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#704 – Sensual night with Levy McGarden

I was talking about the latex nurse outfit I was refused to use cause TheKite didn’t like watersport piece and my tailor told me it’s not the only suit existing so no reason design something else as a sexy military suit for Rosalina. After thinking at it I guess I must get more Rosalina in sexy costumes, already ton of cowgirls (that you can see here) cause I love so much that outfits but many other possibilities with Rosalina as maid, cop, firefighter, teacher, student , military, racing or taxi girl (I saw a ref for the last one that is freaking sexy btw)… °w°
I guess I’ll use this with a pool or theme in next raffle for patreon members so if there is a suit you wish to see on Rosalina don’t hesitate to join. Now have to think if it must be on the sexy way with short dress and high heels or cutie in a chibi series… what do you think guys?


A new illustration created by Ryev Alki and I must admit that was a bit delayed with the 700th piece then virgin killing sweater and Valentine day illustration but the next one he’s preparing with Rosalina will come with huge priority so stay tuned for more. This time Rosalina meet Levy McGarden; a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that stands at a rather below-average height for her age so not easy get an artist that can work on something sexy with that loli style character. Anyway looking at a character to suggest, I thought she can be perfect to fit Ryev Alki‘s style that mix both cuteness and sexiness at a so epic level and the result is so wonderfull… \(^o^)/
This pieces turn so marvelous with many interactions and I’m even more amazed by Ryev Alki‘s style with this one. Started so sensual with a long and romantic kiss, eyes closed and tongue out moving together, the breasts add a sweet and soft touch pressing together and finally those more intense with those kinky hands fingering each other pussy. Also adding some love juices as I love Ryev Alki made it sooo perfect…
That’s interesting cause it looks sketchy at some points but Ryev Alki putted many details on this piece, like Rosalina’s lingerie and gloves that show us Rosalina is fingering Levy and vice-versa, the brests with so perfect curves and that I want to fondle like hos soft they looks. Also Rosalina earring that isn’t affected by gravity is the only mistake I can find here so nothing that need to ask and edit to Ryev Alki.
No sketch or WIP about this illustration to show but if you want more just have a look at Ryev Alki‘s art on Deviantart (here), Tumblr (SFW here and SFW here) to discover cute designs to naughty actions where the cute part of the girls is never missing. You can also consider give him the support he deserves on patreon to get exclusive illustrations, request art and help create even more powerfull stuff.

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart: www.ryev.deviantart.com
NSFW Tumblr: www.darkryev.tumblr.com
SFW Tumblr: www.pucelle-ryev.tumblr.com

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#668-670 – It’s Halloween party

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian Hokoka Kosaka Love Idol FestivalBe careful of sweet demons

First illustration I received was a gift by Lolikitteh that was a bit crazy with this commission to Mazzacho but love so much this artist and was a wonderfull surprise. Here is an angel Rosalina meeting Hokoka Kosaka in her demon suit from Love Idol Festival musical game. If you like musical/rhythmic game this one is really cool but also too heavy for cheap devices.
That illustration is so ravishing and needed so many hours of work, it was so nice Mazzacho was streaming most of the time but since I follow it not easy for Lolikitteh to keep it as surprise for so long, kinda as me when I ordered the shota trap orgy for her (that you can see here). I guess the more impressive is the amount of details and effect on Hokoka dress, you can figure Mazzacho used a texture on it as many other artists but it’s the first time I see some efect addition for a better render on folds. The HD version (4x bigger) and step by step are available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you want it. And once again, thanks sooo much Lolitteh for that powerfull surprise \(^o^)/

nintendo-mario-peach_31cPrincess witch and galactic ghost

Second illustration and also October patreon raffle reward for Chris who asked ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘ and it OJ that I to chosen work on that idea. Already commissioned her an Indivisible trio (see it here) that gave me some troubles but I wanted give her another chance. Once again it didn’t ended that well cause the lost original file on previous commission and for this once wasn’t able to send me the full photoshop file, OJ goes too fast but is excellent to figure and create close pieces of what you dream about. ^^
I made some edits that I’m kinda proud editing background and Rosalina see-through effect to increase her ghost look, it was pretty easy since OJ have an excellent layer organization. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to send me the full version of photoshop file and and the illustration I created come with a really smaller size than the one she made her side. If you are curious there is the HD version with white background as patreon reward (here).

