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#802 – Litchi Faye Ling scissoring

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Patreon bonus: That’s not how to play tennis (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn Blazblue scissoring Litchi Faye Ling

As you noticed, last publication came late but I still wanted to keep the project active and alive with two illustrations a week so no reason miss Sunday illustration. Also had troubles with the artist that had to make January patreon raffle so I’ll need to fix that for February for my dear patrons… Stay tuned guys… °w°
Also I manage a cosplay trap project on the other side that I don’t want to share here cause NSFW trap cosplay is something special. There is already too much special content and fetishes here so better be carefull… ^__^


New illustration that I I received as gift from the lovely Kittehskye that know FurAffinity way better than me and all awesome artists on that place, so it’s sure powerfull get a new illustration and discover a great artist at same time. I’m not often into FurAffinity cause Rosalina is more human than furry but don’t mean there isn’t artist that can manage human body, as example with this duo by Iamwrath pairing Rosalina and Litchi Faye Ling from Blazblue series, a wonderfull duo so ravishing as hot with scissoring action… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
The scene itself is really hot and Iamwrath drew both ladies with a really erotic and perfect body anyway my favourite detail is Rosalina expression that turn it even more spicy, that expression is even more dangerous than Litchi’s breasts. The wat Iamwrath kept Rosalina’s medallion and the top of her dress is a nice detail there is only the toes that bug me a little as if they don’t looks anatomically wrong, what your opinion guys?
I’ll finish saying that after seeing Iamwrath‘s watermark, mine now looks really discrete, the signature is now different from her lasted art but still kinda massive. Anyway if you want to see more about Iamwrath then don’t miss take a look to her D.A. of F.A. account; human and furries being sweet or sexy, there is so much to discover… ^^

Artist: Iamwrath / Kittehskye’s gift
Tumblr: www.iamwrathart.tumblr.com
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/iamwrath
Deviantart: www.iammercyswrath.deviantart.com
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#793 – Corrupting a sweet Mimikyu

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 \(^o^)/

Can’t start without wish you all a powerfull new year 2018 with happiness and for some I know a lot of luck and courage. My side I’ll just do my best keep the blog active and hope start new projects like a lingerie/high heels pin-up series or 3rd chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic… Let’s all do our best… °w°
My side I must be careful financially with both personal and RosalinaxGirl budget, kinda hard be strict even more when I wish allow me be crazy and buy something to start 2018 nicely or as birthday gift to myself. Probability I resist is actually low so better no great packs on World of Warships… ^^’


And let’s start 2018 with a gift from Kittehskye with her Mimikuy gijinka OC named Iris (a gift from a friend as she would say). It sure was a so wonderfull and unexpected gift that also add a new character to the project Where is my pokemon?… Oh yeah.
You can see on the right a safe illustration about Iris, Kittehskye have several pokemon gijinka OC that are soooo ravishing and well designed, I was always hoping be able use then with Rosalina for the project and finally Iris came. Must admit I never expected a NSFW duo cause how cute and innocent looks Iris but Kittehskye know me too well and goes with something kinda explicit. No doubt I love the result but on the other side I feel a bit uncomfortable have Iris corrupted a second time cause of me… U_u
If you are curious, first time was in the illustration on left side I gifted to Kittehskye but this time Rosalina is here. I really love that illustration and hope people will consider it as ‘basic’ cause there is really great job here. Imaranx is really good with shading and managed lot of nice details like shining effect on crown, blushing touch or Rosalina removing her panties that respectively add more details, cuteness and finally sexiness that mix so nicely together… °w°
I just talked about 3 details but there is way more to enjoy like the dildo touch, cute nipples, Iris’s outfit and hair shading… so really just take the time discover it to see how much efforts and work putted Imaranx. For more you can visit her DeviantArt page and gallery where you can find cute MLP gif to really sexy and busty pin-up. Of course you can ask for for commissions with no fetish limits but always better to ask if you have something a bit too much special in mind. I just don’t know if there is a place where Imaranx post illustrations too explicit for D.A., I must ask her and edit the post if have something to share… ^__^

Artist: Imaranx / Kittehskye’s gift
One year ago: #690 – Rosalina Backview
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#774/776 – Happy 10th Birthday Rosalina

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November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2017

Patreon bonus: All patrons get HD versions of these illustrations (4 times bigger)

It was now 10 years since Mario Galaxy was released in Japan on November 1st 2017 and Rosalina officially appeared to the world, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. After that she appeared in way more game (as if nothing new with her since the Switch) but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

I sure managed some illustration that you can see here and are published in the order I received them. Today is magic and a huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post… Oh yeah… °w°.


