#626 – Dominant girl but resistant princess

Three illustration were done kinda at the same time and all are important but I can only publish them one by one and must hold myself or I’ll never be able keep some backup content to keep the blog regularly updated. There is the winner of patreon raffle today, then come the winner of ‘Your dream by…‘ event and then since this last one didn’t ended as expected I also have a promise to honor.
Then for now illustrations will come one by one and maybe I’ll enjoy to tease you a little with upcoming piece on patreon raffle with more exclusive sketches. Also june is close and if you want get your chance on the raffle an get your fav lady and fetishes join Rosalina don’t hesitate to join… Oh yeah… ^^


So time to start with Lunakiri‘s request for the last May patreon raffle, also interesting point cause it’s the 5th raffle but first time it include a lady that Rosalina never meet and that’s so powerfull increase the collection with new crossovers. The idea was ‘Sice pulling Rosa in with her scythe‘ (Sice is from Final Fantasy series) and it’s HippoNova that was designed to work on this illustration. A great combo cause and her badass style mix so nicely with the way Lunakiri see Sice as a really strong and dominant lady… Poor cute Rosalina.
As reference I also had this illustration by Keori-Kiczys that you can see on the right and I feel really bad about Sice’s scythe; as you can see here the way she hold Rosalina is from the reference photo and it’s not an error HippoNova did but me that forgot mention the scythe giving the description. Sounds so stupid and I’m really sorry about that Luna, as Rosalina addict I’m really strict with some details about her and I know how the scythe is important part of Sice so that feeling. I really love that illustration and HippoNova sure did an awesome job but there is a failure on my side, must really be careful about that point cause patrons support is awesome and I must do the best for them… T_T
At first HippoNova asked me if she can draw them nude due to the pose and her style in general, I just asked to keep a little clothes as little lingerie on Rosalina and that cape of Sice that finally looks so cool. Also was a pleasant surprise to see Rosalina wear some sexy high heels as I love so much. Also as if Sice is strong warrior and dominate, that sweet princess can also be a badass fighter on smash bros. and as you can see try to resist, her expression is really good, kinda strong and angry, just don’t really like how HippoNova drew her right eye visible through hair like in manga style but for me that hidden eye is important part of Rosalina.
So it’s apologies for Luna and congrat to HippoNova that will sure appear more in the future due to a so badass style and prices, be sure to take a look at her (huge) gallery and consider about commission cause she own really competitive price. For the moment it’s 5$ per character but we don’t know how many time it will be that way but be sure I’ll make you hear about HippoNova even more and that mean she’s have to draw more sexy Rosalina for sure but let see who will be with that sweet princess… ^^

Artist: HippoNova / Cost: 10$

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