#625 – Succuby friend

As patreon members can see, there the update on that side is kinda late but there is actually some troubles with the site. It’s impossible to select if you want a post to be public or from what tier people can see it so it’s ready to publish but can’t be submitted for now. Trying to login/logout several times and also using another browser so no choice to wait. Hope will be fixed soon and put the bonus on patreon again… Oh yeah… ^^
Also each time starting a new post, I have the feeling I have something important to say but can’t figure what, that’s kinda frustrating but not use focus on that and time to present you the new illustration… Oh yeah…


Time to present you the art of a lovely pink hair artist named CreatureCandy, she draw really sexy and lovely OC but seem to be a little too much suggestive for D.A. that decided to suspend her account (they are really annoying destroying ecchi artists). Lickily it was back before this post get published so don’t you can’t miss enjoy her gallery and drop a little comment. Also in case it goes down again I guess her Tumblr (here) will be still active and allow you to enjoy her uncensored illustrations… Anyway that’s so powerfull to see your D.A. back… Oh yeah…
Today Rosalina meet a ravishing but so naughty succubus, I was looking at all publication on CreatureCandy‘s tumblr to find more info about that sweet OC and especially her name but seem she don’t have one in fact, she’s just a Demon succubus that still so ravishing as sexy knowing how use her body and enjoy Rosalina one. For now will be time for a long and intense night for that sweet princess but I’m sure both will really enjoy to discover about each other. Once again, thanks so much for your participation to the project CreatureCandy and let us know more about your pretty OC.
Both are so ravishing and many great details and shading on the body that show more curves without make then like true muscular ladies. It looks really sweet and innocent like Rosalina face but the Subbubus teasing Rosalina set pussy with her tail add a kinky touch so that’s fun depending where you look the illustration turn more romantic and sensual moment or like a naughty trap for Rosalina, what will you imagine happen next guys? Also as Rosalina addict there is a detail I can’t miss cause CreatureCandy drew the hair lock on the wrong side hiding her left eye and not the right. I know some artist have to cheat with that point cause they must reverse the entire illustration of if Rosalina hair lock in the right side all her face will be hidden. She’s still recognizable and marvelous as always so the illustration is still so wonderfull…. \(^o^)/
That kind of demon Succubus must be so sexy as dangerous but I’m sure she will take care of that little princess she got in her hand, as lovely pet and sweet friend and so sexy lady no one can resist to Rosalina charm and so adorable face. I really love that illustration and so excited finally able to show it here, CreatureCandy sure made an awesome piece and don’t miss to see more of her art on Tumblr (here) and Deviantart. Also never forget than a little comment and fav are always a great support for artist and motivation to do more, and looking at CreatureCandy gallery must be so stupid she stop on that way… °w°

Artist: CreatureCandy / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr (18+): www.creaturecandy.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.creaturecandy.deviantart.com
Deviantart (old): www.thewhitehawkgriffith.deviantart.com

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