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm chocolate sploshing food pornWith a commission per month to Mothclip, it would be hard don’t use the opportunity get one to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday. This artist is also really talented and so kind that I goes with my messy fetish asking Rosalina covered by warm chocolate. It’s sure a weird idea that needed lot of work but Mothclip really did his best, Rosalina covered everywhere wy chocolate, from the crown that overflow, soiled dress and even heels filled tooI also love so much high heels have them filled filled. I know each one his own fetishes so a lot may fin this one a bit weird but I never said I’m a normal person and it’s so powerfull be able get some messy scene with Rosalina… °w°

Mothclip is a really talented and dedicated artist that goes fast once he start working on your commissions so you need to be ready and reactive or if you wait too much he can start without you as for illustration. I answered a few days after get the sketch but once receiving my message Mothclip was already done with colouring and it was too late for the edits I wanted like show a bit more chocolate on the lower part that goes filling Rosalina’s shoes or on the head to feel like there is even more coming to fully cover that sweet princess like a true cake icing… So guys, keep in mind be really careful and precise describing what you want and to get the perfect piece you dream about. ^^


princess Rosalina Nintendo bleach yuri lesbian crossover inoue sexy romanceSecond artist is Omnimaid who give me the honour participate each year to Rosalina’s birthday, little exception in 2016 with Halloween dedicate piece but whatever, I feel so honoured hear about him each year back with his kindness and motivation to participate to Rosalina’s birthday. As each year I wont resit quote ‘I think participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine‘ and this year, Omnimaid decided pair Rosalina and Inoue from Bleach series in a really sensual scene.

This could be already awesome but I can also say this one is the ‘first of the year that I finished‘, then Omnimaid also trapped me remembering I have a fetish for hand in panty adding some see-though effect to make it even more effective on me. Anyway the general feeling I have from this illustration is how cuteness and sexiness make a magic mix… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Omnimaid placed a lot of nice details like Rosalina’s hand in Inoue hairs that may not be easy to manage or the discrete link on the jeans tag. Anyway some parts looks a bit off like Rosalina top strap looking a bit square or the belly proportion. Anyway on this last point Omnimaid said it’s cause Rosalina is a tall person and that’s a great argument. Anyway thanks again for your kindness ans support my friend… °w°


princess Rosalina Nintendo sexy hentai messy warm birthday cream body writing cunnilingus yuri lesbian porn3rd and last illustration planned is from the October patreon raffle reward, the illustration was made by Lunakiri with and idea and character Kittehskye chosen, this time Rosalina met her OC named Akako. As for the first illustration, there is a sweet girl with a little message wrote in cream, I guess this time it don’t smell like chocolate but I envy Rosalina’s present a lot, Lunakiri and Kittehskye managed a great illustration and there is also one thing I must admit, from the moment I discovered this illustration I thought at… Messy… °w°

As a real surprise, this illustration is a true mystery for me, I don’t know about Akako origine and story, about the way Kittehskye imagined that scene and finally all the creation process from Lunakiri. Anyway there is sure details I can imagine like the messy touch cause people know my fetishes with time and this one is sure not the first illustration created by Lunakiri anyway there is questions I can’t answer like what reference, how many sketches or if there was specific techniques. In fact I must admit I force a bit too much to find content for this chapter cause I love so much this illustration and want it get a great post but there is nothing to learn whatever how much I write so let’s stop here and go back to the main event… Rosalina’s birthday to November 1st… \(^o^)/

#733 – Teasing a little fairy

And here is a new artist of the month, I let you discover BandiJones and his fetish for cunnilingus and high heels. He have many project and wish get the funds to participate in con and sare his passion for art but need some help, that’s the reason he recently started a patreon page (here) so don’t miss have a look.. ^^
I’m sorry for the previous publication that came a bit late, I was in a trip with friends on Switzerland for 3 day that were sure intense and special. The level is really hight for when will be our turn invite them… O_o