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tristana Bewitching lux witch league of legendsYordle ‘special ingredient

Third illustration was by Ryev Alki that got my eternal admiration with his style and kindness (and deserve your too), I love how he can make so adorable ladies in all situations so turn it even more naughty each time but always a cute touch that create a powerfull feeling. For those that play League of legends, Riot create so great skins as characters and after Nidalee witch last year (see it here) it’s time to prepare some potion with Tristana Bewitching and Lux Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Yordle love juice is a powerfull ingredient that Rosalina sure enjoy a lot to collect with the help of her little friend. As bonus you can see the character sheet Ryev Alki sent me to be sure about both suits. Didn’t expected it but was a nice surprise and the suit were perfect, just asked Ryev Alki to edit Rosalina hat and put her medallion and show Tristana boot but since the floor not appear, the boot either. No high heels but great suits, so sexy view and some juice to make it soooo perfect and also love that busty touch.

#623 – Agnes Oblige and princess thief

Lunakiri won the last patreon raffle and her prize is now in progress; this time Rosalina will meet Sice from Final Fantasy that QUOTE LUNAKIRI so must be intense for that sweet princesse. If you want to enter the raffle and get a chance see your fav lady and fetishes with Rosalina or get some exclusive or earlier content. Please consider become a become a patreon. It’s updated twice a week as the blog and will really help the project go up and get even more powerfull content… Oh yeah…
Also time for Mazzacho to be featured as Artist of the month. He’s really kind, talented and perfectionist able to make so ravishing illustration sometimes with a spicy touch but never forget keep the character really sweet and the result is sure awesome… °w°


After a really lovely duo with Isabelle for Christmas that you can see on the right (full post here), here is another illustration by Ryev Alki. He wanted me to come with a more kinky idea and wasn’t a bad suggestion so I have to find an idea more spicy but with a lovely character to make sure the final illustration can get that mix into cuteness and sexiness that Ryev Alki can create in a powerfull way… °w°
Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissI suggested Agnes Oblige, the grand prestress of wind from Bravely Default wearing the dress you can find on the second episode of the series; Bravely Second (yeah dat original title for sure). Those games are really cool with excellent story, fun characters and many cool suits for all jobs you can see in the game. Then I made a little selection and Ryev Alki chosen the thief outfit for Rosalina, what a great idea to get Agnes per surprise and get time have a kinky hand moving on the front of her dress.
Ryev Alki sure made a great job with this illustration, for those playing the game Agnes is a really innocent and kinda naive lady but know how to stay calm and her expression really give her that feeling. Rosalina due to the action is sure more kinky and a little smile suit her perfectly teasing Agnes sweet body. Also love those soft and tiny breasts that I want fondle but I guess Rosalina already have that in mind. waiting for Agnes to look at her and give her a romantic and sensual kiss enchanted that cute prestress before take her to a more private place for some sensual time. It looks like Ryev Alki give us the start of an erotic lesbian story in which each one can imagine it on a sensual or really more kinky way… ^^
I’m really love that illustration and how Ryev Alki made Rosalina so lovely as princess thief, to be honest I’m looking to find that will create a full series with all 30 jobs outfits but you can imagine all that work have a cost. Already talking with an artist about that but if I start that series it must need more than 2 years to be completed, on other way I don’t plan to stop that project so easily so it can work… XD
For now thanks so much for your support and great on this new illustration Ryev Alki, must get more to come from him but the actual challenge is to find a lady and idea that would suit nicely to his style and also be pleasant to draw, not fun it the artist can’t have some fun and freedom working on the illustration. Also don’t miss to take a look to Ryev Alki patreon for more powerfull content but see his free content on Deviantart (here), SWF Tumblr (here) and NSWF Tumblr (here) so mush more to enjoy. ^^

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart: www.ryev.deviantart.com
NSFW Tumblr: www.darkryev.tumblr.com
SFW Tumblr: www.pucelle-ryev.tumblr.com

