#624 – Surrealist pin-up

Since it was blocked at work, I’m really limited managing the site at this place and the only thing I can do is prepare posts in .txt files since it’s html and then save it on USB key. Then once back to home there is a lot of work checking and cleaning the text, managing illustrations that I have to add to the post and then edit all the site and patreon.
But once you are back to home and notice I forgot to take the usb key with you it’s kinda a problem and must be so bad to rewrite all the post since it’s already ready. Then I report the Succuby friend to next one and for today let’s discovert a new illustration, a bit particular but interesting… ^^


Today drawing is from Midolina I meet on a French Minecraft Server but feel bad I don’t have a page or more to show you about her. She’s not on deviantart or other sites like this to share her art. At last I think I got something even more exclusive and incredible in that way so that’s kinda powerfull. Maybe if a day she move somewhere uploading her art then this post will be edited to make sure you’ll be able see more from her… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
As you can see, Midolina made something really particular, that’s a bit erotic, dynamic with realistic body but surrealist feeling. all that mixing are working really nice but not sure what category is the best as definition for this kind of illustration. Does abstract is great or something else to suggest guys?
Nothing existing this time but not soft too, kinda like one of those piece you can see in a museum and for me that love to see various styles/concepts on Rosalina I’m really happy add this one to the collection, thanks so much Midolina. Anyway feel free to give your feeling and opinion about it, don’t be shy. ^^

Artist: Midolina / Cost: 0$ (request)
No site to show at the moment

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