The main idea when created the project was to pair Rosalina with ‘famous‘ characters to be sure people will see about the illustration was looking at fanarts, with time I saw so many ravishign original characters that for sure weren’t famous but OC also could make a ravishing duo with Rosalina. Already got a lot with Rosalina and today it’s a new illustration Mazzacho drew pairing Rosalina’s with Kittehskye‘s OC named Miri.
A little fairy than Rosalina want to see if that cute, tiny and fragile body can be so sensitive as human one using a stem (or bade of grass) softer an smaller than her finger to be more sweet. I’m sure it tickles a little that way and must be intense like the way Miri hold her leaf and antennas moving, I also love the way Mazzacho drew it pressing on her breast and have a sweet curve appear. As you can see that little fairy is really cute with freckles and I’m sure Rosalina wont resit gently press her breasts to see how soft they are… °w°
Mazzacho managed a lovely illustration where cuteness and sexiness mix so nicelyand also where your imagination can play a lot, just imagine all kind of sweet caress Rosalina can give to Miri body, touching and teasing with fingers or even get that huge princess tongue tasting all that sweet body. the tip of the stem can also do more than just teasing and then Miri can also her turn explore Rosalina body with her being curious and tickle that princess body. I’m sorry for Mazzacho that I don’t think intended to make something with so explicit meaning but how about you guy? what kind of story you can imagine from this scene?

As you can see on the right, Mazzacho was already working on the stem idea but Miri pose was a little different on the first sketch. Being more quiet and sweet that way so I like how she turned more expressive on the final version… °w°
Once again, here is a big hug for Kittehskye and Mazzacho, I’ll never regret meet you two. For more guys you can get HD version on my patreon (here) or Mazzacho patreon (here) but no the only thing you can enjoy from this powerfull artist. Feel free visit places listed below to see more about his art, watch him stream maybe your commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#732 – Not in my butt Ilumia!

Still waiting for an answer from the artist to get the confirmation but I can announce for sure it’s Ivan Bucio that won June patreon raffle and will get anyone he want with Rosalina and/or decide a theme as long it respect the artist rules. There will also come some patreon exclusive versions like the Piranha plant series that you on the left.
Also talked to peoples about pay-up-front or paywall, for the first one it’s to prevent all that join the top tier for a few days to steal content (go so many of that) and for the second, I’m far to be a paywall. I want patreon to support the project and help it grow but there will have more rewards for patreon and never less on the blog. For now I just do extra efforts get more content to offer to patreon and I hope that will work… O_o


And not here is May patreon raffle reward for Kittehskye that asked Rosalina with her OC Ilumia that you must do not to confuse with her other OC Imelia that appeared on the Shota trap party (see it here). For sure it wasn’t intended to get that quality but the artist Ocanya wasn’t able finish the commission because of personal problems. I’m really sorry about that and must find a way to apologies… U_u
Ocanya made a first sketch that you can see on the right and isn’t bad at all, the ass and back are great, she looks like she’s got one hell of a squishy ass, which some people love. On his side he wasn’t really happy with it and wanted to try ‘another sketch more sexual and that the girls look younger’. The second one Ocanya sent was really good, I love the pose for Rosalina, lingerie and high heels add a so sexy touch (love that part) and the wand make it even more kinky.
Unfortunately, for this second attempt the result wasn’t good enough for Ocanya that told me he have trouble with Ilumia and ‘do not understand this character’. I think he had trouble to draw Ilumia by following other artists style instead of draw her the way she would look with his own style. For now I noticed all art from Ocanya‘s gallery was deleted. I don’t know what happened but sounds really bad, just hope thing will goes better and see him back soon… O_o

Artist: Ocanya / Cost: ??? (abandoned)

One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
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#730 – A mermaid is also a lady

I started a commission series that was partially founded by patreon supporters but recently I lost two supporters and it’s not trivial to me. I decided be a little more forcefull and next week will edit patreon adding more rewards for 5$ tier as exclusive versions and source files as .psd. It will start on June so stay turned guys.
And about patreon, there is also Bandijones that started his own patreon page (here) to fund his first con ever at the end of the year. If you are curious you can see if SFW art and NSFW art to get an idea of what you can get.


