mails, no msn, no Rosalina… It’s was horrible but not finish and I’m alive Maybe it was closed)… XD

After read more than 700 mails, I’m a little tired so don”t expect a huge post maybe I really wanted to make a new post to celebrate my return, some pics waitings, a week without utpload something so I must do it, an tomorrow I restart spam on hentaifoundry, news artists, be careful, I’m comming… Mwahahahaha…

After Miku, it’s time for Rosalina to meet a new Vocaloid girl: Yowane Haku commissioned to katzueki by Tallon. If you don’t remember Tallon said me he love my blog and want to contribute asking some commissions, so after Rosalina with Kalifa from One Piece (see it here), it now the time for one of the favorite Tallon character to meet Rosalina. With Rin and Luka it’s one of the cutest vocaloid girl as me… So it’s an awesome drawing… How nice… ^^

Thanks again to Tallon for his support (and if I remember there is an other drawing in progress), and congrat to katzueki for his awesome work, maybe he did a little error with Rosalina, she have hair in front her right hair, not the left… Don’t understand how a lot of artist do this fault… Curious… Maybe the result is great after all… Colors, shadows and background are awesome..

Last thing about katzueki, at a moment he accepted requests and someone requested Rosalina (See the drawing here), and since September 2011, less than a year it’s always the more popular drawing in his gallery. first place in the Popular Submissions list… So powerfull… So bad I miss the moment he accepted requests, now katzueki only do commisions; 20$ for a single character without background, bwaaa… T_T

Artist: Hikashy / Cost: 50$ (Gift by Tallon)
Deviantart: http://katzueki.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-katzueki.php