#623 – Agnes Oblige and princess thief

Lunakiri won the last patreon raffle and her prize is now in progress; this time Rosalina will meet Sice from Final Fantasy that QUOTE LUNAKIRI so must be intense for that sweet princesse. If you want to enter the raffle and get a chance see your fav lady and fetishes with Rosalina or get some exclusive or earlier content. Please consider become a become a patreon. It’s updated twice a week as the blog and will really help the project go up and get even more powerfull content… Oh yeah…
Also time for Mazzacho to be featured as Artist of the month. He’s really kind, talented and perfectionist able to make so ravishing illustration sometimes with a spicy touch but never forget keep the character really sweet and the result is sure awesome… °w°


After a really lovely duo with Isabelle for Christmas that you can see on the right (full post here), here is another illustration by Ryev Alki. He wanted me to come with a more kinky idea and wasn’t a bad suggestion so I have to find an idea more spicy but with a lovely character to make sure the final illustration can get that mix into cuteness and sexiness that Ryev Alki can create in a powerfull way… °w°
Rosalina Nintendo Animal Crossing Isabelle christmas kissI suggested Agnes Oblige, the grand prestress of wind from Bravely Default wearing the dress you can find on the second episode of the series; Bravely Second (yeah dat original title for sure). Those games are really cool with excellent story, fun characters and many cool suits for all jobs you can see in the game. Then I made a little selection and Ryev Alki chosen the thief outfit for Rosalina, what a great idea to get Agnes per surprise and get time have a kinky hand moving on the front of her dress.
Ryev Alki sure made a great job with this illustration, for those playing the game Agnes is a really innocent and kinda naive lady but know how to stay calm and her expression really give her that feeling. Rosalina due to the action is sure more kinky and a little smile suit her perfectly teasing Agnes sweet body. Also love those soft and tiny breasts that I want fondle but I guess Rosalina already have that in mind. waiting for Agnes to look at her and give her a romantic and sensual kiss enchanted that cute prestress before take her to a more private place for some sensual time. It looks like Ryev Alki give us the start of an erotic lesbian story in which each one can imagine it on a sensual or really more kinky way… ^^
I’m really love that illustration and how Ryev Alki made Rosalina so lovely as princess thief, to be honest I’m looking to find that will create a full series with all 30 jobs outfits but you can imagine all that work have a cost. Already talking with an artist about that but if I start that series it must need more than 2 years to be completed, on other way I don’t plan to stop that project so easily so it can work… XD
For now thanks so much for your support and great on this new illustration Ryev Alki, must get more to come from him but the actual challenge is to find a lady and idea that would suit nicely to his style and also be pleasant to draw, not fun it the artist can’t have some fun and freedom working on the illustration. Also don’t miss to take a look to Ryev Alki patreon for more powerfull content but see his free content on Deviantart (here), SWF Tumblr (here) and NSWF Tumblr (here) so mush more to enjoy. ^^

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart: www.ryev.deviantart.com
NSFW Tumblr: www.darkryev.tumblr.com
SFW Tumblr: www.pucelle-ryev.tumblr.com

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