Here is a new sweet but sexy illustration ordered by Kittehskye (or Lolikitteh) to DestinyBetweenWorlds (or Freiearth)… Damn, why people have so many different names? Can’t tell so much since it was a gift but I love it so much and if you are curious guys, this time Rosalina meet the mermaid Nami from League of legends game. I really love how looks Nami with DestinyBetweenWorlds style, kinda the one I would like to get Zora from Zelda series with Rosalina. If patreon goes up again I can see manage this duo as commission…
Mermaid is sure a specie that allow many different type of body but here it’s really cool how DestinyBetweenWorlds gave Nami some human attributes as really soft and sensitive breasts that Rosalina enjoy ton fondle. It was more complex for the pussy if I remember, DestinyBetweenWorlds wasn’t sure if have to show this part on mermaid body, finally this part was added as you can see and it don’t looks wrong at all. Now with a little imagination you can imagine Rosalina explore all that cute body and let Nami discover her own in return, sensual or kinky as you prefer… °w°
I also want to make you notice Rosalina’s’ right leg holding Nami, both have nice expression and Nami’s body is sure captivating but don’t miss look around to really enjoy every details from DestinyBetweenWorlds work. Again, thanks so much Kittehskye for this so ravishing gift and to see DestinyBetweenWorlds‘s gallery or talk why her during a stream, just follow the links below… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Freiearth / Kittehskye’s gift
Stream: www.picarto.tv/Freiearth
DeviantArt: www.destinybetweenworlds.deviantart.com

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#668-670 – It’s Halloween party

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian Hokoka Kosaka Love Idol FestivalBe careful of sweet demons

First illustration I received was a gift by Lolikitteh that was a bit crazy with this commission to Mazzacho but love so much this artist and was a wonderfull surprise. Here is an angel Rosalina meeting Hokoka Kosaka in her demon suit from Love Idol Festival musical game. If you like musical/rhythmic game this one is really cool but also too heavy for cheap devices.
That illustration is so ravishing and needed so many hours of work, it was so nice Mazzacho was streaming most of the time but since I follow it not easy for Lolikitteh to keep it as surprise for so long, kinda as me when I ordered the shota trap orgy for her (that you can see here). I guess the more impressive is the amount of details and effect on Hokoka dress, you can figure Mazzacho used a texture on it as many other artists but it’s the first time I see some efect addition for a better render on folds. The HD version (4x bigger) and step by step are available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you want it. And once again, thanks sooo much Lolitteh for that powerfull surprise \(^o^)/

nintendo-mario-peach_31cPrincess witch and galactic ghost

Second illustration and also October patreon raffle reward for Chris who asked ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘ and it OJ that I to chosen work on that idea. Already commissioned her an Indivisible trio (see it here) that gave me some troubles but I wanted give her another chance. Once again it didn’t ended that well cause the lost original file on previous commission and for this once wasn’t able to send me the full photoshop file, OJ goes too fast but is excellent to figure and create close pieces of what you dream about. ^^
I made some edits that I’m kinda proud editing background and Rosalina see-through effect to increase her ghost look, it was pretty easy since OJ have an excellent layer organization. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to send me the full version of photoshop file and and the illustration I created come with a really smaller size than the one she made her side. If you are curious there is the HD version with white background as patreon reward (here).

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tristana Bewitching lux witch league of legendsYordle ‘special ingredient

Third illustration was by Ryev Alki that got my eternal admiration with his style and kindness (and deserve your too), I love how he can make so adorable ladies in all situations so turn it even more naughty each time but always a cute touch that create a powerfull feeling. For those that play League of legends, Riot create so great skins as characters and after Nidalee witch last year (see it here) it’s time to prepare some potion with Tristana Bewitching and Lux Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Yordle love juice is a powerfull ingredient that Rosalina sure enjoy a lot to collect with the help of her little friend. As bonus you can see the character sheet Ryev Alki sent me to be sure about both suits. Didn’t expected it but was a nice surprise and the suit were perfect, just asked Ryev Alki to edit Rosalina hat and put her medallion and show Tristana boot but since the floor not appear, the boot either. No high heels but great suits, so sexy view and some juice to make it soooo perfect and also love that busty touch.