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#599 – Aurin girl and futa friend

Each new post make me even more excited cause we come closer to the 600th illustration and for now it’s really the last step. But must admit I’m also scary cause the celebration illustration isn’t done, the artists made some errors (I think she rushed a little to much, that’s not pro) and also hope on my side I’ll be able make a wonderfull post. Next week will be epic so stay turned guys and feel free to drop some comments. Feedback are helpfull and always a nice support (also make me know there is people reading the blog instead of google bot)… :p
Also not sure but found an artist that I may commission to create a new chapter for Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. Won’t be the same style but I’m sure he can make something cool but still waiting for this answer. And once again, for exclusive content and some support to the project, why not be a patreon members.


Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissToday an artist that was already featured on the blog for Christmas 2015 post (see it here), Ryev Alki made a lovely duo featuring that wonderfull princess Rosalina giving a hand and sweet kiss to the so adorable Isabelle from Animal crossing. You can click the illustration on the right to be redirected to the main post if you are curious. This new illustration is older than Isabelle piece in fact, it’s a colored sketch reward being a member of Ryev Alki patreon. I really loved his futa Rosalina that keep some thing so sweet an lovely but turn her sooo sexy.
For the second girl, she’s Aurin race from Wildstar MMO trailer (that you can see below) and looks so cool that I wanted her with Rosalina. This Aurin girl was so cool and adorable as Rosalina so for sure Ryev Alki was the best to create something exciting but keep that innocent touch on both ladies. Ryev Alki made both so cute as sexy and that mix always looks so powerfull. Never played wildstar if if the game is so cool as some trailers they made I must try for sure… ^^
Ryev Alki already made some futa Rosalina pin-up, for sure she looks special on that way but it turn Rosalina kinda excitng in that way giving a dominatrix touch and some naughty abilities. I love high heels and lingerie but messy too and you can imagine it’s hard get it with yuri blog so futanari is a great option offering more possibilities and cream. I hope you liek how it turned guys.
This illustration was a reward by being a member of Ryev Alki patreon, a first all tiers had a request as reward with different quality depending the amount you give every month but it changed to do the huge amount of work it give with too many patreons members. At first I asked for two solo Rosalina creampie sketches that you can get as patreon reward cause love that messy touch and the result was sooo cool. Finally I asked Ryev Alki if it’s possible to ask for an illustration only each two months and then come with a sweet and kinky duo, like this I get some yuri content and show you Ryev Alki powerfull style… \(^o^)/
With more than 200 posts on his patreon, be sure being a member give you access to so many awesome content. from lovely and chibi characters to a hentai Zelda comic he’s working on Ryev Alki is amazing and deserve more support to continue work on his illustrations. At last feel free to take a look guys.

Artist:Ryev Alki / Cost: Patreon reward
DeviantArt page:www.bahow.deviantart.com
DeviantArt group: www.spankallgirls.deviantart.com

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Kawaii, sexy and kinky for Christmas 2015


New year is close but for now it’s time for santa, present and family times. Here is three illustrations to celebrate this day. A kinky touch by Lunakiri, sweet and sexy by Tetisuka and so Kawaii one by Ryev Alki… I hope all of you will enjoy this combo, those artists sure did an awesome job and the result is so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Rosalina Nintendo sexy lingerie christmas santa presentLet start with a so sexy pin-up by Tetisuka. She’s really so kind as talented and as if I’m at a lower tier she deserve to be supported on patreon, also a day I received a mail saying I wont the monthly raffle and can ask for a watercolor pin-up. For sure it had to be Rosalina and also a wonderfull opportunity to get something for Christmas.
I asked Tetisuka to draw Rosalina in a huge present box dressed dressed with a suit is one I found on internet and really love, that mix into Christmas costume and lingerie was awesome and it looks even more powerfull on Rosalina. She looks so sweet and adorable as sexy, love that combo. Also like those presents on the background be sure Christmas will be so hot.
Thanks so much for your kindness Tetisuka. The wait you draw ladies so sweet and lovely as sexy (or even more pervert sometimes) is always so amazing. Also guys feel free to visit her HentaiFoundry for more incredible illustrations or support her on patreon… °w°
You’ll be able to get the HD version on Tetisuka’s patreon or on RosalinaxGirl patreon too.


Rosalina Nintendo sexy christmas demon tailA new character that meet Rosalina and will see how she’s so lovely and sweet princess. Lunakiri worked hard to finish this duo in time for Christmas featuring Rosalina and theFloppyBunny‘s OC: Cresil. I got some awesome Rosalina illustrations from Bun like the Rosalina bondage piece here. More will come as commissions or YCH auction but her prices sounds like rape for theFloppyBunny… O_o
Wanted to give her something back and noticed a journal theFloppyBunny made on deviantart asking that for Christmas she wanted any of her 3 OC with anything Christmas related and it was a good opportunity offer her something an get an original combo. Without artistic skills I have to thanks Lunakiri who accepted help me and she chosen to pair Rosalina and Cresil. Work on this illustration was kinda a challenge for pose and character sizes but the result is so lovely. Thanks for your hard work Luna and I hope you love the result Bun. Merry Christmas to you two… \(^o^)/


Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissI wanted a soft and lovely piece for various content and cause Rosalina can be really adorable and not just so damn sexy. It’s Ryev Alki that I chosen for this illustration, he have a marvelous style, made so cute characters and his previous Rosalina always have that pure and innocent touch that turn her ravishing. Was also a long time I wanted a duo with Isabelle from Animal crossing who turn the game so adorable and Ryev Alki accepted my idea with this duo… Was so powerfull… °w°
This illustration is Ryev Alki patreon reward, he have a powerfull account and you can get a personal drawing drawing as reward like a commission. For this one the idea was Rosalina giving a hand to Isabelle to decorate her town that finally used a Christmas garland to catch her lovely friend and give her a sweet kiss under mistletoe. The result turned so sweet and adorable exactly as I imagined it. Feel bad that I had to make Ryev Alki to rush on it but like the result I’m so happy be able to show it.

#575 – Chibi Splatoolina

Rosalina Nintendo chibi splatoon splatoolina
Antispam for all fields pluggin has blocked 1,879 and spammed 2,129 comments, for sure it work but I’m more surprised by the ammount of comments from the last two months. Never expected those spamming and ddos attacks to be so important and wonder if it happen to everybody (also who can make this shit evey day). Personaly I save all the site content every week, I’m sure it must be really usefull a day… O_o
Also as announced on my Twitter, time for a new artist to be featured. Be sure it was hard decision and so much I want to talk about but they will come a day for sure. For now feel free to discover Psicoero’s art and there is a new pages made for all previous featured artists that you can find here.


Another SFW illustration (before a really more kinky piece I promise), This cute Rosalina is a reward joining Ryev Alki patreon for the first time so be sure I asked a Rosalina one. This one was close after Splatoon was released and so much cool fanarts turning girls as Splatoon fighters appeared (Miku Hatsune get lovely pieces) and I wanted on with Rosalina. I hope you like the result as me guys, Ryev Alki made a powerfull job…. °o°
Really love that cute Rosalina, the gun size make her smaller and increase the chibi looking, see her ready to have fun and relax a litlle playing on Splatoon universe. Must be so cool if Nintendo add other characters like in smash bros. for a huge and fun party. Ryev Alki did a great job with her suit and pose, both make Rosalina really dynamic, just so bad the tanker on her back is empty, considering we have swim on paint as calamary to fill it, must give so troubles to Rosalina if she start with empty one. I think Rosalina was a little too much enthousiastic and missed it…
Ryev Alki is reall good to make sexy and naughty illustrations but his style also work perfectly for so lovely and adorables pieces as this one, he also made a futa Rosalina but as if damn hot she keep a lovely touch who make mer marvellous. More will come one the blog from Ryev Alki so stay turned and if you are curious take a look at his art on Tumblt or Deviantart linked below or just consider join on patreon. start a 1$ per month and you already are able ask him a sketch each month… Never see so powerfull rewards on patreon for now… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 1$ (Patreon)
Tumblr (All stuff): www.darkryev.tumblr.com
Patreon (cool rewards): www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart (sweet art): www.ryev.deviantart.com

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